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Hart of Dixie season 5?

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When does Hart of Dixie season 5 premiere? We are waiting for the new episodes start in 2015/2016! Will the show renewed or cancelled?

TV-channel: The CW
Producers: Sarah Kucserka, Kelly Van Horn, Veronica Becker, David Paymer
Created by: Leila Gerstein
Genre: Comedy-drama

Season 3 Episode 1: 1.03 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 1: 1.22 million U.S. viewers

The fourth season of «Hart of Dixie» television series is to become the last one. It is a view shared by many critics, who see no point in the further extension of the show. It should be mentioned, that instead of the usual 22 episodes, the current season will consist of only 10 ones and this fact raises questions concerning the premiere date of season 5.

Mark Pedowitz (President of The CW) noted in his recent interview, that officially the show hadn’t been closed yet, as everything depended on its ratings. Answering the question on the last episode of the fourth season Mark said: «If [Dixie] ends, it’s a great series finale. And if it doesn’t end, it’s a great season finale.»

At the moment the show is being watched by more than 1 million American viewers. Maybe it shouldn’t be cancelled so early?

UPDATE 1 (March 14, 2015): Bad news… Leila Gerstein confirmed that The CW had canceled Hart of Dixie because of low ratings.

UPDATE 2 (May 7, 2015): It’s official. The CW has cancelled Hart of Dixie after four seasons.

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  1. Belinda

    “If people don’t watch, then shows don’t come back, so we just need a little help.” – Scott Porter (George) said.

    • Leah

      I do watch, ive seen every one atleast 3 times, i watch on hulu on my phone cause i dont have tv, i miss it and hope to watch it more, 😉 the show is loved dearly and i know many people who watch, good luck and god bless each and every one of you that made this show happen! 😉 your show is the highlight of my day, i wouldnt miss not one(

    • Dianne

      watched this from last week to this week every one series 1-4. Enjoyed every minute of it Thank-you I love it and made me laugh so hard I had tears. I hope they continue with the show.

    • Phyllis Lee

      Loved the show but started to drag the last season. Writers fault, not actors. Actors can’t act when there isn’t anything there to say. Watched it all the way till the end just hopping it would start to get that Rammer Jammer feeling back but No sale! Your cuteness wore out!!!

  2. Sherri Dawson

    I figure Dixie has their series finale ready in case they do no get renewed since it was close last time about being cancelled.

  3. Leon

    I really want season 5 of Hart of Dixie!

    • me

      i think its a bunch of cr*p..what about us loyal fans …not only that but do they count the fact that people don’t just watch it on their tv anymore do they count all the people that watch on phones and internet etc …finally something good comes along and they have to cancel it ..that’s like telling us we aren’t good enough to be viewers sorry but i think 1,3million is a lot of viewers .some people catch up after the seasons are over cause we dont have time to watch it when its on..sorry im just pissed cause im sick of seeing good shows canceled

      • Debi

        I have binge watching this wonderful show and absolutely love it. I cannot believe that this show is really being cancelled….what to put on another reality show or cartoon? I am very upset. Please bring this show back on.

  4. 88Emmett

    I absolutely love this series! I will be so disappointed if the show is cancelled.

  5. Wilfred W.

    I miss this show when it is not on. Really hope they don’t cancel it.

  6. Mindy Luiz (HoD fan)

    Never miss an episode!!! My favorite show on TV. Make season 5!!!!

  7. Alice Myers

    It’s not officially canceled yet! But it doesn’t look good.

  8. Kara (Australia)

    Zoe and Joel need to get back together. Hope it continues.

    • kate

      I think Zoe and Wade are meant to be together not Zoe and Wade my opinion

  9. Eva

    I am a bit sad about the possible end of this series. This is one of few shows you can actually relax when watching. Hope for season 5.

  10. sabrina blakely

    i love this show please keep it on

  11. Gina Reynolds Smith

    I have been watching this show since it started. I look forward every week to watching hart of Dixie ! Bring it back it is such a great show with great characters ! Keep the show !

