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Under the Dome season 4 ?

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When will Under the Dome season 4 come out? We want to know the premiere date on CBS. How long will fans have to wait the start in 2016?

Many critics believe the third season of the television series Under the Dome has not lived up to the expectations of the rights holders and has become a disappointment for the devoted fans. Of course, we are not talking about all the fans, as about 4 million television viewers (in the USA) keep watching the given series and believe in the ordering of Season 4.

The decrease of viewers’ interest could be explained by the development of the storyline, which has been criticized by the auditory. Traveling to the parallel reality, human mind manipulations and attempt to make the project more mystical weren’t approved, and even fans themselves expressed their dissatisfaction on many movie forums.

All this calls into question the premiere date of the fourth season of the television series Under the Dome; however, some chances for its return in summer 2016 still remain. CBS Entertainment chair Nina Tassler in her interview confirmed the television channel wasn’t satisfied with such rating decrease, but, it didn’t mean the show would be cancelled.

More information concerning the future of the show is promised to be announced soon, as at the moment there is no the final decision on the given issue. If the new season is ordered, the screenwriters will have to make their best to win back the attention of the audience. Otherwise, the project is doomed to failure.

Under the Dome season 4 start – [The series ended after three seasons] (UPDATE 1)

Let’s wait for the announcement of CBS. Don’t miss!

UPDATE 1 (August 31, 2015): CBS announced that Under the Dome will not be back for Season 4. The series finale will air on September 10.

UPDATE 2 (September 11, 2015): Executive producer Neal Baer had no desire to shop the CBS series to another platform. “I’m very happy with this ending. I feel very satisfied”.

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  1. DLM

    The rating for S3 has hit a series low and the show is in danger of being cancelled. If there is a 4th season they need to go back to the way it was in the first two seasons.

  2. Staci Kurz

    Please tell me there’s going to be season 4. I cannot live without it!!!

  3. Mario

    Follow the Stephen King story and do it as a mini-series. Your show s*cks!!!

  4. Erick

    Is this about the Dome or about Aliens? I heard they are moving out of their filming location for season 4 so that would definitely mean the dome is coming down…

  5. Kaycee

    Dome and Extant – my favorite shows! Both on the top of TV schedule!!! Please, make Season 4 for Under the Dome.

  6. Lilliana C.

    Hoping for a season 4!

  7. -Loyd-

    I really don’t know what to make of Under the Dome now. Sorry, but I can’t see another season. End it logically or not, but just end it!

  8. Lilly22

    I really was bored with the season 3 debut. Shame it had so much potential.

  9. Macy Mischke

    Its so far from the first series and original book, i really dont get whats going on )))

  10. Ted

    I stopped watching last season

    • Curtis P.

      If you aren’t watching, why are you here? )

  11. Paola Migues

    Its nothing like the book was, but still kind of entertaining. Don’t stop please

  12. Tischler Dávid Róbert

    Pls…Under the Doom is cool… know,we know. 🙂 Please, make Season 4 for Under the Dome. Because I and You choose to.

  13. Diane

    You can’t possibly leave the loyal viewers with such a cliffhanger of an ending of S3 , and not bring it back for another season!! In my opinion, S3 ended such that there HAS to be a continuation!! DON’T STOP NOW??!! We want to know what happens with Ada and all the kinship that the government still has under wraps. Norrie said she’d be back to get Joe out of there!! You can’t just end it like that!!! Give us Season 4, even if we know it will be the final Season!

  14. Darwin

    Please make another season. Under the dome is one of the best shows I have ever watched. Let the show go on

  15. Wanda

    That is a ridiculous way to leave a show. CBS you need to have at least one more season even if only to end it the right way…to many questions left unanswered and your loyal program watchers need for it to end like it should end.

  16. debbie

    My husband and i started watching the seasons on amazon, we could not stop watching it. We started watching under the dome it took us a week to watch all three seasons, we love the show. Please bring season 4 back so that we could see whats going to happen to the team. Love love the show ,absolute fans

  17. Lisa

    I am so sick & tired of hearing about ratings. Have the people at CBS ever heard of a DVR? PEOPLE TAPE THE SHOW & THEN WATCH IT!!!! stop going by “ratings” you cannot possibly get an accurate number of viewers that way.


  18. Lisa

    I feel like it didn’t really end well the way they left it last season. And, yes, THAT is was very disappointing.


    I watched every show of Under The Dome. Everyone I know loves the show. I and all my friends are wondering when it will be back? I will be very upset if you do not return for season 4. I don’t feel like there has been an ending yet. Please bring it back for one more season.

  20. Denise

    I loved the show, please tell me that they are bringing it back for a 4th season!!!!! Please bring the show back for season 4!!!!!!!!

  21. Terry COURVILLE

    Was so looking forward for the season. Really sucks if they don’t bring it back. S1 and s2 were great s3 was good.

  22. Joanne Lindell

    Wow I HATE That cbs is taking it off! STEPHEN KING IS THE BEST!!!!

  23. Karen

    Cbs please don’t leave it like that! You can do season 4 and do it justice. Come on its STEPHEN KING.

  24. Karyn

    oh come on why do the networks insist of leaving us hanging. do a wrap up season 4. I just thought it was getting good! lets see where the writers take things now who to say they cannot all somehow get trapped again with even more strangeness!!!!!

  25. barbara myint

    Please bring back under the dome it’s so awesome and on the edge of your seat watching one if my favorite series

  26. Ana

    I just wanna say this show rocks!!! Bring back season 4..!

  27. Cathy D

    no season 4 ? Another good series put an end to without properly wraping up important character lines and story sub-plots. Just another reason for me to stop watching these type of half baked ,poorly adapted renderings of a well conceived book written by Steven King.oh, by the way, Steven could not have been very happy what your writers did to mess up what he must have worked hard creating. Maybe reading books is a good idea instead of relying on small minded T.V. episode slashers to fairly present in depth concepts of another great mind such as Steven Kings. Once again as before, profit as a rule shall lead the way over the edge down to entertainment hell.

  28. shawn batuik

    I liked the show, I can’t what to see the end of under the dome. like extent, these two shows where the best two see in the summer. I could not wait tell summer to come, two see these tow shows. I am going to be said if under the dome and extent are not on this summer.

  29. Bryan Gentile

    I’m waiting for season 4 i thought all episode were great please come back

  30. kathy burdick

    Is their going to be under the dome 4? Please let us fans know when it will be back on?

  31. Darla Benvenuto

    Please bring it back…..LOVE this show!!!

  32. Teresa

    Please I need to see the ending to it. We have loved it we are in the UK and a lot of ppl we know are waiting for the final series 🙁

  33. Samson ngabo

    Je besoin de la 4eme Patie under the dome

  34. Glenna Entsminger

    O woe is me I’ve been awaiting the next episode, please don’t take such an amazing series away , sincerely , Glenna

  35. Sherry Jennings

    It would be a shame NOT to have a season 4. Yes, season three DID move in a different direction from seasons 1 & 2 (and there were many unanswered questions when that happened….sort of like “LOST!” ), but after I got used to the “alien thing”, I was just as spellbound with the last episodes as I was with the beginning. I believe, with the right writers in place, season 4 could bring us as much excitement and entertainment as season 1. Come on, Neal Baer! You have an obligation to your devoted Dome fans!!!

  36. Surjeet Thakur

    I don’t know why you stop making session 4,
    But really in india under the dome is most amazing series, i am and my family and my all friends waiting for session 4,
    Please make session 4, please

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