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The Walking Dead season 6: start date (2015)

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AMC renewed The Walking Dead show for a season 6. When does the new episodes start in 2015? We are waiting for the exact premiere air date!

TV-channel: AMC
Pilot episode: October 31, 2010
Developed by: Frank Darabont
Genre: post-apocalyptic horror drama

Season 4 Episode 1: 16.11 million U.S. viewers

Season 5 Episode 1: 17.29 million U.S. viewers

Hardly had the fifth season of «The Walking Dead» television series been launched, when the creators announced about its renewal for season 6. What is a secret of such a rapid order of the new episodes?

The matter is that the premiere of the current season has been enjoyed by 17,3 million Americans, which is a record for the show. According to AMC President Charlie Collier, the huge amount of fans, gifted cast and a professionalism of the creators provide the given story with set airtime.

The rights holders have confirmed that the premiere date of the new episodes (start on TV) will be scheduled for October 2015, as exactly this month is ordered by «The Walking Dead» show on AMC.

UPDATE 1 (July 10, 2015): The sixth season will kick into gear with a 90-minute episode on Sunday, October 11, 2015 (at 9/8c).

UPDATE 2 (Oct.15, 2015): Season 6B of the zombie drama is slated to debut on Sunday, February 14, 2016 (at 9/8c).

UPDATE 3 (Oct.30, 2015): The Walking Dead has been renewed at AMC for a seventh season.

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  1. Rene

    I love the walking dead it’s my favorite show! Thank u AMC for season 5 and 6!

  2. BigSalazar

    I have also watched this from the beginning. I absolutely love this show. Can’t wait…been a long summer!

  3. Greg R.

    Good news! YES to it’s renewal!

  4. Vivian99

    Hopefully the last one. Quit while you’re at the top!

  5. WDfan

    I am just shocked! I expected it after the ratings for the 1st episode this season.

  6. Dewey

    I wonder if they will actually hire competent writers for the next season.

  7. disabledvet

    I love the show, I now have Netflix so the kids and I can watch the seasons over and over from beginning to end and still see things I missed before.

  8. Didi

    I love knowing when the new season will start, I really hope we don’t have to wait for season 6 until October. I can’t live without this show that long.

    • Kristine bush

      Ikr it s*cks waiting for it to come on

  9. Christian

    OMG!! I can’t believe we have to wait almost a year for next season?!?! WHY? Much too long in between, and a “season” just isn’t what it used to be! I long for the old days, you knew when the new show started right when the season ended……………..oh well, I’ll be there!!

  10. Kristine bush

    I LOVE IT MORE THEN ANYONE IM THE WORLD ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Mechling. Jimmy. Cleveland ss

    I’ve been anticipated from week 1. All series even now equally waited for all episodes and . If they crash the walking dead ,, the produce red and affiliates are insane. The walking dead series is the most anticipated series on television even way ahead of 4077th mash

  12. tori

    October!!! noo. I thought that it would play February. this is so upsetting for me! I have to wait till june for teen wolf and now till October for the walking dead! what am I going to watch till they start! Noooo! I really LOVE the show, but I just cant wait longer 🙁

    • Tina

      Ummm, October comes before February considering you posted this in July.

  13. Sharon

    I loved season 1, 2, 3 & 4. Season 5 was totally boring. What happened? Now I have to wait to October to see if the show gets back on track?

  14. Sharon

    there has to be season 6 show can’t end till the story ends and there’s some resolution. Seriously one the best shows ever!

  15. Marie

    The best show on TV. I love all the characters and have cried when some have died. Seems season 5 is almost done and am already having anxiety attacks cause I know It won’t be for awhile when we’ll see season 6.

  16. heidi

    I love the WALKING DEAD I could watch every day

  17. Lisa

    Walking Dead is one of the best shows on TV. They could take away a good portion of some of these crazy so called reality shows and replace them with great shows like the Walking Dead! And boo to those who think that they need to stop the show while they are on top, it has simply not run long enough yet!

    • marc

      Absolutly.its the best show ever and they should keep it going until there is no where else to bring that series.

  18. marc

    Thanks AMC,i really believe the walking dead is the greatest series of all times and second to none.keep it coming.

    • lorraine

      Best show of all time fans are all ages now that’s a good show when people from 10 to 70 are watching. I am 67 myself

  19. misty jennings

    Thanks for the road trip from season 1 to season 5. We are a big fan of the walking dead and don’t miss a drop of blood or guts. Hope there is a season 7 after season 6. A big round of applause for all the cast great job to all of you. You all are awsome.

