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Longmire season 6 release date 2017

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longmire season 6 release date

Will there be Longmire season 6? When will the sixth season start on Netflix? We want to know the exact release date in 2017!

The crime drama Longmire not the first year proves that it deserves to be in the television broadcast, despite of the fact that the representatives of the channel A&E believe otherwise. A large army of fans did not refuses of the project watching after its moving on Netflix, and the rating of the new episodes is still high.

This should ensure the renewal of the series for the sixth season, experts believe as it is too early to finish such a flourishing and popular project.

Even last year, executive producer John Coveny told fans that the representatives of Netflix were ready to take the project to “the family” only because the show must go on. His colleague Greer Shephard notes that Netflix does not count the show’s fans, and they do not threaten the closure of the project with a slight fall rating, because here it is appreciated the work of the creative team and listen to the opinions of the viewers.

Proceeding from this, Longmire has a great chance to get financing for a sixth season, but Netflix representatives do not announce a formal decision on this matter (renewed – UPDATE 1). Apparently, the right holders will take a short break again to discuss further development of the project with the creators, then we will know release date of the new sixth season.

Longmire season 6 release date – [November 17, 2017] (UPDATE 1)

We are looking forward to news and support the series Longmire in the comments.

UPDATE 1 (November 2, 2016): Netflix announced that it has renewed Longmire for a 10-episode sixth and final season.



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  1. --Lindsey--

    Longmire is the best show great stories awesome cast and crew! I became a fan when it first came on. I was so sad to see it get cancelled. And was so thankful that Netflix saved it. We neeeeed SEASON 6. Please keep it going!

    • Javier Park

      I’ve never missed an episode and as a long time Netflix subscriber I was sooo happy when they picked it up! Terrific stories and Longmire himself is awesome.

      • Helen L.

        I hadn’t watched Longmire until it came to Netflix and ended up binge watching all 4 seasons in two weeks. Love Netflix for this very reason. They were willing to pick up a great show when it was cancelled by AMC.

        • Gary B.

          Helen, you sound like me. I have watched all 5 seasons in a very short time. I just finished episode 53, the last of Season 5, and was stunned. There’s no closure on ANYTHING that was going on with the characters. I just Googled to see if there was another season coming soon and found all these posts. I can’t believe the producer would just leave it at that point. If so, it will be very disappointing!

          • Believer

            I miss Branch, and he can never come back!



    • Roxy Hathaway

      Ditto! Great writing and storytelling… 6th season PLEASE!

    • Judith

      We in New Hampshire agree. Thank you, Netflix!!

    • Anita Cameron

      I agree & the have shot season 6 I don’t know why they won’t just show it!!!!

  2. Alfredo

    Great setting, writing, characters and actors! Love this show and I’m so glad that Netflix saw the value in it! Thank You for keeping the peace and continuing this great show!

  3. Stephanie90

    Love this series! I was surprised to read, that Longmire is so well received in so many countries around the world. What about Netflix UK, do not want to pay to join and view if Longmire is not available?

  4. Jim & Kathryn

    We subscribed to Netflix just for Longmire. Please make Season 6

    • Jerry Albin

      Please, please, please continue Longmire! We have to know whether or not Branch died!

      • Celia

        Yes he died.

  5. Ginger -DG-

    I love the cast and the story line. One of the best series ever! Definitely would love to see it renewed!

  6. Susan Dixon

    Longmire is the reason I got Netflix, so looking forward to the next season. We love Longmire!

  7. Mike

    I am so in love with this show and the awesome characters. Looking forward to next season…

  8. 3dddrew

    Longmire is an amazing show. You must renew. Please. Completely hook up with this series.

  9. Jennifer22

    Great show!!! Great characters with such interesting story lines. Looking forward to the sixth season of Longmire.

  10. Kristy L.

    The Longmire series is excellent! We hope it will continue for a very long time. There MUST BE a season 6!!!

  11. Ralph Waller

    Please please please have more seasons of Longmire. A season 6 would be an early Christmas present for Netflix customers. The show has excellent actors and story line, and beautiful scenery. I signed up for Netflix because of Longmire.

    • Vail Blankenship

      I’ll be canceling Netflix after I watch season 6 of Longmire.
      Robert Taylor ranks with Fonda, Arness, McQueen, Eastwood and the rest of the great actors from American westerns.

  12. Terri C.

    Please keep Longmire on the air with more and more episodes. IT”S THE BEST EVER. I think I’ve watched the original 4 seasons at least 4 times. KEEP IT COMING!!

