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Devious Maids season 3: start air date

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Will Devious Maids comedy-drama series return for season 3? Will Lifetime show be canceled or renewed? When does the new episodes start in 2015?

TV-channel: Lifetime
Pilot episode: June 23, 2013
Creator: Marc Cherry

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.99 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 7: 2.14 million U.S. viewers

The television series Devious Maids, which ABC had refused, became very popular among the viewers of Lifetime TV channel. The excellent cast and «female plot» were the main factors which made the show successful.

The television series still gets the different reviews, but many experts suggest it should be extended for the season 3 which has to be ordered already in the current year.

According to the rights holders, the new episodes will improve the rating not only of the show, but also of Lifetime channel, that’s why the verdict should be in favour of Devious Maids.

Devious Maids season 3 – [June 1, 2015] (UPDATE 2)

Let’s wait for the official announcement, which will be made soon. The article will be updated!

UPDATE 1 (September 26, 2014): Officially! Lifetime has renewed Devious Maids show for a 13-episode third season. Look for the series to return in Summer 2015.

UPDATE 2 (March 31, 2015): Lifetime sudser Devious Maids will return for Season 3 on June 1 at 9/8c. What about Devious Maids season 5?

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  1. Kourtney

    I LOVED this show! hope for season 3!

  2. Kayne

    Lifetime hurry up! give us new season!

  3. Linda

    ABC was saved by Desperate Housewives but got complacent and did not pick up this gem from Marc Cherry. I hope he is laughing where ever he is! Great show and cast! Cant wait for season 3!

  4. Jan

    Season 3? Haven’t even seen season 2 yet!

    • Bunnie

      Gotta get with it & see it Jan-you don’t know what you are missing! One of the best shows on.


    Love the show DEVIOUS MAIDS…it is my favorite show on tv…thanks LIFETIME for bringing it to us. I hope it continues for many many many season. I tape it an watch it a couple of time before I erase it.

  6. Rachna kochhar

    Simply loved both seasons. Just can’t wait for the 3rd. Hope it comes real soon. Most entertaining TV I ever saw

  7. Justin

    I lpve devious maids ive been watching since the first season. Please make a season 3 this show totally deserves it!

  8. marion nicks

    I LOVE Devious Maids. I have never enjoyed a series so much. It has drama and comedy which go very well together. I hope to be enjoying season three.

  9. Yret

    My sister told me about this, and first i was like meh…dont have time…but when i did have the time and really started watching i loved it from the beginning!! We just finished season 2 and are impatiently waiting for number 3…can’t wait…and if you dont make a new one wich i doubt…that would be so…whats the word…oh yeah…DEVIOUS!! hahaha bring on the next seaon!!

    • Marina

      OMG my mom was like to me okay so I found this new show and I recorded it so we watched the first ever episode and I couldn’t even go a week without watching it!

  10. Mariana Hernandez

    Please tell us when the new season is coming, I’m getting anxious already !!!!

  11. Justine

    I love devious maids can’t wait for season 3

  12. Chris

    This is one of the best shows out there!! Hurry up with season three! Love love love this show

  13. Taylor

    I absolutely love Devious Maids! The cast is great, and the storyline is captivating. I really want to see it return for a third season. Lifetime, don’t let this good thing go…

  14. Jess Johnson

    OMG ~ This is a great show!!! Counting on Season 3++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Vivian

    Hope season 3 comes out soon because i am dying to watch the next season because I want to know if Zola is going to stay with ablo or Javier. REALLY want to know if Valentina is ALIVE!!!!!!!! I hope the season comes really fast!!!!!!!!! DEVIOUS MAIDS I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Evelyn

    OMG!!!!!! Love this show. Cant wait for Season 3 to start. My daughter and I have been going back and forth coming up will all possibilities for the next season. To all Devious Maids cast members…. Love you guys. Thanks for keeping me entertained.

  17. Dusti

    I am a religious DM watcher!! My daughter and I both are. We are on the edge of our seats every episode. And every episode is better than the last. We cannot wait for Season 3!!! Hoping that they don’t take Spence away from Rosie, or Javier from Zoila now that we know Pablo is a friggn liar! DM usually will allow justice to prevail and I can’t wait for Carmen to snitch out Ty

  18. pam

    I love Devious Maids! Great season 2!

