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«Criminal Minds» season 10: start date

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CBS has ordered new episodes of «Criminal Minds»! When does season 10 in 2014 start? Premiere coming! We have a good news for you!

TV-channel: CBS
Pilot episode: September 22, 2005
Creator: Jeff Davis

Season 1 Episode 1: 19.57 million U.S. viewers

Season 9 Episode 1: 11.27 million U.S. viewers

Nobody doubted the CBS television project «Criminal Minds» would be extended for the new season. That fact the show is being watched by more than 10 million Americans, doesn’t let the creators close it after season 9.

According to television channel management, all the contractual agreements with the main actors of the drama have been extended for one more year and season 10 has been already financed. The start date of the new episodes on CBS is scheduled for October 1, 2014 and the airtime remains the same.

What do you want out of season 10?

UPDATE: CBS has renewed the series for a 13th season.

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  1. LoL

    Nice show! Great cast! Please dont stop after season 10!

    • kathy

      i’m with you…love love love this show and the characters

  2. DetectiVe

    my favorite show! I recorded all of them! I can’t wait for season 10 to start.

  3. Susan

    I’m addicted to Ion’s Monday and Tuesday nights. I want to be on that team!

  4. betty

    I’m devastated to learn the character of Spencer is in doubt – he and Garcia make this show what it is and I am sure the show will most certainly lose ratings once the dynamic is tampered with. No offence to Mathew, I have seen two movies he appeared in and I think he should keep his day job! As a matter of fact, he should be given more storylines.

    • sharon


    • kathy

      i love spencer !!!!

  5. Terry

    Best show on TV hope it keeps going on for quite awhile longer, love the cast great chemistry

  6. Dawn Thompson

    Most favorite show – so glad the whole crew will be back – they are a family!!

  7. Lori

    I think if they ever end ! Which is hope not my favorite show ever:))
    They need to make reed a serial killer he is so smart they could never catch him !
    Just a thought but would be really awesome if they ever did take him off the show
    Can’t wait till new season !

  8. Denise

    I have seen every episode of Criminal Minds several times and I still watch and love the show, and never miss an episode. Can’t wait for season 10. I love the entire cast, but am a HUGE Thomas Gibson fan. The show wouldn’t be the same without Hotch. If Thomas were to leave, that would be it for me. I watch mainly because of him. Reid is my second favorite. Here’s hoping he can negotiate a new contract. I don’t really care for Jeanne Tripplehorn as she added nothing to the show and was not a good mesh with the team. They should leave the team with six members as they did when Gideon left. But, if they were to replace Jeanne, I have the perfect actress. She even resembles Paget in a way. Same black hair and bangs, and can kick *ss. Lucy Lawless from Xena, Warrior Princess. I think she’d be perfect.

  9. Tonda

    This is absolutely my favorite I am always watching it no matter how many times I’ve seen it before drives my husband nuts lol. I sure hope Matthew re signs because as we all know they think other things will come along and they don’t especially when they are so tied into their character. I didn’t care for jean only because I thought she was too old for the team they already have the boss characters of Rossi ( best recast) and hotch . I don’t know who but my dream would be for Emily to come back otherwise maybe the one who was in csi Miami the dark haired one

  10. Desire

    I just started watching reruns of criminal minds on Ion and A&E. I also purchased season 1 so I can watch every episode I have a lot of catching up to do. I’m a huge fan now. I have a huge crush on Spence he’s adorable. Keep up the good work.

  11. Connie

    I am a HUGE HUGE fan of Criminal Minds. Didn’t start watching until 2011 but have seen all episodes many times. I like all the characters very well but believe that without Morgan and Garcia (Shermar Moore & Kirsten Vangsness) the show would be very lack-luster. I sure hope the rumors of Shermar Moore leaving after Season 10 prove untrue. He could never be replaced. Maybe he could make guest appearances every so often. The chemistry between Morgan & Garcia are what makes the show. I would like to see things spiced up a little between them.

  12. Kyana

    I Wish Morgan And Garcia Would Get In A Relationship With Eachother !! And Have A Baby !!!! Everybody Knows They Secretly Have Feelings Lol .everytime Another Woman Touches Morgan .Garcia Gets Gelous .iLove Them .And The Whole Cast .

  13. Christina

    My favorite show. I can also watch reruns every week. So glad everyone has signed for season 10. I would like to see Paget Brewster come back as Emily. She fit in awesome with the group. I look forward to another great season.

  14. Sherrie g

    I w,ish season 10 would start by letting hotch’s wife not be dead.that should have been a nightmare,I hated that episode ,I couldn’t watch it.also don’t’ like the new women.nothing is worse then replacing people,love love Garcia ,love Morgan, really loveeeeee Reid,and JJ and hotch but they need Emily or Elle,why won’t they come back?don’t let nothing bad happen to any cast members like before please, it’s personal to watch their pain,also get rid of that old women,Strauss or what ever her name is she’s a pain,she should get kidnap and killed off why is she so hateful against hotch and JJ? Send her somewhere please.

  15. Vela

    I love Dr. Reid. I think it would be wonderful to see him out on the field more often with the rest of the crew. I’d like to see him mature some and become a kick-*ss man, and still remain humble. I’d like to see Reid and his father make amends and have a close father/son relationship so that Spence can gain more confidence. I’d like to see JJ’s relationship with her husband end, so that she can fall for Spence (without his knowledge). I’d like to see Spence dating young women his age. I’d also like to see episodes where Hotch seeks Dr. Reid’s advice and they become close friends. Love this show; love all the characters, but obviously, my favorite character is Spence.

