Jul 15

Hellboy 3: release date

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When does «Hellboy 3» movie come out? What known about release date? We need third part!

Many years have passed since the sequel premiered, but the continuation of the movie for «Hellboy 3» is still being discussed. The release date, awaited by fans, is still unknown.

The first information about the third part was disclosed by Guillermo del Toro by himself. In one of his interviews for Entertainment Weekly the producer told he would film the third part of «Hellboy 3» if its current project named «Pacific Rim» was successful.

According to him, to create «Hellboy 3» movie he was inspired by a story about one boy named Zachary, who, being ill with leukemia, asked one of the charity organizations to make him meet with Hellboy. Ron Perlman was happy to wear the «red devil’s» suite once more to make Zachary’s dreams come true.

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  1. Peria

    Third ‘Hellboy’ Movie Coming in 2015 !!!!
    P.S. Pacific Rim – s*cks

    • anonymous


    • Calipso

      Pacific Rim is an awesome movie, with amazing graphics.
      I love Hellboy, I’m excited for a 3rd one.

      • Sonji M Kirk

        I can’t wait either, have you heard anything about the yet?

    • Lily

      It did stink

    • Carol Atkinson

      Can tell me when Hellboy 3 when would be release

  2. Groow K.

    I can’t wait to see the third part! Hurry up Mr. Guillermo del Toro !

  3. fan&luvhellboystory

    Just can’t wait to see those Hellboys twins being born, THAT will be phenomenom We all know many creatures eyes of the underworld will be watching as well, (that is, in the makebelieve world ) Who will the twins favor most mother or father 😀 or a little of both?! All of us Hellboy fans love Hellboy’s deep empathy of *HEART* His beautiful well grounded wfe, that has the gift of fire is a beautiful heart in all levels of the human soul. What a team of loyal friends Hellboy is blessed with… One who has friends as he does is greatly blessed and truly rich in the wealth of brotherly love. The good moral code that is the heart of Hellboy, his wife, and his family& friends are refreshing . People today are hungering to see good characters in todays movies, which is sadly lacking in movies caned and put on the big screens CaN’t, WaIt!!! for the next chapter of the Great store of Hellboy! A love story, A story about Warriors that fights evil from implementing and overruling mankind. Finish telling us Hellboy’s story, please,,,before it really gets to be end of the world.

  4. terame tedder

    Mr..Guillermo del Toro ,

    Please hurry up with hellboy 3, my kids n I absolutely loved the first n second hellboy movies n have long awaited the third! We watch 1 & 2 on DVD alot b my 8yr old son Beggs for the day that the release of hellboy 3 to come!

  5. Mary

    Funny, I’m not usually into this kind of movie but I loved both and have been waiting to see a third where they start their family!! Considering stress and anger turn this gal ablaze, I’ve wondered how the birthing situation will go;-)

  6. Rae

    Hurry up….were dying over here!!!! Cannot wait til Hellboy 3!!!!!!!

  7. mic neilson

    Have been waiting ever since hellboy 2 ended.
    but watch gl.toros other movies the best

  8. Talia

    I like HellBoy because he is good person in the movies and they are funny

  9. Sonji M Kirk

    Pacific Rim was awesome and only die hard fans of movies like that would know and appreciate a movie like that. I love both Hell Boys and One is my favorite till this day to watch. Like two also. I can’t wait to see Hell Boy 3 we have been waiting to long.

  10. Rhonda

    I will be very disappointed if Hellboy 3 is never made. I never tire of watching one and two. Don’t leave us hanging.

  11. Ochenta Lowry

    Happy to tell you and your kids that it’s Rated-R….

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