  20. Big Rob

    Rick is the man, that community will not survive without him. Can’t leave out Darrell him and Rick together are the s_ _ t. please don’t stop after any season, you can run with it forever. S*cks to many commercials, show should be 1hr and half each week. can’t wait till next season. Hope preacher next to go what an ass as many times they saved him for him to talk trash. Now Morgan’s with them watch out….

    • Danielle

      I agree with Big Rob. What the hell is Gabriel’s problem. And he calls himself a priest. I think the only monsters and Devils in the show is #1 the wolves, #2 Gabriel, #3 the zombies. I hope they throw him out the gate of Alexandria and let the wolf people or the zombies get him in season 6. What a coward a– Punk. Excuse my French. And I really hope Glenn the is ok. He is eventually gonna have to kill that dumbass dude or get killed I think. If anything happens to Glenn because of that stupid idiot. You think Rick is a fool wait and watch what his girl Maggie would do to his dumbass. Also, I understand we are all entitled to our own opinions. But to those of you who thinks the walking dead is boring and stupid. In my eyes it’s not. Let me tell you why… There is not a single movie nor show like it. Im sure that real actual fans of the walking dead like myself would agree that the show is not just about killing zombies. It’s about surviving and living with zombies, canibals, thieves and rapist living right on top of you. It’s about living in a world of this kind of life while trying to keep your sanity, protecting those you love and trust and building an army against those who will hurt you and/or eat you or at lease that’s what I’ve gotten from watching season 1 episode 1

      • lorraine

        I love your comments. TWD has joined the list of the best shows ever. Those people who say they don’t want to look at a zombie show are missing the point. Just like you said the show is more than that it is about how a group of unrelated people from different backgrounds could learn how to get along and begin to love each other as family. It shows us how some people will stab you in the back like Gabriel and it shows forgiveness like Daryl forgiving Rick for handcuffing Merl to the roof top. It shows loyalty many times Andrea and Michonnne etc. It shows perseverance and strength of characters faced with unimaginable horrors. It shows lasting friendships. It shows betrayals Shane and Rick. It shows the length a real man(Rick) would go to save his son. It shows a son (Carl’s )different emotional ups and downs as a teen. He has hated his dad, been afraid of his dad and of course we know he loves his dad. It shows how a timid abused woman (Carol) can turn her life around. They address issues like mental health (Lizzie), Child abuse (Darryl and Merle and Domestic abuse in the little town of Alexandria. These are issues that plague society and it is great to see these issues being addressed. These type of issues don’t go away and imagine how worse they are in an Apocalypse. But our friends deal with them the best way they can. They are on a roller coaster of emotions yet they still manage to not give up. What keeps them going? What gives they hope? I guess it is that extremely strong need to survive another day.

        • gary

          your op post here has got my attention. You must be extremely intelligent. Thanks for your post . The narratives you use to describe TWD program answers all my questions as to why I love that show. Your comments are truly spot on. Well done.

          Just read your last post ..talking about what a “Zombie” can or cannot do..especially the suggestion that a “Zombie” is incapable of rational thought…Or not…..

          I’m wondering if I exhibit rational thought..or even Saneness…to be talking and listening to others talk about the actual existence of “Zombies”…….But hey…I still Love it..Need it…Gotta have more of it…

  21. Celia

    I love this show too! Eventhough I’ve had a few nightmare’s where I’m escaping from Zombies

  22. Nick

    I like the show. The zombies aren’t the show. The story line is the show. Season 5 got a little off track with them moving to Alexadria and having captain Janeway from Star Trek Voyager running the town 🙂 It was a little lack luster. Even the show intro wasn’t as good and the music line. They should have stuck with what was working. The last episode was okay. I guess they need to re-tool and come back strong with season 6.

  23. Kelley

    The walking dead is my favorite show. I love love love it. Just when it was getting good it gets taken away. That last episode where Morgan shows up man it was awesome now gotta wait til October.Idk what to watch til then lol.can’t wait for season 6

  24. Stephanie

    We really need to make **seasons** closer together. I mean really, you get all interested in a show and then it ends and you have to wait 6 months to see what happens.

  25. Wiesel

    The show is beginning to get boring now,, You guys need to ” liven it up “… How about, a new set of zombies that can reason to a degree??.. Or a ” Head Zombie” that can reason, and think? that wants to eliminate the rest of humanity….. The show is always, the same, , killing dumb zombies, the plot, story line as it is , is beginning to be boring, repetitious!!