  13. Westley Bullard

    Best modern day western/drama shows being currently broadcast. The show is just good intellectual entertainment. Have bought the first seasons and sent them to my college student.Looking forward to season six. Program is not stale yet.

  14. Robert Rapp

    Must have series…The best story lines with a steller crew! Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Phillips make
    This series authentic in its regional settings.

  15. Dena carlin

    Needs to be season 6,7,8 etc. It is a great show. Please don’t take it off the air

    • Glenda Blackwood

      Agree w/ Dena, should be several seasons.

    • v

      I agree Dena. There needs to be many more Longmire seasons. It’s the best series Netflix has.

    • Lillian Knox

      Best show since Gunsmoke. Need more like it. Good character development, good plot, good scenery.

    • Richard Pickens

      Totally agree! He reminds me of my Hopalong Cassidy when I was a kid.
      Fairness, unselfishness, right is right wrong is actually wrong.
      Stories a great, characters are beautifully developed. Love Walt, Ferg, Candy, Vic, never liked Branch or his asshole father. Absolutely love Jacob,
      Ruby is steady and takes care of Walt.
      The scenery in from of Walt’s cabin just takes my breath away.
      I could watch this show forever! I’ve watched all 5 seasons at 4 times!

      • Diana Satterfield

        I agree, PLEASE, get Longmire on soon.

  16. Kate

    Seems like we really need more than 10 episodes in a season. I can watch those in two days or less…Don’t stop now…..
    And don’t make us wait a whole year. That’s bad!

  17. Loretta

    Best show ever! Can’t edit for season 6.

  18. Tom S.

    Please return Longmire to A&E. Thank you.

  19. Jerry Lennon

    Incredible show. We need season 6 (and 7 & 8!!!) SOON!! Just finished last episode of 5 and need and want MORE! P..L…E….A…..S……E !!!!!!!!

  20. Eliz

    Long more is a great show! I hope Netflix keeps it on board. I watched season 5 in two days!

  21. Laura

    Longmire has great characters with a good storyline. I love that Native Americans have a important part in this series. Thank you Netflix for continuing this series….it deserves to be and fans deserve it as well!

  22. Smitty

    I am so hooked, please get going on season 6. I can’t stand seeing Henry tied up. Can’t wait!

  23. david butterfield

    Hope you continue longmire season 6 . Its a great program to watch!!!!!

  24. Deb Preston

    Just finished season 5 and can’t wait for 6. When?????? Love this Series

  25. K Gordon

    Love Longmire for the western outdoors setting to the moral issues of the show. The character developemnt of the charcters is wonderful and realistic and make them all part of the must special appeal of Longmire series. Looking forarwd to LONGMIRE SEVEN and more shows with this the excellent intriguing scripts of this show.

  26. Pamela Bonham

    I am an acting critic, and I love the acting and the storyline on the show. I’ve watched every episode twice. I watch a second time with my Mom, who’s also a huge fan. I just saw the last episode of season 5 and the suspense will be too much if I don’t see a conclusion. Please renew for Season 6!

  27. Sherry Anderson

    I love this show. There’s something about the characters that make you feel good about humanity again.
    I truly hope the will bring Longmire back for a 6th season.

  28. Brenda H

    A friend of ours introduced us to Longmire. We ordered Netflix so we would be able to watch all the seasons available. We love that show. Always human interest, good story line. Hoping to see Season 6 in the near future.

  29. Donna P

    Please bring back Longmire for a 6th Season! My husband and I rarely enjoy the same TV shows, but this one is a favorite for both of us! The characters are awesome and we can’t wait to see them again! LOVE LOVE LOVE LONGMIRE!!!

  30. Karen K.

    Definitely ready for season 6!

  31. Carmen

    Watching this excellent show has made the events of the world tolerable. Thank you writers, actors, camera people and all others who have made this show most enjoyable to watch. Neflix, bring on Longmire Season 6!

  32. Roger G.

    I was flabbergasted when Longmire was cancelled. This is one excellent show. Thank god
    Netflix picked it up. It always fascinates me how a quality show like Longmire struggles to
    stay on. Yet the network execs. renew endless tripe over & over again………

  33. Charles R.

    Yes, we want a 6th season of Longmire. It has an outstanding cast and a awesome storieline,keeps you coming back for more! Can’t wait to see how the story progresses!

  34. Ted

    Very good program keep it going

  35. Ka

    More Longmire.. Season 6 -7-8 more please

  36. Judy

    The fans want season 6 of Longmire.

