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High School DxD season 4

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Will there be a season 4 of High School DxD anime? When will the new episodes come out? We are waiting for the release in 2016.

Light novel series High School DxD, written by Ichiei Ishibumi, has already won a worldwide popularity and has got many positive reviews of experts. It is illustrated by Miyama-Zero, and published by Fujimi Shobo. Since 2011 manga was presented to fans, and since 2012 they watched the anime adaptation, produced by TNK experts.

At the moment the broadcast of the third anime season is to be over in Japan and the fans started asking about the renewal of the series for Season 4. Of course, the creators have enough materials for the new episodes, despite the fact that the anime plot left manga behind. The writer Ichiei Ishibumi keeps working and is unlikely to finish his work in the nearest future, that’s why there is no doubt that the fourth season of anime adaptation will be released, the only question is funding.

The rights holders aren’t ready to announce the release date of the new episodes until the profit from the third season isn’t calculated, that’s why till the end of 2015 we are unlikely to get the information on the given matter. Now we should only hope that the fans won’t have to wait again year and a half to the new season release and already in the middle of 2016 the renewal will be released.

High School DxD season 4 – [N/A, wait]

It should be mentioned that the manga High School DxD is being sold very well and it’s about the world market, not just Japanese one. English version of the first edition took the second place in the list of bestsellers according to New York Times, let the first place to Pokémon Adventures (Diamond and Pearl/Platinum).

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  1. Jesse S.

    We still hope season 4 will come 2 us sooner or later … I think in the spring of 2016

    • gavin

      if it dont i will be soooooooooooooooooooooooo sad

      • Cam

        I’d cry till I don’t have fluids in my body if I don’t get my boob

        • AtNv_SNIP3D

          haha same

    • lito

      well its 2017 now so… your 100% wrong hopefully this year doe just go watch he specials of high school dxd while u wait 15 mins of a episode a day should last u a while

      • stucklobster

        I think it will be feb of 2018

    • anthony

      did it come out wet

  2. Roy

    When we can see high school dxd season 4 ?

    • Paula

      Season 4 is unconfirmed as of now

  3. KumaBig

    Hope season 4 will come soon!

  4. Paik--

    Looking forward to when season 4 gets announced someday.

  5. Wriggles

    I can’t wait for season 4 to come out, I loved the first,second and third season so much they were funny and quite emotional too if I’m being honest.

    • ashley

      i also think its qutie emotional. to my suprise im really emotionally attached to this anime and can’t wait till season 4 comes out

      • devon

        me too

    • Liam

      Can’t wait for season 4 it was the only anime with lots of nudity and major romance. Lucifer pls let season 4 come out soon . Very soon.

      Oh Lucifer pls. It’s already almost the end of summer. Pls Lucifer. Realize season 4 should have come out by now

  6. LALA

    cant wait for season 4 😀 😀 😀

  7. jimmy lee

    season 4 coming out in 2015 dec.

    • loli king

      how do you know?

    • ashley

      its not out

    • Nate

      The OVA’s came out in 12/2015 – 02/2016 .. the actually Season 4 has not been announced yet

  8. Derek

    Please make this a reality.

  9. demario

    I hope to see it by 2016 in the spring because I love
    Highschool DxD

    • sisqo

      me too hope so

  10. David Dobbs

    The last two nights I watched all 3 seasons and every episode and let me say this I’m so looking for season 4 to come out.

  11. LoganK

    Same here. But I wish rias wasn’t so jealous all the timeso we could see Akeno and issie get it on

    • Raymond

      I think Rias and Issie need to become more than sleeping buddies, they just need to end with them actually being in a relationship/get married. just my opinion take it as you see fit.

      • Val

        I agree so much man, issei needs to stop being a puss XD

      • dan

        read the light novels, it goes further in depth with Rias and Issie’s relationship. Ps: Spoilers dont read or glance over, warned. Rias and Issei start dating.

    • devon

      yea she is my favorite

      • josh van dijk

        i 100% agree they should that is what i am waiting for it they do i will be sooooooo happy i cant wait for season 4

  12. Josh

    Really hope high school DXD season 4comes out soon because it is my favorite anime of all time and can’t wait for it for years

  13. alex

    hope it comes out soon best anime show ever

  14. alex

    and season 4 will come out in 2016

  15. Lord Kirigashi

    Alrighty, i think we should donate them some money so season 4 can hopefully get release don’t you?

  16. WHY!


  17. I Cant Wait

    I cant wait for season 4 the sooner the better time flies for me so yea when it does come out I’m ready I hope rias and issie get it on or someone get it on with issie we most likely wont see it because it would be classed a hentai if it already isn’t one well idk but yea

  18. anonymous

    I have found many websites that have said that the 4th season will be released in the december of 2015 but it is much more likely that it will be released in early to mid 2016.

  19. Frost

    I have Been told to watch high school dxd and i have completed all 3 seasons and i have loved every episode of it and i have started looking into the relase date for season 4 and i have found that season 4 should be here in December or the begining of 2016 so we shouldnt have to wait much longer to wait for the best anime in my opion to be here. Cant wait till end of this month or begining of 2016 to be here. keep up the good work season 4 will be awsome as have every episode has been. The wait should be over really soon this month or next month CANT WAIT 🙂

  20. Issei Dragneel

    I have heard rumors about Highschool DxD season 4 that it was supposed to be released sometime in December but I haven’t heard anything about it in a while so I hoping that it will come out this year or early 2016 I’m hoping that its around the first week of January

  21. LORDPoptart22

    So has anyone found out more info on season 4 yet

  22. Jack Healey

    Season 4 has officially been confirmed but no specific timing tho, as of people said it will either be the end of December, beginning of January, or the middle of 2016, I believe in this Anime tv series so much because the first episode i was so attached to it.