    • lorraine

      I disagree this show is definitely not boring. Try to think outside the box. Look beyond the killing of Zombies. The show is so much more than that. I think if the show was only about killing Zombies it would not be on so long and winning a huge percentage of the viewing public and have all age groups as fans. There have been many Zombie movies made since George Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead, but none of them were as unique as TWD. The Zombies in NOTLD actually talked which is unrealistic. These movies were about people killing Zombies and Zombies eating people. The more resent Zombie movies show Zombies running like marathon runners. How can they do that when they are dead? I do not like an energized Zombie. One movie has a Zombie that organized the rest of the Zombies. That’s crazy because a Zombie is incapable of rational thought. It’s hard to get away from a Zombie who is trying to outthink you. The TWD writers have 100 % improved on the Zombie story. They’ve got it just right.

  26. Donna Bond

    Love The Show…The Walking Dead is Very Good and love the actors on it..they did a wonderful job with all 5 seasons ..cant wait tell season 6 comes out so i can watch it..and AMC Thanks For Putting it on your channel…

  27. sharon taylor

    i love this show too and i just started watching. i caught up to all the seasons on netflex. i lost sleep trying to watch show after show. i think this is one of the best shows on tv. i do hate the way you split it up. i wish we could watch the season from beginning to end. can’t get enough, even watch the reruns. you could give us back to back seasons. all you need to do is hire more writers. i agree with one of the previous fans, it’s a long wait til october.

  28. Danielle

    I love the walking dead. However, why do they have to tease us lovely fans for almost a whole year??!! Lol. I’m too excited to find out what Rick’s long lost friend Morgan thinks of what he walked into Rick doing at the very end of the last episode of season 5. I also seen that Morgan’s son Duane is not with him in season 5. I hope they show us fans Morgan’s story and his journey to find Rick. I’m just very anxious to watch season 6 and to get lots of answers to all of my questions of season 5. I think the writer of the walking dead is amazing and is very talented and if it wasn’t for him the walking dead wouldn’t be what it is today. Thanks for giving me lots of joy.

  29. Larry

    I just starting watching it. I’m in season 4 with the flu breaking out. This show is great and I bet the major networks wished they picked it up. I think in reality. This could happen. Look at I am Legend. With all these meds and side effects this could easily happen. And now with Obama as a acting President. ( I say acting because he’s the worst President since That liberal Carter) letting these sick 3rd world country’s in here. Now we are 3rd world hoping Switzerland comes up with the cure. This could and just might happen. Looking forward to catching up and watch season 6.

  30. Roni Kitzinger

    I Love the walking dead watch evey Sunday on amc
    I Love rick grimes so much when season 6 be on amc I
    Can watch it too

  31. joway morris

    i love the walking dead its the best zambie movie ever I can’t wait until October comes for season 6

  32. Karen

    I am a huge fan of the walking dead ! The storyline is awesome . I agree about having to wait till October that is way too long ! However let’s enjoy the show while it’s here ! I think ricks wife is still alive ! They never showed her actually being killed . I can’t say enough about this series it’s just tremendous . I can definately say …Sunday’s are dead to me !

    • linda jeffers

      Lorie is dead Carl shot her ,shes gone ……

  33. Rick Hunter

    While, I am a fan of TWD. I, respectfully, don’t buy into the Ricktatorship. Rick, has been broomed from every place he was: the quarry (not his fault), the farm (all on him),the prison (all on him). Moreover, Rick never seems to learn his lesson. Kill those who would kill you, don’t have mercy on the merciless, and always prepare for the worse.

    The ASZ (Alexandria Safe Zone) is not unlike where Rick was at the beginning of his journey. He was almost eaten by a walker whom he asked for help, until Morgan came along and saved him. Then he was saved by Glenn, poor horsey, in Atlanta. Now he expects those cloistered in the ASZ to be as vicious as he is now, silly. However, this is what the experienced, in any discipline, expect of the uninitiated. Hopefully, Rick & Co. will realize this and nut up and teach these people to defend themselves.

    Finally, I can wait if it generates a good product for season six. I watch GoT (Game of Thrones) after the ending of TWD season. Fill in with The Last Ship (just for something to watch) which begins in June until September. Some end of summer yardwork. Two or four weeks is long enough to see that my Bears are garbage, and then TWD again. Rinse and repeat.

