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«Kuroko no Basket» season 3: release date

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Will «Kuroko no Basket» (Kuroko no Basuke) anime series return for season 3? When does new episodes start? We are waiting for release date in 2014/2015.

Directed by: Shunsuke Tada
Written by: Noburo Takagi
Studio: Production I.G

It is most probably that the producers of «Kuroko no Basket» television series don’t want to close the show after its second season. The potential the show owns makes them produce the third season.

The representatives of Production I.G Studio, responsible for manga adaptation, ready to keep working after the results of DVD realization are announced. In case of success, the rights holders will approve the extension and already in 2014 the experts will start to work on the new episodes.

It should be noted that last year the manga fans bought around 8,7 million copies and in February the current year the game for Nintendo 3DS on the show basis was presented.

Of course, the release date for the season 3 of «Kuroko no Basket» hasn’t been announced yet (update 1), as the new episodes haven’t been put into production, but the experts believe it would happen in 2015. In the famous magazines Animedia and Newtype there is no information about anime cancellation, so we should hope! Follow the announcements.

UPDATE 1: Kuroko’s Basketball season 3 scheduled for January 10, 2015 (MBS).

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