  37. GTG

    We need more Longmire. Its a great show, very well done. Go for season 6.

  38. Linda

    Robert Taylor and entire cast of Longmire should continue to allow us to continue following the superb storylines the writers, directors, and producers have given to those of us who recognize true storytelling and dedicated acting in every episode. Please do not remove the modern western from all of its dedicated followers.

  39. Denise Garcia

    Longmire is a great show!! I’m hooked!! Please keep the show alive and moving forward! I gave watched seasons 1-5 and cannot hardly wait for season 6!!! Thanks for a great movie!!

  40. Joyce

    Love Longmire please keep it going.

  41. Mark Teders

    Need 26 episodes per season and only release one per week

  42. Mike Angelo

    Miss the series like the cast performances

    • Sandy

      Yes, We need to have a Season 6!!!!!! Season 5 Was Left Unfinished!!!!!!! It’s Left All of Use Hanging!!!! Longmire losing His Job And Henry tied up!!!

  43. Joanne Leddy

    I think I will go into withdrawal, we have only one left to view. Please, please please give us more seasons of this great show – I only wish someone like Walt was running for President!l

  44. Glenda Blackwood

    Love the Longmire shows, it needs more than 10 shows as we watched them in two or three settings. Please make a 6th episode.

  45. Joe

    I have thoroughly enjoyed all 5 seasons. The writing and acting are very good. I’m sure I speak for all of the shows fans when I say that we have a lot invested in the exciting roller coaster ride that is the Longmire series. it sure would be hard not to see evil overcome and for the good guys not to prevail! Here’s hoping for a season 6.

  46. Allan Armstrong (The Griz)

    It would be criminal to stop this series without coming to a realistic conclusion and giving us peace of mind as the ending should be upbeat with the heroes healthy and riding into the sunset with optimism and no regrets.

  47. John Vigdal

    Longmire is a great show with wonderful actors and actresses. I enjoyed watching season 5 on Netfixs and keeping my fingers crossed for season 6.

  48. Pamela Johnson

    I absolutely love this show. One of my all time favorite shows. Please renew it.

  49. Joyce

    I also love Longmire since it first aired along with the Glades. Glad Netflix picked it up,please continue making more episodes. Whole cast are wonderful!!

  50. bette

    Longmire is the BEST. I am learning a lot about Indians that I did not know. I love all of the cast.
    The greatest !!!!

  51. John Harmon

    Can’t wait till season 6 starts already watched season 5. Twice

  52. Debbie Milum

    Me and my family love Longmire and hope you will continue the show, PLEASE!

  53. Margot

    Just finished Season 6! Fabulous writing, directing, and acting! Please bring Longmire back for many seasons to come!

  54. Bob Umbaugh

    Love the show. Hope it gets picked up again by Netflix of which I am a member for a long time. Longmire books are a lot more graphic than show but books are slow to come out, but I love both.

  55. Michelle Griffin

    Please keep Longmire it gives my husband and I something to watch together

  56. Glora

    I have been a huge fan since the first show. Great acting by all actors, but Longmires’ performance is fascinating and incredible. Please…. We need season 6!! I wish A&E wouldn’t made such a bad decision. It was much easier to watch or record for later viewing. Without hi-speed internet service I can’t get the next season until Sept. of each season

  57. Irina

    Best show ! We need season 6 !!!

  58. Diane

    Ok I’m a huge fan of Longmire. But I’m really disappointed on the fact that there is so much bad language that seems to have crept into the writing of this wonderful show. I’m very concerned. The story lines are wonderful and the “Longmire-Vic” throbbing heart breath taking clips are great. Keep them coming, but, please stop the cuss words.

  59. Diana Watkins

    I have watched Longmire since the pilot show and I’m so happy Netflix picked it up….there MUST be a season 6….there’s to much left a mystery to end now….Henry has to be saved, Malachi needs to be stopped, and Walt needs to realize that Jacob isn’t the “badguy” Walt thinks he is….

  60. simplycomplicated

    Longmire is, easily, one of the best ever, really hope there’s a 6th; a 7th; an 8th……

  61. Lisa Rockett

    I have been binge watching longmire for several weeks. It is a show I can relate to from my childhood. It is comparable to bonanza. A true whiolesome show that is not around anymore. Please continue. Tired of reality shows. Please please renew.

  62. Ilie

    We neeeeed SEASON 6. Please keep it going! It is an excellent show.