  12. Jen

    Noooooo!!!!! I love this show so much. I will be so so sad and disappointed if it doesn’t return. Please please don’t. An cancel!!!

  13. PJ

    This is a wonderful show! So refreshing and unique! I hope it is not cancelled!

  14. TF

    Please don’t cancel the show continue season 5 PLEASE…..

  15. Mary Mac Whitener

    Have Loved Dixie Hart since it has been on. Remember Tim Mattheson and like him. Too bad they cannot find another night or maybe put on Hallmark Cnannel. I have had to record a lot of the episodes, but will really miss it and the characters if cancelled. Please reconsider!!!

  16. Joyce

    I would love to see Hart of Dixie continue. It is a fun show to watch and I love all the cast.

  17. Megan

    I love this show so much. Have watched it from the very beginning, and look forward to watching every episode weekly. I miss this show when its not on for a short time, will be so sad if this is the end of Hart of Dixie. This is my favorite show, and I love all the characters. I love how they combined a little bit of a country with a little bit of city. I love all the country music this show has on it, and I love all the actors and actresses on it. This show is so well written and I just hope there will be a Season 5!!

  18. Lisa

    I LOVE this show! It always brings a Smile to my face…It would be sad to see a fun loving show end…

  19. Jane smith

    Love this show. It’s just fun to watch. Tired of dramas killing each other. We need this show. Please don’t cancel it. It would be a sad loss.

  20. mihaela

    I want a new season !please!!!!we need this show!

  21. Jlooney

    Love this show! Please do not cancel it!!

  22. Thenson

    No!!!!! This is my favorite show!! I can’t wait for Fridays, because of this show! I can’t believe it has been canceled for season 5

  23. JayD

    OMG!!!! I love this show, I look forward to it every week. Have watched it from the beginning and watched it grow, The cast is amazing and talented, please don’t cancell 🙁 🙁

  24. Cheryl

    Please do not cancel Hart of Dixie. You find a great show you enjoy watching every week and then they cancel it. Why because of low ratings. This show makes me cry, laugh and at times at the same time. I get to forget what is going on around me for one hour and to really enjoy myself. The charcters are great. I would love to find a small town that u feel apart of and I do every Friday. I watch reruns of the show whenever it is on. Give it a chance. Advertise the show more. Do contest for the show. I know a show needs to make money but is it really losing any or just not making what you want it to make. It would be nice to have people care about others instead of making more money. I don’t have much but to have a little sunshine every Friday brightens my day. I hope to see a season five.

    • JenJen

      I agree!!

  25. Sharon & Geoargia

    Please don’t cancel Hart of Dixie there is so much more to see. We enjoy the show so much can’t wait for the series to come online so we can watch as we have to wait for it to be shown here in England.

  26. JenJen

    I love this program I really hope it comes back!!! It’s my happy feel good program!!!

  27. Viv

    This is one of my favorite shows, I can’t believe it’s been canceled!!!!! The only show I watch on the CW, I guess they lost a viewer…..

  28. kelley

    Oh I hope they can get it renewed! This is one of the very few I watch.

  29. Krystal

    Love the show

  30. Lesa

    Please don’t cancel Hart of Dixie!!! This is a Great Show!!

  31. Julie

    I LOVEEEEEEE this show!! Pleaseeee don’t cancel it!!! There aren’t a lot of wholesome shows left that people can really connect with and this is one of the shows left! And I really Love the characters and have become addicted to all their lives and wish there really was a town like this…I would Love to live there! Just an overall GREAT show and I really want to see more of it!! 🙂 Love, Love, Love the chemistry between Zoe & Wade! Been routing for them since Day one! Please keep this show going! 🙂

  32. Lynnette

    Please keep this show going! There’s very few shows I enjoy and unfortunately, the ones I do enjoy, always end up getting cancelled early. This is a great show! Love the southern theme and the light hearted, romantic, comedic feel. A true chic show (a rare find). Please don’t cancel.:(

  33. Joanne Landing

    I love this show and really hopeit gets renewed for season 5

  34. Sandy

    Hart of Dixie is so refreshing….just charming. The characters are awesome! Please, please don’t cancel.

