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Kuroko no Basket season 4 ?

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When will Kuroko no Basket season 4 be released? Will there be the new season or OVA? We want to know the premiere date!

Manga Kuroko no Basket (Kuroko no Basuke) is written and illustrated by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. The author developed 30 volumes, which were published by Weekly Shōnen Jump since 2008 till 2014.

Incredibly strong basketball team, winning a lot of competitions, was formed in secondary school Teikō. Among the most talented players there were five geniuses, better known as “Generation of Miracles”, but there was also another player, avowed by all five geniuses. However, after graduates everybody entered different high schools. Kuroko Tetsuya, famous sixth player, enters Seirin High School, the basketball team of which existed only for two years. Now the new team members should participate in different competitions in order to become champions. Their task is complicated by the fact that they should compete with the strongest teams of the other high schools, where some players from “Generation of Miracles” study.

Experts of Production I.G were responsible for the anime adaptation of manga. They managed to produce three excellent seasons. Their popularity was featured not only in Japan, but also all around the world. Of course, the fourth season of the given manga won’t be produced, as 275 chapters have already been adapted, but the fans can’t stop believing in renewal.

The matter is that Fujimaki started writing a sequel Kuroko no Basket: Extra Game, which tells about the events after the cup winning as well as about the new competitor from the USA. Several volumes were already published in Jump Next!, but it is not enough for the full season and some experts assure that the viewers will be presented only OVA based on sequel in 2016.

Unfortunately, representatives of Production I.G haven’t confirmed their plans concerning Season 4, but there is no information about the show cancelling either. The release date of the new episodes is top theme among the fans and since there is no data on the given account, the viewers still hope!

Kuroko no Basket season 4 premiere – [N/A, not ordered yet]

Should the new season of Kuroko’s Basketball be produced or will OVA be enough? What do you think?

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  1. MicHo

    hope there is a season 4…

  2. Payan

    I don’t think there will be another season. Can’t wait OVA in 2016!

  3. =^_^=

    Kuroko no Basket is a great anime! Please I want to watch Season 4

  4. GioL Vin

    please make season 4 or OVA as soon as possible! Kuroko no Basuke is my #1 fav anime.

  5. Kyle

    That was the last chapter? Damn! But we have a sequel. Still hope! I’ll wait for Season 4

  6. BorK J.

    The fact this manga isnt continuing makes me really sad. Are they going to turn the extra game into an anime as well?

    • Mika

      hope so… Just waiting for news…

  7. Sart3r

    We need a fourth season!!!

  8. neil

    I want to watch season 4

  9. karl

    please add season4 because its a really grate anime

  10. eri

    im so excited of it ,, season 4 <3

  11. Scar

    Hopefully they make a season 4

  12. Jonald

    Please release season 4. I am still hoping for this! Thank you!

  13. Pandacorne

    If there is a season 4 it will maybe ne about kagami training in the USA to become an NBA player. But in the anime the amarican charactors really spoke english even if the voice actors were japanese. If this season is going to be about kagami the studio needs to find more voice actors capable of speaking english correctly.
    (This is a theory)

  14. P.S.

    There still isn’t a season 4, yet I read in another article somewhere that there might be next 2021 or 2022, and i’m feeling very apprehensive about it. I really want to watch more however there was the ‘last game’ movie… I’m still hoping though.

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