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Devious Maids season 5 ?

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Devious Maids season 5 release date

Will there be Devious Maids season 5? Are you waiting for the release date on Lifetime in 2017? We want to know the exact start date!

Are the Lifetime channel’s representatives planning to renew the TV series Devious Maids for the fifth season?

It is no secret that there is one of the most popular projects, which has a stable audience and high ratings. However, in 2016 the number of fans has decreased significantly, which could result in the closure of the show.

Remind that the final of the third season has been watched by about 1.5 million Americans, and now the number of viewers is less than 800 thousand people. Wouldn’t we watch the fifth season of this film work of Marc Cherry?

The official verdict on the financing of new episodes has not yet been announced (UPDATE 1), so we have to wait for the decision from the Lifetime, but not be upset beforehand.

Devious Maids season 5 release date – [cancelled]

We will update this article as soon as we have the news from Lifetime!

UPDATE 1 (September 1, 2016): Bad news… Lifetime has chosen not to renew Devious Maids for a fifth season.

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  1. Carroll T.

    Absolutely the best show on TV! Sooo happy the Powells are back together. Enjoyed the season finale but the overall season was way too short!

  2. Glen Thompson

    I LOVE this show. Great finale of season 4. Can’t wait until next season! Lifetime pleaseeeee

  3. Sonya Luna

    What a show, can’t hardly wait until the next season!!!

  4. Kristi Bowers

    Awesome show, miss it already, can’t wait for new season.

  5. Valencia

    What is taking season 5 soooo long. I feel like I’m falling apart, I wanna know what happens next. I miss the Powells. LIFETIME you guys have me watching seasons 1,2,3 & 4 over and over again, that’s how much I personally love miss the show.

  6. c. prib

    Best show ever……need to see a Season 5!!!!

  7. Linda

    This is among my best drama. its wonderful because it make me wan see season 5

  8. Dianna Vosburgh

    This is a great show. Please do not cancel. Even my husband loves this show. We look forward to seeing each week what the girls will doing. We really hope that Adrian gets back with his they make a nice couple and they belong together

  9. Janet Whallon

    I really hope there is a season 5. This show is different and I enjoy it.

  10. umi ampaire

    U have to release season 5…i really can’t wait any longer…its killing me!!!!Pliz……

  11. Jeannine Tedesco

    LOVED the show ! We need it in 2017 !

  12. LSC

    Please don’t cancel Devious Maids. I enjoy watching it.

  13. Lynda O' dell

    Pleases bring it back on air for 2017, cannot believe you would consider even thinking about cancelling it, it’s funny, serious, who dunnit, mystery, pleeeeeeaaaaase reconsider, watched every episode, re think about it again…..

  14. Aida

    I am not watching LifeTime ever again!! every time they get me hooked on a show, they opt to cancel it leaving us with cliffhangers! e.g. the Black Book, Drop Dead Diva (after fans complained they rushed a last season) and now this.. I have lost all faith in Lifetime after it was my favorite channel.

  15. Mary

    Of course. Love the show. And great cast.

  16. Karen Narvais

    I wait all winter for this show to return I really hope it’s not canceled!!!

  17. Becky

    I just discovered this show. I am so disappointed it has been cancelled. What a great work. Each season just hooked me more. Please bring this back.

  18. Rosemary

    Lifetime you need to bring season five of Devious Maids to T.V. ive been waiting to see what happened to Marisol during her wedding to Peter. What happened that day, I want to know

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