  35. pamela parten

    PLEASE don’t cancel Hart of Dixie!!!! It’s the BEST most wholesome show on television!! One I can watch with my children!!!!

  36. Cindy

    I am so sad that the world of tv has turned into reality shows and zombies/death. I love this show. I had two shows that I watched every week and HOD was one of them. If this show is cancelled for good – just say it is or say it isn’t, quit leaving us all hanging; then I wasted 4 years of my life watching the show, loving all the characters and I am done starting any new shows. I look at Greys Anatomy and think – really? Still on after all these years? Oh and CW – you will have lost one viewer because I will remove you from my tv lineup. If you don’t care about what I want, then I don’t care about what you want. Please keep the show, even if low ratings. 🙁

  37. Elizabeth

    Please don’t cancel this show. I so look forward to seeing these wonderful characters. This show just needs a massive PR campaign to keep it going. It can’t end without knowing what happens between George, LaVon, and Lemon, plus Zoe and Wade. I have watched many shows during my 65 years, and this one is so special. It’s a town that everyone would like to live in, and be a part of. This show fills that void for so many. Please reconsider!!!!!

    • Phyllis Lee

      By the way I live in the Heart of Dixie, truly a special place, we truly welcome people to come down, and experience this slower pace of living and hospitality of the south. We feel this is what God meant by open up your arms and hearts to one and other, so come on down to the Heart of Dixie, and enjoy our beautiful white sugar beaches, and wonderful southern hospitality y’all.

  38. Shaver

    Excellent program. We’ve gone the entire 4 seasons 3 times so far. It would be a shame to cancel that is so wholesome. Let us know what we need to do to keep the program on the air. The relationship between George and AB still has not even resolved. How does Wade take to being a father?

  39. Jo

    This is my most favorite show as it shows you life can be fun & good. The characters are fun funny, beautiful, and believable most of all loveable. I don’t believe there is any character on the show whom portrays any meanness and you love them all. Now that everyone has found there perfect match we need to see the lovely program grow more, so we can all live in the wonderful town. We know it isn’t real but we all deserve programs that show happiness. Instead of valance/war and other types of darkness (don’t worry I watch) some of those. But Hart of Dixie brings warmth, love and compassion which we can all use more of. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

  40. Carrie

    Fans have pleaded and pleaded for CW to keep Hart of Dixie! The ratings were not as low as some shows but yet they come back. CW you see how much Hart Of Dixie means to SO many people! There is still so much to watch on season 5 and more to come! I have never watched a Tv Series I loved more than HOD it means so much to so many people! We laugh,we cry, we love this Show gives everyone a break from reality to just escape away into an amazing tv world of BlueBell ! This show is the only left that is wholesome without killing or eating someone from a zombie show! hart Of Dixie has more talent than any series I have seen the cast are all so talented! Give us More HOD CW or you will lose so much support for your network! Care about your viewers. Thank you

    • Heartbroken

      I totally agree!!!!

  41. Krystal

    This show has to have a season 5 I love this show and I miss watching it

  42. Rick

    tired of cw cancelling all of the good shows and keeping garbage. if they produce more like dixie then people would start watching shows with content not fit for kids.

  43. dyanna

    Hey please keep hart of Dixie on tv

  44. Ryleigh

    I LOVE Hart of Dixie
    Please don’t cancel the show!!

  45. Shannon

    I love Hart of dixie and would be rather upset if they didn’t make a season 5!!

  46. Brenda

    Love this show – my daughters and I love to watch it! It’s so nice to watch a show that is funny and positive! Please bring it back for Season 5!

  47. Charlotte Scrogham

    Love this wholesome show LOVE the characters. PLEASE DONT CANCELL!!!!!!!

