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Humans season 3 release date

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humans season 3 release date

When will Humans season 3 come out? When does the series return on AMC? we want to know the release date in 2017!

Experts report about the rapid fall of the rating of the series Humans. Do creators plan the third season of the show in such circumstances? Are they ready to announce a release date of new episodes?

At the moment, the representatives of Channel 4 are very concerned that the number of fans of the series was reduced to the level of 1.6 million people (at homeland), because even in the first season, their number has exceeded the mark of 5 million people. Despite of several nominations for the prestigious film award of the project, it could not demonstrate a high rating in the UK and it is believed that the same situation will be on American television.

AMC channel representatives do not conceal their disappointment about poor performance of the series Humans at home, but still it does not mean that in 2017 there will be not a third season.

Humans season 3 release date – [2018] (will be updated)

Discussion of financing for new episodes is still not completed (UPDATE 1), but we are following the announcements. The formal decision we will post here as soon as it appears. Don’t miss!

UPDATE 1 (Jan.16, 2017): Good news! AMC has signed an overall deal with creators/executive producers of the network’s sci-fi drama Humans.

UPDATE 2 (March 27, 2017): AMC has renewed Humans for Season 3.

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