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Longmire season 5 release date 2016

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Will there be Longmire season 5? Is Netflix ready to order the new season? We are waiting for the release (premiere) date in 2016!

The television series Longmire was launched in June 2012. It debuted on A&E television channel, which presented three excellent seasons. Unfortunately, in August 2014 channel management decided to cancel the project, which shocked many millions of fans all over the world.

Netflix started to revive the series and ordered 10 episodes of the fourth season and scheduled the premiere date for September 10, 2015. The constant support of the audience in social networks and on thematic websites ensures the further success to the series, but is Netflix ready to order Season 5?

There are only rumors on the funding of the new season, as the audience is completely satisfied with them. After Louanne Stephens’ (Ruby) publication on Twitter “Saying goodbye to the sheriff for season 4”, many fans started worrying about the show future and thought this year would be the final one for the project. Later the actress explained she was only saying good-bye to the current season and planned to come back in the fifth season, if it was ordered.

CCO Ted Sarandos in his turn noted that the television series Longmire was a brilliant magnet for the audience, and for Netflix it was one of the main reasons considered while deciding on the renewal of the show. Thus, it is necessary to continue the show, as it is awaited all over the world and even critics agree the fifth season will be profitable. So when will the release date be announced?

Longmire season 5 premiere – [September 23, 2016] (officially)

There is no an official report from the rights holders yet, but as soon as the new information on this respect appears, we will publish it. Do you agree Season 5 is required? Express your support in comments!


UPDATE 1 (October 30, 2015): Good news!!! Netflix has picked up a fifth season of Longmire. Premiere Date – September 23, 2016.

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  1. Glenn Peterson

    Longmire is my favorite show! Please don’t stop. It is a classic and the cast is perfect.

    • rosie

      I agree completely.

      • Karen Slater

        I agree also. also. Surely they can’t quit until all the bad guys are brought to justice and Henry gets out of jail. My daughter and I have watched all 4 seasons and love the show. Please, please, please bring it back. You can’t leave it the way season 4 ended.

        • Jewel Lawrence

          I love the show and agree with comments that Henry needs to get out of jail and Longmire is so good at what he does. Please bring it back. Jewel

      • Joe

        Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • M.C.

      I love this show!!!

      • J.D.

        Yes!!!!!!!! I love this show too!! Please bring it back, I need to know who kicks in the door at the end of season 4. That is just not right to leave us hanging!!

    • Old Woman

      I have been waiting long enough for the 5th season to state. I have turned my daughter and her husband into true fans of this series. We have watched it (Season 1 thru 4) a couple of times.

    • J.D.

      BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  2. --Jesse--

    Hope they get a season 5. Great show and great cast!

  3. Doyle Kim

    Love Longmire! I’m REALLY hoping it would go on for several seasons. Missed that it was cancelled, but definitely glad Netflix revived it.

  4. Archie

    So glad Netflix bought this. They will treat it with the respect it deserves. Can’t wait for the new season!

  5. Joseph H.

    This is a one (season 4) and done season. No season 5. Netflix just bought it to give the fans a proper send-off w/no loose ends.

    • Esther T.

      I hope it’s not true !!!

    • Sam

      A&E’s was a fool to drop Longmire. I loved the books and I enjoyed the series on TV. Long live LONGMIRE!

      • Sherrie

        I have to agree. I love Longmire, I was so mad when I got to the end of season 4. I hope they pick it up for more seasons.

    • Wade

      Well that didn’t work ….Season 4 just left with all kind of questions

    • NorthernJudy

      The cliffhangers at end of Season 4 require a Season 5. And I’d be happy if it went to season 7 or 8 or more.

    • Anonymous

      There was a huge cliff hanger at the end of season 4. That can’t happen again.

    • nita

      love love this series……Robert Taylor and Lou Diamond Phillips are two great actors, each unique in his own style. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK FOR A SEASON 5, 6 ,7 on and on!!!

      • M.C.

        completely agree.. this show could go for many many more seasons.

    • Karen Slater

      But there were several loose ends. It can’t be finished.

  6. Simao

    Please continue to air this series. I have been a fan of Longmire from the beginning.

  7. Martha

    The show has a great cast, probably one of the better cop shows on TV. I was so disappointed when A&E dropped the series. Thank you Netflix!!! Thank you for picking up me and my husband’s favorite series. And make Season 5 please!

    • NorthernJudy

      Me too Martha!!!!!

  8. Fernando Reese

    I enjoyed Longmire for what it was but i never really became a big fan.

  9. Todd S.

    I really hope this show lasts longer than 4 seasons…

  10. Elisa R.

    Excellent show. Can’t wait to watch more! Season 5? Lets go! Write it, film it!

  11. Carl

    My wife and I both love this show. Need more shows like Longmire. Tired of reality shows.

    • NorthernJudy

      DEFINITELY tired of reality shows – just didn’t watch them at all, ever. Only show A&E ever had worth watching was Longmire. Netflix – thankyou for season 4, please buy a season 5 and more. Taylor and Phillips are treasures. Not fond of the new psychiatrist or whatever she is. Mathias is becoming more interesting. Cady and Ferg – love them.