  63. patsy

    please have a season 6. it is the best show ever

  64. Debra Borrelli

    My Husband and I stared watching Longmire a couple of months ago… 2-3 episodes a night! we love the show, characters and the filming is fantastic! totally addicted almost done with season 5
    I hope they continue… Good wholesome Interesting….

  65. ahamilton

    my husband and I have enjoyed Longmire and will be lost when its over . Many thanks Maybe you can find us some good westerns.

  66. Sherry

    Finished season 5 and now we will have to start at the beginning again. We love this show hoping it continues. It is one of the best shows on tv.

  67. Charlene

    Very happy it’s coming back. Very sad it’s the last season

  68. carol love

    Great show…..can’t wait for Season 6.

  69. Debbie

    Got hooked on this show. My husband and I, both of us are retired, enjoy Longmire on Netflix. Even more interesting is that we found out that our 14 year old grandson has been a fan of this show for quite a while. Can’t wait for Seaaon 6!

  70. howard yanke

    when they get rid of longmire than i well get rid of netflix

  71. C. Mayo

    We love the show. I’m 58 and I introduced it to my 84 year old Dad who absolutely loves it. Older viewers need quality shows to watch. Can’t wait for season 6. I also work with seniors and they like this quality of a show. Seniors watch more TV than the demographics most shows cater to. Plus they are on fixed incomes and are dropping cable for Netflix and other subscription TV.

  72. Marv

    Almost cancelled Netflix until I happened to see there was a season 5 now a 6. Will have to continue with subscription a least till season 6. Just hope it could continue.

  73. Ann Coleman

    Longmire is the best western on TV, do not understand why it will be cancelled. seems like good ones go when bad ones stay….

  74. Aneitha Riley

    Longmire is the best show love it I got Netflix for this show. Looking forward for the next series. They need to take some of the bad shows off TV and leave good ones on like Longmire and Glades.

  75. Donald White

    We bought seaons 1-4 on DVD and this is our favorite TV show. We lived in NM for 5 years and a lot of the scenery is familiar to us. We love Longmire! Please keep the seasons coming!

  76. Judy Ray

    Longmire is such a good show, why is it being canceled? Can someone please tell me because I don’t understand.

  77. Buck w

    What were the knotheads thinking.cancel the best drama show ever long mire should have been picked up by one of the big three networks yet still they show mostly garbage thank you Netflix

  78. Cheryl B.

    Don’t forget, Craig Johnson writes the mysteries that inspired this great series! When season six is over there are more than a dozen books and short stories galore to keep you entertained.

  79. Darrell Loggins

    Yes Longmire needs to keep em coming. Great show and waiting for football season to end so I can sit down and enjoy the show.

  80. sandy

    Please keep it on. Being on netflix great move. Gives flexibility. Why ending it. When’s release date of 2017? Great cast btw.

  81. Patti S

    Grew up with rough and tumble Ralph Lamb (our Las Vegas sheriff for years) and Longmire is the truest depiction of the ‘old west’ sheriff’s! Ralph and his entire family were rodeo guys who were law enforcement at its best. I subscribe to Netflix for the Longmire series…. it’s what the viewers want!!! Bring ’em back ASAP!

  82. Elaine

    Waiting for season 6, checking every day, hurry up!!!

  83. Shelley Miller

    If Netflix cancels Longmire I really hope that a TV network will pick it up. This is a great show! The cast are all in sych and the show is addicting. Need to keep this show on for as long as possible – definitely WELL beyond Season 6!!! Longmire is the reason I subscribed to Netflix. Guess when it goes off, Netflix will be history at my house.

  84. linda

    we love this show, I am so tired of great programs being canceled. I will watch all of season 6 and hopefully more to follow.

  85. Pete Campbell..Geelong..Victoria.. Australia.

    Being an Australian actor Robert Taylor..
    IS my favorite actor and portrays “Longmire” with a natural ability, I believe anyway.
    IF ‘Netflix’ have trouble wondering IF they should renew this GREAT show..
    I can tell you that it’s not just for the US market, we “Down Under” have say in it’s popularity..
    Please.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ‘NETFLIX’ don’t quibble over this show anymore and RENEW post haste.
    You WILL find that OUR Aussie viewers, WILL appreciate your indulgence..
    And for a thought, ‘please’ consider a 7th,8th,9th Season, etc, etc, and so on and so on..
    You will not be disappointed with the viewing results.
    Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you. 🙂

  86. Tina Sprague

    I really hope you will reconsider the 6th season being the final season. I just found out that the show is on Netflix & I am so thrilled. I hope that you will decide tocarry the show on for more than one more season.

