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Knights of Sidonia season 3

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When will Knights of Sidonia season 3 be released? What about the new episodes’ premiere in 2016? We are waiting for the start of development!

Manga Knights of Sidonia (Shidonia no Kishi) is being written by Tsutomu Nihei, and its first chapter has been published by Afternoon magazine in 2009. Vertical is engaged in the publication of English version.

Manga popularity let Polygon Pictures experts focus on its anime adaptation and in 2013 the works started. The release date in Japan was scheduled for April 2014, and the final of the season was broadcast in June. In March 2015 an anime film was presented, and the second season consisting of 12 episodes was released in April. The show got many positive responses of experts of Japanese anime/game industry, and famous Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series, even suggested it unique.

The anime is popular not only on its motherland, but also in other countries, including the USA. On Netfix the release of the second season took place on July 3, 2015 and the number of fans of Tsutomu Nihei’s work increased dramatically.

At the moment the rights holders are counting profits from the broadcast and preparing the release on DVD, but it isn’t going about ordering the third season of anime. The officials don’t hide that the renewal is quite possible, as the success of the adaptation is obvious, it is too early to announce the release date of the new episodes. Taking into account preliminary results, profit from Knights of Sidonia worldwide allowed developing Season 3, but the creators don’t want to make hasty decisions.

We should only follow the announcements of Polygon Pictures and support the anime! Follow the updates! Are you waiting for the third season?

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  1. Ruse

    Just finished episode 12. Now I’m ready for season 3. Hurry up!

  2. LouuLo

    Finished season two. Cannot wait for the next season! Very awesome!

  3. --SiKoRa--

    Can’t wait for season 3!

  4. Marko9

    Season 2 was awesome Will there be a 3rd season?

  5. Rain

    just finished, sad to see it end but hopefully season three will be awesome.

  6. ash

    Just completed season 2 and absolutely loved it! As I did the 1st season. Please get 3 underway soon. Need my sidonia fix

  7. Gabe

    Season 2 episode 12 was epic. I’m usually not a big mecha anime fan but their is something different about this one that makes it so much better. I’ve never followed an anime as close as I follow this one. Their was several plot holes left open and many things about kunato that were left unanswered. Keep up the great work polygon pictures

  8. danny

    just finished season two and i love this anime jumped to the top 3 favorite please make season 3

  9. folker46

    The problem with a season three is the manga is “jumping the shark.” Everything has to keep getting bigger and bigger, to the point of it being stupid.
    The main characters love interest is the hybrid? Not the human girl who loves him?
    Things are getting so outrageous it’s becoming comedy and not serious sci/fi.

    • Mikeym_us

      It is actually the other way around and way more complicated than that. The main character is in love with the first girl who died and came back as a Ena clone who is still in love with him but her daughter Tsmugi is also in love with the main character as well for some weird reason. And the other now female pilot friend of the main character became female because she fell in love with him. So this is way more complicated than a love triangle.

  10. To-San

    Saw this one day scrolling threw Netflix and since I’ve always had this yearning to know what happens next can not wait for season three. 10000 stars my friends keep up the good work

  11. James

    Cant wait till season 3. Ive grown quite fond of this sieries. The story is very intriging, and the emotions of each charicter done so well that i can acually feel them myself. Corny i know, but put simply, i havent been this attached to an anime and its art since bleach and full metal alcemist the brother hood. The creaters of knights of sindonia have done amazing work. Im sure season 3 will be a great adition to the story, can hardly wait. 🙂

  12. Dustin

    Knights of Sidonia is simply put just an excellent series. There’s so much left to tie up story wise that it would be foolish of the production team not to take it at far as they can. It could easily run another season, and probably two before there was ANY danger of it getting tired.
    I’ll be watching and waiting with great excitement for this anime to continue on, and probably wind up rewatching the first two seasons 2 or 3 times for all of the well written action, drama, comedy, and excellent character development in the mean time.
    This show is just great, and it is in my opinion, a matter of when and not if, there will be another season. Congradulations to the writers on an amazing adaptation so far, and here’s looking forward to another two dozen (at least) great episodes 🙂

