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Dominion season 3 ?

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Will there be Dominion season 3? We want to know the premiere (start) date for the new season in 2016 on Syfy. Hurry up!

Syfy forced the fans of Dominion television series worry about its future. The matter is that the first autumn day became a day when such projects as Dark Matter and Killjoys were financed for the new seasons, but the creators were silent on the account of Vaun Wilmott’s project. Of course, the given decision is quite logical, as at that moment the broadcast of seasons of the above mentioned shows was over, and Dominion still remained on air.

High rating at the end of the season became crucial for the renewal of both series, but the scores of show Dominion aren’t very high. The number of fans has already fallen to 1 million people, while in the first season this amount comprised more than 1.5 million.

Hope to hear the premiere date of the third season still remains (UPDATE 1), but the experts don’t make the optimistic prognosis. What is related such a rapid fall of the viewers’ interest to? Has the television series run out and become boring?

Dominion season 3 start – [cancelled]

Let’s wait for the official decision of Syfy and support the show in comments! Should the show be renewed? What do you think?

UPDATE 1 (October 13, 2015): Bad news… Syfy has cancelled fantasy drama Dominion after two seasons.

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  1. PaRStock

    PLEASE renew Dominion!!! Looking forward to seasons 3,4,5 beyond.

  2. Roman

    Dominion is a great show! I think that they should defiantly make season 3

  3. Marlyn Stokely

    If it’s canceled, then I’ll stop watching the SyFy channel period.

  4. Louisa

    I actually love it. Almost the only series I watch. Good script good cast! Dominion needs season 3!

  5. Christin D.

    Renew renew renew! Defiance s*cked but Dominion is pretty interesting so far!

  6. scotty

    Dominion is by far one of the better shows out right now. Really good story line! Season 3 please

  7. Brandy Davis

    So LOVE this show! Really hoping they renew for season 3!

  8. Eartha

    Dominion deserves to be renewed. It has a great story and amazing cast such as Tom Wisdom who plays Michael.
    I think Dominion will be kinda Supernatural on CW where in the beginning its future was uncertain but it has rabid fans so 10 seasons later, it’s still on the air and no signs of stopping.

  9. paul

    Great show love dominion

  10. jodie

    love this show… it is great…. looking forward to season three… the season finale of 2 was amazing… It was a bummer when Claire died but still the show revolves around Alex… The show really picked up this season… I watch it every week and I hope it gets renewed for at least two more seasons….. Please keep this show on the air…

  11. Dawnmarie

    Please! There must be a season three! Loose ends must be tied up, at least! Please. I taped the show because it is on late, but I watch it every week without fail. I am surprised that the viewers are not more. do they count those same who tape and view later?

    I hope to see a season 3!!!!!!

  12. Alexander Colquhoun

    Please do season 3,4,5 of Dominion the UK wants tv show like this and not the cr*p the bbc

  13. lilian


    But we want to see more about Michael,like in season 1.

    Season 2 its not much about the archangel,,so thats why lot of fans stopped watching dominion….

    So you know,Vaun……we want Michael!!!!!

  14. Marvin

    You have to at least finish the what you started! They have gone too far along the story line to end it right in the middle of a transition. I for one look forward to each week to pull up on the DVR. I wish they would have a daily version playing. Both Dominion and Dark Matter are listed as top priority for recording to insure I don’t miss anything. Since both of them seem to end each Episode leaving an opening into to the next, it would appear as if it is only stopping in the middle of the story. I say either continue the shows, or at least give the people some closer for them before ending it.

  15. Tiffney Harrison

    Awesome show looked forward to watching it every week was really bummed out when it wasn’t on last Thursday.

  16. Pros

    Completely unsurprised, yet still disappointed…

  17. SalmaJ

    Cancelled???? This was a great show, that just kept getting better and better each episode! Please, bring Dominion back!

  18. -DragonSon-

    Can’t believe they are cancelling this show but renewing 12 Monkey’s. Does this mean Defiance is canceled or not?

  19. kevin

    Dominion is great…. you just CANNOT leave the fans hanging like this. Nooooo.

  20. kate

    Cant believe its cancelled, original storyline, great show, different to everything else I am gutted and cant watch syfy anymore, especially when utter cr*p librarians renewed is this aimed at 5 year olds? RUBBISH

  21. victor

    se eles mudarem de ideia e tiver uma 3 temporada alguem me avisa?

  22. Marcy

    please bring back Dominion. Season two left us with a cliff hanger. If you end it end it right. Not a cliff hanger but with alternate conclusions.

  23. joseph

    please renew dominion for at least a season 3. Season 2 didn’t even finish the story line and I’m dying to know what happens next.

  24. bethd

    Dominion is one of the best programmes running. Please continue!

