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«LOST» season 7?

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Will there be a «LOST» season 7? Would you like to watch new episodes?

A cult series «LOST» won many important awards and received a lot of fans. This American TV show was discussed by many experts and critics. That fact proves the series to be successful both on its motherland and abroad. 6 complete Seasons, involving 121 episodes, were created.

The last episode cost ABC channel 12 million dollars. It was watched by 13 million Americans. The final episode duration constituted about 2.5 hours – that was how much time the producers needed to end the series logically.

What do we know about Season 7 of the series? It is still possible to meet this question on many film forums as well as on the other Internet pages. Unfortunately or maybe luckily the new episodes shouldn’t be expected, since the series was officially ended in May, 2010. A small epilogue called «The New Man in Charge» was aired in August the same year and still there is not a hint of the decision to renew «LOST» show. ABC TV channel isn’t going to return to «passengers of flight 815 theme», that’s why the announcement of the new air date shouldn’t be expected.

Would you like the TV series to be renewed?

UPDATE 1 (January 9, 2018): Channing Dungey (ABC president) tells that she has no current plans to revive the series LOST. However, she’s not ruling it out.

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  1. john lock

    They messed up richard said if jacob touched.You that you can’t die how did john lock die.

    • Glenn

      its be Charlie’s gift to come back
      John be kill season 8 Finale battle With Jack or James maybe Charlie

    • Nicole

      John Lock could die because the light was Off …
      I Hope u Understand it :p my english is not the best

  2. Glenn

    1. if i was there and the show lost looks not easy for Survive but i think be Charlie be back for Claire he starts Kate’s hads a Brother name Anthony thats me tell her brother she needs him a lot for she doing bad things she did the past and Anthony will save Charlie life that be awesome that’s way Jacob touched me about Charlie’s close friend to give that’s my fate
    John Will be ok to die my hands and Jack & James Kat they see a Angel see me and Charlie that’s why coming back to

  3. D. DiRisio

    Personally, I loved the finale, yet was also mourning the loss of LOST. I spent over 6 years tied to the television, pc, etc just trying to get as much info on the series as possible. It was the single most thing ever to happen to television and beyond. All the characters found places in our hearts and in our daily lives. My pastor even had teachings titled “LOST”, “JOHN LOCKE” etc. I doubt I will see a season 7 or a fresh beginning in some way, but it would be AWESOME if ABC went for it. It’s 2013 now, it would give The Walking Dead some competition. Nothing against TWD, that series is my new LOST for now. I love it. TEAM DARYL!

    I’d love to see Jack, Locke, and some others again. But if they bring in all new people, I don’t know if it will be too “yippy skippy”.

    My final word… As Ben Stiller as Starsky would say “DO IT!”

  4. aizacuesta

    when the season 7 will be release ? please i am crazy about this series LOL

  5. Javier

    Please DO a LOST season 7 !!!

  6. LOSTS number one fan taylor

    i am a huge fan of lost. i would die to see another season but unfortunatley it will not be the same passengers of flight 815 because they all died. i have a question, in the last season season right before the island was moved and the frater ship blew up, what happened to the little boat that miles faraday was taking people on? did they get lost at sea? what if they found a new island? PLEEASE DO A 10 YEAR REUNION OF LOST. if you cant do a whole another season, they should atleast do one episode, or start the whole series over but on a different island with different creatures and a whole new airplane crash? called LOST 2.
    What will happen to rose and barnard and vincent the dog? vincent was laying nest to jack when he died, what if rose and barnard came and found jack and saved him? and then hurley and jack and ben all became the new jakob and the leader of the island?!!! did “john Locke” the smoke monster kill Charles Widmore or just lock him in his secret closet?
    What if Walt grows up. tells people about the island and brings people there to dig up all the bodies and reminis and have proper funerals for everyone and we could see flashbacks from the wholle series as the 10 year reunion!!!

  7. arif

    Lost is the marvelous Drama that i have seen in my life………sticky, stunning turns of life moments,,,,,,james, jack, kate, Blondi hair lady doc, vilan doc. all were bombastic……I can say i am living in this life for years in mind parts…

    Please if anybody listening, start new season

  8. Reeve

    The ending was beyond horrible…watching this show for 6 yeaes to find out they were already dead…why ever start the show to begin with….Greatest tv show let down in history

    • Ben

      I hate when people say they were dead the whole time, at the very end it is explained by Jack’s dad and the credits showing the crash was just to look back on the series as a whole, also the fact that Jack’s dad said the people died some before jack and some after meaning they could not all have died in the crash. Also Best Drama ever made

  9. laurence

    Please let there be a series 7
    of LOST

  10. susie

    I loved it I have ROKU and have been watching I am on season 5 now,I wish they would bring Charlie back,John is my favourite,Kate,Jack is my least favourite,when will season 7 start?my number one fix,all 5 stars,

  11. λɸиεδ

    I all ready watched this my favroite show ever i was sad it ended than i was trying to find good shows.U just cant find annything like this alfter a couple of years i found helix you should watch it its amazeing

  12. shehan

    when lost season 7 relese date. plese

  13. Larry Cochrane

    Guess I’m a late LOST bloomer. Just finished the complete series on Netflix. When will season 7 be release?? I thought the ending was incredible. Thank you ABC.

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