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«Longmire» season 3: release date

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When does «Longmire» season 3 start? Premiere coming? Renewed or cancelled? We need more episodes and exact release date!

TV-channel: A&E
Pilot episode: June 3, 2012
Creators: John Coveny, Hunt Baldwin

Season 1 Episode 1: 4.15 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 1: 4.31 million U.S. viewers

Crime drama «Longmire» managed to maintain decent rates in the second season. That fact influenced decision to renew the show for Season 3.

John Convey, the producer, confirmed the release date on TV for its first episode to be scheduled for June 2, 2014.

According to David McKillop, A&E general manager, he commended Robert Taylor’s acting as well as great potential of TV project.

Will there be Longmire Season 7? Release date coming?

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  1. Robin Osorio

    I am SO looking forward to Season 3 of “Longmire”. It’s a great TV series and has potential to continue for a long time. I do not even want to think about a possibility of there not being a Season 4 to follow. This show has interesting storylines and Actors with great Guest Stars who contribute a great deal to the show. It’s a modern day “Western” which viewers love. Writers, Producers and all Viewers out there who, like myself, love “Longmire”, let’s please keep the momentum going for the sake of additional Seasons in our TV viewing future. Longmire is SO much better than many of the TV series and other types of shows on TV these days. Thanks for your consideration.

    • EDubenion

      I love this show , don’t know why Netflix didn’t steam season three !!!

  2. doris

    my favorite program .I tell all my friends about it . Then they also love it. Just got the dvd of the first season for Christmas. please keep it going. Love the story lines . Hasn’t been anything like it sense gunsmoke.

  3. BP

    As always “good” TV shows have a hard time surviving against those where the average IQ is 25 or less. I am not a snob, and all shows have their audience, and that is why we have TV. I hope the show continues as there are too few series left anymore that have any substance at all.

  4. Vicki

    I will watch a Gunsmoke or Maverick or any other wonderful westerns that once dominated the airwaves for the fiftieth time before watching some of the mindless shows or shows that leave nothing to the imagination. Longmire is a breath of fresh air. However you persuaded an actor like Robert Taylor to do a series should be patented ASAP and use it to keep coming up with the caliber of Longmire. I agree wholeheartedly with the comment made by BP.

  5. Linda Krzyzewski

    Love the show. Refreshing change from sitcoms on stage. Love the location, the actors.. Great program.

  6. Tav

    I sure hope A&E people read these comments. Like everyone else has said, it is my favorite show on TV. I have turned several friends on to it and they love it. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE, A&E, if you are reading this, keep this great show on the air.

  7. Barb

    My granddaughters tuned me into Longmire and I love it. Can’t wait to see what happens this season and I know the girls are anxious too. Oh yeah, they are 11 & 13 and they watch with their parents who DVR it so they can watch it together.
    Thanks for NOT cancelling the show!!!

  8. Ellen

    Please A&E keep Longmire on your schedule not only for this spring but for future seasons also..One of the best shows on tv. I DVR every episode and watch it several times over the winter season since there’s nothing as good to watch. How bout coming up with something similar to Walt Longmire for the 2014 fall line up????. Give us 2 very good shows to watch.

  9. Linda Mason

    Looking forward to season 3 love the show.

  10. Richard Boone

    I really don’t get the attitude of the cable based drama series producers. Clue: You are not HBO and every show is not The Soprano’s AND…..the biggest one of all… You do NOT have the quasi-monopoly that the abovementioned USED to have. Me, I just want a show that has good actors and a plot line to entertain me for an hour on Sunday and Monday nights. If Low November Sun or Ray Donovan or something else starts up first then that will probably get my limited DCR time instead of this one. Sorry, but that’s the way it is…

    Oh.. I didn’t see why there are only 9 comments on this show. MODERATION? Chuckle chuckle. Go ahead and delete me. After all.. we viewers are just the plain Jane working the 5 and dime and you guys are the ultra cool suave sailor boy who might call when your in port and .. might not. Best we put our lipstick on a wait by the phone. hahahahah Psych used to be my favorite show and then they decided to go on hiatus and come back who knows when.. different nights different times the show… just like the star… got FAT and LAZY and….No Longer watched AT ALL. next up? short stuff in Montana.

  11. Duffy

    I loved Longmire too, but I’m so fed up with A&E canceling The Glades the way they did I may not even watch it. What a really crappy thing to do. Even if we get Longmire back how can we be sure they won’t do the same thing to it. Most of the stuff they show on their channel is so stupid it numbs the mind.