  19. Ashley

    I am so in love with this show it’s the only thing I’ll watch on tv never missed an episode and will literally cry possibly die without a season 3

  20. Milenis

    I didnt like the ending!!! it was a torment not knowing who got shot or killed!!! I am glad that zoila chose Javier and happy that they are going to have a baby!!! awesome news for valentina that she will live her dreams in NY. Shock that Rosie’s first husband is still alive. I bet that spence is going to die and Rosie will be transport to mexico where she will find out that her first husband is alive. I have a feeling that Pablo will die protecting his daughter. Nicholas will go to jail for long years and marisol will file a divorce. Carmen Luna will report that teenager that shot them and he will probably end up killing himself once he find out that he is trapped with nowhere to hide! Mr. Kenneth will sue his nephew, his nephew will lose his license and possibly go to jail. I think Mr. Kenneth meanwhile will try to help rosie back to the united state. ???? just using my imagination. haha!

    • Ivy

      Nice to see your comment here…you are really full of imagination..let’s see what happen in season 3 ~ ^^ ~ I really don’t wanna Spence is going to die, althought it should be happened..I guess so..

    • Kavita

      Zoila chose Javier but is pregnant for her husband not him!

  21. JOANNE

    Love Devious Maids…LIFETIME RENEW FOR SEASON 3…dont keep us waiting toooo long.

  22. allie sweeney

    I love the show. love marc cherry eva l. and susan lucci come on GIVE US DATE ON SEASON 3

  23. eye.catcher

    please air out the season 3 I am so thrilled to see what will happen next….
    expecting to see it soon

  24. debbie

    Come on season 3. Can’t wait!!!!!!

  25. Barb

    It’s been so long since I’ve had a TV sitcom worth watching…. I love Devious Maids, can’t wait for Season 3, Lifetime is tops on my network list now!

  26. Tammy

    Love Devious Maids, favorite TV show. Bring on Season 3!

  27. Toni

    devious Maids filled the void left by Desperate Housewives! This show is energetic intelligent and mesmerizing, it must come back!

  28. Sweet cakes

    I love DM can’t wait for season 3 you guys on lifetime need to put a move on it that’s my favorite tv show

  29. Becky Bain

    I love this show, please bring it back for season 3. It is very well written and so fun to watch!!

  30. chihuahua momma

    Love Devious Maids! Please give us season 3!! Impatiently waiting for a date for season 3 premiere.

  31. Samuel

    OK? Who got shot??????????

  32. michelle scott

    please bring my show back on my son and I love love love this show!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Mommy gina 123

    This is my fav show please please dont cancel this show i wait every summer for the series its my ultimate fav show ….

  34. keso nankamba

    devious maids is our favorite, among all the series movies, and we cant wait for season 3,please please please bring on

  35. Dylan

    Omg they would be stupid not to have a season 3!me and my friends whatch re runs and MAN I LOVE THAT SHOW SO MUCH

  36. Sara quinn

    Love this show! Please bring it back! I’m so involved with these characters that I need to know what happens next!

  37. Theresa Mahina

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOW!! Waiting impatiently for season 3!!!

  38. leigha

    Me and my friends absolutely love this show we can’t wait to see whats going to happen next. We are already making plans to get together to start watching season 3. We are very curious as to when it going to air again soon we hope. please keep us posted.

  39. Itza

    Joining the millions of other fans. Want devious maid back. Lifetime please.

  40. mom4kids

    Please please please make a season 3.

  41. Phyl

    I have watch Devious Maids from the first show to the last. I tell everyone to watch. Love this series. The show is so much fun, lots of laughs and drama that keeps you coming back for more. Please continue this show.

  42. Lyric

    Really hope it comes back for Season 3 and Soon!. Agree – it’s got a great cast, funny and tongue in cheek. Miss it!

  43. Janet

    i cant wait for season 3..when is it starting??? i love devious maids!!!

  44. Donna

    Really want Devious Maids to have at least another season. Such a great show!

  45. YVONNE

    I love this show! My husband watched it one time and was hooked. Now we both can’t what to see what is happening next.

  46. Lynnette

    Love Devious Maids, can’t wait for season 3!! So glad to have something to watch that isn’t reality TV which most of them I hate.

  47. Nancy

    I love this show. Can’t wait for season 3. Please hurry.

  48. Whits

    I love D.M please release Season3

  49. Mandy

    My husband and I love this show (we’re based in Hong Kong), we have been checking all the times to look for the new episodes. Come on, please!

