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Chihayafuru season 3

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Will Chihayafuru anime series return for season 3? When does new episodes start? What is known about release date in 2015/2016?

The producers of anime television series «Chihayafuru» provided the fans with two complete seasons; the long-awaited OVA appeared in September the last year together with 22nd volume of manga.

At the moment the fans are waiting for the third season of the show, as the story isn’t over yet and Madhouse Studio can keep working on manga adaptation. Now there are 125 chapters – this isn’t enough for the complete season 3, as two first seasons cover the events of 90 chapters.

The lack of the materials, necessary for anime show continuation, is the only drawback, as the project financing is crucial for work starting. We cannot say, the sales of «Chihayafuru» Season 2 DVDs break records, but in 2013 the manga was among the best sellers.

According to experts, this fact should become crucial for the rights holders’ decision but also they agree Season 3, in case of its ordering, won’t be launched before 2016. Are you waiting?

UPDATE 1 (April 11, 2015): Anime News Network reported that the series would be adapted into a live-action film.

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  1. Penna

    If we don’t see the conclusion of the individual tournament (which looks very unlikely) in this season then you can pretty much guarantee a 3rd season in time. Hope for season 3 in 2015 or 2016

  2. Sky

    I have a strong feeling there will be a season 3, though it might be a while until we get the next season.

  3. Granada J.

    From what I’ve seen there is no plans yet for season 3, but I hope that it will have soon.

  4. L0L0

    This has been one of my favorite anime of the past few years, so I’m really hoping for a 3rd season too. I really need this!

  5. SkataniaG

    I feel like there may be a season 3 because the queen match will be coming up.

  6. BlackRose

    Don’t expect to see Chihayafuru 3 for at least another year. But probably more like 2.

  7. Heartyunyun

    I expect it will be out in fall 2015 or winter 2016, unless they are working on it as the manga unfolds and they are going to surprise us!

    • Symone

      It’s Christmas Eve (not that I celebrate it) in 2015…. THEY BETTER GET DONE SOON!! *slams fist onto the probably damaged computer desk*
      Well, at least I started Chihayafuru a few days ago and not years….. I finished it today, and I literally started growling. Mind you, I do that all the time, I don’t cry very often.

  8. Tyranne

    I’m hoping they run another season

  9. Fans of chihayafuru

    I just not hope for season 3. I hope for chihayafuru will never end. And I hope Tachi and Chihaya be a good couple and arata with the queen shinoubi

    • Symone

      Please, spell names right, because I get super annoyed with things like that.

  10. AraTaiChihaya

    I’m falling in love with Karuta through Chihayafuru even though I just get how the card been played a little. I hope there’s a Season 3..Chihayafuru is the first anime that I’ve been falling in love to that I’m willing to download and watching it again and again. Now I don’t know who I’m gonna choose to be with Chihaya..whether Taichi or Arata

  11. Me&onlyME

    -=- i love chihayafuru 2~~BUT, I HATE THE ENDING!! When chihaya say, I will always love karuta..I still can accept it. But, when She continued n said that She will love arata..I just like…WHAATTTT!! I not a shoujo type, still I hate when chihaya like arata More!!! Why She cant see taichi’s heart!!! I will be morreeee happy if She with taichi~~^_^ n arata more suits with the Queen, well the Queen is funny when She with arata~~ oh, I hope there is a great ending for this anime, not a “buu” ending! :3 Actually, i dont really care about romance but if there is a romance in that anime I hope they just do the right thing! I love OP, Naruto, n so on~ Chihayafuru also i like to watch since it teach me to work hard n do ur job heartedly!! Anyway, chihaya MUST be with taichi~~XD

    • quainn

      that’s right very agree with you..

    • chrissie

      I AGREE!! Taichi has always been there for Chihaya and does Arata think he can just come in and take Chihaya away? NO!!!! (Even though Arata is cute) BUT NO! Oh someone said that she just sees Arata as a close friend and karuta god and taichi maybe more as a lover bc of episode 9. I HAVE HOPE BECAUSE OF THAT COMMENT

    • OMG789

      oh my gosh! ikr! Chihaya HAS to be with TAICHI otherwise i would die! Chihaya x Taichi

    • Symone

      SHE SAID THAT??? I think I remember that, but I’m pretty sure it was a thought…. I don’t know…

  12. tintinRELOS

    I love this anime… And hopefully there’s a 3rd season… the battle for Queen and Master is still up… And even though Taichi’s cute, I still ship Chihaya-Arata… hehehe… Chihaya and Taichi’s relationship is so natural and platonic, but Chihaya and Arata is “something else”. Even I can’t describe it…

    • Arata For Life xx

      I Agree. Arata xx Chihaya are much better than Taichi xx Chihaya, Cause Chihaya fall in love with Arata not with Taichi. -_-

  13. sony

    i am eagerly waiting for the season 3..hope it comes soon..

