May 10

Battle Creek season 2?

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Will the television series «Battle Creek» be renewed for a new season? What about the premiere air date of Season 2? Bad news…

TV-channel: CBS
Creators: David Shore, Vince Gilligan
Genre: Dramedy

Season 1 Episode 1: 7.92 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 10: 6.31 million U.S. viewers

Comedy-drama television series «Battle Creek» debuted on CBS in early spring 2015. Josh Duhamel and Dean Winters will play the main roles, and David Shore as well as Vince Gilligan are responsible for the production.

The pilot episode was watched by about 8 million Americans, but later the number of fans was constantly reducing. The mixed reviews of the critics as well as low rating couldn’t ensure the second season to the show. However, the small chances exist.

CBS management hastened to dispel all doubts – on May 8 it was announced that the television series «Battle Creek» was canceled after the first season and the premiere date of the final episode was scheduled for May 24. The good news is that all 13 episodes, which were ordered, would be released, as more than 6 million fans are waiting with excitement to see them.

Battle Creek season 2 – [cancelled]

By the way, such TV-projects as Stalker and The McCarthys were cancelled the same day.

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  1. Edra Jordon

    Oh NOOO!!! Please keep Battle Creek. Fun to watch.

  2. Jarred

    Sorry Battle Creek is going to be cancelled. I liked the ensemble cast, each with their little quirks.

  3. sandee

    CBS, canceling it is wrong!!!

  4. Diana O.

    I think CBS is making a big mistake cancelling Battle Creek. The characters are finally developing. Very disappointed.

  5. Neva22

    Why are they cancelling Battle Creek? It was a great show. That’s a damn shame.

  6. GroverCrick

    I am going to miss BC. Please reconsider your decision!

  7. Svadar

    I am so upset!! This is a great show, I couldn’t wait to watch each week. They were just becoming friends…and I’ll never know if Holly and Russ worked a long distance romance!!! Please CBS theres still time to change your mind.

  8. Svadar

    I loved this show!!! Please bring it back!!!

  9. Bernie B.

    You all rush to cancel really good shows, but leave the cr*ppy ones on air. Please reconsider the cancelling of Battle Creek!

  10. Cindy T

    Please reconsider, This is a great show – kind of “Justified” for the north. 🙂

  11. Rosa Greer

    I finally find a show that i love, and you cancelled it. I was responsible for so many of my friends watching it, and i have to tell them its cancelled. Bummer.!!!! They never know when to leave a good thing alone.

    • sarah


  12. sarah

    SOOO WRONG!!! KEEP BATTLE CREEK!! finally a show that i like and they cancel it?!? KEEP ITT it is soo awesome and do russ and holly ever have a romantic life?

  13. Bobby

    Oh no I love this show!!! Please consider changing your mind!!! Finally s good descent show and they run it off

  14. susan radburn

    I think I am going to give up watching any more shows sent from America just get to enjoy them and then they are cancelled!!! So farewell Battle Creek really loved this programme!!!!

  15. sarah langley

    I just finished watching series 1 in the UK, what a shame that you have cancelled the show. It has been the best export for a long time.

  16. Sunday Frascoia

    I loved this show. Why do they continue to do this to us — only giving a show one season and then cancelling it? Please, please, please bring it back if it’s not too late!!!! I did see season one is now on Netflix — I will definitely be watching it again!

  17. Rhea

    Dang it. Just watched it on Netflix. I want more. Season 2 please

  18. Rob T.

    Just watch battle creek on netfix it needed a2 season show would’ve attracted bigger audience.
    CBS needs to cancel some execs who make these decisions.

  19. B.Bentley

    I watched the shows full season when it was aired was very upset when they canceled and didn’t understand why great cast good stories I hope Netflix takes it in consideration and picks it up because it should have never gotten canceled also fox’s show backstom should have been renewed I think these channels have made a big mistake. all these reality shows are really annoying me like bachelor and the real house wive there not really reality we all know its a fantasy that they want you to believe is a reality so please bring back the good shows.

  20. Mimi

    Loved the show. So disappoint it was canceled. I watched it on Netflix.

  21. Liz UK

    Oh for crying out loud not another show I’ve liked that’s been cancelled. What is going on, why don’t American networks give shows a chance? Such a good show too…Damn! Think I’m going to give up watching new shows from the USA until I know they’ve got another season, I just can’t take the dissapointment and heartache…almost cried when they cancelled Forever. Goodbye Battled Creek….miss you…RATS!!

  22. Harry Stains

    Seriously guys you need to reconsider the show for another season. I watched this on Netflix and was like this is actually pretty good. Great cast and the development of the characters is just getting good. This show has a chance to to create a class of it’s own i n the way of story telling of a comedic crime drama mixed together in one great package…Battle Creek. At least sell it to FOX or Netflix.

  23. Renee

    Please renew this show we loved it

  24. Jean

    My husband and I absolutely love this show! It has two excellent characters and the actors are great. We love the plot also! PLEASE don’t cancel this show!!!!!

  25. Sherry Cohee

    I concur with Harry Stains…sell it to Netflix! Loved the show and am so disappointed the way it ended.

  26. Bo

    I hope Netflix picks it up

  27. tina

    Bring on second season!!!! You can’t leave us hanging!!!!!
    The mix of characters on Battle Creek were perfect! I love every character but my favorite is Russ. Dean Winters is so hot!!!!!

  28. tina

    This show was so fun to watch. The mix of humor and serious conversations were excellent no matter who was having the conversation. The cast is the perfect mix of characters. Please do a season 2 AT LEAST!!!!

  29. Sandi

    I love this show and I’m sad there won’t be another season.

  30. Patrick

    Man I am so pissed off. CBS has a lot of good shows, but some that really S*CK. Battle Creek was great. I loved it. I wish Netflix or one of the other off shoot TV channels would get it and run Season 2 and 3. I would definitely sign up to watch it. It s*cks we won’t know what happens now to all those characters.

  31. Barb

    I Just watched Battle Creek season 1 on Netflix, and loved it. Please bring it back!!

  32. Savannah

    I just discovered Battle Creek on Netflix ,and can’t believe they cancelled such a great show. Seriously what a shame. I think we should form a petition to bring it back. Please CBS!

  33. steve kaczmarek

    You finally get a crime show that is interesting, dramatic, comedic with a twist and fun to watch for the whole family and do not even give it a chance? It is an excellent show, I guess there is not enough blood and guts which people I would think are tiring of. Hopefully another network or NETFLIKS will pick it up. It really deserves one more year. Remember Seinfield? It was almost canceled but when on to be one the greatest TV shows in history.

  34. Robin

    Is there a Season 2? Hope it airs on Netflx. Just binged watched. Great show, loved all the actors. clever and witty script, wonderful writers they didn’t have to cuss every third word!! Bring it back Bring it back Please

  35. Grace

    Please! Bring this show back!

  36. Mary

    It’s to the point we’re I hate to watch a series on netflex they cancel shows after one season with no ending to the stories everything is left hanging this has happened on several series that I really loved if you not going to give a second season at least write a wrap up for your loyal viewers

  37. Tiffany

    There are some stupid tv shows still going on but the best one like Battle Creek was canceled. Why are they so dumb?

  38. tonya

    Don’t cancel Battle Creek! So good! Love the characters! What happens to Myles? Cancel a stupid show, not BC!

  39. Alice

    I’ve watched season one more times than I can count!! It’s time now!! for seasons 2 to 13!!
    Thank you , ️

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