  12. Norma

    I love Longmire too, I think it is time that A&E along with other stations need to start thinking about there older generation. Not speaking for all of this generation. I wish the reality shows would go away. Movies and TV were your escape from reality not to sit and watch fake reality!

  13. Patricia Mace

    Oh, my gosh, is this for real.? They are going for season 3??? I am so excited I can’t stand it. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR MIND….A&E. We need to see more of LONGMIRE……PLEASE!!!!. Love the players and the Indian History presented. I have Blackfeet running through my blood and want to know more. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS SHOW. PM

  14. Diane Kurzava

    Looking forward to another season of Longmire. It’s a great show!

  15. kitkat

    love it love it cant wait till season 3 wished it never ended. please don’t cancel I cant wait best of the best

  16. cole

    better than justified which i am just about to give up on.the stories r some much better than anything on tv right now how could they not keep it going. love this show.LONG LIVE LONGMIRE

  17. Sharon

    Love Longmire ,my whole family is waiting for it to return.. It is GREAT

  18. kathy greene

    Love love Walt longmire can’t wait until season3. Need more showed like this.we fail about Walt were I work all the time. He is a hunk of a man. My husband is my longmire. June seems to long away. Hope there will b many many more seasons of Walt and his deputies………….

  19. Mary

    Love the series.. Look forward to it each week.

  20. merryo

    Can’t wait for the next season. Best show on tv. New, refreshing. Love the characters. Please continue this series for a long, long time.

  21. pat

    Looking forward to the new season of Longmire. I’m hoping many more seasons!

  22. oldfe

    A@E you have a lot of losers on your channel get longmier back on, a real winner.

  23. Rhonda

    Please keep Longmire I love all the characters so refreshing. You are the only network that seems to have shows other than reality and sitcoms that just seem so stupid they numb the brain

  24. robin williams

    I love Longmire ! it refreshing and I theme of the show you don”t see shows like this any more ! when is the new season starting ! when is season 2 coming out on dvd !!!!! I got season 1 for my birthday ! I also love reading the books that the show is based on !!!

  25. mysterycrimenovelist

    My husband and I are big fans of Longmire. Please keep them coming.

  26. lynne

    What is the straight answer? Is Longmire coming back or not and when? Love the show and the cast.

  27. Penman

    I’m 80 and loving Longmire. Impatiently waiting. Can’t you start the season SOONER?
    God Bless America. God Bless Austrailia.

  28. bob

    Longmire a great show but A&E won’t keep the real good shows on, I hope they keep Longmire on for many seasons. A good example of A&E is the show Burn Notice, a fantastic show they took off with many cries to keep it on, they didn’t care. That’s just one and there are so many more, but they don’t care about John Q public who watch and buy the commercial products. Now most of all WHY IS LONGMIRE COMMING BACK IN JUNE, why not now in march?…

    • Been

      USA channel aired Burn Notice. The lead actor, Jeffrey Donovan, wanted to go out while the ratings were still good. Also, his girlfriend had their first child and he wanted to take some time off. Longmire is great tv. Can’t wait to see how the season 2 finale is resolved in season 3.

  29. Jerry

    I have been waiting for the new season, I think this show is the best of all the shows on cable. I cannot stand these reality shows they have on now, and I am so tired of Duck dynasty, still operators and above all is the lousy story behind the Kardashins. These shows are sickning. Thank you A&E for another season and I sure hope you continue the show for a long time. I love the actors, they are awesome. Keep up the good work for family type intertainment.

  30. Paul and Bride

    Both my wife and I look so forward to season 3. We don’t watch a lot of TV, with all the garbage the industry calls entertainment. However, we NEVER miss an episode of our favorite show. I hope they will continue with this series for many more years to come just like Texas Walker!

  31. Lou a

    Finally! We are so glad that this fantastic show is coming back, but why the long, long delay between end of season 2 and start of season 3? Let’s hope it not just for a few weeks. More is better. Much better!

  32. Paully

    My husband and myself love this show (Longmaire). Please don’t cancel it. It’s one of our favourites as is the Glades…

  33. RAW

    Great show! A true grownup soap opera but not only that. Each episode can stand on its own as true entertainment. If we can’t keep Longmire going I’m afraid every lowlife in this country will get their own reality show. A&E better keep Longmire on the air or face a boycott by many loyal viewers.

  34. Sharon

    love Longmire but am very upset with canceling The Glades.Both are really good shows.

    • Patricia Mace

      …and they replaced it with what????? Hollywood needs to wake up!