  25. Wochh

    Syfy cannot leave us hanging!?!? They finish season 2 like a bad hangover, like what just happened? C’mon man….!!!
    Finish what y’ll started……………..

  26. Steve Sutherlin

    Renew Dominion Syfy Network

  27. Bandit

    Definitely renew Dominion and find the person/person’s responsible for the cancellation of “The Bastard Executioner” and give them a kick in the arse to restart that series also.

  28. ging

    massively disappointed, I hate it when they start a TV series and then they go and cancel it just as its getting good. this is bullsh*t!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Jillian

    I love the show and hope it is renewed in the coming years!

  30. Lexx Ararao

    Please have Dominion Season 3. Season 2 finale got really interesting. Please have it continued.

  31. Lor Soren

    Well if you don’t have at least one more season to give us fans a completed feelin , I will seriously never watch you channel again. You do this to so many og the good shows, just quit you quitters, that’s all you do! And yes sit there and laugh because I am only one person giving up on you network. But you forget how quickly 1 becomes 10 and how that turns into 100 and so on!

  32. Sarannedean

    I have officially stopped watching Syfy.. this will last until you change your minds and give us season 3 even if it is only to tie up the loose ends… I encourage my fellow dominion fans to do the same.. Syfy channel you suck

  33. audrey

    Are you kidding me!!!! This show is awesome!! The weak link just died!! The show was going to be amazing!! Please!!!!

  34. Vic

    Please renew. If you must end the series, which I do not think you should, at least end it with an ending not in the middle of a great plot. I just found this series and it is amazing. PLEASE RENEW!

  35. John McComish

    I just heard of dominion in Scotland and I’ve got loads of pals watching it now. If it was advertised or promoted more it would be a world smash. Love the show, Michael and Gabriel are bad*ss. Want to see how Lucifer influences things. Even if its only one more, do it and promote it big. I watch a lot of series’ and this is special, well made, UNIQUE actors and a brilliant plot. This one will hurt if unfinished.

  36. Pam

    Renew Dominion. It’s a fantastic show and should be continued.

  37. Grim

    Was really into this show a shame it got let go.

  38. Adam

    Love this show. Please continue. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  39. Cindy Ball

    They always cancel the great shows Here’s another one. The 2 shows they renew I don’t watch. And to leave it hanging. Shame on the study channel for this.

  40. Lisa

    I give up on SyFy. If you are going to cancel a show you should have the decency to bring the show to a conclusion before you throw it out. I don’t want to start new shows on this channel because of this.

  41. Jon Irving

    Run season 3!!!!!!!!!! We love the heck outta the show.

  42. Nita

    Please dont cancel Dominion. Its my favorite show.

  43. Laura

    please make a third season.
    I do believe in God and I Iove the show.
    Greetings from Germany.

  44. sara garcia

    I loved this show… Please bring more seasons my whole family and I got together and watch it as a family night thing.

  45. Michelle

    That’s it I’m done with scyfy hell I’m done with tv period.every time I find a show I like they cancel it I think I’ll just play WOW later days tv

  46. Karen

    My husband and I used to watch Sci-Fi channel a lot, but you’ve cancelled some of the best shows. There are only a few summer shows left to watch and none during the fall or spring seasons. Bring Defiance and Dominion back.

  47. bobby

    come on syfy

  48. nmpp

    I absolutely love this show. I really hate to see it canceled.

  49. Angel Acosta

    How come you guys do that when there’s horrible shows in your Chanel. Why you guys don’t think about changing the date. Dominion is fantastic. If you wanna keep an audience. Common sense will say. ” You start something you finished ” even if you have to cut it short. Is not fair to the fans and followers of your Chanel like I do. In conclusion, perhaps you guys want to stop repeating movies all the time and reorganize the Chanel including a better image. After all you call York self the sify Chanel. Then own the name….

  50. david ulrich

    syfy cancels all the good shows and keeps all the bad ones im going to stop watching syfy all together

  51. Mark

    Just finished season 2 of this show and real annoyed they Cancelled season 3 !
    Renew it please !!

  52. Paul

    I was really enjoying this series and was so angry with the way it ended with so many unresolved questions. I stopped watching any series on syfy because I don’t trust them to follow thru and I would just be disappointed again.

  53. Kimberly Buckner

    Please restart Dominon season 3. I really love the show and I love the movie. When I saw that there was a show based on the movie I couldnt wait to see it. I have been watching this show since it came out, and with the way season 2 ended I cant wait to see the next one. Please renew the series its my fav. show on syfy. My fav show before that was Stargate SG1 you guys kept that going. Please put the show back on.

  54. matthew

    renew for 3rd season please

  55. Jeffrey Arthur

    Renew the show!! It was good!!

  56. Dave

    renew the show pls it is such an amazing show

  57. michael owens

    one more season or a film to finish off such a brilliant under estimated series

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