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Nisekoi season 3

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When will a season 3 of Nisekoi be released? What about the premiere date for the new episodes? Are there season 3 of anime or there will be only manga?

The first chapter of romantic comedy manga series Nisekoi was published in Jump NEXT! magazine in January 2011 and later it was serialized by Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. Its English version appeared in November 2012 and before that period the given manga had become popular in Japan.

The first season of anime adaptation was launched in January last year and in addition to 12 episodes three OVA were developed. Later the project was developed for the second season with the premiere in April 2015. At the moment the broadcast of the second pack of episodes is over and the creators are working on OVA, which release is scheduled for October 26, 2015.

As for the third season, it isn’t ordered yet and the experts don’t hurry to take any decision on that matter. It is only known that the manga is very popular in Japan, but some differences between plot of manga and anime displeased demanding fans. This time Shaft experts, engaged in the adaptation, should try hard to provide only positive reviews for Nisekoi in its third season. Otherwise, it will affect the project negatively.

At the moment the rights holders don’t have the exact data on the profits from the second season, and DVD release hasn’t started yet. That’s why the information on the third season ordering is unlikely to be announced until the end of 2015, but we will be following Shaft news and will tell you about the results as soon as they appear.

Let’s wait for the official confirmation and support anime! Are you waiting for Season 3?

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  1. ==GRA==

    S2 was a disappointing season… The last episode made no sense and season 3 is needed.

    • annon

      yeah he’s right

  2. Claura

    The last episode was disappointing! But I can’t wait for 3rd season

  3. SmuRRy

    I loved the first season, but this season was kind of cr*p. I hope the season 3 will be release soon…

  4. ChaoSSS

    its so pissed me off please make it fast to season 3

  5. ShuuIsBest

    Season 2 was ok, not much plot development, but having read the manga up to its current releases, I can say with some confidence that seasons in the future, maybe even season 3, will be pretty good.

  6. hshs

    Just be glad

  7. Jade

    Please let there be a season 3…I love this animeanime…

  8. #TeamChitoge

    S3 this upcoming winter or Spring :D! I love this anime and this anime made me, Realize how dense am i! Pls do have season3 I Love this anime sooooo much!

  9. #TeamChitoge

    are you sure?!

  10. Rina

    I want more Chitoge.
    I want a little less Harem and more the girls’ friendship with each other.
    I want more Chitoge.
    I want more episodes per season.
    I want more Chitoge.
    I want to know who can open the locket.
    I want more Chitoge.
    I want Raku to make up his mind.
    I want more Chitoge.
    I want a lot of things… I guess I’m greedy.

    • Chance

      nah nah nah its all about Onodera

    • John

      Hahaha! its September 2016 already and still no season 3. but I love the 3 girls!!! <3<3 chigoche is the confusing/ open one, Onodera is shy and cute, and the third (forgot her name) is suuuper little sister kind of girl and so huggy!!!



  12. Kartik badadal

    I am very excited for 3rd season of nisekoi please don’t disappoint me

  13. krosx

    Its already august 30, 2017 and still no news or update regarding for the season 3 x.x

  14. derek

    is this post dead i wish there is a s3 im so f*cking sad you leave us at the mercy of hollowness 🙁 i wish they would makie up there minds and make an annoucement saying there is no s3 or its happening just give us updates i hope im not getting my hopes up for absolutly nothing (sorry for my typo,new keyboard)

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