Apr 11

Haganai season 3?

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When does Haganai season 3 coming out? Will the new episodes of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai anime series release in next year? We are waiting the start date!

All the fans of the anime television series «Haganai» know that the live-action film adaptation of Times-In Studio has been released on February 1, 2014. The producers don’t hide the film has met their expectations and has managed to bring a good profit.

The second season of the anime was also successful and appreciated both by fans and critics. The ending of the show caused heated discussions on the Internet, as the viewers have different opinions concerning its finish.

Despite this, experts and fans are sure Season 3 should be produced, and its release date is being looked forward to not only in Japan, but also all over the world. According to experts, the third season won’t be released before 2016, as two previous seasons cover 8 Light Novels, and it will take around 2 years to write four new episodes.

Follow the announcements and share the information in comments.

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  1. Amanda

    I’ve read somewhere that season 3 will be released 2015. hope so…

    • Raven

      Not that I know of….

    • Kevin


      • segoiw

        its 2018… nothing new

        • MissionApollo7

          2019… Well, January 1st, 2019, but still lol

          • knol

            2020 nothing new for as far i know

  2. PumpiDU

    I hope a new season comes out… if not, that was one of the worst ending ever.


      season 3 please, let yozora kick sena’s ball, without s3 it’s the worst season ever. please let yozora win.

      • AkilosThePartTimeOtaku

        sorry to say this to all you yozora fans, but according to a certain wiki i found concerning the characters and all info about them, *SPOILER ALERT* he has already more or less said he wants to be with sena. so yeah….to be honest, yozora could have been a little nicer to him…and she never even tried to see why he didn’t recognise her when he first saw her at school so….not too surprising sadly. Still, sena does genuinely love him, so i’m pretty content 🙂

        • Jekete

          Hehehe,but dis anime is harem

  3. Klaus

    Without an announcement, there’s no way for us to know what they’re planning for the future of the anime series. make season 3 pleaseeeeeee! <3

  4. Jess

    we’ll just have to wait…

  5. If

    Not sure if it’ll get a season 3 – that all depends on DVD sales.

  6. GagaS

    If they don’t sell enough DVDs the series can’t continue!

  7. James

    I’d suggest reading all eight books on baka-tsuki. Really hope for season 3 in 2015 or 2016

  8. Katharine D.

    I do hope that we’ll see this before the end of this year!

  9. Octan

    Just wait until they really announce it. Hurry up, Times-In Studio!

  10. Milly Pain

    As it ended like that, it’s certain that there will be a third season

  11. MoreandMore

    A third season may come up in couple years after more novel story is released!

  12. Roccki

    i am from Spain. We all wait for season 3!

  13. josh

    u better make a third season or else im blowing up every animation studio in japan

    • Haganai fan

      yes pls do now

  14. Geexd

    1.3 years to go DAYUMMMMMM!!!!! RIKAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  15. RGBlue


  16. cece

    this s*cks…it will take years for haganai season 3 to come out my life is over

  17. bill

    Seasons 1-2 are free on hulu. Just gotta make an account. Its great since haganai and alot of other good anime arent hulu plus (paid subscription) material. 🙂

  18. Hunter

    Really I don’t think I cant wait a whole year for the next season of haganai so just to let u know and thought that ask what other stuff like haganai could you let me know.

  19. Senators

    I want meat to win since yo zits is always so mean to everybody and can never seem to express her feeling while sena asked koduka to marry her to his face lets go senators

  20. DJRocks0982

    To all Yozura Fans!!
    Yozura had loss to Sena
    Sena Wins kodoka’s Heart


    • Someone

      SENO’S is MEAT, so what she has power and that face, that face changes when she sees Kobato.
      Yozura has spend londer time with Kodaka and Kodaka has memory of Yozura as Sora while he think her as a male and they both hold their childhood memory as best friend with is one step closer to girlfriend and boyfriend, while “MEAT” only sees Kodaka as a playmate when she is little and they don’t remember each other so Yozura wins
      Even “MEAT” is engaged to Kodaka, that is before they were born the decision is made by their parents so it not counted say so by both MEAT AND KODAKA
      so at the end Yozura will win “MEAT”

  21. Jekete

    oh! its already 2016

  22. Nathan

    sena will win rest assured

  23. Kanshou

    That ending left an enormous craving for more. Ugh. Hurry up season 3!

  24. OnlySoon

    its 2017 and no new season, I’m gonna miss this show

    • Rowie Villareal

      yeah Me too, Im gonna miss this anime 🙁

  25. Rowie Villareal

    Its already 2017 now but there is no season 3 coming out. Wtf.. -_-

  26. Charlie Wolfe

    Well people it’s 2017… perditions are wrong I believe

  27. Phillip Lombard

    It’s March 6 2017, and we’re still waiting.

  28. Kodaka Hasegawa

    I’m from Phillipines pls release it I’m gonna die right now 2017 I’m reading only in some wiki and reddit I’m not contented to the very short episode pls faster I’m gonna die

  29. Jonticchi

    Just got done watching the entire show. I’m joe from New Jersey if I don’t get a season 3 then I’m going to blow up the planet. There’s going to be some foots in asses if I don’t get a season 3 I just watched this entire series within two days. I demand a season 3. I would sell one of my kidneys for a season 3. Btw I’m all for team Sena

  30. Otaku-Kun

    They need to make a season 3 because this anime is the best harem anime I watched.
    If they want it to end so badly then they should finish in season 3 with 20 episodes.
    If they don’t then I am going to shut myself in until its out. Please make a season 3.

  31. Haganai fan

    ok where is it, im in dec 23 2019, ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS THE THIRD SEASON OF HAGANAI!!!!!!!!!!

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