  48. Rosy Cullum

    Sad it was cancelled, but the last episode worked perfectly for a series finale. Goodbye Dixie…

  49. Milissa

    It is very sad when quality shows are cancelled yet.

  50. T. J.

    PLEASE NOOOOOOOO! I miss Zoe and Wade. Make season 5!!!

  51. tricia

    I hope to see the cast find new shows quickly!

  52. Jessica

    We have to have season five!!!

    • Sarah Knox

      YES YES!!!!!!

  53. Sarah Knox

    I just started watching this ALLL OVER on Hulu…I LOVE LOVE this show..I watch it EVERY DAY..I was adopted and found out my real relitives are in Lawerence co Alabama..so Im kinda Zoe in a way…Lol..PLEAS PLEASE bring it back…where can I go to rate it to help?..Feel free to email me

  54. Donna

    I’m in Australia and I love this show! It can’t end without knowing wade and Zoe’s baby.

  55. jc

    Seriously? This is my favorite! I haven’t missed a single episode!

  56. Thursday

    Please please please done cancel!!!!

  57. J & B Kocian

    We LOVE Heart of Dixie and we were so looking forward to seeing the story play out with Wade & Zoey’s baby; it’s very disappointing to hear that there won’t be a season 5.

  58. SC

    This is absolutely my favorite show!! I’m sick about it being cancelled 🙁

  59. Raquel

    its a great show, its something different like the perfect little town that its not invaded with technology and mean people. please continue!!!!

  60. L.D

    I LOVE Hart of Dixie. Will b very sad if it does get cancelled. Please don’t cancel it

  61. Colleen

    This is a fantastic little show……it has lots of funny plots and is refreshing….a Southern tale and it’s just great…..if you don’t want it, sell your rights to another station…It’s a really great show…please don’t cancel it

  62. B. Wright

    I have recorded every show. I want this show to continue. Please rethink this

  63. brian simple

    well the series is different and that’s something not everyone can make so make more difference for all of us fans out there
    Hart of Dixie should continue#carry on wayward son#Kansas

  64. Robin

    My husband and I both love the show! We just discovered it a few months ago on Netflix and watched every episode. We were both so looking forward to the new season. It was clean, funny, no killing, no explicit sex, had great story lines and easy to love characters. It made me want to live in that small town! It was a great show to enjoy and now to hear it’s been cancelled, I am soooo sad! Please, please, PLEASE bring it back!

  65. Arlene

    I love this show. It is so funny and refreshing. PLEASE bring it back at least to help us put closure to some of the characters’ relationships!!!

  66. Cindy

    I have LOVED this series……………..wow…………can’t believe it was cancelled.. WHAT could replace it?

  67. peg

    im sick of all this newer shows men on men an weman on weman,drug shows,sick of it.if i wont to see tv shows like that i would get HBO… Hart of DIXIE had some of this stuff but not all the hole show! HART OF DIXIE was a good fun tv show.i dont watch the tv ch any more!

  68. MM

    I just finished the 4th season of HART on Netflix. I am so disappointed that there won’t be another season. I looked so forward each evening to watching this funny, light story about lovely little Blue bell and all it’s drama. I really enjoyed the characters and was constantly guessing who each of the main characters would end up with.
    My husband and I mimic Lavon’s “NO, NO, NO!” for comic relief.
    The ending was good for Zoe…but what about poor A. B. ???? Lemon?
    I only watch shows on Netflix. Does that hurt when ratings because people aren’t watching during prime time?
    If that’s the case, my viewing will never count. Gotta be another way. I’ll miss Wade, Zoe, AB, Lemon, Brick, Lavon, George and the rest!

  69. blonduh

    This was such a fun show! I’m 60 years old and got such a kick out of the whole townspeople. I’ll miss all of the stars, but especially AB! Best wishes to all the cast members… It was a great 4 years!

