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«How I Met Your Mother» season 9: release date

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When will «How I Met Your Mother» season 9 air? Premiere date is known!

TV show-survivor of CBS channel called «How I Met Your Mother» premiered in September, 2005. The fact that during all the period of Carter Bays’ show broadcast it gained huge attention of the audience was really striking. In the middle of the eighth season the amount of its fans increased to 10 million (in USA). That is what influenced the creators’ decision to start working on continuation of the show «How I Met Your Mother» Season 9. Release date for the new episodes didn’t keep itself waiting long and soon the fans were announced that the premier episode of the ninth season would be broadcast on CBS in September, 2013.

Before making the official announcement concerning show continuation, it was necessary to confirm the cast, since the major characters were the main reason of such a success. Some problems rose with contract of Jason Segel, who could ruin the show with his rejection. The actor was against the new shooting, but still he signed the contract.

«How I Met Your Mother» season 9 premiere – [September 23, 2013]

Season 9 has been confirmed to be the last one and it is in 2014 when we know who the mother of Ted Mosby’s children is.

What do you want out of new season? Leave your reply below!

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  1. Trevor

    I hope Season 9 returns back to the shows former fantastic quality.

  2. nicol

    great family-show! maybe you make season 10 or spinn-off ?

  3. Michele

    Spin-offs never seem to do as well as the original, so leave well enough alone. Season 9 is the final season and it will be legen…wait for it…..dary

    • sagar

      Its so good to be true man…it will be legen wait for it dary…

  4. tapik

    i need season 10!!!! =)

  5. Other Amber

    Please please return to the original quality.. I am a die-hard fan & season 8 was, well.. Sucky. & Jason Segel I hope is up to par! I wonder why he didn’t want to continue..

  6. Angel

    NO SEASON 10! YESSS!!!!!! okay okay i love this show but i was horrified to hear about season 8 not being the last because i just want to see how it ends so i will buy the last 2 seasons and i shall be happy with no 10th season.

  7. Maydam

    I have re watched each episode like 1,000 times. Can,t wait for season 9…..

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