    • Glenn Merdaryll Dixon

      You’re wearing blinders. He has kept them alive! Only ones who were separated got “DEAD”! How was the farm his fault , if it was anyone’s fault it was Shane’s, he torched the barn (dinner bell).

  34. Steve T.

    Love the show also, but turned off by homosexual couple. Please leave obvious propaganda out of show.

    • sky

      i agree with steve

    • lorraine

      Yes I don’t like the gay story line but as I said before in this forum. They are showing story lines that relate to out society.

      • BLNC529

        There are gay people every where in this world now a days.. Quit hating any ways, it’s pathetic.. If you don’t like it then don’t watch the show..

        • Glenn Merdaryll Dixon

          Believe you’re outnumbered, majority wins. Fact is the media skews the numbers to fit the “viacom” agenda.

        • Danny Colon

          I can’t Hartley wait till season #6 start, love the show , # 1 FAN!

    • Glenn Merdaryll Dixon

      “Ditto”, I don’t care what there sexual preferences are ! Just keep them behind closed doors . Both hetero & homo, I want plot action if some one becomes pregnant let the script lines inform us of the duel lineage!

  35. Farrel Stark

    I am a huge fan.I would like to receive more information about the wonderful actors etc…

  36. april

    i am one of the biggest fans of the walkingdead. it is one of the best zombie movies ever made. it is my all time favorite movies. i have watched zombie movies ever since i was 2 years old i am going on 40. nothing is better watching than a zombie movie.

  37. louise mann

    The worst part of the WALKING DEAD is it doesn’t last long enough!!!

    • Glenn Merdaryll Dixon

      I know! It needs to be 2 hours! I once clocked view time vrs commercial time and we’re ripped off a 1/3 or a bit more of viewing time

  38. Kennedy

    I ❤️ the walking dead!! MORE THAN ANY BODY IN THE WORLD!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. Green

    Love the show, just hate having to wait until October. TOOOO LONG.

  40. HowPurdy

    I have completely fallen in love with this group of people. This show is well written and it has the ability to make me cry, laugh and jump out of my skin.

  41. Kevin and Robin

    love the show I started watching the whole thing from the start please put the show way before Oct too long, Sundays its boring on TV nothing worth watching. Keep playing them until you reach season 50 LOL

  42. Jennifer

    I love this show.I cant wait for the new season. This is absolutely the best show I have ever watched.i just hate it takes so long for it to come back on.i wish this was a daily show.every night of everyday..hurry up new season!!!

  43. Jeff Hall

    This is such a fun show to get caught up in. Can’t hardly wait for the 2015 season. Also love it’s filming locations in the ATL.

  44. gill

    I love this show have watched it since it first episode I have loved every episode of every season can’t stand to miss an episode this programme is epic I love the actors the writing is excellent I also read the comic books I love how the show follows the books but adds a twist so its slightly different from the books

  45. Twinkie

    This is no doubt the best show ever, forget about those non-reality shows. Thank you for bringing a TV show back to TV.

  46. BLNC529

    I absolutely am in love with the walking dead, Darrell is jus the cutest man alive.. I can’t wait for season 6 to come back on in October, it seems sooooooo far away.. I’m requesting for it to come on sooner lol…

  47. Manuel

    I absolutely love the walking dead at first I didn’t enjoy it because I was only
    13 but I set down on netflix and watched it from end to beginning and I watched all three seasons that were in Netflix at the time and I loved it I’m one huge fan of the walking dead

  48. Sue

    I watched the walking dead since day one and never missed a one. Walking dead is the best tv show ever and a true fan. Love the twist and all the excitement. AMC is sure doing something right.

  49. Marvin

    The walking dead is the greatest show ever put on TV.I have never miss a episode from day my daughter and son come over to the house on walking dead Sunday,and we all enjoy the show together(We are a walking dead Family).

  50. deadgirl2886

    I absolutely love love the walking Dead i Hope it Never ends one of the best shows ever created i have a huge crush on Norman redus (Daryl Dixon) i agréé its really hard waitin So long for each new season anyway all m’y love to the show the actors the writers an everyone involved
    Yes we definetly r all a walking Dead family always an forever xoxoxo❤

  51. edwin

    Am very happy for that news

  52. Miranda

    I love the walking dead so much 🙂

  53. steve

    I really like the show but I think the best season and episodes were the first two because very few actually understood what was happening-they were learning how to survive in the screwed up world the plague has left them. When Rick woke up in the hospital-was confused as to what was going on and was scared-to say the least. Then he got stuck in the tank(he should have tried to see if it would start?). Anyway, those were the best episodes because not only were they learning what it takes to survive but us as viewers were also running thoughts through our minds of what we would do if in that same situation. At least I was. Great show, (at times, decent at other times bu8t never bad) Overall, the best series show on TV.

