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Extant season 3 ?

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Will there be Extant season 3? When will the new episodes start in 2016? We want to know the premiere date on CBS!

The science-fiction drama television series Extant appeared in the show list of CBS in summer 2014. Its premiere attracted almost 9.6 million Americans and also caused the discussions of many critics. The reviews on the project are mainly positive and the experts approve the unique approach to the subject as well as a brilliant acting of Halle Berry.

At the moment the show rating (average 0.8) allows the creators order Season 3, in spite of the fact that the number of viewers in the USA has fallen above 5 million people. The experts believe the new season won’t disappoint the rights holders and they will get an excellent profit from its release, but at the moment CBS isn’t ready to announce its decision.

If to compare the television series Extant with such a summer project as Under the Dome, the first one has more chances to be financed for the new episodes, as many critics and even ordinary viewers believe that it has been bad season for “living under the dome” and the show should be cancelled.

Extant season 3 start – [cancelled] (UPDATE 2)

What decision will CBS take? Is it ready to renew both shows? We hope the official rights holders’ decision will be announced soon. In case of positive verdict we will publish the premiere date of the new season of Extant television series in this publication.

UPDATE 1 (August 31, 2015): CBS announced that Under the Dome will not be back for Season 4. Extant’s renewal chances have now significantly improved.

UPDATE 2 (October 9, 2015): Bad news… CBS has canceled summer drama series “Extant”.

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  1. lolly

    Love extant <3 its much better this year than last. make a new season please

  2. Cory Blakeman

    Under the Dome has not been renewed for a fourth season. Extant is probably getting cancelled too.

  3. Deadra P.

    Love Halle Berry! Extant is the best Sci-fi tv show that I’ve seen in a while. Please don’t cancel it.

  4. GRO

    Extant is unwatchable!!! Nobody I know watches it. At least Dome somewhat tries to entertain.

    • Spider Jones

      I watch it. Very good series.

  5. StellA

    Love this show. Season two is significantly better! Hope it continues!

  6. Daniela

    To many good shows get cancel and replace with boring reality shows. please do not cancel this show. Extant is great science fiction series!

  7. maureen

    Love Extant!!! I am a sci-fi buff. Extant is great. There must be a season 3!!!!!

  8. guest

    Best tv series i have EVER SEEN ! I got bored with Under the Dome ! i will be so sad if Extant is cancelled. … PLEASE RENEW… !! PLEASE RENEW EXTANT !!

  9. Chelle

    I too, love Extant! The show is fantastic & all the characters are wonderful. I hope it gets renewed, it deserves to be renewed. Like everyone else, I’m tired of all the good/great shows getting cancelled, only to be replaced with something boring, leaving me & everyone else I know to find something else to watch, that doesn’t compare on another network. Please renew Extant! You have a winner!

  10. Marie

    Love extant and the finale leaves the door open for season 3
    Can’t wait!

  11. Tes

    Extant has some Fringe gstuff goin’ on. Going from mystery to hyper-adventure..and that’s way good enough to give it another chance. Pleeze!
    Wake up TV suits and renew Extant for season 3. Pretty Pleeze!

  12. Christian Stills

    Ill watch the next 3 seasons if they make them… Listen to the viewers they want it, I want it. Don’t make the mistake of canceling until resolution please.

  13. dianesig

    Oh my God if they cancel this show I swear I’m giving up on tv. They keep these stupid reality and sitcoms going year after year. Quit cancelling the shows that actually have unique plots and great acting and for the love of pete figure out a way to check the ratings on internet viewers where almost everyone I know watches there shows. Catch up!!!! Frustrated beyond words….

  14. a.r. lyons

    CBS made a bad choice by not renewing Extant. No reason to watch CBS now.

  15. JD

    You suits need to look at other TV companies and keep the shows going long enough for folks to get to know the show ????? That is how shows are hits by letting them run for years and years like – CSI or M*A*S*H* !!!!!! I know if you cut Under the Dome – Extant or The 100 you will be making a HUGE mistake !!!!!!!!! Look at the OLD AND RESTED or SKINNY AND UGLY soap tv shows should have been cut a long time ago but they are still on ???????? Look at THE WALKING DEAD AN ZNATION both GREAT SHOWS because they let them run and folks now watch every show ,so get with what folks want to watch not what might make y”all an extra penny a year ????????

  16. DianeW

    We do not have a local television provider. I have watched both season of Extant on Amazon. My husband does not watch much television but most definitely enjoyed Extant. He said it was the best science fiction show that he has watched in a long time. I truly enjoyed it and loved the ending. I got on line to see when season 3 was going to start and to find out that it was cancelled. TV execs CHANGE YOUR MINDS. You left a great closing for the next season.

  17. Justin

    I just finished season 2 and I have to say I am highly empress. I watch the first episode when it aired but was in able to continue watching it.within less than 2 weeks I have watched both seasons and I was amazed in every aspect of the show. I do not recall a show that I am not disappointed in including tv series I have watched for years. Please bring back extant season three there is so much u could to this show.

  18. d

    bring back extant and cancel those dumb ass reality and crime scene shows! there is nothing reality about reality shows, and too much death in those boring crime scene shows. at least extant is a good sifi flick.