  14. chihayafuru author

    my manga is aired in 2014 or 2015 becozz chihayafuru is the no.1 shounen of the all planet . no.1 yah8ooooo!!!!!

  15. BadCoyote

    I just discovered Chihayafuru and I am in love… how wonderful it is! I watched all of season 1 on Crunchyroll yesterday and am going to watch season 2 over the next couple days… I don’t think my brain can handle another 25 straight episodes in one sitting 🙂 Another 2 years for a 3rd season is a shame… but the source material is just not published yet, so what can we do? Well there is always fanfic to tide us over… 😀

    • Symone

      I’ve watched 30-40 episodes of Inuyasha in one go before!!! It was quite fun, but my sister would quickly go get a snack or something, so then I would have to pause it.

  16. ardi

    I hope Chihayafuru season 3 there because I was very curious .i curious since the end of season 2 was not satisfactory and as there is a sequel

  17. arshiya

    I Love chihayafuru .I am waiting desperately for season 3 .I hope it will be shown soon

  18. quainn

    I hope chihayafuru season 3 happy end ,taichi x chihaya because if chihaya x arata make my broken heart. taichi is perfect guy,kind and sincere. very unfortunate if Chihaya prefer Arata. taichi always sacrifice for chihaya

  19. Wind

    I wish & hope they will release Season 3 soon. It’s a beautiful anime story. ) ☺️

  20. anice

    I really love chihayafuru this anime is connected in real life.where the passion and sincerity for love ones had show in this anime using taichi character.I hope at season 3 chihaya will realize how taichi love her so much.

  21. arataichihaya

    i love this anime & hope they will release Season 3 soon . i waiting for Chihayafuru 3

  22. Mars

    I can’t wait to see Chihayafuru 3 season, please release it soon 🙁

  23. Fardah

    Yes!! I’m waiting, but I can’t wait.. I’m so excited about “Chihayafuru season 3”, I love this anime, I love Chihayafuru! I hope it will release soon. Thank you 🙂

  24. phantom

    yes hope for a 3rd season…love u chihayafuru.hope she ends up with taichi & arata with shinobu.and there should b more karuta ofcourse….the thing that brought them to one another….those poems r not just words they r like magic charms in their lives

  25. snake

    love chihayafuru this anime inspires to work hard to win

  26. Rizky

    I waiting Mashima Taichi Vs Wataya Arata

  27. Rynoa

    I enjoyed the 2 Seasons so much! Can’t wait for the third season, want to see chihaya vs. shinobu again, also aratas vs. the master. Its also great how here small portions of romantic moments mix in. I hope she gets together with Arata. I know Taichi is very nice, but Arata kind of reminds me of my first love…

  28. vbb_1010

    do u think chihaya will end up with taichi?

    • Saber027

      I hope so!!!!

    • Symone

      *chanting quietly under breath* Tai-chi, Tai-chi, Tai-chi, Tai-chi!

  29. Apoorva

    I just fall in love we with chihayafuru….. Can’t wait for season 3 …… What happened nextI’m so excited to see….. Just want see chihaya playing against shinobu ….. Want to know is chihaya be with taichi or aarata….. Love you chihayafuru come soon…..

  30. Koreena

    I know how hard it is to expect in return. But could you have season 3 for this anime. Im waiting for the response. Thank you.

  31. himuru

    I just fall in love we with chihayafuru, ilove it ilove it ilove it

  32. blush( ^ _ ^ )

    I m just crazy about this show!!!!!!but as for anime I dont think it wud be made until chapter 180 comes out!!!!!

  33. Atreyee (mum)

    I’ll pray God 4r release “Chihayafuru” season 3 soon… I’m waiting for the new turn of the friendship between Chihaya+Taichi or Arata+Chihaya…& also the fight between Chihaya against Shinobu & Arata against Taichi…i’m very Happy Lucky being a part of friends (AraTaiChihaya)…

  34. ghie

    i hope it’s done before 2016, i can’t help it.. i want season 3.. i want to know chihaya’s decision about the confession of taichi and arata, i wish she end up with taichi..