  87. Tom Moyer

    we love the Longmire series, really looking forward to season 6

  88. Hugh BARR

    Please – keep Longmire going till he passes of natural
    Causes. Best show and cast on TV!

  89. Cody

    This was a perfect mystery show of how things can get to a certain point please please please bring longmire back for another season I would like to see where it goes from the last time it stopped

  90. Marlene

    Do not stop having Longmire! Love love love the show!

  91. Robert Blackburn

    Please give me more longmire, I need my daily fix. I started watching it and now I cannot quit.

  92. Kathy La Hay

    We definitely need a 6th season. Can’t wait! I’m so happy Netflix picked it up!

  93. Rowena

    My husband and I have enjoyed every Longmire show/season. Both the story line and cast are awesome. We truly hope that this amazing show continue as we absolutely love it! Not sure why anyone would not want this story to continue.

  94. McGee Family in VT

    We have only recently received Netflix….when we came across Longmire we were hooked. For the past couple weeks we have watched all seasons. Wonderful show, just finished the last ’16 show. Can hardly wait for ’17.

  95. Judy

    Just binge watched all 5 seasons of Longmire. Can’t wait for the 6th season. This is one of the best shows I have watched in a long time. Too bad the 6th season is the last. THANK YOU NETFLIX!!!!!!!!!

  96. Rene

    Absolutely love this show!! Please please keep it goin. It is a clean family show that you don’t find on regular TV!

  97. Tom Campbell

    Like many others we just began watching Longmire and have gone through nearly every episode, only a few more to go. This is a fabulous series, the best since Bonanza and probably better. It makes the rest of the junk on television look like what it is… junk! Any exec who would cancel Longmire should have their head examined. Absolute insanity!

  98. Brenda

    PLEASE we want a lot more then 6 seasons…. this is an awesome show

  99. glenda alexander

    This is a really great show. Hopefully you will make more seasons.

  100. Irene

    My husband and I enjoy this show greatly. We spent an entire weekend watching season 1 through 5 on Netflix. Wondered why we hadn’t heard of the show before Netflix. we are hooked. Continue the show, please…

  101. Lance Axness

    Is it true SEASON 6 is the Final Season. How about some spin offs? Or NETFLIX MOVIES with Longmire characters. Or combine them with other Netflix hit series. Or Longmire candy bars.

    Something more than FINAL SEASON 6.

  102. sharon williams

    We watched Longmire from the beginning and like so many other viewers were stunned when it didn’t continue. At the same time Vegas was discontinued, the old 1950’s one. We would love to see this brought back too. Please continue Longmire and bring back Vegas as well please.

  103. Roger Murray

    I don’t understand why they take the best searies off the air and leave the stupidest shows on the air.Long maier is the best searies I have seen In a long time, very exciting and interesting very easy easy show to get into, and the next thing you it’s over easy to watch. So that’s why I say don’t end the searies. Leave long maier and take something else off the air. That’s my “VOTE” Long Maier is an awesome show, please keep Long Maire ON THE AIR.

  104. Josh

    Great series. American values. Honors Indian history. Beautiful scenery. Please don’t cancel the series.

  105. Barb

    We have watched Longmire from the beginning! Love this show! I saw that Season 6 is the last one! How can that be?
    When will Season 6 start airing?

  106. e. montoya

    This show is this generations “Gun Smoke” and should be allowed to continue, just on those merits alone.

  107. Tom Stoner

    I hope its this year! I hate what i heard ….its the final season

  108. Caroline

    I just want to say that Longmire is going to be a classic and many generations that follow will enjoy it as much as we fans do today. Why throw the baby out with the bathwater? Why end a show that so many of us love? Please do the right thing and give us more than a mere six seasons of this wonderful show with a equally great cast.

  109. Thomas dray

    Longmire was a long time coming. It’s is in a way return of john Wayne no nonsense character. I bought and have seen all 5 seasons at least 20 times. You cannot get enough of the story and great characters involved in show. Only sad thing was branch leaving show. That was a shock.

  110. Alan Loeb

    Longmire is the only TV show I paid for. What a great show. I’ll enjoy season 6 and be sad when it ends.

  111. ron ormon

    i like hell out of the show

  112. K Joiner

    One of the best series on TV. We have all our family and friends hooked on it. Would love to see it continue . Six seasons is not enough. He reminds me, as well of the John Wayne’s and today we all need a realistic hero.