  70. Alisha

    This is my FAVORITE show, it was so fun to watch! I really wish it wasn’t cancelled

  71. Breeanna

    I want hart of Dixie back I loved it it was so amazing and I miss it please bring it back

  72. Marilyn

    Please don’t cancel the Hart of Dixie Bluebell is the Mayberry of the 2000s. Small town and good people.

  73. Kelli

    What a shame when the good and wholesome family shows cancelled, but all of he foolish reality and zombie and killing shows move to the top of the list. This has been our favorite show since the beginning, and looked forward to watching all week long. Hart of Dixie was actually a show that we could sit down with our grandson, and not have to be constantly him to cover his eyes! This is exactly what is wrong with the world and our children today….television gets rid of all of the G-rated and family shows! Well CW, you have definitely lost another household viewer!!

    • Heartbroken

      I agree, they will make a show about rednecks in trailer houses getting married and mud sliding on mattresses at their receptions and keep those on tv for many seasons, but the good one get the AXE!!! 🙁

  74. Courtney

    My husband and I LOVE this show. We watch together after the kids are in bed. We are entertained by the characters and the stories. The charm of the city and small town feel is what we enjoy watching too. Please and I beg to bring it back! And umm I love watching the ladies wardrobes! I think we could be good friends for many reasons than one lol

  75. Marie Blake


  76. Dixon

    I actually loved the show, and I always felt like Wade and Zoey should be together. Their chemistry was on fire because he made her come alive and she pushed him in good ways. The show was fun, silly, corky, with times of seriousness from a good ole fashion Southern point of view. Southern hospitality at it’s finest , I was definitely sad that it was cancelled Hart of Dixie made my day better. It really could have been made as a Netflix series instead of giving it the Axe.

    • Heartbroken

      These are my thoughts exactly!!!!

  77. Penny

    This is one of my favorite shows. Cast and crew are awesome. I watch on Netflix. Wish CW would re-consider or another Network would pick it up. Will miss this show

  78. Heartbroken

    This is terrible news, I look forward to the seasons of Hart of Dixie and it is actually a sappy kind of show that my husband would watch with me. I hope this isn’t an official decision and there will be reconsideration on this one. Please bring it back, we both love the story line and the cast, also the singing is great too. Too many good shows go away that may not be super duper popular, but those seem to be the ones I always love. Maybe make the shows exclusive to Netflix and not necessarily have them be aired on a certain network.

    Hope you will reconsider,

    Heartbroken and Sad in Texas

  79. dragonhawk

    I want there to be a 5th season. I watched all 4 season in 3 days, it was so good.
    I just finished season 4 and am now going to bed.

    • Joann

      I did the same thing dragon hawk. I too want a 5th season.

  80. Joann

    Love this show. I didn’t know about it until I visited my daughter in Al. She had it on Netflix. Disappointed it is cancelled. Let us know if there is a spin off, let’s say “Dixie Bells”.

  81. KK

    I have seen all four seasons of the hart of Dixie, Myself like many other viewers I watch these on Netflix, I do not have satellite or cable so I have to watch at a friends house on Netflix. I also agree with another viewer, that they sure don’t care to keep airing a bunch of cr*p like reality shows or stupid cartoons that kids don’t need to be watching but when something good and interesting comes along they cancel it. I also was watching another show that ended after 2 seasons The Lying Games, what happened to it? I loved it watched it several times and even started reading the books when I learned that the show was canceled.

  82. Need better metrics, please don't cancel

    I haven’t had cable TV since 2007 (by choice). I watch via Netflix. Love the show! The actors are fantastic and it looks like they’re having so much fun – this kind of camadarie on film is rare and a breathe of fresh air. The costumes are beautiful, can’t wait to see what they’re going to wear next. It’s like having a great group of friends over, only they’re on my iPad. Thanks to all involved with this show! There are lots of great lines and dialogues in here to savor, too. The music and dancing, just wonderful, lots of talent!