    • june

      I agree !

    • Karen Slater

      I totally agree. It keeps you in suspense until the next show. Great actors, great, writers. I watched it when it was on A&E and was so disappointed to see it canceled but found it on Netflix. I will keep Netflix forever it they keep making this show. I hate realty shows and most everything else has little appeal except the major stations. More Longmire, please.

    • Joy Gortmaker

      I agree 100%

  12. richard holmes

    love this show and never miss an episode

  13. Lesa

    Love , love, love this show. Please Netflix, make the next Season 5, this show is so awesome!

  14. Marsha Chappell

    We love Longmier. Please bring it back.

  15. Carolyn Mimms

    I didn’t watch Longmire until this past August. I saw the 3 seasons on Netflix and have just finished waiting all the 3 seasons. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! I so hope you decide to keep it going on and on. Please Netflix keep it running.

  16. LindyB

    We’ve watched Longmire since the first episode & LOVE this show and the characters!
    I recorded it for my husband, but was hooked immediately. Such a treat seeing actors I grew up with still going strong (Taylor, LDP) plus really cool ,young, new(er) ones.
    PLEASE Netflix, we are loyal members & would be thrilled to see you continue to produce quality shows like this.

    • Fred A. Miller

      Love this show. Really hope there are many more. I’d drive from LA to the set, just to meet the cast. Great job.

  17. Robert

    Longmire is one of my favorite shows. I sincerely hope Netflix will see what A & E did not – that Longmire involves something missing in so much of current TV. It has characters with..well..character!

  18. Nan

    Can’t wait for the 4th season . . . fingers crossed for a 5th season as well. Brilliant show, cast is great!

    • Jerry

      I really enjoy this series. The theme is great with the location chosen. We have no good shows
      about a good sherrif in this territory. Please keep this series going. Thank-you.

      • Ron

        The Longmire ending was as bad as the Sopranos. We need more seasons. While I watch several shows on Netflix, this and Nurse Jackie are the only ones my wife will watch.

  19. Ellen

    We’ve watch Longmire from the start and love this show, hope you get it going LOVE THIS SHOW.

  20. JJ


  21. Dave K

    Longmire is one of the best shows on television. Never miss an episode.
    I am probably not alone in that when I watch Netflix programming I always surf around to see what else is available. Longmire drew me to Netflix which in turn opened my eyes to other Netflix programming.
    Please, Netflix bring Longmire back for Season 5.


    Best series to come along in years. Keep it going Netflix !

  23. Sandy

    Please keep it going. It,s the only show we really is great

  24. E Shick

    Longmire has been a favorite in my house from season 1, show 1. When it’s on TV is the only time my whole family is in the same room at the same time. We love the show, keep it around for several more years please.

  25. Rich Bell

    to whom it concerns at netflix
    I belong to netflix,and totally enjoy your originals ,and longmire is a very GOOD addition

  26. Gary Soms

    Bring it back!! Need to tie up loose ends!! Great show!

  27. Mariana nichols

    I Love the show longmire Please Netflix we would love to watch season 5 we watch it every night and we are still on season 1, thank you

  28. Connie Muckenfuss

    Please let there be a season 5 love me some Longmire..

  29. Ed B

    Series should be continued for moor seasons as long as families get together to watch good TV.
    Longmire is a very good program for families.

  30. Laurie Wallace

    Longmire needs to continue, besides the Supernatural series Longmire is the only other series I watch, and I’ve seen the entire Supertatural series completely thought from season 1-9 six times and now I’m on my seventh. I’ve seen Longmire almost as many.

  31. Bonnie Carner

    We signed up for Netflix on Sept.8 just so we could see season 4 of Longmire. We hope it lasts for several seasons. It is the best show on TV!!

  32. Grampa H

    Just completed watching season 4, it is the best yet, please continue this show. You left the ending of season 4 with many unanswered questions. It cannot be the final. Looking forward to season 5 next year. Thanks

  33. Barbara B

    A wonderful program with a solidly good story line and cast. We need more programs like it to replace of the trash that is provided. Please let there be a Season 5!!!!!

  34. Thomas

    Why kill off a winner…everyone I know watches Longmire and they don’t want to see it ended. It’s great programming considering all the other rubbish around. Let’s have season 5!!!!

  35. Jackie Brown

    Season 5 Pleeaase !!!!

  36. Jim

    The best show ever made……..please renew for season 5!!!!

  37. Susie

    I love this show, I do not have Netflix, but I am going to get it, just so I can see Season 4 and please please please let there be a Season 5, 6, 7, and so on. ;:)

  38. Debbie Harper

    This is one of the few GOOD SHOWS left to watch. Its not an old farts show but a family show. Few of those left. Please bring this show back. Its our family favorite & will be watched. All these channels & too few good shows. Thanks for your consideration & hopefully a season 5!!!!!!!

