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Hannibal season 4

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hannibal season 4

Will there be Hannibal season 4? When will the fourth season start? We need to know the exact premiere date in 2016. What about release on the new channel?

The television series of Bryan Fuller Hannibal was launched on NBC in spring 2013 and right after that became the main theme for discussions on many Internet resources. Critics appreciated the acting of the main actors as well as the visual show style, and the plain viewers enjoyed the updated plot based on the series of novels by Thomas Harris. The first season comprised 13 episodes and followed the story of Will Graham, a gifted profiler and FBI special investigator. His unique way of thinking let him understand the human psychology very quickly, even if it is psychopaths, as Will realizes what instincts drive them. But when the maniac, who is tracking down by Will, turns out to be very smart, Graham asks the famous psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter for help. Together they start hunting for the treacherous murderer and after that Lecter becomes a regular Will’s consultant and helps him overcome the psychological trauma.

The final episode of the first season was watched by less than 2 million Americans and it already caused concerns for the TV-project future. Despite the low ratings, show Hannibal got its place on air for one more year, and in 2014 the creators even renewed it for the third season, which release date on NBC was scheduled for June 4, 2015. After the start of the season, the project was strongly criticised and the rights holders had to announce about its cancellation.

On June 22 Jennifer Salke (NBC’s entertainment president) officially confirmed about the cancellation of the series with the last episode of the third season scheduled for August 27. On the same day Bryan Fuller confirmed that the project was really cancelled by the NBC management, but the fans shouldn’t lose heart as the return to the show in 2016 was quite possible.

Hannibal season 4 exact premiere date – [TBA]

The matter is that Fuller is planning to film Season 4 and is already considering a new home for it. He announced that now he was negotiating with Amazon Prime and Netflix, and concerning the future plot he said the following: “It would have explored the Hannibal-Will Graham relationship in a much deeper fashion than the series ever has before”.

Let’s wait for the new data about the results of negotiations.

UPDATE 1 (July 2, 2015): Hannibal’s cast have been released from their contracts. However, Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy keen to return to the show should it find a way of continuing into its fourth season.

UPDATE 2 (July 6, 2015): Netflix and Amazon have passed on ordering a fourth season of Hannibal. “… we’re still investigating possibilities” (Bryan Fuller).

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