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«Downton Abbey» season 4: release date

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When does «Downton Abbey» season 4 premiere? Renewed or Cancelled? What is known about release date?

British series called «Downton Abbey» is very popular both on its motherland and abroad. Julian Fellowes’ extraordinary plot is being implemented into the series by Carnival Films Company. Income from the new episode airing is constantly increasing as well as the number of show fans.

In November, 2012 Season 3 officially ended. On December 25 a special Christmas episode was broadcast and the show was renewed. In the USA Season 3 debuted in January, 2013 and at the moment the TV viewers are looking forward to the new episodes of «Downton Abbey» Season 4 being aired.

The release date for the premier episode is scheduled for autumn 2013 January 5, 2014 (update). Also it should be noted that the contracts of all the main actors won’t expire soon (only in 2015), which guarantees the shooting of Season 5 in addition to Season 4.

What do you want out of season 4? Leave your reply!

UPDATE 1 (14.05.13): Premiere date – January 5, 2014 (Sunday).

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  1. Tessie

    Can’t wait for the new season….episode 3

  2. s. preddo

    I’m disappointed that Matthew was killed in the car wreck. but… I want to watch any more!

  3. Sam G.

    Time for Mary to find a spunky husband just like she is…

  4. Winner

    the thrill was gone in the middle of season 2…

  5. Deew

    The show must go on!!! cant wait season 4

  6. Nash

    Dan Stevens wanted to leave Downton Abbey =( The show won’t be the same without him!!

  7. Peggy Reed

    I hated that Matthew was killed……..I was so hoping Mary would finally be happy….Cant wait for season 4

  8. Septa

    omg !!!! January 5 2014?????

  9. may

    I really want Mary and Sybils husband to get together ! Would be a twist for the widow and widower single parents to get together

  10. Kayla

    Maybe this leaves Tom Branson and Mary to find closure towards each other?

  11. Simone

    Holding back dvd series releases is just mean. They should come out just as soon as the series finishes on TV.

  12. Shannon

    I am very dissapointed about Matthews death I was almost crying when I watched it season 4 has not come out yet and it is already the 13 July 2014 quite upset about that but otherwise cant wait until I can watch it

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