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«Is this a Zombie?» season 3: release date

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Will «Is this a Zombie?» have a season 3? Official release date is known?

A series of light novels «Is this a Zombie?» by Shinichi Kimura was adapted by Studio Deen into one complete anime series. Story about high school girl Ayumu Aikawa, who is a zombie, achieved high audience ratings, which led to production of 23 episodes (not counting OVA).

After the final episode, creators are planning to release OVA-film to highlight the aired episodes. But there is no information about the production of «Is this a Zombie?» Season 3. Release date which hasn’t been announced yet is lively discussed on Japanese Internet resources. Most fans believe that the new episodes will be aired at the end of 2013, but firs everyone is looking forward to the promised OVA.

The creators emphasize that digital realization of the series is the main factor for Season 3 production.

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  1. Desert Fox

    Very promising anime, made me laugh harder than I thought I would’ve. The protagonist moments to “shine”, however, was decimated by his…”Ravishing” costume. But I guess the creators were aiming for a more humorous plot than a serious one. A good, relaxing anime, it certainly takes your mind off of Code Geass’ ending. ;_;

    • Wolfcol13

      I know right, dat code geass ending 🙁
      Lelouch is my all time favorite anime main char, and that ending… well you know

      • Pating049


        Lelouch is still alive,
        watch the Code Geass Akito the Exiled :3

        • anime freak

          No he is actually dead
          That is some one that look like him

        • Otaku

          no Code Geass Akito the Exiled is staged before the events of season 2

  2. Desert Cow

    Very funny anime, really liked it.

  3. berry

    The series ended badly. They really want the viewers for a season 3

  4. bigger

    I want a third season! I’d rage if that were the case. Is there no announcement yet ? I’m missing

  5. CJ

    hmm, no one noticed that it says that Ayumu is a girl in the answer?

    • AmazinG_RG

      I know right. That how you know they never watched the anime before.

  6. Djfannywang

    Thankyou^^^^ I thought I was the only one to notice -_-

  7. Animelovie

    The second season really aimed for a third season, it couldn’t just end there!

    • vinniegt500

      It better not end there, if they don’t make a third season, I’m going to rip someone’s f***ing head off .

      • crow7789

        that is exactly how i feel

      • Willprogaming

        I agree I will suffer

    • Jeremy Anderson

      Also Sekirei season 3 renewed reboot too it not over is not dead.

  8. Anime fan Loki

    I hope Is this a zombie? and Is this a zombie? of the dead! have a third season come out cuz I want to see all the unanswered plots get played out and come to the climax because there are so many unanswered questions yet… When I started to watch this series I didn’t think I’d get into it much but it amused me so much and enjoyed the laughs it gave me so much that I can’t wait to see more..

  9. vinniegt500

    This is better than Naruto, they HAVE GOT to make more seasons, right?!!!???

    • anime freak

      Are u crazy
      Naruto owns forever

      • Cactus

        I’m sorry but Naruto is just an anime that is literally filled with fillers and Is this is a zombie done a much better job that the 300+ episodes. it has comedy whilst naruto does not, it has romance while Naruto doesnt, the list is almost endless.

      • ThePeen

        naurto blows worst anime ever

        • Yoshua Joustra

          Hey have you heard anything on a season 3 yet, ii really f**king love this show

  10. Aaron

    No Naruto is still the best, your looking at the worlds greatest and respectful fans. But you have a point about it being amazing

  11. DarkDragonMasta

    uh on typo he is no a high school girl two can’t wait for season three they kind of did say so and that it would just take a while

  12. Matt

    Yeah,uh Aaron,Naruto’s the best for you,but for me,it’s not.I lost interest in it years ago,OVER 350 EPISODES!!???!! Sorry but I have a life…
    But really Nisekoi is pretty awesome

  13. Alexander Saavedra

    Ayumu Aikawa isn’t a girl dude. Ayumu Aikawa is a guy. He is a zombie magical garment girl that is a guy.

  14. Cjp

    Uh Matt you can’t judge if you can’t keep up with the anime. If this was like naruto then we wouldn’t all be here begging for a third season. They would already be on it lol.

  15. JesseM200

    It ended in the middle of no were
    so there has got to be more (:

    • ANIME!!!!

      Hopefully your right, the same thing happened with Rosario + Vampire though. I hope this dosnt turn it to that.

  16. darkdragongaming

    it really made me sad when season 2 ended i just recently started watching this and was wondering if they were going to make a season 3. When I find a good anime and it ends (like bleach) it feels like there is a hole in my heart. Does anybody else feel that way?

    • ibod

      yep i feel the same way also a home from rosario + vampire and from the familer of zero (havnt dubbed series 2 yet)

      • Citreous

        The familiar of zero was just a great anime but i think that they shouldnt make any more seasons because even though there is a lot to play with plot wise but it would just be re-cycled episodes. The creator i think (correct me if im wrong) passed away so i think they should just leave it there. :-<

        • Willprogaming

          Citreous not pass away the sales everyone is watching it in YouTube that’s why no good sales but they love it. If they passed away, it’s impossible there lots of anime so they all passed away? Inpossible!

