May 25

The Last Airbender 2: release date

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When does «The Last Airbender 2» come out in theaters? Release date coming?

After the first part of «The Last Airbender» movie was released, the experts started negotiating on its next episode. The experts couldn’t reach the consent. Some argued that the disastrous premiere would put an end to the movie while the others were sure the story would be renewed.

Initially, Paramount representatives set the release date of «The Last Airbender 2» for May 2012; however it wasn’t released due to some budgetary concerns.

According to several Internet resources, Warner Bros. Company is to finance the second part provided Night Shyamalan, who has exhausted his potential, won’t be responsible for production.

At the moment the financial issues haven’t been solved yet, so we have to be patient waiting for the second part. If you have some information concerning the given movie, please, leave comments – support the movie!

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  1. amanda drinkwine

    I would love to see the second part of this movie it left me with a lot of questions not only that but I watched the cartoon series, where is the second part?!

  2. Robert

    I was really excited when the first movie came out then I’ve been waiting for the second one ever since. The last Airbender is part of my top 5 movies. I hope they make the second one so.

  3. Samuel Wright

    Please make the second part of the last airbender

  4. mary

    Wait for part 2 plz get it together

  5. Mrs. and Mr. Cory Blakley

    We would love to see part 2 to the Last Airbender. Our children and us loved part one.
    Can’t wait to see more. Please make a part 2.

  6. kenneth

    I love to see part 2 I wait I hope you work on it so we all get to see it hope you make part too

  7. Christopher Pryce

    Please make the second part I been waiting forever since the first one came out I love it and want to see more and let us know a date so we can stop wondering please hurry!!!

    • Lil man

      I thought of making the avatar turn evil for a bit of period but I thought it through that I shall not bring in toph and I hate every mother foker looool

  8. Avatar Fan

    I can’t wait for the sequel! Please release it soon!

  9. Duuuuude

    The first movie was horrible. It was really loosely based on the show, so I could never get into it. Not to mention the actors they casted, and how the movie portrayed bending. Just, ugh.

    I’d rather they start over with another movie based on the Book of Water, and hopefully stick closer to the show this time. Maybe even add in a few cabbage carts, some cactus juice..

  10. blondieKO4U

    LOVED the first movie…. have been waiting….. and waiting……… and (sigh) and waaaaiting!!!
    Come’on y’all…. get it together already and tell us “The rest of the story”…. uggghhhh.
    I hate when this happens….. The Golden Compass was another that just left us hanging. If y’all are not gonna finish the story….. why even start?? (But I REALLY hope they do.. finish the story that is…..)

  11. Alexandra

    I loved the first movie,I can’t wait till part 2 comes out

  12. ernesto

    I loved the first movie you should get your act together can’t wait for part 2

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