  113. priscilla locklear

    Please don’t end with season 6 love watching longmire

  114. Susan mosley

    We are waiting …..hurry we need season 6 even 7 An maybe more..very good show..keep them coming…

  115. peter kapuscinski

    hope it comes back soon. GREAT series

  116. Diane Meyer

    My husband and I are holding onto HOPE that Longmire comes back for Season 6. Doesn’t make any logical sense that it would not.

  117. Sharron Milne

    Longmont is one of the best shows on Netflix. I can hardly wait for season 6. It is so sad for it to end, don’t need Netflix’s then when it ends. The show showcases beautiful northern NM. Please don’t cancel, season should be longer than 10 shows. Great series.

  118. JAY B.

    What a terrific show! I have enjoyed this series through all the seasons, and watched the changes in people, in perspective, the clashes and conflicts– hell, it’s a great show, so well done– and there’s nothing like it on TV. Unlike many shows with limited episodes, the years have not turned the good people into dark bad people or vice versa. The people in this show are who they always were and always will be, though obviously they grow and change a bit, as they should. But a funny person doesn’t turn into a nasty S.O.B. all of a sudden like many others. They are true to their character throughout, and that is a blessing. Try watching an episode of, say, “NURSE JACKY” in season one and then another in season four or five and you’ll think, ” What did they do to this wonderful character?” Not so in Longmire. Everyone develops, but naturally, or more so, they grow evenly. It makes some sort of sense. You get the feeling that the characters are family, but also that the producers and the WRITERS understand this, and write consistently well, and always keep in mind who the character is, and though at times of tension the viewer can never be sure what s/he will do, the responses make some sort of sense. Though I’m sorry to hear that this will be the final season, I’m thrilled that the cast and crew get a chance to wrap it up, and it may or not B a neat and tidy package, but it will make sense. And that is, unfortunately, not a given on too many series. Thank you, NETFLIX, for giving us another year, and bring things to a close. We’ll miss it, but we will certainly always remember that LONGMIRE was a terrific show, written by talented people, acted by talented people. I can’t wait to watch!

  119. Marc Velez

    I love this series. Each and every cast member has been a perfect fit. I have never been so hooked on a series. I don’t want it to end. Longmire rocks!
    I haven’t had Netflix long. Maybe 2 weeks. I got hooked from the first episode. I watched all five seasons in that short time frame. Robert Taylor is great in this series. How can we get the word out to keep it going?

  120. Ernie VanBuskirk

    I have been reading the comments from “Longmire” viewers (and there are hundreds and hundreds of them) that are so addicted to this series and want it to continue, myself being included of wanting to see it continue as my household waits excitingly each week for the next episode. With the support of the many viewers I find it difficult to imagine even the slightest thought of discontinuing “Longmire”. There are many old western series that ran for decades, and some still exist, so why not keep a series running that people really enjoy and are waiting for future series go be released? Take into account the many years that Gunsmoke, Bonaza, The Virginian, and others were released over the decades…..and yes they are gone now, but still they are being broadcast weekly, some daily,…..”Longmire” very likely could fall into this same category of being a long running series…Please keep “Longmire” alive and entertain us with this great show.

  121. Lucy Cox

    This is a truly good show, please do not cancel. Seems like all the good shows are being cancelled. I am avidly awaiting Season 6. Thank you!

  122. Susan Seeley

    My husband and I are looking forward to watching Season 6 in Longmire! They are all such wonderful actors. Please e-mail me and let me know when they start on Netflix. Thank you!

  123. Bruce

    Longmire – the most intense, well-acted series on TV! The character and plot development is superior to others and the only true regret is that the prior seasons were only 10 episodes instead of 22!
    It is a foregone conclusion that Longmire should be a network staple – for YEARS to come!

  124. Barbara

    I have watched Longmire from the beginning when it was on A&E.I love Longmire & the rest of the cast.I have watched every one of his shows.I don’t understand why Longmire was canceled ? .He is the Best actor ever!!! Longmire is the best show. Please bring Longmire back.

  125. vickie grant

    I absolutely love this show. My husband and I watched every night until the bitter end. We need season 6,7,8,9,10 etc FOREVER!!!! Love, Love, Love this show can’t wait until it returns again!!!

  126. ME Trevino

    Keep Longmire… It is a great show!!!!! Can’t wait for season 6

  127. Leslie Seeberger

    Looking forward to season 6, would like many more. about the only worth watching! Love this show!