  50. Eileen

    Come on! Bring it back! This was a great show! Don’t cancel it!

  51. Taina Alexis

    Devious Maids give my life

  52. CT

    This is a great show. Each maid has her special quality and talent. I would love to have any of the ‘maids’ as a friend!! Can’t wait until season three!!

  53. Kathie

    Please bring back Devious Maids! My friends & I can’t wait for it to come back on!

  54. Marilyn

    Don’t watch a lot of TV, but got hooked on this show and can’t wait to see the outcome of the shooting at the wedding, hoping nobody died, such a great cast. Please hurry up and bring season 3, great show.

    • mary

      Thank you lifetime for bringing Devious maids back for .I love this show. The cast is great love them all

  55. brittany

    PLease we love Devious Maids itsa great show we watch every week..DEVIOUS MAIDS IS THAT SHOW THEY MAKE SEASON AFTER SEASON..everyone love this cant believe we r even having a debet about making t or not making that’s crazy..Like the client list that was great show to…and yall took it away..don’t take devious maids because we like it.

  56. VanessaS

    We should all boycott lifetime if devious maids isn’t brought back for a third season. I love devious maids and we shouldn’t have to research when the season premier is going to be.

  57. mishkah ,abdul

    Omg we love devious maids the best serious I’ve watched can’t wait for season 3 please its really worth it to put all ur attention to watching it thanks

  58. JudyV

    I really am anxious to see more of Devious Maids. It was very entertaining. Couldn’t wait to see the next episode each week. You can see by all these comments, that everyone likes it. Please keep this show going another season.

  59. EstelaR

    I loved “DEVIOUS MAIDS” it’s a great show, hope to see it return for another season. Each actress playing the part as maids are very pretty & talented women.

  60. Irene

    Please, someone tell me there’s good news, I love Devious Maids, too many things to develop, they can’t cancel it!!!!!

  61. Tony

    I absolutely love this show….love to see my Latin ladies as they plot and plan their next move…

  62. Ccmack

    Love love really love this show can’t wait for season 3!!!

  63. Tracey

    I love this show please don’t cancel it.

  64. Eva

    I Love this show and if it ther were no season 3 its lame because at the end Rosie dies and Ernesto is found alive so there better be a 3 season!!

  65. Dannii

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a season 3…and then a 4 and a 5,etc..lol!!!! This show is my life 😀

  66. Delicious deva

    YES!!! This was an early Xmas New Years and birthday surprise!! Can’t wait!! I am hooked on this show bring it soon!!

  67. Sharon

    Didn’t know this show was on the verge of being cancelled because it is so good and fun to watch…Thank you Marc Cherry for creating this show and bringing it back..can’t wait to see new season…Devious Maids Addict

  68. Nett

    Mr. Marc Cherry & Mrs. Eva Longoria (Loved “Desperate Housewives”)
    Please bring back “Devious Maids” “Season #3″…..
    The show is a fine example of “REALITY” & LAUGHTER is good for one’s “SOUL”
    (Devious Maids – FAN # 1) 🙂

  69. Melinda

    I love this show, please don’t cancel it. I never watch this type of program, Devious Maids is so much fun!

  70. Carmen

    loved all the episodes can’t wait to see them again

  71. Moses Kaboi

    Woow!! I’ve loved the whole seasons,I can’t wait to see what happened next.

  72. evelyne

    Waaat!!!!! i love the series cant wait for season 3

  73. Ines

    I love it! I can’t wait for season 3 to come out.

  74. Rob

    Great show cant hardly wait for season 3.Watched from beginning look forward for many more shows.Keep up good work.

  75. Gran

    LOVE…LOVE…LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!! Sure hope for season 3.

  76. Rosie

    I love this show! Can’t wait for season 3 to start.

  77. Moesha

    I love this show ! Can’t wait for season 3 to be released !

  78. benny hishiko

    worlds number one series!!!!!!!!!! who ever writes the storyline is very smart because this is not the type of series which is predictable. its full of assume mysteries and it always ends in an unexpected way. like every one else, cant wait to see what season3 has in store for us….!!!!

  79. Anthony Rooza

    Omg I am from South Africa and like insanely inlove with the show I mean obsessed so like please hurry with season 3 I cannot wait

  80. Sophi

    Hurry up with Season 3, BEST SHOW EVER. Great cast, great drama I love it!!!