    • Isaac

      You are the man, thanks for the info

  23. Assaad

    Make a season 4

  24. dantycapacorn

    I really wonder if girls witches the show because I think the show is for boys

    • Pervforlife

      I watched it and loved it, and I’m a girl, not all boobie animes are just for guys, I like me some boobs too


        are you a lesbian

  25. jaohnsd

    I’m thinking winter or fall of 2016

  26. CJ

    I’m a really huge fan of High School DxD. I don’t care how long I have to wait, but I hope I get to see season 4 soon.

  27. isilng

    The real released on April 2016 that is that real date guys
    and the DVD release on December 2015 or 2016 that’s is that real info

  28. william

    I cant wait to watch season 4 when will it come man

  29. mike

    I remember reading that it should come out April of 2016, so this month. I hope it’s right.

  30. Farron

    I can’t wait I’ve watched all the season’s over and over

  31. Wavingseas

    Is it confirmed that there IS going to be the 4th season?

  32. Tim

    After Watching HSDxD BorN i really hope its not renewed for a fourth season. The second half of Season 3 was a complete trash ending sequence after Koneko met her sister. They brought Loki in at that point and completely jumped away from the Light Novel and its completely stupid after that. I hate needless alternate endings because Studios are lazy.

  33. philip homer gumaban

    i want next high school dxd season 4 .please i like this anime .please make this anime until 20th season .please ,please,please. il like this anime please. this is better than NARUTO SHIPPUDEN . i like this anime . ther are many joke’s at it .hahaha .please make until season 20th .pleasssee.

  34. kaleb

    i love this anime series I hope to god there will be a season 4if there is not ill be sad I fell In love with this series the moment I saw it plz come out with a next season who with me

    • Val

      Me boy

  35. Bryce

    Its comeing out in summer or fall 2016

  36. Unknown

    may be on this year…

  37. Pervforlife

    I just spent my 4 day weekend and am now failing 3 classes for this anime…. come on people give me a season 4!! :'(

  38. shubham

    Please release the 4th season I love this toooooooo much so please release 4th season. Plz plz plz plz plz plz release the 4th season plz plz plz. Accept my request and release the 4season plz . I love it very much .

  39. Tyler

    I’m with all these guys

  40. Dash

    Make the dreams of the people a reality. Season four should be out in the fall get ready

  41. Phillip M Adams

    I can’t for the big show of High School of season 4, but its all ready reach the end school out, in early of July 4th, 2016

  42. LEO

    its summer of 2016 and the fourth season still isnt anounced


    • Val

      Me too bro… Me too:'(

  43. john

    wow so have anyone heard if season 4 is going to be market yet it all ready september and high school dxd season 4 is not out yet

  44. AnimeForever

    That Anime was the best anime ive ever watched they better have a season 4

  45. TheBlueDragon

    I SWEAR TO SATAN (saying Satan cuz god is dead in the show) IF THEY DONT REALESE SEASON 4 I WILL CRY AND SCREAM FOR YEARS!!!!

  46. Thelion1231

    I will be sooooooooo sad because it was one of the first anime I have ever seen in my life and it was one of the best so please bring it back

  47. Mario123

    Highschool dxd is my fave anime ever its funny it has a little ecchi. I have been waiting for season 4
    for forever i watched season 1-3 like 10 times. I still like season 1-3 but i want a new beginning. Its almost 2017 and were is the new season 4. Are they done with this anime series?

    • ferrer

      the same here, ever since I herd about season 4. I look at the plot change, a little as 4 to 5 episode go on.

  48. Donald

    Feb 18, 2017 Boo Hoo it still isn’t out yet, what do I need to do, Buy Season 3 from Funimation? I got the Japan subtitled season 3 bluray already, thinking it was the dubbed version from Funimation.

  49. Akumawraith

    I own all the original Light novels as well as the mangas. Ive gotten what I could in english as well. I have all three seasons of the anime and have been waiting for an update for season 4. Its nearly march of 2017 and there has still been no word.

    Sales have been great. Demand is skyrocketing and yet the studio is dragging their feet.

    Not Cool at all.

  50. Anthony

    I really really love this series I really hope they make a new one

  51. SHANE

    Obviously they have the money why don’t they just tell us

  52. Dave_ave

    still w8ing 4 Season 4 D:

  53. Jaylord

    Please release the season 4 as soon as passible

  54. Jomuel

    please release the 4th season of highschool dxd !?

  55. AnimELOVErDxD

    Well it’s barely 2018 and it has not been released yet

  56. ferrer

    I will read the books, if I have too. just to see if my outcome is the same as the writers. and when dose he realize he has his harem already. all the girls want to go with him, when he leaves even rias. Or when he realize that Rias is his by defeating Riser, And how dose he help Rossweisse with her problem?

  57. camfight3r

    its 2018 and its not out

  58. saber-cub

    It will be out in april. Name:High School DxD Hero

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