  83. Jordan

    I love this show. I like the end of season 4. I love the drama it brings. The romance in the show is so cute. I could watch this show over and over again. Do they ever name the baby? This show has a lot of views. The sound continue it.

  84. Kevin

    Is there any hope or chance for a spin-off? There are so many great stories still to tell. We need our Bluebell!!

  85. Kathy

    The show was entertaining and a delight to other options currently on TV. However, the last episode, someone must have been upset as it was a total finishing nightmare, almost a if a 10 year wrote the last 3 minutes. Another one of those shows that basic folks enjoy, but doesn’t catch the money ratings. Guess we will have to be entertained by the Donald Trump show in 2016.

  86. sheri

    PLEASE bring Hart OF Dixie back!! I love this show!!! This show has tons of laughs and is awesome!!!

  87. Jessie

    I was really hoping for a season 5 as well. I love this show and own all the seasons on DVD. It is something that I still watch time and time again. Please bring it back!

  88. Carolyn

    I had never heard of this series until a few weeks ago. I watched all 4 seasons in the last month or so. It is one of the best series I’ve ever watched (and I watch a lot of television). It had good characters and writers. It was refreshing to watch and didn’t have bad language or violent subject matter. I’m sorry to hear that it was cancelled. I think a million viewers a week is great considering it was not promoted on the major networks ABC, CBS, NBC. Not only am I definitely ready to watch Season 5, but also another 5 or 10 years after that. I also think it has a broad audience. I’m from Washington State and 67 years old. Would love to see it start up again. What are the writers working on next?

  89. Naw naw naw!!

    I love this show! I’m sad that it has been canceled.

  90. dixie nut

    Cant believe they cancelled the greatest show. I have had anxiety and depression for a long time and dixie was the one thing that made me smile. Love all of the characters and the writers made us as viewers feel involved and part of the show. I live the uk and i now after being so in love with the show. Want to visit bluebell. Something i would never have done before.

  91. Carol M.

    BRING. IT. BACK. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

    I just binged watched all 4 seasons (76 episodes) in a matter of days on Netflix and am in LOVE with all things Blubell!!! My 9-year old son watched it with me and we are both in LOVE! He was just as upset as I was and asked the greatest question, “What’s the baby’s name?” You have to come back and at least do that. Even if you release it straight to Netflix. BRING BACK HART OF DIXIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I beg of you.

  92. kim

    Please bring back hart of dixie

  93. Kayla

    Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I legit watched all the seasons in a week or more! I love this show and hope so much that they do make a season 5!

  94. Eileen

    Please bring back Hart of Dixie!!!! If its definitely going to end you need to do a great finale. I am constantly re watching all the episodes on netflix

  95. Gio

    Please bring back this show! It was a great show, loved it, enjoyed all 4 seasons in one month on Netflix!! It was one of the few shows I actually genuinely loved watching. A good, clean, funny, wholesome show. Bring it back please!! There are lots of fans and we love it!!

  96. Doug

    I just found this show on Netflix and got hooked on it. It took a few episodes to really get into it but then Bluebell reeled me in. 4 – 5 episodes a night I was watching. What a great show. I loved the characters and the music. I have read Rachel Bilson wants some time off to be a stay at home mom for a while but when she is ready to return to work lets hope another network (fit nicely on Hallmark) picks it up. I am going to start over tonight but only 1 episode so I can make it last a couple of months. I need my HOD fix. It reminds me of a combination of Mayberry and Green Acres in one show. Come on someone, bring it back.

  97. Liz Brown

    Please bring the 5th Season Hart of Dixie back to life.

    Wouldn’t it be a fun new move for Television to come back with something that was cancelled, due to popular demand?

    It was such a refreshing, charming, sad, joyful and surprising show, who could give it low ratings?

  98. terry greene

    How can they cancel such a wholesome show…….no violence, sex etc……..is that all that sells in our society.

    We need this show.

