Nov 11

Blood & Oil season 2 ?

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When will Blood & Oil season 2 be released? We want to know the premiere date! Bad news: the original order of 13 episodes has been reduced to 10.

TV-channel: ABC
Created by: Josh Pate, Rodes Fishburne
Genre: Soap opera

The television series Blood & Oil, which was represented to the auditory of ABC in September 2015, didn’t manage to become popular. During its production stage it suffered the replacement of its showrunner and after the premiere it turned out the TV viewers didn’t like the work of Josh Pate and Rodes Fishburne.

The pilot episode was watched by 6.36 million Americans and it seemed that such a huge support would ensure the second season to the project, but with the release of each new episode the number of fans was only decreasing and eventually fell almost by a half.

Of course, after such a decrease of the rating the show couldn’t keep its positions on TV, that’s why the rights holders announced about the reduction of the number of episodes to 10 (initially its number comprised 13) and didn’t plan to renew the show for Season 2.

Blood & Oil season 2 premiere – [cancelled] (unofficially)

Is the given decision justified? What do you think?

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  1. Corrina

    The show is great but it’s in a bad timeslot. It’s an updated and upscale version of Dallas but so much better. PLEASE RENEW!!!

  2. Marek

    I think you need to bring back Blood and Oil. Like Dallas, it was off to a slow start but then it blossomed into a great storyline and flourished for many years.

  3. Irma Dasher

    It’s just what was needed since Dallas was cancelled. Please renew!

  4. Bonny Novick

    The cast are great and the stories really interesting. I look forward to the show on Sundays. Don Johnson does made the show. Continue the series would be fantastic!

  5. Rommi55

    Blood and Oil is a great show! It’s about the only network show that I watch (((

  6. Katharyn C

    So disappointed you are cancelling this show… Come on ABC! Bring it BACK!!!

  7. Renda Phelps

    I like the show but not as much as Dallas. Blood & Oil needs better writers and actors.

  8. Yetta

    I really like the show and now I’m just pissed! Please don’t cancel Blood & Oil (

  9. Kortney

    Great show. Love the cast. Bring it back!!!

  10. Michele H.

    Blood & Oil is the best TV drama show that I have enjoyed watching in a long time. Please, keep it running.

  11. R. L.

    Why would you cancel Blood & Oil and Player? These two shows are awesome!

  12. Lucy

    Bring it back

  13. Jam

    Noooo, you have to bring back Blood & Oil , I absolutely LOVE the show!!!! I could watch your show 24/7 … Please, Please, did I say PLEASE BRING BACK THE SHOW for another season , try another night maybe that will help .. Please come back with a season TWO !!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Becca Rowland

    Agree with most all others. The show is really good. Needs to be brought back. Don’t let it go!!

  15. Magmoed baker

    Magmoed Baker van ocean view
    im sooo freaken disappointed that the show will not continue.i really njoyed it very much.i watched season 1 in one go none stop.Not even a toilet break.bring it the terminator says i’ll be back.chow for now.

  16. Cesar Berry

    It was a great story!! I loved it! How two lovers struggle to acomplish their dreams!!! For me all the actors where great. In only 10 episodes I got very attached to the actors. They should make season 2!!!

  17. vickie

    Great show. Good plots. Better than the good wife.

  18. Kathy

    Please, please, please don’t cancel Blood and Oil. It is a great show and needs a chance. If you must, just give it a new time slot. Don Johnson is so believable. Great acting. Actors were great. Filming great. Story line so intriguing. I would watch it over The Good Wife any day.

  19. Peggy Holly

    Please bring back the show it was the best new series on television what’s wrong with people at abc you get a great series and cancel it ?

  20. Roger

    This show was awesome!! Bring it back!!!! The only reason I started watching ABC network. So no reason to watch ABC again period!!!

  21. Will

    Bring the show back. Thought it was a great cast and would love to see it come back.

  22. Rachel Lisa Roberts

    I love it!!! Bring it back!!! Asap!!!

  23. Sue

    Bring it back! Great show, but if course whenever there is a really good program it doesn’t continue. Story line is good and it isn’t the same old hum drum. A show doesn’t need a lot of sexual junk to be good!!!

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