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Haven season 6 ?

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Will there be Haven season 6? We want to know the premiere date of the new episodes in 2016. Bad news… Syfy cancelled the series after five seasons.

Yet in 2014 SyFy management confirmed the fifth season of Haven television series would have 26 episodes, 13 out of which were released in September the same year, and the release date of the second pack of 13 episodes was scheduled for October 8, 2015.

Such style o broadcast gave the critics a reason to doubt in the further development of the project as well as in its renewal for Season 6. Their fears were confirmed on August 18, 2015, when the rights holders reported that the show Haven wouldn’t be renewed for the sixth season and after the release of the last episode of the fifth season it would get a status “cancelled”.

The showrunner Gabrielle Stanton was the first to announce about the project cancelling. Also she said all episodes had already been filmed and the culmination turned to be quite logical, as the creators were ready the project wouldn’t be financed for the new season. The experts said the show was constantly losing its fans, becoming uninteresting, but was it like this?

Maybe it was too soon for the rights holders to cancel the show?

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  1. Karleen

    Typical Syfy! Booooooooo!

  2. Slyvia Haga

    I am so sorry to see this show go. I want to say I hate Syfy for this!

  3. Nano22

    Looking forward to the last 13 episodes…

  4. Bryan Poehler

    We’ve waited all this time for Season 5B to return and then they cancel it. Haven is one of the few shows we like. Please leave it on!

  5. Lukas

    I’m going to miss Haven ((( Really enjoyed the show. Wish it hadn’t been cancelled.

  6. Lani H.

    Why are the great shows always cancelled and the leave the cr*ppy ones????? I have already lost Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Sanctuary…Thank you very much Syfy!!!

  7. Mraaaa

    Please renew Haven for season 6. Great acting good drama, great plot lines! And I need Audrey and Nathan to be together forever. They are perfect for each other. RENEW!

  8. Lesa

    I love this show, it seems that anytime a great show comes out, they turn around and cancel or don’t renew, What’s up with that!????? I am extremely disappointed!

  9. comet969

    When you cancel a show they should at least air a summed up ending to the show and not leave it’s loyal viewers with nothing. Also when they make these shows with some much time in between series people tend to forget about them and think they are canceled.

  10. olliezeke

    In the future people will be wary to get involved with a series. This being the case all series will have low viewers thus dooming them all to cancellation. I loved haven, but won’t bother to get attached to the next “Great Series”. I’m pretty much “ticked off”!

  11. Eddie

    SYFY YOU S*CK…………..

  12. alex

    I love this show we just watch the end of season 5 and I was waiting for season six to I found ut it was cancel dammm syfy you really s*ck, the show most go on

  13. Carol

    It was one I was looking forward too. Just renewed my cable subscription so I could see it. BAD SYFI!!!!!!!

  14. John

    This is the fourth series syfy cancelled, leaving me hanging. Leave the good ones on and get rid of the reality cr*p.

  15. Rick

    Haven is one of SyFi’s better offerings, why they cancelled it is a mystery to me. Great cast, great story line, great all around. Far superior to shows like Face Off. Haven did not deserve to be cancelled.

  16. John

    Really, liked this show. Maybe syfy needs to find new investors to keep good programs on . This is the 5th show cancelled to writers or investors. Agree, would rather have shows like this than low class reality shows.

  17. Brigette

    What canceled!!! Why do you cancel all the good shows and keep the bad ones? Listen to your viewers Haven should not be cancelled!!!

  18. Kevin

    I’m about done with syfy channel because thay start but never finish this is why thay are loosing viewers there shows are fine if thay could finish for example haven or stargate universe

  19. Rena

    I love this show. I look forward to seeing what comes next. PLEASE leave it alone. It’s a great show.

  20. Rose

    I really want it to stay I hate leaving it like this maybe they could do a break off or a collision course with another show or a movie I just want to see so much more from Haven U can’t believe it’s ending I really don’t want it to honesty I wish we got a vote on it

  21. giovanna

    I really liked this show boooooo to you syfy.

  22. Brittany Maclin

    See this is why I don’t binge watch series no more because the writers, an director wanna go cancelling a good show on that has loyal viewers an syfy is no better I only watch your channel for haven an hellboy 1&2 reruns so much for that sad to say with haven gone you lost a good audience as well

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