  35. animeloveer

    waaa. cant wait for another season of chihaya furu. 🙂 ghaaash. I want to see chihaya become a queen and of course arata to become a master. Wiieee ~ one of my favorite :* Chihaya <3 Arata !! hehe. waaaa ~ for taichi goodlucck!

  36. animelover:)

    ofcouse! i’ll wait 🙂 so please make season 3 happen TT.TT I really enjoyed watching season 1 and 2 so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee */\* make it happen

  37. wafaa

    i really cant wait for season 2
    this was one of the best animes i have ever watched and the story hasn’t ended yet and there are a lot of fans so there must be a season 3 even if its next year.
    but pleaseeeee RELEASE SEASON 3!!

  38. Nabanita Ghosh

    i’m waiting for chihayafuru season 3. There are 148 chapters right now and the manga is still going on, which is enough for another season . Moreover chihaya’s dream of being queen hasn’t come true and still we don’t know with whom she would end up with, which are in fact main theme of the anime.
    want to see chihaya and taichi together plzzzzzzzzzzzzz. can’t see taichi’s heartbroken…. love you taichi.. XD

  39. Taichi

    WHERE IS SEASON3?????!!!! I hope S3 comes out soon! I can wait for one more year but than I’ll go crazy! PLz hurry! I rlly hope Chihaya ends up with Taichi. Taichi has been there for Chihaya forever n Arata.. he’s a nice guy n i like him but he seems kinda emotionless.. Though he seems like he likes Chihaya too.. Oh well. I still ship Taichi and Chihaya. Hope S3 shows the Queen/Master Tournament and also more romance between Chihaya n Taichi. Sumire Hanano can go look for another guy. Chihaya, FIGHT!!!! Taichi good luck!!

    • Saber027

      I hope chihaya ends up with taichi too…but i think the writers of chihayafuru are true sadist when it comes to this… knowing eveyone wants chihaya and taichi together… i don’t want taichi and sumire together. Sumire don’t deserve to end up with taichi all she wanted was to get with the most popular boy in school because she got dumped over the phone…

      • Allie Cat

        ikr! She really doesn’t deserve Taichi. She just wants him because he’s handsome.

  40. Allie Cat

    I have a feeling there will be a season 3, and possibly a season 4.
    I really hope season 3 comes out soon!
    but anyways, more romance between Chihaya and Taich!!! ;D

  41. ChihayaXTaichi

    I really love these series; Chihayafuru is one of my most favorite anime!
    I really really really hope there’s a season 3…. and more romance between Chihaya and Taichi too!!
    I just finished season 2, and I was thinking…. there might be a season 4 as well, because in each season there are 25 episodes, and each of them starts with a quote. There are 100 quotes in karuta….. so, well, 100/25=4! So maybe 4 seasons!
    But I’m waiting for season 3!!! Thank you Chihayafuru!!

  42. OMG789

    omg. I’m crazy about this show, and if there’s no season 3…. I will seriously die. Seriously.
    I hope Taichi and Chihaya get together!!! 🙂 *yaaaay*

    But thanks, creators-of-Chihayafuru! You Are The Best.

  43. whaaaaat

    whaaat, Am I the only one who is Team Chihaya+Arata???

  44. Nikita

    No me too! – I sympathize with Taichi ..but as I was just like him growing up I really want her to be with one that she is in love with …. (Arata). That wouldn’t really shut the door on Taichi+Chihaya, since they have always been close and I really doubt even that (Arata+Chihaya) would stop or end that. Remember what Taichi said in the last episode — We can only go forward. He wouldn’t want to make a move too soon unless he thinks he will loose in the end. At least it wouldn’t be the most intelligent way to go about it 😀

    Has anyone out there heard if they have financed a season 3 — my sources say that the manga isn’t as far as it needs to be for that but should be getting close. Also..

    Does anyone know what number the manga is at? I’ll ry to talk to some animators but all I can get out of them is its up the air currently.. ehh so unreliable!

    Yay!! Arata+Chihaya yay!!!

  45. Chihayafuru Lover

    Still waiting! Where can I send my money at to make this happen?

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