    • crow7789

      i totally feel that way

  17. DevilishTony

    It’s probably a “read the manga” type ending

  18. darkfire

    Still no season 3 why .PS. does anyone know where i can find the manga

  19. Nick

    Its about a guy that is a zombie that can transform into a magical garnet girl, but in my case, he should be called a magical garnet guy.

  20. Notched

    They have to make a season 3 cuz haruna didn’t get her powers back from the pink hair chick yet

  21. MyHeavyGunner

    it’s bin 2 years WHEN IS SEASON 3 COMING OUT!!??

  22. joseph

    well i just finished the second season and it seems like theres still a lot more to tell personally i hope there will be a season its almost 2015 only a couple months away from the new year hope they come out with a third season before then

  23. john

    They just end s2 wiv a pomise of a S3 lot of people r waiting for it

    • Kieran

      I read somewhere that season 3 is currently being discussed. If that’s true, then they’re most likely trying to figure out if they have enough Manga or Light Novels released to support a 3rd season. It’s been a HUGE problem the last couple of years, Production company’s are picking up Light Novels and Manga to make Anime to fill time slots. I’m not a hundred percent sure but I think they did that with Sekirei. They made an Anime when the Manga was only like…8 Chapters into the story. That’s why it’ll be a a good while before we see 3rd Season of animes like Highschool DXD, Infinite Stratos, Is this a Zombie and Highschool of the Dead. It’s kind of a let down but until they officially announce they’re not renewing an anime theres always hope 🙂

      Just Don’t wait for the 3rd season buy the Manga

  24. Zachary

    ISAZ is my fav anime! There better be a season 3 or else! I love the theme song and everything about the show! Come on!

  25. ThatWeirdGuyYouKnow

    this is the best anime i have ever watched n i’ve watched alot of anime especially highschool dxd i hope there’s a season 3

  26. Ian

    I’ve watched many anime shows. But Is This a Zombie? was by far the best in my opinion. I seriously think they should make a 3rd season. I think it only hasn’t gone too well with it’s sales cause it hasn’t really reached a large audience yet. I think that once it is fully exposed that it’ll gain loads of sales.

    Again, by far my favourite anime. I can watch it for hours and not get bored, unlike so many I’ve watched. Never a dull moment in my mind.

  27. Justin

    If anybody noticed that at the end of the OVA he says it may be awhile but I’m sure we will see each other again sometime. I pretty sure their will be a season 3 if no announcements are made by end of 2015 then I would think that there will not be a season 3.

    • Just a Random Guy

      LOL IT IS THE END OF 2015

  28. Jordan

    oh ok i really loved the show tho hope they really make a season 3

  29. Kojou

    “JUSTIN” really they really said that!!! OMAYGSD… I didn’t even noticed about that!!! This by far my favorite anime…and I was getting a let down for the S3 but when I read that It give me hope ” THANKS JUSTIN”. Nice Info :)))))) 😀

  30. Is their????

    I just finished watching (this is a zombie) and I want more!! if they don’t decide to make season 3 it will be devastating!!… does any one know if they have continued making this anime on manga if so please comment. Also I have been looking at other site and still no luck finding out if they are continuing this great amime :(((

    • Jordan

      well i deeply think if there arent any in 2015 we might give up 🙁 btw ayumu is awesomeXD

  31. Tyler_Carson_012

    It is nearly December of 2015, the situation seems pretty dire, but I am still holding on for hope of season 3

  32. Jaeha

    My heart can’t handle this for much longer. I want season 3 to be out very soon!

    I mean it’s December 2015 already.

  33. Just a Random Guy


  34. Darkanomly14 (Jorge)

    They have to have a third season they have too! It’s already 2016! It’s been way too long. I know many people love this anime and by far it’s one of my absolute favorites along with Infinite stratos Highschool dxd and even Rosario + vampire. If anything I would give up almost anything I could just to make a 3rd season. So…THEY ,UST COME OUT WITH A THIRD SEASON! Not only that the plot of S2 wasn’t finished. So S3 MUST COME OUT!

    • Jesus hurtado

      I agree

  35. Willprogaming

    -.- give up people, it’s not coming out.when u saw that smile in last season 2 vid that smile =end:(
    Just watch something else guys it’s gone forever
    Gives up 🙁
    Because the sales wasn’t good so they decided to stop because every second they make a pic. And a season is hard work

  36. Mr. Hellscythe

    I don’t want them to make a third season, I NEED them to make a third season. This was the best anime I’ve ever seen, it’s phenomenal, and having only two seasons is dreadful… They left off at the biggest cliffhanger; not finishing it would be cruel. The show is witty and comical, but you fall for the characters, and want to live in that house with Ayumu. I would even start a petition to finish this show haha (the manga was great but I’d love to have closure to the anime story arcs which differ). I hope one day this comes true, and once more we can see Eu.

    That’s my two cents ! Thanks !

  37. samantha

    want a third season just found this and its great really makes me laugh very interesting



  39. demon lord

    there is no season 3 still now

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