  35. BOB S.

    LOVE this show!!! I’m really happy that it’s coming back on!!!!

  36. sanford heath

    This is a great show. It is entertaining and we’ll written with good characters in a great location. Which makes me wonder why it is still on the air. It seems that when a good show comes along the wonderkin program directors of this generation immediately cancel it and replace it with some brain dead teenager vampire show or a bs reality series. Whatever happened to thoughtful well executed tv? Oh yes and while we’re about it let’s be sure and move it around all over the calendar so we can laugh at the poor fans trying to keep up with it. KEEP THIS SHOW ON FOR THOSE OF US WHO REALLY APPRECIATE GOOD TV!!!

  37. roberta

    This is a fantastic show, it would be a absolute shame if they cancelled this show. Finally they have made a show that is actually worth watching. The story line keeps you on your toes and wanting to know what is going to happen next, not like these stupid mindless shows that are being broadcasted. Please keep this show running, its worth every penny you put into making it.

  38. Lynn Stilwell

    I absolutely love Longmire! Can’t wait for the new season to start.

  39. May

    Love Longmire! Great stories and characters. Great books! Please continue it for many seasons.

  40. charlotte

    I love Longmire and can’t wait for its return, but please don’t do it like you did “the Glades”, that was just plain wrong!

  41. LISA

    So glad Longmire is coming back on..Can’t wait for June… marked it on my calendar at work HURRAY !!!!!

  42. Bill & Linda

    We love it. Longmaire is our favorite show.Can’t wait.

  43. Meredith

    The Longmire series is excellent, l am very addicted. I am really looking forward to Series 3, it has been so long since Series 2, but l guess l will have to wait till June I expect.

  44. steve

    Great show. Very refreshing compared to the rest of the trash on tv. Loved the Longmire books and the tv version is perfect. Keep em rolling.

  45. Carla

    So very glad to see Longmire is coming back for another season…It is the best show on tv…. love it… please keep more episodes coming, the storylines are great….Robert Taylor is awesome!!!!! Love all the cast for that matter…Can’t wait for June to get here!!!

  46. Sherry

    Love, love this show. So looking forward to the new season to begin. Robert Taylor is perfect for his part. Everything about the show is good. Please keep them coming!

  47. Bill kitchens

    Best show on TV!! Both my wife and I watch every story unfold. Great writing, great cast of characters & best of all, great scenery. NM is just awesome and full of great locations…
    So much cr*p on TV, thank you for supporting ADULT PROGRAMING!!!
    Keep Walt in the saddle for years to come & A&E will have a loyal fan forever!

  48. Joyce Presley

    My husband and I absolutely love Longmire. Am so happy they renewed it for season #3. There is so much garbage on tv and it’s refreshing to see a show that has excellent acting and great story lines. Thanks A & E for this third season. We will watch as long as it’s on.

  49. Carol Shores

    This is our very favorite TV show! We wait anxiously each year to see if it will be renewed. The past few years has witnessed a disappointing denigration of television programming. Longmire is one of very few television shows worth watching. The characters are great, the actors first rate, and the writing keeps you spellbound! It would be a travesty to cancel this show. Please keep in on the air for all the many, many fans.

  50. Dolores

    Love Longmire!
    When does 2014 season begin..

  51. Gene

    I was hooked on the pilot episode! Love the backstory! The scenery is amazing I think they film in New Mexico near Santa Fe. Really like Lou Diamond Phillips his characters wit is great.. A&E finally got a awesome show. Happy to hear that they will air season 3 looking forward to watching Longmire

  52. Angela

    I picked up a book one day at work and it was all about this sheriff named Longmire. I happened to be going through channels one night and came across Longmire… OMG

    Please don’t ever take this show off the air, I love cowboy shows and this show reminds me of Gunsmoke, Bonanza even Rifleman. The actors are like someone you would know; oh yeah, I love Lou Diamond Phillips.

  53. Anna

    Looking forward to season #3. My husband and I really enjoy Longmire; we live in New Mexico and can identify all the different places the series is filmed at. Glad Longmire is coming back! Thank you.

  54. Charli

    I LOVE this show!! Even re runs would be good until new episodes are aired! June can’t come soon enough. My friends and I are so looking forward to the new season!

  55. grannymac

    this is the best show on your channel! our entire family watches. we tobo so as not to miss anything. if you cancel the season, or anytime durring it’s run, we will block your channel and never watch you again; promise!

