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Eureka season 6 ?

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eureka season 6 release

Will there be Eureka season 6? We are waiting for the release date on SyFy. When will the new episodes come out? Let’s find the answer!

Why the release date was not announced as initially the creators planned the sixth season of the series Eureka? Now many fans continue to look for new episodes of this stunning science fiction show, but probably the right holders do not intend to change their decision.

In August 2011, we were promised a 6th season of 6 episodes, which were supposed to be the final of the TV-project, but after some discussions Mark Stern told the viewers of the SyFy channel that the show was canceled and there wouldn’t be a renewal.

It was a difficult decision not only for the channel, but also for the creators. Executive producer Jaime Paglia in his interview confirmed the desire to withdraw the sequel and there were rumors that he did not like the idea with the final short season.

At that time, the SyFy channel canceled several interesting projects, such as “Caprica” and “Stargate Universe“, so the fans could not forgive this. Numerous negative responses to the channel only made the situation worse, so the release date of the 6th season probably never would be announced.

Announcements about the project Eureka (if it appears) we will publish in this article.

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  1. Emma F.

    Will it be coming back? Eureka and Warehouse 13 were the best two shows they’ve pretty much ever made.

  2. Ryan7

    Millions miss it, so why don’t they bring it back? I want back my EUReKA !!! Best show on TV in my opinion!

  3. Andrey St1LL

    Bring back Eureka! Also bring back Alphas!

  4. Jake33

    I loved Eureka and all of the actors in it, even though the last season was a little weird. Bring it back!

  5. ==Nina==

    Why are the good shows always canceled? I want to make another season of Eureka because I really like that show! SyFy please reconsider!

  6. Sarah

    Eureka was one of the only shows to capture and keep my attention. The actors were beautiful people, each one unique and individually talented. Of almost every serial programming ever made, Eureka has been the most intriguing, captivating, and superior in innovative writing. Such a disreputable decision to stop giving millions of devotees’ appreciation!

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