  128. Peter rethazy

    I find these episodes very meaningful and totally captivating. I am very much looking forward to Season 6 Peter R

  129. ann coleman

    the best western tv show on Netflix or any other channel. finally, a really great show only to find it will be stopped after 6 seasons …what are you thinking??

  130. Danny

    I believe that Longmire is one of the very best shows on Netflix. Please renew it for at least 2 more seasons

  131. Mary

    Longmire covers Native American topics. How refreshing to see their struggles addressed. It’s an Amazing series, keep it on Netflix. Many in my family watch it and we discuss the role of the different characters.

  132. SUSAN

    LONGMIRE is a great show. So refreshing and the characters are so real. Keep it for more seasons. So glad they have native Americans in the show.
    Long live LONGMIRE!

  133. John

    LONGMIRE is awesome. We started watching this last year we watched all of the episodes as this is the best TV series we have seen in a very long time. Keep it going! Our second Netflex choice is Heartland. With so much junk on TV these days it’s hard to see a good show like LONGMIRE be cancelled. Please reconsider!

  134. Trish

    We love Longmire!!!! PLEASE renew at least 10 more seasons

  135. Ron Palmer

    It will be truly sad to see Longmire discontinued after season 6.
    One of the best shows ever!!!!!!

  136. Tom Galvin

    Watched Longmire for the first time last week. Watched all five seasons in a couple of days. I can’t wait for season 6. Love the show!!!!!

  137. Mariaelena

    Please don’t cancel the show after season 6. I love this show, the cast, the scenery, the drama. The other shows on net flicks don’t hold a candle to this show.

    The reason I love this show is because each episode is different from the previous one. There’s always a new crime to solve, and everyone can relate to the characters.

    Please, please don’t cancel this show.

  138. Francesca

    I just signed on to Netflix to be able to watch Longmire. Have been doing a marathon daily to see every episode. I can’t stop watching it! Someone commented that you should get rid of Vic, yes she is annoying but she balances things out. I truly hope this show continues for as long as possible for all of your diehard fans out here.

  139. J T E

    Longmire is the main reason I got Netflix. So keep up!!!!!!!!!!

  140. Dee

    Why would Netflix not renew Longmire? Best show on tv in a long time. Longmire is the reason I joined Netflix.

  141. Russ and Kathie Huffman

    My wife and I have looked forward to watching Longmire every Season and we are really looking forward to Season 6, and then Season 7, and then Season 8, and you get the idea. It is an excellent series for adult viewing and has excellent writers and actors. It’s really great that there are still great TV programs out there, and Longmire is one of the best. Keep up the great work Netflix. When is the start date for Season 6, we are anxiously waiting?

  142. barb

    please netflix don’t cancel longmire,bloodlines or the ranch.

  143. BOB


  144. SZazueta

    I loved the series and got my sister, brothers and some friends to watch it and they all loved it. Just can’t wait to see the next coming season (s). I hope you keep it going! It is a great series!

  145. Vera Newman

    Yay, another season of Longmire. Love that show. I hate the way we were left with everything up in the air.

  146. Christy Russell

    Ok…so they are bringing it back WHEN???? and will it continue? For how long? This is a really good show and if show’s like Law and Order SVU can be on for 12 season’s why can’t a good show like Longmire be on even longer. Come on people.. you still have alot of good writing in you I”m sure. This is a good show don’t stop now. Keep it going for awhile.

  147. Debbie

    Please continue the show , the best show ever .

  148. Darrill Sandberg

    Longmire can’t end this way!

  149. Shirley

    Longmire is one of the best shows on TV AND REALLY praying there will be a new series very soon been watching for it all everyday ? Its not just a older crowd Show are grown children love it also and waiting on new show !

  150. Lorna Sandberg

    Can’t live without it! Please have mercy. Continue the show and save our marriage. Consider your responsibility if you cancel.

  151. Karen...

    When Netflix took over Longmire it really improved the series from what it had been. I really enjoy the characters and hope it all ends for our big and man and all of his crew…Including Henry..Keep those episodes coming…We long Longmire

  152. Don & Sharon Fralick

    Longmire is the best series we have watched in a long time. Netflix definitely can’t leave us hanging the way it ended in season 5. The characters are great! Tense, drama, emotional and very good series. We look very forward to seeing Netflix renewing a 6th season for it. From avid viewers and newer Netflix subscribers. Bring it back! Bring it back soon! We love it!

  153. craig

    you incompetent f*cks still havent given me a f#%^ing 2017 release date. F*ck you Netflix

  154. Michelle

    All the free streaming will NEVER replace the quality & pure enjoyment of Longmire!