  56. Scott and Debra

    We can’t say enough good about Longmire. It is the best show since Gunsmoke and Bonanza, and we still watch those two shows. We are so tired of the sex, drugs and just plain stupid stuff on tv anymore. We were webserfing one day, and found the two series, and sat down to watch them, and I will tell you, there was a night we didn’t go to bed, until 6am the next morning, and continued late into the nights until both seasons were finished. Please do NOT cancel this show, and keep making more and more episodes, until this generation passses LOL. We need wholesome shows and movies like this one. 2 thumbs up!

  57. Amy

    I love Longmire! He is a modern day Matt Dillion. The characters are great and the story line is never boring.

  58. Anthony

    I check every week to see if Longmire is on the schedule, me and my wife love this show and
    hope in stays on awhile, Do Not cancel you will make a lot of people upset. Will be waiting for
    season three to start. Come on A&E be nice.

  59. kim west

    I love Longmire, can’t believe they even considered cancelling one of the few good shows on
    TV. I also loved The Glades and hate that they cancelled it. A&E doesn’t have very many good shows to begin with. why cancel them. I don’t know how they get ratings lately but i always watched The Glades and have not missed a single episode of Longmire. But I have no interest in watching something like Duck Dynasty, i just don’t get fake reality shows I guess

  60. Mary Mueller

    I also look forward season #3 of Longmire l love this guy, l also hate that THE GLADES IS GONE AND TO LEAVE US WITH AN ENDING LIKE THAT. You can’t watch to many TV shows they are all sex programs or they are always drinking and acting like they have not got any since at all, no wander our young people act like they do!

  61. kate

    Yes, I too love Longmire! It’s refreshing to see a drama with no bells and whistles….great plot, writing and acting. People appear to be believable in their roles. A story you can get into, and appreciate.

    As someone mentioned before me, good shows, good acting and story lines have a hard time surviving the crowd with a 25 IQ. The garbage out there is pathetic and when a show like Longmire and a few choice others come along they don’t seem to have a snowball’s chance in….. I rather not watch television if I can’t watch a good plot. A&E doesn’t have much else except Longmire….they got rid of the Glades, which is sad.

    I like the word BOYCOTT. I actually don’t buy products that sponsor shows I don’t like. If A&E takes Longmire off the air, I will probably make a list of all the A&E sponsors and tell them I plan to boycott their products.

    If A&E is reading these comments, I hope they take this part to heart. Advertise Longmire on the regular stations….NBC/CBS/ABC…..and also the other cable stations. I bumped into Longmire way back when it first started, and have watched ever since. They don’t do a good job of advertising it. Don’t they want it to succeed? They need to put it out there for the masses. This is one of the shows I wait for. Please don’t cancel it.

    • Patricia Mace

      ME TOO!!!!!! A & E You better be paying attention!!!!!!!!

  62. Joan

    Oh my gosh we have been waiting for the next season and now can’t wait for June
    to get here. It is the best series in such a long time, we never miss a show.
    Please don’t let it be cancelled and plan on many more seasons.

  63. michel j

    about time
    the best show on a and e
    the other shows they have been running are so far down the scale you got to wonder
    who is buying these shows for the network with the exception of falling skys no compare

  64. Adam

    Longmire and Bates Motel are the best shows on tv! It would be a HUGE mistake to not renew either one of them. Thank you for bringing Longmire back! I am waiting on the edge of my chair to see where the story takes us now.

  65. Carole Wyatt Nystrom

    A modern day Gunsmoke – Robert Taylor is superior…support cast also great…really looking forward to being able to watch something decent on TV….Longmire fills the bill….

  66. Allen Allen

    Great show there are not many left to watch that most people can enjoy.

  67. charlie forster

    Its just great to have a western again. The actors are perfect in Longmire. I hope the program airs for many seasons. You bet ach. The Buck

  68. michelle

    definitely one of if not “the” best show currently on tv. thoroughly enjoy the show and the cast. if true ratings were being checked it would rate in the top.

  69. Frank Powers

    Great show. One of my favorites. Have start date already on my ipad calendar.

  70. Gary Reinhardt

    This is a great show,a modern day western we need more like it. The cast is great

  71. sheila weindel

    i am glad love this tv show

  72. Barry Cullip

    Well guys what can I say, that has not already been said……

    We have just sat down and watched Season 2 from start to finish this weekend and it was well great tv just as many others have said….the last episode of Season 2 was shown here in the UK on TCM on the 1st of June 2014……

    Now what we want to know is when will Season 3 start here in the UK…….Can anybody out-there give us a clue….

