Nov 17

Downton Abbey season 6: premiere (start) date

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Downton Abbey drama will return on PBS for a sixth season. When does the new episodes start in 2015 (2016)? We know the premiere air date in US and UK!

TV-channels: ITV (UK), PBS (US)
Genre: Period drama
Created by: Julian Fellowes

Season 5 Episode 1: 10.71 million viewers

Season 5 Episode 6: 10.21 million viewers

British television series «Downton Abbey» has again proved it deserves to be on air of ITV in 2015. The rights holders have confirmed the high ratings of the given show and its huge popularity in UK and US requires the creators to work on the new episodes.

Not waiting for the start of the fifth season in the USA, which is scheduled for January 2015 the television series «Downton Abbey» was announced to be renewed for season 6.

The fresh episodes will be launched on September 2015 in UK and in US the premiere is scheduled for the beginning of 2016 (UPDATE 1).

Let’s wait and support the show!

UPDATE 1 (August 1, 2015): The sixth and final season of the series will premiere January 3, 2016 on PBS.

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  1. Erma

    I love this show. Can’t wait for season 5 (and 6)

  2. Meloni F.

    That´s good to know. This is fantastic news!

  3. Linda

    I hope Charles Blake is in season 6!

  4. Sonia

    This show is DYNOMITE……………………..

    Thanks to the creators, actors and fans.

  5. hugefan

    I absolutely love this show! they cannot throw out the season fast enough for me 😉 it will be a loooong wait for us here in the US 🙁 Hope there will be many more seasons to follow!!!

    • Sharon

      Will be sad to see it end with Season 6, hopefully, they will find a new direction to take it without actually ending it. Two of the main characters will be gone,

  6. Lori

    I find it curious that I just watched the Christmas episode of Downton Abbey (…I bought the season), and it’s not even February. Too bad PBS didn’t air this in time for the holidays in the U.S. Great show…waiting for Season 6! I just wish Julian Fellows would leave Bates and Anna alone now. How many times can two people be suspected of murder? Getting unbelievable.

  7. Bruce

    Time for Thomas to find love!

    • Hiskid

      Never I hope, the character needs to be eliminated from the show.

  8. Adrienne

    I love this show so much, but it is hard to wait so long for a new season to begin. Why can’t we see it in the Fall, when the U.K. gets to see it. Did Isis have to die in order for Lord Grantham to get a new dog with a name that is not offensive to some people? Julian Fellows gave the name Isis, which is a Greek goddess, long before that name became something we now know is a horrible reality. Please keep this show running for many more years!

  9. Betsy

    This show is amazing! I love everything about it. I have finished watching Season 5 and I just hate to think there are 11 more months before I can see Season 6.

  10. Sharon

    I really love this series and can’t wait til season 6 is available.

  11. Louise

    I love this show. wish the season was longer!! Can’t wait for season 6!!!

  12. Leah

    I am an absolute addict of Downton Abbey!! I am thrilled that there will be a Season 6. Thank you!!!

  13. Jean

    I don’t know why we here in the US have to wait a whole year for season 6 when its already been shown in the UK. Why can’t they show it in a few months time?

  14. Julia

    I love everything about this show. It is wonderful to watch true gentlemen and ladies n elegant setting as well as Dailey setting with such wonderful manners and poise. I love the family unity as well as the staff commitment to one another. I can hardly wait for season six to begin.

  15. sandy

    I love this series and have watched it hundreds of times and I wish the seasons would come sooner. Can’t wait to buy season 6. Do not remove the Dowager from the show just yet you’ve killed off too many good ones already. I was upset when Isis died but considering her age it was her time.

  16. judy

    Love the series. Please keep writing don’t stop. Hope Tom comes back soon. It seems both strong male characters are leaving or left. Also, please leave the Dowager in the show. She brings such a challenge to all the other characters. love the downstair characters also. I can’t wait for season 6..LEAVE THE CHARACTERS ALONE!!!!

  17. Carol kitchens

    This is the most true to life series I have ever watched, can’t wait till new season , I’m 66 years old and this is just ️AWSOME , love all the scenery all the clothing, the actors are the best, wonder if this will sver be a movie one day, sure Hope so .love PBS and DOWNTON ABBEY. Thanks again for the joy youve givin me on Sundays.

  18. Wendy

    OMG! I just watched all 5 seasons of Downton Abbey over a three week period. This series is the best show on TV. I can’t wait to see season 6. There are so many twist and turns, you don’t know what’s coming next. I think my favorite part is the staff, they have so much fun, so much drama and love seems to appear out of no where. Please don’t end this series. Keep it going.

  19. KarloS

    Downton Abbey is one of my favourite shows and I’ll be sad to see it go…

  20. Brenda

    OK. You win. I am totally hooked. I am not much a TV watcher but I kept hearing about Downton Abbey. One night de died,to check it out. My BIG mistake. In the next 2 days I watched ALL 5 Seasons. No shopping, no sleeping and no cleaning house. Loved every minute but when Sybil I died I nearly fell apart. I actually cried. Laughed, listened, got made at Mary, one felt sorry for Cora, rooted for Maggie Smith, loved the romance of the Bates. Now I know theseeople and want to be there for all the things that go on. Please don’t stop. HOOKED! Now I am actually going to set aside time to watch TV. Thank you

  21. busybee527

    My husband (of all people!) is absolutely hooked on this show. Everything stops while this is on.

  22. Carol

    OMGosh! I’m going to miss them in Season 7 – So so so Sad!

  23. Martin Boutot

    Why didn’t the Downton Abby premiere of season six appear on PBS as advertised for the last few months here? I live in the Bellingham, Washington area. They have been advertising the season six premiere for several months. It simply was not on tonight at any time on our local PBS stations. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

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