  155. george

    So will Walt and Donna have a golf cart to drive across the street to the new resort development, just whose baby is Vic’s, does Ferg tie the knot, how sincere is Nighthorse – really, will Henry be eaten by Crow ants, does Cady get some really interesting reservation cases – a spinoff in itself, I hated to see Hector leave, but now will he live again? Lots of loose plot pieces here, I hope the producers and writers have as much fun as we viewers do with this show and don’t go the way of Under the Dome, Resurrection, etc….Longmire could easily do 10-12 seasons if all are willing! I agree with the other commenter – Longmire is every bit the Western Cowboy as Matt Dillon, Lucas McCain, Paladin, and the endless heroes of early westerns television. Thanks, Netflix, for at least giving us a 6, but lead the pack and consider going even more.

  156. C M

    Please bring back Longmire. Great,
    great show. We can’t wait to see what happens to Henry. No need to talk so ugly C. Be nice and maybe they will bring it back. Haven’t you ever heard that you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar?

  157. Rod

    Netflix should probably delay season six as long as they can. I am only staying subscribed to Netflix to be able to see Longmire–and then will leave when he does.

  158. LR

    Longmire is a great show, we need season 6.

  159. Vivian

    The main reason I got Netflix was to watch Longmire. It’s one of the best TV shows in years!

  160. Peggy

    Please bring Longmire back I loved this show I cancelled my Netflix when it ended s sudden Please please please bring it back

  161. roger greene

    longmire is great we need season 6, or 7 or 8 best one on netflix

  162. Joe L.

    I never subscribed to Netflix or Hulu.
    I never dreamed i ever would. Then netflix picked up Longmire. I love Longmire so I found myself paying for Netflix, just for Longmire. I hope the show goes on for many more years.
    If the show is canceled , thank you Netflix for picking up Longmire and giving us a few more years of enjoyment .

  163. Jimbo

    We need more episodes. Getting really tired of news programs, both real & fake. Longmier is the real deal in entertainment. Please give us the release date so we can go back to the previous episodes and binge out.

  164. Susan Mulder

    Longmire is are favorite show, please keep Longmire on!!!

  165. Gayle Lipson

    I am SO READY for SEASON 6!!!

    Please bring it back!

  166. Mr.J

    To hell with bluebloods….More and more LONGMIRE or I will pull the Netflix plug after 5 years of loyalty,,,, Mr.J

  167. Gary

    Netflix, please keep Longmire on! I really love this show!

  168. MLC

    Longmire is the best show I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks


    just think if another network picks up Longmire it could last as long as GUNSMOKE.

  170. debi

    I am so excited to see the new season. I’ve watched from the beginning. I absolutely love this show and characters. I will be sorry to see it go…Please stay…


    more Longmire please

  172. Barbara Ballow

    My 15 year old son and I just found this series last year….we are anxiously awaiting the next season. I am so glad Netflix decided to continue it – WE NEED CLOSURE!.

  173. J & J

    If the main characters are willing, and the production costs reasonable, why not keep it going until interest wanes? Great show, good characters, good story lines – has all of the elements of a very long term show.

  174. Paula

    An amazing show. Such a talented bunch of actors, writers, & producers. Beautiful Wyoming scenery with a great story line that matches no other. It’s a shame that Netflix will not carry the last season. Very disappointed!

  175. Billy Chance

    my whole family love long mire tv show it is the best of Hollywood that has come out in the past 75 years, every time my family finds a show we like the cancel it. I have no found a single person that has said the show should be cancel, what is wrong with Hollywood. Unless they can make a shoe full on dirty word that flow like water in a river , when they have a good clean show of real people store, bout Americana real life, Hollywood wishes to kill it, its shows how the movies makers have fell in the septic tank, and can only make trash, no wonder this country keep siding down hill. I own over 8000 video movie, and Long mire is the best of all of them and any that will come in the future.This is why we only get trash on TV to watch anymore, Hollywood would not know what a great TV show is

  176. JD

    11.16.17: 11:11pm… Anxiously awaiting Longmire Season 6.

  177. Will Frey


  178. Joan Houston

    Love this show. I don’t watch much other then crime stories and the news. Most of the movies are so dumb with bad actors and actresses.

  179. Rick

    Please keep Longmire going, it is one of the best shows to be on tv for a long time. I have watched every episode, some 2 or 3 times.

  180. Frank

    I really enjoyed the series… Hopefully future series will follow

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