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«High School DxD» season 3: release date

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When will «High School DxD» season 3 come out? Renewed or canceled? What is known about premiere date? We need more episodes in 2014!

Studio: TNK
Pilot episode: January 6, 2012
Directed by: Tetsuya Yanagisawa

The second season of «High School DxD» anime series, consisting of 12 new episodes, has already ended. A lot of questions arose after the last episode of the show, which makes its fans ask producers to renew the series for Season 3. The release date for the new season is being discussed now on many Internet resources inside and outside the country.

However, the creators aren’t going to announce the start of season 3 production until they get profits from the second season. Currently it is known that DVDs are being sold widely all over Japan, so the show has all the chances to be renewed.

Regarding the premiere date, it shouldn’t be expected earlier than the fall 2014, but OVA-film is possible to be released soon. Experts agree the anime doesn’t end properly so its closing after season 2 is impossible.

Now it is all about TNK studio, successful DVD sales and creators’ desire. Let’s wait for the official statements of the producers and share new information in comments.

If you get some fresh news about «High School DxD» earlier, please, write about it and share with other fans.

UPDATE 1 (June 16, 2014): Publisher Fujimi Shobo announced that production on a third anime season. Premiere – April 5, 2015.

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  1. Gia

    I’m hoping a 3rd season on fall 2014. the anime is unfinished…

    • jac

      the official release date is

      March 10, 2015 (Tuesday)

      • chanz

        Lol that’s on my birthday

  2. Lion M.

    I just need a season 3!!! The ending as well made it seem that another season will appear.

    • ?

      season four…I saw all of season 3 xp

      • raizen Energy

        what website bro?? need to watch it. thanks.

  3. Kobby Little

    I would say winter 14-15 most likely, but they are still rumors.

  4. shaila

    i hope it will be 24 episode. it’s my favorite anime! Go GO Studio TNK!

    • Biggt1411

      Agreed all the way. For me I hope it never ends.

      • Nartastic

        Same here

  5. Sofia M.

    considering how well bo*bs sell, this’ll probably get a 3rd season =)

    • samk

      I must be one of like 10 that watches for the story huh…

      • dwayne

        I can agree with you, especially if you have read the light novel. The story is far from finished and gets way more interesting.

  6. Creative

    I think season 3 will be better than season 2. Did they already start developement yet? anyone know?

  7. JAde Kitten

    Honestly You Guys I think they just may do a few more seasons cause it looks to me that Rea’s House hold is not complete yet if you think about it she has all her pawns all her knights all her bishops her queen and only one rook she still needs to fill that last role and we need to see Issei Hyodo Beat the holy hell out of the White Dragon and we also need to find out who that other dragon they mention is and will Issei Hyodo fight them also

    • 3zralive

      Have you seen any of season 2?

    • Jasper

      If you read the light novels, there is a whole heck of a lot more than just those few points you mentioned. They have enough to go another 5 seasons if interest stays with the series easily.

    • Nartastic

      I think so too,it’s far from finished is what I’ve heard from people who have read the novel

  8. Delcron

    I’ve been reading the translated light novels of the anime.. there is currently 16 translated into English and a 17th is on the way soon. So they have lots of material for future seasons of the anime… We as fans just have to buy the DVD’s when they come out so they will make more… (So don’t just watch them online.. LOL!)

    • eric

      is online if it is can you send me link

  9. jeffrey

    i need season 3. anyone know when they will release it??? please T_T

  10. jlg1000

    I can just tell you: there is absolute cr*p tons of story left in the light novel. including season 1 and 2, they have animated the first 4 volumes of the light novel. The light novel currently has 16 volumes. Even if it gets a third season(which i hope it does:D ) it will need much more than 3 seasons to have a agreeable ending to it.

  11. nicholas

    if they stop this anime I will leave Trinidad and go to japan an kill those guys I im serious dead serious

  12. joshua

    but will it come out in america too.mostly anime stop coming out in america after the 2 season or so.

  13. dalton

    i found plenty of info their is a 50-60% of a 3 season so just keep an open mind about it
    by the way if their is one i’m sure their will be 24 episodes but it wont end thier no way im agreeing Nicholas ill kill them all.

  14. boost

    i can’t wait to see the new season episodes. this anime is the third best anime i ever watched.