  19. S.

    Many can’t afford to pay for cable channels anymore. So,we wait until the season is over and watch the series on Amazon. Millions more watch this show long after you are done taking statistics on number of viewers. This was an excellent series, as was Under the Dome. However, there is only so much you can do with these series. I would love to see it come back. Remember, number of viewers while it’s new is not th full count!

  20. Bea

    BRING BACK EXTANT. I watched Under the Dome and Extant. Extant improved so much second season. It deserves a 3rd. Under the Dome just kept going down hill. Glad its done

  21. rou

    PLEASE BRING BACK EXTANT! Trekies young and old relate as well as my preteen son.

  22. ANGRY Beachbum

    There doesn’t seem to be a place for us sci-fi, futuristic watchers. I loved Extant (CBS canceled). There is not even a sci-fi or futuristic category in any of the awards; ie, academy awards, golden globe. They had to put Martian under best comedy… give me a break. How many people can say The Matrix or LOTR or even The Hunger Games were not some of the best movies this past decade? I have despised CBS for years now… pretty much boycotted them after canceling soaps I grew up watching right when I had been laid off work and was despressed. Now 100% I don’t care what is on, my television will never ever never go to CBS. How in the world did CBS expect Extant to have high ratings when it went up against Mr. Robot. For us sci-fi, futuristic fans, this was a miserable choice. CBS, “YOU ARE FIRED”! And btw, don’t even think about taking Person of Interest off the air. I heard season 6 was their last one… CBS my GOD, you are idiots. I watch Person of Interest on my friends DVD-R due to boycotting you. Everything good on tv, you remove. What the …. is your problem?

  23. emichelle

    I’ve already banned NBC. I refuse to watch anything they offer because they cancel everything decent. I’m seriously pissed about this show being cancelled. What is it with these morons. All they do is create great shows just to cancel them and leave all the mindless stupid shit to renewed over and over. This is why ABC is number one and always will be. Goodbye CBS and good riddens!!

  24. Natasha Williams

    I hope this show does not get cancelled, I love it.

  25. Doris Lundberg

    Is Extant coming back or not?

    • TraL5

      On October 9, 2015, CBS canceled Extant after two seasons.

  26. pam

    make a new season great show we seem to loose alot of great shows stop please.

  27. Lisa

    Please don’t cancel this show too! It’s bad enough “Under the Dome” got the ax!

  28. stephanie

    yes please don’t cancel the show i love this you cant leave us hanging like this the computer is out dead ‘ i get too see what happen next. the computer has taken human form .

  29. CORINA

    extant…is almost complete genius well written… the feeling i get watching the show…..talent (such)talent should never be wasted.and when you have a show this should most deffiantly finish what you started…. so very much look forward to watching more of a genius master-piece… would be stupid -not-to bring this show back….how can such a master- piece….be pulled is beyong me……sincerly loved extant..please bring it back in all fairness…..please and thank you

  30. Darlene

    You guys cancel all the good shows…you put all the good ones on at the same time or air them the same time as already established good shows or like football. Then we get scrappy reality shows that I can’t stand. There is not one reality tv show that I can stand watching for a full season, or even half a season. What happened to quality programming. We certainly pay enough to watch tv, so let’s figure out how to keep descent programs on tv!!!

  31. Carol

    I too loved Extant. I was really looking forward to watching season 3. They have always cancelled good shows starting with Alien Nation in 1990. They never listen to the viewers. I should know better than getting attached to a lot of the shows, because when I do they just take them off the air. The only thing I enjoy watching on CBS is Criminal Minds. Money talks–if the shows don’t get enough viewers or make enough money, they go bye bye.

  32. Mahbubur Rahman

    ‘Extant’ is the Science F. series that I had never seen before. it’s awesome.
    please continue it…..

  33. Julie

    And yet another great tv programme comes to an end. It annoys me that a lot of rubbish tv programmes shown late at night get to keep the runnings ie, Family Guy, American Dad due to more popular viewing. Could it not be that most people don’t have time to watch prime time tv and so the ratings for these lesser shows are more significant because there is nothing worthy to watch later at night. I find, as I’m sure many others do, late at night people watch whatever because there is nothing worthy to watch, and the best shows are generally watched on catch up.

  34. Brandi

    No extant?? So disappointed

  35. Ada

    is a bad. I like this series

  36. Millicent Bolden

    Alas, my complaint since before time. This is a superior program. Maybe Amazon or OWN or USA might be interested in sponsoring it. I have noticed that a principle character in Extant, who has been ‘buried alive”, is in Mr Robot. So what? Being in Mr Robot is no excuse for not completing this compelling series.

  37. Stephanie M

    I love the series Extant….I got hooked after the first season and then the second. After that I been waiting on a third one but it has yet to air…please please please return with a new season..Just don’t leave us hanging

  38. Myles

    Please Make SEASON 3!!! Love this show so much! Love the actors, too!! Negan is angel here!

  39. Christian K

    Just binge watched season 1 & 2 of Extant on Amazon Prime. It is so well written and al of the actors gave such stellar performances. I would love to see a season three but I think there was nowhere to go but downhill after season 2. It’s an expensive show to produce and I can’t imagine how they writers could have kept up the momentum. I would rather see it go out with a bang like it did with the end of season 2 than slowly roll to a stop. This will no doubt become a cult classic.

  40. Berry

    I love the movie extant and i wish there could be a season 3 because this movie is very interesting

  41. Robin

    Really like seasons 1 and 2 , please consider making season 3

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