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«Haven» season 4: air date

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When will «Haven» season 4 premiere? Renewed or cancelled? What is known about release date (air)?

Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn, the creators, continue to delight us with their new series called «Haven». The show, based on Stephen King’s novel «Colorado Kid», has been broadcast on SyFy since July, 2010. Three season of the given story, which constitutes 39 episodes, have been ordered already.

Not waiting for the last episode being aired, the rightholders announced their decision to shoot 13 more episodes. The air date for «Haven» season 4 hasn’t been announced yet. However in November, 2012 Mark Stern officially confirmed the airing of the new set of episodes to be started in 2013 (probably in September).

«Haven» season 4 premiere – [September 13, 2013] (update)

Shortly before this the main actors extended their contracts with SyFy for 1 more year and the creative team as well as a crew started working on the new season with its full.

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  1. Sheila Schwalm

    I can’t wait intill haven comes back
    I just love that show it keeps u guessing

    • samuel b.

      What could possibly happen to them in season 4?!

  2. Mandy Jackson

    Love haven brill acting and stories

  3. Katherina

    I love this show, but I think it only has one more season

  4. Naw

    Finally, a quality show that didn’t get cancelled!


    I can’t wait intill haven comes back
    I just love that show it keeps u guessing

  6. liz

    Love this show cant wait for season 4 .im hooked

  7. rebecca

    I love this show, can’t wait until new season. Hope it has many more. This is one show that always keeps u guessing and never get boring.

  8. cindy weir

    counting the minutes until Haven, comes back!

  9. Kathy

    I can’t wait until the season 4 of Haven comes on again. Haven is awesome show. i watched all the time. My favourite character Audrey Parker, i do relate to her in some of her moves on the show.

  10. Danielle

    I really really hope they don’t cancel Haven. I LOVE this show. My 14 yr old n I watch it together n he keeps asking me when it’s coming back. There isn’t many shows on t.v that I like lately n I’ve been patiently waiting………so HURRY UP ALREADY!!!!

  11. Warren and Laurie

    We are excited for HAVEN to come back on !!! Please don’t let us down …….

  12. Nancy

    I heard that Laura Vandervoort is going to be a new character this year in Haven. Who is she going to be?


  13. Tom GTO Sawyer

    Can’t wait to see the spin this year how will the bring Audrey back I hope the series gets picked up SyFy has cancelled all of my favorite shows Warehouse wtf..

  14. Ashley

    That was close call . Thought was cancel my favorite show. I love this show . It put on edge everytime I watch the show. I need know if she coming back out the that BARN!!!!!!!! Will they be together or not. Come on im ready for the new season

  15. Annettte

    Cannot believe that Haven is filmed in Hubbards/Chester, NS Canada and Canadians cannot even get the show. Today is September 18 and I have a Bell ExpressVu dish and Bell does not have SyFy.

  16. Amy

    I love Haven and my husband does too. We couldn’t wait for a new episode to come out! We went through withdrawal!yeah for Fall finally being here!!!!! Yeah for Haven coming back!!!!!!!

  17. navy girl

    love haven please hurry my dashing pirate {duke } is missing from my life. hope he and Audrey hook up

  18. Verna

    Still waiting for it to come back on. It is a really great show.

  19. litefaerie

    BRING BACK DUKE!!!! Love the Duke!

  20. Debbie Barr

    Anxiously awaiting word on season 5

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