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Chihayafuru season 3

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Will Chihayafuru anime series return for season 3? When does new episodes start? What is known about release date in 2015/2016?

The producers of anime television series «Chihayafuru» provided the fans with two complete seasons; the long-awaited OVA appeared in September the last year together with 22nd volume of manga.

At the moment the fans are waiting for the third season of the show, as the story isn’t over yet and Madhouse Studio can keep working on manga adaptation. Now there are 125 chapters – this isn’t enough for the complete season 3, as two first seasons cover the events of 90 chapters.

The lack of the materials, necessary for anime show continuation, is the only drawback, as the project financing is crucial for work starting. We cannot say, the sales of «Chihayafuru» Season 2 DVDs break records, but in 2013 the manga was among the best sellers.

According to experts, this fact should become crucial for the rights holders’ decision but also they agree Season 3, in case of its ordering, won’t be launched before 2016. Are you waiting?

UPDATE 1 (April 11, 2015): Anime News Network reported that the series would be adapted into a live-action film.

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