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«Criminal Minds» season 9: premiere date

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When does «Criminal Minds» season 9 start? Renewed or cancelled? What is known about premiere date?

TV-channel: CBS
Pilot episode: September 22, 2005
Creator: Jeff Davis

Season 1 episode 1: 19,57 million U.S. viewers

Season 8 episode 1: 11,73 million U.S. viewers

Already on March 27 CBS announced the list of the projects, which would be financed for the new Seasons, however the drama television series «Criminal Minds» wasn’t among them. But there is no reason to panic, since the delay of its renewal constitutes in the agreements with the cast. Thomas Gibson and Joe Mantegna aren’t confirmed to extend their contracts with the rightsholders yet, that’s why the premiere date for Season 9 of «Criminal Minds» TV series will be announced after all the arrangements are done.

«Criminal Minds» season 9: premiere – [September 25, 2013]

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UPDATE 1 (09.05.13): CBS announced: «Criminal Minds» renewed for Season 9. With all actors reportedly signing new two-year contracts. Premiere – September, 2013.

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  1. luis

    it is my favorite show to watch during my nights! i realy neeed season 9!!

  2. Hilton

    … season 9 and season 10 !!! 😉

  3. Divyaa

    DON’T CANCEL CRIINAL MINDS! i love this show my life would end if it did 🙁

  4. coco

    Please don’t cancel Criminal Minds. I realy love this show. Renewal season 9.

  5. Aaron

    well, before season 8 started they never said that it was going to be the final season. we can only hope that the actors contracts get renewed. Besides it seems that only five have been confirmed so far.

  6. relax

    great show!! need more and more seasons!

  7. elena

    I watch a few shows on CBS but Criminal Minds is my favorite! great cast! nice series!

  8. Jade Peterson

    I never miss a show, and I am really looking forward to watching season 9. They are a great group of actors who make the show so popular and work so well. WTG and TY CBS for keeping them on!!!

  9. Wendy Bisbing

    Please bring back Prentiss, let the new women go to another unit. She does not click with all other characters. Prentiss was only sent to Interpol, she was not killed off. That left it open for her to come back. Love the show, have watched it from series pilot all the way to season 8. Devoted fans and we will continue to watch through season 9 and beyond.

    • Ambie

      Prentiss never made it off the table

  10. Elvira Bernard

    Please put someone else in that took Prentiss’s place. The actress you have now just does not fit in. Sorry, but I don’t think she is a very good actress. The rest of the group is great. Am greatly anticipating the new season and will continue to be a faithful fan. Ten also sounds good!

  11. Ambie

    I am a 12 year old girl who is obsessed with criminal minds and I absolutely positively can’t wait for September 25

  12. trich

    Criminal Minds is my favorite show, the cast is outstanding! I can’t wait for season 9 to start but I would like to see prentiss return as well. WTG CBS!

  13. maritza

    I cant wait until this new episol starts I love this show I can watch it over and over again and the start again from the beginning my life dream on tv thank you for being great on what you do inspirering for many that understand the hard work that it take to work the group with fbi wonderful job

  14. LILLY

    You simply cant finish this show. Its fri..gin AWESOME.
    My son and I have watched the whole series from 1-8 twice now.
    Brilliant show. Comon Joe….sign up.
    Luv you guys,

  15. Joyce Klemak

    I’m hooked, keep Criminal Minds on as long as you can. I agree Prentice should come back.very exciting show every time I watch it.always new twist to the story.

  16. Deborah Brown

    Please bring another season of Criminal Minds back.
    This show is a good & true example of a good working team & being
    family within the team. Each character works of the
    others which is why it is a much loved show.
    Thank you for the many years of laughter, tears
    love & antipitation that this show has given.

    Great to see that another season will entertain us.
    Great news to CM fans every where . It will be a
    delight to see all the cast together once again
    solving crimes & mending the broken hearted
    .Thanks so much

  17. Jamilee

    I really need my fix of Criminal Minds! This show rocks like no other! I LOVE all the characters especially Agent Morgan❤️

  18. RMDC

    I love this show- The actors make the show! Season nine can’t get here fast enough.

  19. Texann

    Love Criminal Minds but miss Emily ! No one else fits like she did. Please bring her back. The cast is wonderful together…everything works great between them.

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