  99. judy

    I cannot believe they cancelled this fantastic show. why would you cancel a show that has so many followers. I just rewatched all four seasons and enjoyed every minute of it. Please bring this show back, we need wholesome shows.

  100. Rita Brands

    We watched Hart of Dixie all four seasons on Netflix for the first time. It was like a good book you can’t put down! My husband and I were very disappointed they discontinued the Hart of Dixie. We learned the southern culture and traditions plus the wonderful fashion from very good stylists. Hair and make up also very well done. We appreciate these things as our daughter is a fashion model. Please bring back this show!

  101. Minnesota Watcher

    Just watched all four seasons via Netflix. I really liked the show and couldn’t stop watching it. I thought the show got a little unrealistic as it went on. The first 2 seasons were great but 3 and 4 had me wondering what the writers were thinking!

    I’d like to see it come back but in a version like seasons 1 and 2.

    Really.. really great acting.

  102. Larry and Kathy Meeks

    We love this show. Please bring it back!!!!!!!

  103. Brooklyn mcclain

    BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!!! EVERYONE LOVES THIS SHOW!!!plus you shouldn’t leave the fans with a cliff hanger its just not fair…it is an amazing edge of your seat series and being left with this cliff hanger not knowing what happens to all the amazing couples is just heartbreaking and cruel and I say this for everyone…..PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!! this is just sad CW president Mark its one way to lose fans of all of the other great shows and series you guys show on CW so please bring hart of Dixie back!!!!

  104. Cary Haskin

    DON’T LET HART OF DIXIE GO AWAY! I’ve binge watched Hart of Dixie on Netflix and have only a few episodes to go before I finish season four. I’ve come to know Zoe, Wade, Lavon, George, Beth An, Lemon and all the rest like family. There’ll be a void if there is no season five to look forward to. C’mon producers, network execs and anyone else in a position to make a decision. Have a “Hart!”

  105. Renee

    Bring back season 5…I really miss Zoe and Wade and all the rest. Love the show!

  106. Miki Howard

    Please bring back season 5 and give us 22 episodes! Absolutely love this show!

  107. Cynthia

    Please Please bring back Hart of Dixie! We found it on Netflix and could not stop watching it. One great show! Blue Bell we miss you!

  108. kev

    I’m so sad 🙁

  109. Sarah geroge

    I love heart of dixie it was funny sad .an d I watched every one played .for the first time I’d like to see more bring it back

  110. LP

    Bring it back please. It’s like a modern day Little House on the Prarie.

  111. Dolores Essington

    I. Want season 5

  112. Er

    I love this show make a season 5. you should actually go all the way to season 9 or 10.

  113. CM

    I really enjoyed this show! I really wish it would come back on.

  114. Krystal

    I really want another season of Hart of Dixie. I just binge watched every single episode on Netflix and feel empty now. PLEASE make a season 5!!!!!

  115. Carole Johnson

    l have of the Hart of Dixie DVDs, and l love it , as it us not on tv in Australia,l wait for each session to come out and lam devastated to hear that session 5 has been canceled

  116. Kay

    Just got hooked on this show, only to find out cancelled. BOO! really hope they reconsider.

  117. JD

    Time has gone by and I just finished watch this INCREDIBLE series on Netflix I was like a junky, even at work I found myself thinking about this show Hart of Dixie, I was hooked. I see all the fans comments on other sites (FB, etc) asking if this show is going to come back with season 5 and onwards and I think it would pay (BIG TIME) for them to continue this wonderful Hart of Dixie, people out her love it. Its like the next big thing to Luke and Laura on General Hospital I mean common producers/writers this is a win win. HURRY UP we are waiting.

  118. Alexis Buskirk

    Well this just sucks I loved the show and wish they would bring back another season! The cast was great and the show was amazing!! Truly something special!!!

  119. Sandy

    I absolutely LOVE this show!
    It will be greatly missed.

  120. Tamara

    Ditto all of the above. I finally found a show that I really like and BAM…it’s gone. Please continue this program. Judging from the above remarks, I don’t think I’m the only one who will miss this show. Please bring it back!!!