  15. Bob

    I hope and want season 3. Thx bros

  16. sky

    guys i got some of highschooldxd season 3 i tell u if they send out season three.i bet they wil make alot of profits based to the clips i saw.man this season rias,asia,akeno fightting for issei desprately

  17. striferose

    i swear they need a third season of this anime it has to be my favorite anime ive ever seen =P it’d be one hell of a loss to all the fans if it ends after 24 episodes *not counting ovas* it needs atleast 1 or 2 more seasons =P

  18. Subsiders227

    Guys I have found info that season 3 for Highschool DxD has been in production and has already completed they r attempting to creat a teaser trailer for it. Too build suspense for the next season and to generate funds for the future but the third season has been competed for a while now and should been uploaded and released ether during or after the summer of 2014. I found this information personally from one of the staff members tasked to make the series. A official statement should be released soon that season 3 will be shown soon.

    • screamin

      you better not be lieing subiders227 or murder will be the word lol and anyway i bought the entire manga and the dvds for the anime ohand the light novel, i realy want the anime to continue (if worst comes to worst ill just read the lns and the manga but for now im only reading to where the anime left off)

    • arte

      Man that’s awesome I relay love that I found that out because I love this series and if I didn’t just read that I would have died and I can’t buy it on DVD and I can only watch it online its sad so thanks

  19. Kevin

    They have to come out with a season 3. The second season is selling very well in Japan, and America for that matter. Not to mention the fact that they have 12 more light novels to cover. If they weren’t planning on more seasons, then they would’ve covered more of the light novels in the first two seasons. That’s why they leave so many things unanswered: Does issei obtain his harem? Will he choose Rias instead? Will koneko fall in love with him? Will issei defeat the white dragon. Will Gasper learn to control his powers? How will things play out with Azazel as the club adviser? Soooo many questions. It would be ridiculous for them not to air at least 1 more season! I mean come on, I’m sure they have enough money by now to at least start the 3rd season; all the purchasers in Japan, America, and our websites.

    • Redeyestheawesome

      I agree with you Kevin!

  20. Redeyestheawesome

    This anime is one of my top 5 anime list! Indeed my friends and I can not wait for Season 3 of High School DxD to come out! Please make it! Thanks -redeyes

  21. BlackNet

    please.. season 3..
    i can not wait it anymore.. ;D

    • TeamRias

      feel the same here

  22. martin

    there are plenty of light novels so the anime could keep going on. I hope it does get released etc soon i find it really entertaining and its one of my fave shows

  23. Jake

    I honestly don’t even understand the end of season 2. What in God’s name was going on? Who was that new guy, and what’s with all the mages running around?

    • StormrReaper

      The ending was son goku all the way lol jk

      And the ending basically
      sequel baits

  24. michael soles

    There needs to be a 3season

  25. Ricardo

    After watching season 1 and 2 mad me feel unsatisefied because C’MON REALLY WHO DOES Issei CHOOSE TO BE WITH!!?!?!?! And and I agree with all of the comments posted so far (I agree woth mostly the comment of “JAde Kitten”, “Delcron”, “jlg1000”, “screamin”, “Kevin”, “Jake”(I understand but not that much at the end).)

  26. shyam

    can’t wait for erocomedy and also two heavenly dragon vs evil god loki that is also exciting

  27. Bri

    Everyone the 3rd season of high school dxd is conformed it was announce at the end of the last episode of kenzen robo daimidaler

  28. wsxqazi

    From many resources i have gained information that the next season will be released sometime in October 2014.
    Also while your waiting for this season to premiere, you should check out the anime Maken Ki!. It is very similar to High School DxD in many ways, I’m sure any who watched it would appreciate the anime greatly.

  29. Codex

    After Watching Season 2 Of High School DxD,I Was Reading The Comments On The Web-Site “KissAnime” Where I Found Someone Had Said The First Addition To Season 3(Ep 1) Will Be Aired On The 19th Of July 2014,This Could Be Rumored But He Said It Was Announced By The Makers,I Personally Hope Its True But It Could Be Fake Like Alot Of Information About The Official Release Date.I Agree That Season 2 Had Definitely Left Us On The Edge Of Our Seats Wondering Whats Going To Happen Next.I Am Really Looking Forward To Season 3 No Matter When Its Official Release It,Just Thought Id Share This Information With You So You Are Aware That It Could,Just Maybe Start In Exactly 17days From Now.