    • Tsugomori

      I love knights of Sidonia and I’m glad someone else enjoys it as much as me I’ve watched both seasons 3 times lol

  13. Tsugomori

    I cried the last episode (SPOILER ALERT) when he gave Hiroshi his medal I wish hoshijiro was still alive :_(
    Love this series to death

  14. TheLoneKnight

    Pllleeeaaasssseeeee help ! I’ve never really been into anime like as in at all I thought nothing of it UNTIL I watched Knights of Sidonia and omg I cant wait for season 3 is there any other mech type animes that are worth a watch while I wait for season three ? (PREFERABLY ENGLISH SPEAKING?)

    • Beau

      Mobile suit Gundam 8th MS team. I’m not a huge anime fan either, but this was a pretty respectable one

    • James

      Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet. This anime was what brought me to Knights of Sindonia. Simply put, its touching and mysterious. Was wouldnt have seen KoS (Knights of Sindonia) if not for this anime 🙂

    • Ashamon

      Record of the Lodoss War

  15. Amy

    I started watching this on netflix and I was blown away by the depth of the story, unique it certainly is though it does remind me of my love for Robotech. I am defiantly waiting on a 3rd season! I may have to write some fan fiction till then.

  16. andy

    Its not a mecha anime but attack on titan is very very very good loved knights s3 now plz

  17. Wells

    Can’t wait for season three just watched the first two seasons for like the 100th time .please let’s us know if there will be a third

  18. HSBAD2016

    I absolutely love watching this anime and I can watch it over and over again and never get bored of watching it. All the action and the little bit of drama is a great mix for this series. I cannot wait to be able to watch season 3!!!!! The story line is absolutely amazing and how Nagate Tanikaze goes from being a under dweller to a first class top of the line garde pilot is what makes this a really great story.

  19. Voice

    This is such a fantastic and amazing series that it really deserves an true and honest closure to the story lines. It’s really sad that there are so many TV shows and series that are left wide open. That is a great and unfortunate disservice to the fan base. I really hope there is a season three and, if not, at least really consider a couple of feature length films to finish the stories to please the fans. Years from now there can always be a “new adventures of the Knights of Sidonia.”

    • HSBAD2016

      They don’t want to be hasty with releasing season 3 they are taking a lot of statistics into account before they release it.
      “At the moment the rights holders are counting profits from the broadcast …” As said in this paragraph.

  20. KoS LOVER


  21. Kitsune

    You can’t end it this way. It’s like the ending of the original full metal alchemist, there’s so many questions still not answered and so many plots not ventured.

  22. Crystal

    I loved it. Season 3, can’t wait……

  23. Red10x

    Watched seasons 1 and 2 three times already. If they don’t come out with a 3rd season I’ll….I’ll….I’ll…guess I’ll have to watch the first two seasons again.

  24. Ross

    Just finished season 2, very good so far!!! Please hurry up with season 3

  25. dylan

    please create season 3 it was great the first two seasons but i think it would be better if we had s3

  26. Brittney

    My husband, daughter and I love this series. Can’t wait for season 3.

  27. vic redvan

    i stumbled into this anime on netflix . im so happy i did enjoyed every episode .cant wait for the third season..ive told friends to watch also .there hooked too

  28. Santiago V

    I cried at the end of the 2nd Season I can’t wait for the 3rd season

  29. Rip Protagonist Girlfriend

    they F*CKING LEFT ME ON A CLIFF HANGER I finished season two the day it came out on Netflix watched the whole series within two days about 3 months after I finished it now I’m still waiting
    Man if I had money I would say here make seson 3 I mean what will they lose nothing its such a good f*cking series

  30. helliongoddess

    This series definitely deserves a third season- I really hope they do one soon! (In the meantime I’m definitely going to have to read the manga!)

  31. lesly

    this seasons are omg omg omgomgomg their awesome

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