  16. stephanie

    it is the best show I have ever seen. I am addicted to it an I love all of the characters especially Reid, sure wish my daughter can find a husband as smart and as good looking as him. Keep on doing what all of you are doing and we will keep on watching and enjoying every second of the show. love you guys

  17. Ira

    This is my favorite show. I encourage all my friends to watch. I switch between channels to watch the reruns. I hope this show never ends!

  18. Bobbie

    I have watched from the very beginning. I am hooked. So glad it will continue. I love everyone on the show, but Garcia is my favorite. Shemar Moore (Derik) is SO hot! Let it go to Season 11 & 12!! We are watching. Even the reruns on A&E.

  19. Pinky

    Addicted to the show. I can watch it over and over and never get tired. I’m always looking forward for the replay on TV. Please don’t stop after season 10. Love it! Love it! Love it! Bring Prentiss back!!

  20. Diane

    My favorite show ever!!

  21. kathy

    Love this show, A.J. Cook, Thomas Gibson, Joe Mantegna, Shemar Moore, Kirsten Vangsness, Matthew Gray Gubler and Paget Brewster made the best team. I am addicted to Criminal Minds. I watch the old shows on ION and A&E over and over, and will keep watching the new seasons on CBS as long as JJ, Aaron, and Morgan never leave the show. Need Prentiss back with the team.

  22. Lloyd Parker

    Love the show an all the reruns wish I could see Paget again is she in the plans or what is she doing Thanks

  23. Karen London

    Last season It seemed like there was a new writer. Season 9 was the best ever, although I like them all. I am a big fan and watch reruns whenever I can find them. I wish Emily could be brought back. I love the relationship between Garcia and Morgan, it is fun to watch.

  24. Renea Fields

    please don mess with the cast,best tv show.i watch it every wed. night.I HATED IT WHEN EMILY left the show will not be the same if reed or Garcia leave. it has high ratings and getting higher if the writers mess with the cast, that could change.please leave it alone.

  25. kathy

    i would love to see Morgan and Garcia get married….that would be a very interesting twist

  26. Annette

    I love the show, all the characters are great. Watch every episode over and over. Can’t wait for season 10 and hope for many more. Hope to see Emily come back. Hope Morgan and Reid never leave.

  27. Anne

    Watched ever show, reruns over and over, look foward to going to bed so I can watch Criminal Minds, drives my husband crazy, so I watch it in the bed room… love love that show.

  28. makia

    Reid is also my favorite. More episodes should be made with him as the center of the plot.

  29. Karen

    Please don’t stop making Criminal Minds. This is the
    best show ever. I absolutely love this show.

  30. Jeanne

    Love the show was gruesome for a while would get night mares after some of the episodes has tamed down some like following how the team solves the case love penolpe and reid

  31. kerry

    criminal minds is my FAVORITE SHOW!!! looking forward to an awsome season 10 cant wait until oct 1

  32. maria


  33. Shelly

    Id like to see your writers do a show where High School kids lure preditors on the internet
    and do away with them, nice reverse twist…
    Im 78 and still cant get enough of the show…
    Great casting…

  34. Libby

    I love this show sooooo much!!! I watch reruns all the time and I have every season DVD and watch those all the time. Please do not stop after season 10.

  35. Lady Butterfly

    Love the show, my grand daughter and I can’t wait for season 10 .

  36. Diane Quick

    My favorite show ever. I love every character-they are perfect together! I miss Emily a lot but am looking forward to seeing Jennifer Love-Hewitt in the new season!

  37. Ray Tucker

    All of you guys are the reason that I watch tv. I love all of you and Garcia is my kind of lady. Please lets see seasons 11, 12, 13, and so on, you guys are really LOVED

  38. Karen

    When will season 10 be showed in uk. Love this programme. Would hate to miss it

  39. June

    Greatest show, love it but really miss Emily. Garcia and Morgan are so cute together but Reed’s brain is absolutely amazing. This show must remain on the air

  40. Mary

    Please don’t ever get rid of Reed and Garcia !! They make the show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. sharon

    Best show on TV.Please don’t ever stop this show.Love all the cast.Would love to see Garcia and Morgan get together.Youcantell they really do care for ech other.Watch this show every morning and afternoon.Also all night long on Friday and Saturday nights.Please keep Criminal Minds on alway’s.

  42. Jewels

    Season 10 has been great but when does it restar after the Xmas break or was there only 10 episodes to season 10 ?

    • Mars

      S10E11 start – January 14, 2015
      Season 10 have 24 episodes.

  43. Donna

    This is the best Show ever put on TV. The characters all work really well together. Although I did hate seeing Emily go. She was one of my favorite. I normally don’t get excited about movies or TV shows. My attitude has always been, if I see it, great! If I don’t, no big loss! But this show actually gets me excited everytime it comes on. I actually Jones for it! Way out of my character for sure to behave such as this. But it’s true! Please don’t get rid of this show! It would be devastating for me! 😉

  44. Iliana C

    Wednesdays I do not stay late at work . It is my favorite show on TV.
    The writers of this show are amazing. Kudos to the writers. And more Kudos to those wonderful actors that bring the script alive. Spencer’s , my favorite (Matthew Gray Gubler). Not only is he an actor but he is also a painter & an ordained minister.
    Can’t wait for next season.

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