  81. Mara

    I am missing my girls. Season 3 where are you? I hope they get another season…

  82. Lena

    Please don’t keep us in suspense, when is the start date of Season 3?

  83. SueAnn & Taylor die hard DM FANS!

    We are impatiently awaiting the new season! Fans please spread the word to your friends!!!!! We love every one of the ladies! HURRY PLEASE!!!!!!

  84. Kat

    Love, love, love Devious Maids!!! Best show ever! Hurry up and bring it back for season 3 and get to work on season 4!! With all the good shows gone and too much reality cr*p tv, this is a great reminder of what great tv is. Very refreshing to see great acting once again. I don’t know how people can watch reality tv and think it’s good, honestly it’s just poor acting.

  85. nicole

    i like the show but however it sends out a msg to all husbands its fine to sleep with the maids


    • Brenda

      If all husbands are influenced by a tv show then they’re pretty much immature and shouldn’t be a husband in he first place. What drama on tv doesn’t have husbands and wives cheating. It’s only tv!!!!!

  86. Karoline Sanchez

    My family LOVES this show. But why is it taking soooo long to get Season 3 out? It’s making us crazy.

  87. Mia

    OH, please give us Season 3 asap!

  88. Kimberly


  89. Vicki

    I so hope this show returns this year….too funny for a serious show. I wish Comcast had it on demand.

  90. Kay Russell

    Hurry up with the Season 3!! When is the Date for 2015?

  91. Gran

    Absolutely love this show!!!! Listen to the fans…….it is apparent everyone loves the show and looking forward to another season…

  92. Sharon Anderson

    I miss Devious Maids. Hurry up and get here season 3!

  93. Eva

    Plz hurry up and give us a third season!!!! Luv this show!

  94. Cheryl

    When????? It’s about time !

  95. Diane Kneidek

    What is the 2015 release date?

  96. Nancy

    Ok Spring is here, when do season 3 start?

  97. BiBi

    Love this show!!!!! Can’t wait for season 3 to start!!! Love you girl!!!

  98. Bobbie and Bill


  99. Elizabeth

    I so love this show. And i so hope that season 3 starts soon. I keep checking.

  100. eileen

    omggg i can’t wait for season 3 , i really like this show it’s one of my favourites and i NEED to know who got shot

  101. Lifetime lover

    This show is Amazing ! Please keep it coming beg you Marc Cherry ! I love this show because the plots , the sense of humour in it , the girls are great at their parts , an the odd ball couples , it’s better then any other show I have watched an I am glued , those funny pics you see of ppl who watch back to back that was me ,, I stayed up till dawn an still could’t get enough it just grips you so hats off to all the makers , actors , producers , etc , you bringing great t.v we can really get our teeth into , love all the characters please keep it coming an soon please suspence is killing me

  102. Dee

    My entire family loves this show. We are desperately waiting for season 3.

  103. Melinda

    Woohoo, I love that show. I thought it wasn’t coming back. Thanks

  104. Chelly

    Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!My girls are coming back!!! CAN’T WAIT!!! I miss my girls!!! Way to go Lifetime!!!

  105. portia

    uuuum i cant wait….devious maids the best series ever

  106. Randi

    Love Devious Maids! Sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next season!

  107. Roberta

    I sad when Desperate Housewives was cancelled,please keep Devious Maids on,love the show,have all my family and friends watching.

  108. Brenda

    I love Devious Maids and have been waiting a long time for it to start up again. I can’t wait till June. IT’S ABOUT TIME A GREAT SHOW IS FINALLY BACK.

  109. Lucy

    I’m so glad there will be a season 3, love it. My husband loves the show, keeps asking me when it’s gonna start. He loves the hot latina women.

  110. Laila2014

    Me and many of my friends are so HAPPY it is back!!!!!

  111. ifeoma iburu uche

    cant wait for season 3

  112. David

    Does season three come out tomorrow

  113. Tika brown

    Plz plz leave this show on, its a show that i can actually watch with my 10 yr old twins.. We love it, not too many shows about women that you can watch with your children.. We LOVE THIS SHOW!!! So plz keep it going, its funny, good plot and a bit sexy so wise up and keep it rolling!!!!

  114. Sheila

    Finally!!! Season 3 last night! Seems like it took forever….looking forward to Monday nights 🙂

  115. Melanie

    hoping for a season 4!!!

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