Nov 7

«The Walking Dead» season 5: release date

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Will «The Walking Dead» return for season 5? What is known about new release date? You can watch season premiere in 2014!

TV-channel: AMC
Pilot episode: October 31, 2010
Creator: Frank Darabont

Season 1 Episode 1: 5.35 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 1: 16.11 million U.S. viewers

A television project «The Walking Dead», which premiered on AMC, has been officially renewed for the fifth season.

Due to the constant interest of the TV viewers, it was funded for the new episodes. Scott Gimple’s coming back as a showrunner will become the main event of the new season.

According to Charlie Collier, AMC president, Season 5 of «The Walking Dead» television series is scheduled for October 2014, but the exact number of episodes hasn’t been confirmed yet.

But the show is to be continued, which is a great relief! Who will watch the next season?

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  1. Gonsalezzz

    my favorite show! i want season 5

  2. Linda

    welcome to WALKING DEAD, Scott Gimple!

  3. petpirhana


  4. Papa

    I really enjoyed this series. One of the best written, acting, storyline! Can’t wait season 5!

  5. Tina F.

    please more episodes in season 5

  6. ShaoLin

    So glad Walking Dead is coming back on. Can’t wait for October…

  7. Bragin

    Love the characters and storylines on The Walking Dead. It falls into one of my favorite types of show categories.

  8. chris

    now tell me how m i gonna survive in half a year

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