  121. Marquetta

    Please please please bring back a season 5!!!! You never showed crazy Earle with wade & his new grand baby!!! I luv crazy Earle & what about all that money he was putting in jar for wade?!

  122. Paula Hurd

    Love this series!!!! Light hearted and funny!!! Season 5 please!!!!!

  123. Cassandra Haggins

    I’m just getting into Hart of Dixie, and I love the show!

  124. Connie Oppman

    Absolutely love this series please don’t cancel it

  125. Heather

    Netflix, please make us a season 5!

  126. cindy robinson

    Please Bring it back!!!! It is my fav show. No BS it is real life and shows how life can be!!!! It really shows how life is and the heartaches and life in a small town,,,Meaning BAMA!!! WHy do all the good shows have to end!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!! Todays shows suck!!! Nothing but hatered and violence in most shows these days!!!

  127. Eric

    What an incredible and amazing show. All of the characters are so wonderful. I could just kiss the beautiful, mischievous Lemon Breeland, the quintessential southern belle. She can sweeten anyone’s cup of tea. I’d like to hang out with Rachel and eat breakfast at Lavon’s. Wade is so cool. Annabeth is beautiful. Rose Hattenbarger is like somebody’s very beautiful and very sweet sister. I simply love Rose so much. I wish she’d get bigger parts, or more parts. They even gave Mckayla Maroney a part, which is soooo coool. I love Wanda and Tom. I even like the intrusive Dash, the town reporter. Point being, amazing, fun loving characters. I never liked bars, but I love the Rammer Jammer! The perfect name for a bar. LOL The town of Bluebell makes you want to live there. That hasn’t happened to me since Mayberry, or the catchy tune from Welcome Back Kotter made me like New York. Who da thunk, right? I could watch this show for ten more seasons and be as happy as a bear discovering a pool of honey! I wish the CW will come to be the pioneer it really, truly is and stop canceling cool shows. Cool doesn’t mean put on ice, CW. Gees!


  128. Eric

    Me again. Even the background characters, the extras are well chosen. Pretty girls strolling around town and happy couples sitting in the restaurants. Wait! I don’t get to hear the next Lilly Anne song? Unacceptable! I’m just going to have to high tail it to Bluebell and fix this thing myself. Harrumph! Teaming up with Lemon, I can fix this thing!

  129. Catherine

    I want season 5 to come out I’m just excited to see what’s happens next

  130. Donna

    Seriously disappointed this show ended. Just binge watched season one through four.. Bring it back as a Netflix series??

  131. Kayla Nelson-Rowley

    I just finished this entire series and i want more! It is the first show that my husband, 2 year old son, and my husband’s best friend absolutely got lost in this show, i am quite saddened at the fact that there aren’t any more. I really hope that it is a show that netflix picks up on because i know it will make at least this household happy but from everything i have read, it would make many more happy. Hart of Dixie was my escape of my reality and the hopes of what romance was truly about. If i can find a way for netflix to pick up on it, i would.

  132. Marlo

    I love Hart of Dixie. I’ve watched all four seasons five times and realize one thing, there needs to be more episodes. I love the story line. Now Wade and Zoe have a baby; Lavon and Lemon are finally together and married. Bluebell has never been more ripe for a fifth season of joy and happiness. Now that Netflix has picked up the show, it would be great if they pick up seasons five through fifteen like Grey’s Anatomy has. I love this show.

  133. susan

    I have been watching on Netflix. cannot get enough of Hart of Dixie. With so much sadness, negativity, and grief in the world, this show makes me happy and forget about the everyday problems. I have watched the series at least 5 times, please continue with the show.

  134. Tom segalla

    I want more lol. It is a great show. Laughed cried. Want more

  135. Shan

    love this show please bring it back

  136. Randy Patrick

    I just binged watched the all episodes – It is a great show i Hope there is more to come

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