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The Last Ship season 2: start air date

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When does season 2 of The Last Ship post-apocalyptic drama come out? The show has renewed by rightholders! We are waiting for the exact air date in 2015!

TV-channel: TNT
Pilot episode: June 22, 2014
Creators: Hank Steinberg, Steve Kane

Season 1 Episode 1: 5.33 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 6: 4.36 million U.S. viewers

The TNT management unveiled the list of shows, which would be renewed for the next seasons.

The newcomer «The Last Ship», which has started with more than 5 million viewers, will have 13 episodes, but the exact date of the premiere will be announced later (UPDATE 1).

The experts believe the epic scale and visceral storytelling have become the main factors for the success of the project; however, Michael Wright stressed on the crucial role of the gifted cast.

The Last Ship season 2 – [June 21, 2015]

Will you wait for the start air in 2015?

UPDATE 1 (April 2, 2015): Season 2 start – June 21, 2015.

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  1. Sheila James

    Really enjoying The Last Ship and happy for the renewal.

  2. Kate J.

    My husband and I love The Last Ship. Good newcomer.


    Hope the powers that be don’t leave us up in the air. But I also don’t want them to stretch it out with bad plots. Why can’t they run this as a mini series where the writers know up front how many episodes they have to tell the story and bring it to a close. I’m hooked on the Last Ship and will be devastated if they get dropped in the middle of the story.

  4. Guido Demanins

    Awesome series. Happy there is a season 2. Good story line.

  5. Jim Bush

    Absolutely the best summer series this year. We want more!!

  6. robert kimber

    I love the last ship it kept me on the edge of my seat and the Capt of the USS Nathan James was GREAT

  7. Marty cap

    Best show on TV.

  8. Claudia

    Enjoyable series – glad it’s been renewed….

  9. Nic

    Great show !!! Can’t wait until season 2

  10. Li Ying

    Fantastic series very thrilling and so good to see Mr. Dane as Captain. The cast is great and anxiously awaiting the return soon. Good luck cast we love it!!!!

  11. Sree

    So eager to watch the next series……

    Captain is superb…….

  12. Russ

    I am looking forward to Season 2, thought the First Season was very well done.

  13. Angel

    It’s really a great story, hope to see more, good call for TNT to bring season 2.

  14. may nnadi

    Love the last ship. can’t wait for season 2.

  15. james

    so season one was supposed to have 13 episodes hopefully these guys just went on break cause episode 10 is a horrible place to leave people lol that cliffhanger -_- it’s a great t.v. series one of the best i have seen in a long while

  16. kyle

    Great show cant wait for season 2

  17. Martijn

    The last few weeks season one has been broadcast in the Netherlands. I can’t wait till season two is ready. The capt. was Great!

  18. meecy

    The series is great and the captain was amazing

  19. Janet

    Great show, interesting characters and I am anxious for the start of second season

  20. Veronica

    My husband and I were happy to find a show be could watch together. EXCELLENT….Anxiously awaiting Season 2…….

  21. Tom

    Good clean family show so far…My entire family loves it!!!!!!!!

  22. ramar

    Best show on tv I’m so egger to watch season two.

  23. Bob

    As a ex navy man, love the show, can not wait for season two. Hurry up TNT.

  24. Joan

    I love this show, the plot is one of the most realistic of any of the postapopolictic shows. I am glad it has been renewed.

  25. Arctic Dick

    So bring it on already. It’s like I have been waiting for ever
    Come on summer and the next Damn season.
    I love this show. I may nuke SoCal if it doesn’t air.

  26. Tony Staten

    Love The Show Can”t Wait for The New Shows

  27. Deb

    Really looking forward to the new season.

  28. Linda Winn

    Really enjoyed the lst season of Last Ship – looking forward to season 2 – but HURRY UP!!!!

  29. Barb

    Glad LAST SHIP is returning. Love this show.

  30. Jason Keister

    Love this show come on season 2…

  31. Naomi Siima

    I loved it…just here waiting for the second season…just like everybody else

  32. gotcha

    Seems like forever since season one ended, putting a reminder on my phone so I don’t miss the start of season two.

  33. Teeber

    Love the show hopefully they don’t do what producers of Terra Nova pulled after the first season!

  34. Betty Hobson

    Can’t hardly wait. Definitely best show on TV.

  35. cant stop

    I LOVEEEEE this show I watched this whole series back to back on hulu!!!!!!

  36. Mark

    I enjoyed “The Last Ship”. It had a good story line and at the end of it left me disappointed. I wanted to see them succeed in coming up with answers for our Nation. Kinda hits Home. Glad to see season 2. I hope I get to see them succeed.

  37. Saphire

    I love this show, I am hooked

  38. Cin

    Great show. I was hooked after the 1st episode. Was happy when it was renewed.

  39. DL Clark

    I watched the first episode of The Last Shipped and was hooked line and sinker! I am glad there will be a season 2! It is riveting and I enjoy the fast pace.

  40. RReid

    @TNT Just watched The Last Ship– Season 1 on DVD. An absolutely-wonderful-riveting show. Presenting a realistic-type apocalyptic scenario, What if … ? Love the cast. GR8 ensemble of actors.
    Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra, Adam Baldwin and everyone– you are all owning your roles!

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