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Devious Maids season 4 premiere date

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When will Devious Maids season 4 come out? What about the premiere date in 2016? We are waiting for the new episodes’ start on Lifetime!

The television series Devious Maids started its run in Summer 2013. Its debut on Lifetime attracted the attention of 2.33 American viewers, and at the end of the season this number increased to 3.52 million. Such a success couldn’t go unnoticed and soon was followed by the renewal of the project for Season 2.

In 2014 Season 3 was financed and launched on the first summer day of 2015. The plot focuses on the story of four ambitious Latin maids, working in the homes of rich and famous people of Beverly Hills, whose friend has been murdered at one of the given houses. The show was criticized for the stereotyping of Latin Americans, banal concept and storylines; however, Ana Ortiz, Susan Lucci and Rebecca Wisocky were praised for their acting.

It should be noted that the number of viewers of the given show now comprises about 1.3 million people, but we should remember that the third season is broadcast not on Sundays, as it has been earlier, but on Mondays. At the moment Lifetime is discussing the future of Devious Maids television series, but there has been no announcement about its renewal for Season 4 yet. After considering all sides, the rights holders will announce about their decision.

Devious Maids season 4 premiere – [June 6, 2016 (9 pm)] (UPDATE 2)

We hope we will be informed about the release date of the fourth season, not about show cancelling. Let’s wait for the announcement!

UPDATE 1 (Sept.24, 2015): Good news! Lifetime’s Devious Maids has been renewed for a fourth season by Lifetime.

UPDATE 2 (March 31, 2016): Season 4 of Devious Maids will premiere Monday, June 6, 2016. What about Devious Maids season 5?

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  1. Maya R.

    Love this show! I hope it gets picked up again for next season!

  2. Eva Corby

    This show is always full of surprises. My husband and I love it! RENEW FOR ANOTHER SEASON

  3. Cathie

    I so love Devious Maids.They always make me to laugh. Evelyn is fabulous !! Can’t wait Season 4

  4. LaraFan

    Awesome show!! Season 4 Devious Maids please

  5. Mia

    Love this show, also love Desperate housewives. Can’t wait to see the new episodes

  6. Shani Pehrson

    Hope the show returns.

  7. Nydia

    Need to know what happens to Spence. Pls renew for Season 4.

  8. Becky

    Please renew the show. It is so entertaining. Great actors. Hope it returns.

  9. Susan

    Please renew. Love the show.!

  10. chrissiee

    what am I going to watch on Monday nights???? renew, renew, renew season 4

  11. Jennifer

    I hope they renew the show

  12. jodyk

    don’t cancel Devious Maids its one of the best shows on TV! Season 3 ended tonight and I already miss it.

  13. Cheryl W

    Please do not cancel this show, have watched this show from the beginning and it gets better each season. So, please let there be a Season 4!!

  14. SueAnn & Taylor die hard DM FANS!

    My daughter and I, along with several of my girlfriends LOVE LOVE LOVE the show! I catch myself saying, “he/she is my favorite…” But the truth of the matter is I love them all! Evelyn is a cold bitch with sick humor, but we all have Evelyn in us; Carmen cracks me up! All about herself and beauty without having to sweat! Marisol, I admire her drive and intellect; Zoila, she’s everyone’s best friend, smart, a survivor and a success; Rosie, she’s that sweet friend you can always count on. Needless to say, I envy their Rocking bods!

    I write all of this to express how much I enjoy the dynamics of the characters and the twists and turns of the story. Devious Maids is pure entertainment and after every season finale I wait and wait, for what seems like a YEAR, for the new season to premier. I hope to be able to see 10 seasons and watch Zoilas baby grow up! Thanks LMN FOR A GREAT PIECE OF WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT! PLEASE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, KEEP THEM COMING BACK EACH YEAR!

    SueAnn & Taylor. TEXAS

  15. Cejay

    Devious Maids is one of my favorite shows on all channels. Season 3 ended with a cliff hanger. You can’t end a show like that. Please please renew this for another season. It’s not fair to leave the ending without knowing what happens to Adrian!!!

  16. anezka

    i really want a new season, love this show!!!

  17. Corsila

    I love the show. I hope Mr. Powell is ok, and the Spence remember Rosie

  18. Chloe

    I absolutely loved Devious Maids! Please renew the show! My husband and I cannot live without Evelyn and Adrian. We are anxiously awaiting the start of the show. The characters are wonderful and we look forward to seeing them on a weekly basis.

  19. Desmond

    So in love with Devious maids show. Best TV show ever. Please let there be more of it. My family wants to more of Adrian and Evelyn Powell, the best maid ever Zoila, magnificent Carmen Luna, Sweet Rosie and elegant Marisol. Infact all cast. And please bring Javier back to Zoila.

  20. Mirtha

    Very good show I hope Rosie, Miguel & Spencer being together again.

  21. joan meazles

    Have got to see what happens.Love the show.

  22. Jackie

    I really, really love this show! PLEASE RENEW, LIFETIME!

  23. Gina Martin

    My husband and I love this show. Can’t wait to see it 2016.

  24. Helle

    Hey there. I wanna ask when I Can see sæson 3 on viaplay. Thanks.

  25. Kevin in DC

    We are living in a new millennium. Our diversity is the forefront. Devious Maids is a wonderful depiction of who we ALL are. The stage of Hispanic maids is just one of many forms of ethnicity being displayed in humor, drama and tragedy. Controversy or not the appeal is how we see ourselves… glass bubble or out in the open. Each character is magnificently portrayed first as real life humans with strengths and frailties and comedic humor for the audience to laugh and be reminded that a smile carries a long note of happiness in our hearts.

    As for the show… may it continue to express joy for us all, continue with convincing storytelling and offer delightful moments to share in its decision. Maybe a spinoff for The Powell’s.

    • Dana in Wyoming

      I Love The Powell’s, I agree!

  26. Lita

    Please ,please do not cancel Devious Maids. I love watching it. The casts are awesome.

  27. RC COLA

    Please renew this show for 2016. We as viewers loved watching it. So many twists and turns. Never a dull momemt

  28. Sonia

    Cant wait for Season 4! Please renew and bring back!!!!!

  29. Angie Buchanan


  30. DAL

    Bring them back PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!

  31. C Blakely

    see it has been renewed!Yeah! what is the premier date?

  32. Dana in Wyoming

    I love Devious Maids! My redneck boyfriend, who watches only hunting and fishing shows, is always sure to tune in with me. We love the cast and live the laughs. I hope this show and hope it runs for years!

  33. SAMUEL


  34. Laura Sanders

    Why only 10 episodes. This is one of the better shows on tv

  35. PowefulLlama

    Please Renew! Its The Best Show Ever. And When Is The Update For The UK?

  36. Barbara Lewandowski

    My husband and myself love love love this show. Great acting, hilarious at times and powerful drama. This type of drama is becoming more and more popular. Please renew it for our enjoyment and suspense. Never cared to watch a series but this one has us addicted. Thank you.

  37. christina

    i love this night soap! i’m a very happy fan that they will be back on soon ……i love all of them there all such good actors.

  38. Mary B

    I missed part of DM last Monday. I have Hulu, so I thought I would catch it next day. Well to my surprise it wasn’t on. I have 1 question. Why??!

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