  73. Charlene

    My husband just started watching the season 1 and 2 on Netflix. Didn’t realize it was a TV series until Season 3 had already started. We love the show but not able to find where to watch Season 3 Ep 1 – 6 to catch up with where it is at now. I have started recording the new episodes but don’t want to watch until I have seen the first several ones. So I am very frustrated when I go to A&E to watch it, it actually goes to Ep 9. UGH!

  74. Brent Wonnacott

    Love the show both me and the wife, would watch it for ever and I can’t find much that interests me to even watch. How do we get ahold of A & E they have to be idiots to cancel this show after season 3 which is what I have read. A & E you don’t know a great show, when you already have it Keep Longmire going the best show I have seen in a lot of years love it. How do we get
    A & E and the producer to keep this great show going?

  75. The Jerry's

    My husband and I really enjoy watching Longmire. This is a great western show. We don’t watch T.V. in the same room. Longmire is the only program we watch together. We just read that you are cancelling the series. It’s great show and love all the actors. It is a HUGE mistake!! We don’t even know how the series ends. This is not the first time you have cancelled a program on A&E we like. Will not be watching any more programs on A&E.

  76. Maureen Fordney

    No No No – do not cancel….. Such a good show.

  77. Kate

    If A&E cancels Longmire, we will just simply STOP watching ANYTHING that A&E puts on TV. And, we will write letters to ALL of their product sponsers stating that we REFUSE to watch A&E, or buy ANY products from any former sponsors of the Longmire series that A&E cancelled.

  78. Helen

    Am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO disappointed to read that Season 3 was the last season for Longmire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best show in a long long time that I enjoyed watching, love the cast and story lines, am sooo sad about reading about the cancelation

  79. Al Bailey

    It’s sad they canceled the show I hope another channel picks it up. Please it a great show.
    I agree with everyone. Stop watching A&E. They don’t know what they have with shows.

  80. Linda

    Great show …..I also hope some other network picks this up ….the only thing I’d like to hear is a little trash mouth from Vic as all the others never swear……….good ..good.characters.

  81. Linda I

    There I so much cr*p on tv now to find something interesting and not dirty is so refreshing! Longmire is to us like Gunsmoke was to our parents. If you cancel it you will have made a big mistake! There are a lot of us who love the show.

  82. Mary D

    I have watched and have Season 1 & 2 on DVD. When will season 3 be released for purchase. I love this show, its great! It was a HUGE mistake to cancel the show. It WAS one of the BEST shows on TV. Don’t you know what you have? Please, at least put reruns of season 3 back on A&E. At least make it available for purchase on DVD.

    • Bo0m

      May 2015 on DVD

  83. Delores Hensley


  84. Patricia Mace

    When is L o n g m i r e coming back on?????? It’s Oct. 2014 & all the new shows are coming on and I haven’t seen Longmire listed!!!! BIG MISTAKE!!!???!!! Too good of a show not to have on!!!!!!

  85. Ken Saxon

    Please provide the date Longmire Season 3 will be available on DVDS. The show is terrific and I hope there will be future seasons

  86. Saliko

    May 2015 on DVD

  87. Emily

    Trying to get season 3 on DVD. Not to be found!
    Please Please Please renew Longmire series. Hard to find good modern western TV fare.

  88. Gretchen

    Please don’t cancel Longmire, We have 11 family members and we all watch this great western.
    Please keep it on the air.

  89. Carmen Rondinelli

    bring back Longmire i am lost without him i love the series

  90. veramac

    Thank you all of you coming together with this great project. The best in line with “DeadWood”
    Back to the ‘spirit of the game’ V & B

  91. Rhonda

    Not only is Longmire something different, great characters and his great wisdom, but the geographical location is absolutely beautiful!!!! It is something different and something worth keeping. I very much hope that this great show will back on as soon as possible.

  92. SteveP

    My favorite TV show, period.

  93. TOM

    I love Longmire, Season Was Great . NEED TO SEE SEASON 4. Keep IT coming…!!!

  94. judy

    Just LOVE Longmire and you have my vote to keep it running for a long time.
    The characters are real, the situations are plausible and it makes you want to root for the good guys!

  95. Sharon McDaniel

    This is a great show one my husband and like watching together. The stories well written and
    the characters seem real. The Actors are really wonderful. Please bring show back.

  96. Patricia M.

    Longmire!? What’s the latest news on this wonderful program? My guy and I still talk about this show and how great and entertaining it was.

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