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«Is this a Zombie?» season 3: release date

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Will «Is this a Zombie?» have a season 3? Official release date is known?

A series of light novels «Is this a Zombie?» by Shinichi Kimura was adapted by Studio Deen into one complete anime series. Story about high school girl Ayumu Aikawa, who is a zombie, achieved high audience ratings, which led to production of 23 episodes (not counting OVA).

After the final episode, creators are planning to release OVA-film to highlight the aired episodes. But there is no information about the production of «Is this a Zombie?» Season 3. Release date which hasn’t been announced yet is lively discussed on Japanese Internet resources. Most fans believe that the new episodes will be aired at the end of 2013, but firs everyone is looking forward to the promised OVA.

The creators emphasize that digital realization of the series is the main factor for Season 3 production.

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