  54. steve

    When Beth was shot by that cop, one of the other cops should have walked up behind her,(before anything happened to Beth) and either knocked her out and locked her up or just shot her in the back of the head! She was crazy and even that other woman cop said Hold your fire, it was all about her). I don’t see why they let her have so much control??? She was nuts as shooting Beth proved but even before that putting all her people and Rick’s people in danger by breaking the deal and wanting Noah. Could have been prevented but I guess for some reason Beth had to go… She was fine and one of my favorites because she never ran her mouth unnecessarily.

  55. Glenn Merdaryll Dixon

    They have announced filming will begin in my home county of Marlboro, S.C. In the small cutthroat town of Mcall, near the N.C. border. It is a place I wouldn’t want to be after dark! LOL. I only hope the producers are told of “Burnt Factory Road” a georgeous spot with a wooden bridge over a spillway from a huge old growth cypress lake. The road is a straight mile of over hanging trees! Very photogenic! And the added anomaly of what appears to be a hanging man at the end of the road.
    Wonder how much Carl/Karl has grown and the baby?

  56. Carmen merino

    I never really knew about the the show the walking dead until one day my daughter wanted to see it. So I watched it with her on Netflix. We watched the first season four months ago and took about three weeks to watch to the forth season. I loved it and not ashamed to say I got addicted. Two days ago started watching season five and in two days watched all of season five. I can’t wait until season six starts. I love the walking dead and all the actors and actresses that play in it and miss all the ones that don’t play in it anymore. The best show ever and very addictive. Love it. I’m one of the biggest fans.

  57. lorraine

    I love it & don’t want them to stop, I just wish it was on normal telly

  58. cindy

    This is my all time favorite series , cant wait till the new season starts. Keep up the good work.

  59. Travis page

    Is Rick going to be in the new episode’s or no???
    I found on a different web sit he is dropping out I hop he stayed

  60. Peaceful

    Fave show. I just hope they don’t kill off the regulars. Real world is bad enough without Walking Dead writers killing off our fave characters. Keeping heroes around gives a person hope. Yeah, I know it’s fantasy but if the writers continue to kill off the main characters from prison I think I’ll stop watching. Hard to let go when you fall in love with a great character. I’ve heard others say same.

  61. Ryan

    This is a great show, but the script and acting is so SLOW. It takes forever for anybody to say anything or do anything. So much boring personal talking between people, makes this a boring show. Not enough action.

  62. Lisa

    Love it! Love it! Love it!!!! It’s the best show on TV. I watch every season and all marathons… And I always pick up something I missed!!! Love it! Love it! Love it! Please …. Don’t ever drop the show…. My husband and I . Are walking dead fans !!!!! The show is the bomb!!! Best! Love it! Love ! Love it!!! I’m spending my 2015 and 2016! Watching the marathon! I can’t get anything done! Lol…. Love it!

  63. Melissa pujol

    Love this show never want this to end … Leaves u wanting more n more !!

  64. Hoody

    Just watched S6 eposode 16

    damn, sh*t startin to get real now…..can’t wait to see next episode to see how they gona get outa this one. I was wonderin just how many people were uninfected and how many would band up and gear up. Seemed weird in a way to see how damned near everybody was always ready to kill off others that were still viable humans instead of working together to rid all the walkers ion the first place. I’m waiting for some pilot to show up with a black-hawk and missiles lol.

  65. Jerry L S

    I’m jerry I’m 52 from Iowa I bought seasons 1-2-3-4-5 I’ll only watch it when I own the CDs and on that day I’ll watch the entire episode rather it be 2-5 CDs on the 60 inch tv surround sound it’s far the best show I’ve ever seen . Sweet job keep it going and if you need a zombie let me no I’ll drive any where to be one .

  66. Lille6

    The show is not about killing zombies, it’s about humanity. The characters are forced into coming to terms with what it means to be human in every episode. How do we differ from other species in the way that we defend our loved ones? Or by how we interact with others who may threaten our existence or wellbeing? We are drawn in because we question how we would respond when put in these situations. We begin to rationalize that people are not inherently good which is contrary to society’s current theory and realize that people, in actuality, seek their own interests rather than the interests of the common good. This is why communism will always fail in the end.

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