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Humans season 2 premiere date

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When will Humans season 2 come out on AMC? We want to know the premiere date of the new episodes. Let’s wait for the early start in 2016!

A joint TV project of Kudos and AMC Studios titled Humans was launched on Channel 4 already in June 14, 2015. In the USA it premiered in two weeks.

The given television series in the genre of science fiction got the highest ratings on Channel 4 since the times of The Camomile Lawn release (1992), and also was mentioned by media as “one of 2015’s dramatic hits”. The cast was appreciated by critics, but the plot itself was considered “old had” by some experts.

The storyline focuses on the parallel world, where the new gadgets – high-tech robots-servants, who look eerily similar to humans, gained the extreme popularity. One of such servants was bought by the family, living in the suburbs. Soon they realize that life together with the machine entails dire consequences…

At the moment experts are sure that the show deserves to be renewed for Season 2, but the rights holders aren’t ready to make an announcement on that account untill the end of eight episodes in the USA.

Humans season 2 premiere date – [October 30, 2016 UK] (UPDATE 2)

Humans season 2 premiere date – [February 13, 2017 US] (UPDATE 2)

Let’s hope that the second season will be ordered soon and we will know its release date. Let’s wait.

UPDATE 1 (July 31, 2015): Great news! AMC with Channel 4 and Kudos has renewed the freshman drama Humans for an eight-episode Season 2.

UPDATE 2 (April 21, 2016): The eight-episode second season is slated to premiere in the UK in late 2016 and 2017 in the U.S.

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  1. Ray

    I’m hooked. They need to keep this show!!!

  2. Patricia S.

    I love British shows and Humans I will definitely be watching. Make season 2! Give them a chance!

  3. Vllon

    This makes me happy, I have been so enjoying this show. I am so glad it has been renewed. YYAAAAAYYYY!!!!

  4. Mr. PaGGop

    Glad we’re getting a season two.

  5. Erica

    I love this show so much! I really hope that series 2 addresses why Anita/Mia took Sophie out of her bed and went walking with her in the rain during the first episode. Everything but that makes sense. They never show where she took her, and it wasn’t brought up again. It drives me crazy because it doesn’t seem like an action that either of her “personalities” would have done. It seems to have to do with her drowning memories, but that doesn’t explain the smile on her face when she was walking, or why she would risk getting a child sick by getting her soaking wet in the middle of the night and then trying to hide the evidence.
    I can’t wait for series 2!!!

  6. Kirk T.

    Thanks AMC, I loved the first season of Humans…a big thumbs up…
    Sad to see Hell on Wheels is in it’s last season though…thumbs down on that one…
    Hope to see a new Wild West Show to take its place.

  7. James

    8 episodes? Looks like it won’t be getting a season 3. Pity. I thought it had some real potential.

  8. Riungsd


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