  30. The one hentai guy

    What are some other anime shows like this one anyone know

    • wsxqazi

      As I said above ^^ Maken Ki! Is similar to a degree in the basis of shounen, and echhi. Except instead of the main character actually having some faint outline of a story/plot. Maken ki! Says maybe 10-15 Lines on the conflict, then… #pantyshot.

  31. jimuel

    I hope to released season 3 on 2014…i cant wait….

  32. Shadow

    e-tnk [.] net go there its official website (in Japanese). its all about season 3 HS dxd.
    All to do now is wait

  33. Kevin

    Hey guys, I just learned that Highschool dxd new is being dubbed as we speak. They started dubbing it on 7/7/14. It should be released sometime around November of this year to probably January 2015. Oh, and for those of you who are still unsure about season 3, Crunchyroll has confirmed the 3rd season. Go to google and type Highschool DxD season 3. There’s a youtube video that was posted about a month ago that talks about the confirmation, and the guy gives you a link to Crunchyroll (i love saying that). Anyway, we can rejoice because there will indeed be a season 3 (I think we all already knew it, but we just needed someone to confirm it for us)! Also, I know this is a Highschool DXD forum, but does anyone watch KissxSis? The new and long long awaited OVA 11 is released in 2 days!

  34. robot

    it can just end because all the girl move in to issei house and we need to know what will happen next do issei will beat the vanishing dragon because he have two gear they don’t make season 3 with 24 episode I swear I will do any thing to kill them because I am a very big fan of highschool dxd


      I hope Issei is a bit more less pervertic and make president his girlfriend!!! I know is porn but let’s be onest…it feels like is a lot more then that!!!!!!!!

  35. robot

    guy if you want highschool DXD season 3 to come out you have to buy highschool DXD the series on DVD because the people who make highschool DXD they think you like it very much so they have to make it

  36. deadmantle

    I can’t wait for this to come out!:)

  37. Bob

    Guys find a new anime if your realy going for its story line. Because many other animes surpass all ecchi’s plots and if u realy are going for the boo*s then just watch hent*i u modest weirdos -_-.

    • Demon

      It’s been 5 months since your comment but come on lol.

      You go for the story, you stay for the boobs, butts, action AND story. Those two b’s are incentives. They don’t really have to be there, they just are because of well…artist decision and some selling point.

      This show is going somewhere with its story, plus the comedic, perverted, and action packed adventure make it more interesting. If there’s more to it than boobs and butts, it’s probably worth watching, no?


    I hope they make that dude act a little more matture and cooler. Season 2 make hem look like a complite pervertic looser (wish is the complite opposet of season 1)!!!!!!

  39. Gerald Jerry

    I Love Double Ds

    Cant wait for Season 3 and its taking so long

    • Real nigga kirito

      I like double D’s too

  40. eric

    The ending in season 2, have left an opening for yet another season. Essie still has yet to become complete. I mean take (the familiar of zero) that ran 4 seasons.

  41. Issei

    I love the series!they definitely need to continue it

  42. Kevin

    Oh Yeah! It’s true! Season 3 has been confirmed! Let me say that again: THERE WILL BE A SEASON 3 PEOPLE!!! It’s all over the internet. It’s currently in production, and should be released sometime in early 2015 (long time to wait, but at least were getting another season *cough cough* Rosario Vampire). Also, season 2 dub will probably be released around the same time. SO F***ING exciting=)

  43. Angelo Gabriel

    I just wished that the 3rd season may be released within dec 2014 to 2015. I want to see Cao Cao and the Hero Faction 🙂

  44. DemonKing

    I hope it will as soon as fast that can release the [HIGH SCHOOL DXD SEASON’3′],but i really hope that is not only season 3 that will have much more season and more episode,so that will make more fans.Actually many anime episode are about “12/15/20/25/50/100+” I suggest you will make this [HIGH SCHOOL DXD] with more episode like “FAIRY TAIL”
    Hey,I just really need to know when does the HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD release?Cause it really hard to wait and it suppose to be release in 2014.It about 2 years,that not yet release I hope you will release on this DECEMBER of 2014.

  45. make a season 3

    I really want to see Issei get to juggernaut drive and gain the mutation pieces cause the show is amazing but I hate how he is consistently weak until that one moment that it means allot it kind of feels like one piece and fairy tail get the shit beaten out of you then get back up and go ballistic

  46. Kevin

    DemonKing that’s a good one LOL. Have you actually looked into H.O.T.D? Let me put it simple…..there ain’t gonna be a s2 anytime soon. Apparently the creator of that series was hospitalized for some heart issues (if I remember correctly) and then he put the manga production on haitus (hold). And if there ain’t no manga, then there ain’t no anime. Also, I heard that the creator has recently been assisting the writers of Attack on Titan. So I’m pretty sure he’s in no hurry to complete a s2. S2 has been rumored about for the past 2 years now. I don’t think it’s really gonna happen. Not saying it can’t and won’t, but let’s get real. Now, on a good note, DxD s2 dub is finally out, and it’s funny as hell. There have also been some added scenes (oh yeah, and all the added scenes are ecchi;) ) However, the only free site that has it is Anilinkz (which is okay because they play it in HD).

    • Real nigga kirito

      That why H.O.T.D. Was taking so long

  47. Sid pradeep

    Does anyone know the correct date when the 3th season will come out

  48. jonathan

    I cant wait to buy it I wish I can preorder it
    I love season 1 and 2 of high school dxd

  49. dhshsh

    Da f*ck its almost 2015 are you sh*tting me they havent came out with yet god dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. GeyserGod

    As was noted in a response to the first comment there is an official release data of March 13, 2015 for season 3 which means probably a Spring 2016 release date for Funimation subs and dubs.

  51. Kevin

    Hey guys, me again. So it’s been confirmed that there is an OVA scheduled to release in the next couple of months. As for S3, it’s been confirmed that it will be released in April 2015! It’s going to be called Highschool DxD BorN. Be looking for it. Anilinkz, Crunchy Roll, and Funimation will probably be the first sited to have it (although Anilinkz will be the first free site to have it). Can’t wait!!!!

  52. Chy hean

    So unbelievable

  53. Johvahn Brown

    Yes a season 3 for the anime will be readily appreciated because of it’s high quality quite enjoyable. The ending for season 2 just left a heavy desire on my mind for the anime to continue.

  54. Taruf77

    The official release date is the 3rd of april 2015.
    Soon guys
    I’m very impatient to that

  55. Deathstalker66

    So glad it’s coming, I really hope there are no more complications on this project, on another note what’s going on with sekirei, and high school of the dead, we need more.

  56. Real nigga kirito


  57. High school is love

    I seriously can’t wait for season three let’s go

  58. Boost

    I want the new season so bad

  59. ryan dxd rias

    Guys so April 2015. Is there any date for the release?

  60. Darren Craigg

    I love high school dxd, never stop making them, #number1anime

  61. Wolfie L.

    Few more days and boom,release all the new episodes and new characters. ^_^

  62. Donald

    Ok it’s time where mah anime at I needs mah highschool dxd tf

  63. carlosfernandezII

    this show somehow perfectly evens out the perverted parts with the story its amazing. boobs are awesome

  64. Jack

    what? the release is supposed to be april 4th, but today is april 6th… cant find any copies to stream on the internet. what gives? was the release date extended???

  65. Ur mom

    They have 3 episodes so far for season 3 ONGOMGOMG MAKE IT A LONG SEASON LIKE ATLEAST 24 or 5 EPISODE!! Also I wish this will anime will go on for ever at first I was here for the fan service or “Boobs” but the story is actually REALLY GOOD besides the funny copy stuff from other anime xD. Atleast a 5 or 10 season?

  66. jack

    I can not wait. No longer

  67. Natsu

    The thrid season is what I’m waiting for highschool dxd is unfinished
    I love highschool dxd I don’t want it to end I love Rea’s and hair red hair I don’t want to lose this anime and I want it to continue on and on even after I die

  68. jacob.stanley

    i hope Rea’s and Issei get married or at least go out with one of the girls he is a lucky son of a bitch



  70. HA

    The first time I saw this anime was when all 3 seasons were out so I was like no problem.. till season four…. ;~;

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