  39. Joey

    Season 4 was fabulous, maybe the best yet … Sure hope there will be more seasons to come

  40. Kathryn

    Oh YES please a season 5 and 6 for Longmire. It took us two days to watch season 4, and was it good. Season 5 YES YES YES

  41. MomR

    Yes, please!! We are already on episode 5 of season 4 – soooo good!! Why stop now?!

  42. Trish

    Just finished Longmire, Season 4. Loved it. They’ve done it again — left us hanging! There MUST be a season 5 (& beyond)!

  43. Jean Topete

    Yep left us hanging AGAIN. So happy when Banch’s dad was given karma… Such a great show. The rotten guys need to be destroyed. Come back Season 5…. please….

  44. Sara

    Please bring it back for season 5 – and order more episodes!
    We need a full season, not a half season! 🙂 Even our 6 yr old loves Longmire, “because the sheriff is a real cowboy!”
    Great show – thank you Netflix!

  45. Ed

    This show is far too good to cancel. Great story lines, great acting, and great writing. What else is needed? Not renewing this show would be a real downer for all the committed fans who are completely absorbed by the wonderful character development in this series.

  46. Tom Knight

    Longmire needs to continue, it’s a great series. At least give the fans clousure, dont leave us hanging.

  47. Lorna

    Having started Season 4, last evening (we enjoy seeing the Netflix episodes, free of advertising) we are already looking forward to Season 5, as the series of a favorite, and I want “Longmire” to go on indefinitey !

    Visiting The Plaza Hotel in June of this year, we saw the sites in Las Vegas New Mexico where some of the filming of “Longmire” is shot. Quite a thrill !

  48. w

    Please have at least a season 5. And soon. Best show ever

  49. Donna

    I love this show. I’ve been waiting since the end of season 3 to see who was killed. I watched all of season 4 in 2 days. Now can’t wait to see what happens next. Please bring back the show for more seasons…..It’s one of the best shows on TV today. Cable TV has TOO many reality shows that are all alike.

    • Linda Petersen

      Love Longmire. Just finished binge watching to catch up. Please don’t cancel it. My best reason for Netflex.

  50. adam

    Love this show. All my favorite shows get cancelled. Many thanks to netflix for making it possible to still watch great television. Really hoping for many seasons to come.

  51. Austin

    Really think that branch could come back, he was my favorite person, they better make a season 5

    • Ken

      Branch died

  52. keri

    love this show just finished season four. please make a season five.

  53. David

    Yes vote for season 5

  54. F

    Longmire is one of the best shows. All the good programs seem to get cancelled. Since Netflix has picked it up and it’s popularity is so great, I hope Netflix realizes this and continues to release numerous seasons. Longmire is a True Winner!! Long May it Live!! (Just like Law and Order Special Victims!)

  55. wanda

    My friends, family and I agree that this was possibly the BEST TV series ever produced. It’s a shame that everything has to be controlled by the “Kardashian” groupies!! SHAME!
    Best Show Ever!! What Happened to it?????

  56. rose


  57. Rob

    I watch very little TV – but the exception is Longmire! Please keep it coming

  58. Jay Clawson

    Just finished watching Season 4 – completely hooked. Loved cast, characters and plot lines. Looking forward to Season 5. Definitively one of the top series ever. Netflix was smart to pick up the series. I recommended it to all my friends without reservation.

  59. Maria

    Love the show. So glad there was season 4. Please continue for several more seasons.

  60. Leigh

    We finally came across a show that we enjoyed. I cannot imagine it being taken off TV then there may not be a season 5. What a shame! My family loves the show

  61. Wade

    Season 5 is needed and wanted

  62. Holly lacy

    There must be a Season 5. Long mire is great show and so well done. Please reorder.

  63. Brenda

    I just watched Longmire Season 4 and loved it. Can’t wait until Season 5. Clean good no bad language. So happy that Netflix pick it up. I also watched The Glades another good series. Hope that this one will have a season 5 miss this one too. Please pick up The Glades.

  64. Sue

    We are anxiously awaiting Season 5 of Longmire! Hope to see it on Netflix soon!

  65. Violet

    Finally, Season 4. It was great! YES, Netflix I can’t wait for Season 5! I was ready to stop my Netflix subscription, when I heard that Longmire was coming to Netflix.

  66. Allen

    There needs to be a season 5, would be a shame to end the show where it is right now. I need to know what happens after season 4. Please pick up season 5.

  67. Sue

    I love this show. Season 4 was so good that I watched it in two days. There needs to be many more seasons of this great production. Longer seasons would be great too!

  68. Margie

    Please, please order Season 5. This is the best show… so well done, unlike most of what’s available today.

  69. Johnny O

    Longmire is a classic! Season 4 is awesome. A&E was stupid to dump it!! We will be very upset if season 5 does not happen!!

  70. Pat

    Am watching Season 4……hope there’s a Season 5. Subscribed to Netflix just to be able to see this show!

  71. Karen Barthowiak

    Oh yes please. I have already watched all of season 4. Love this show.

  72. V

    LONGMIRE- LONGMIRE- LONGMIRE, BRING IT BACK- love love love the show!!! We need more like it!

  73. Jeana

    Love season 4, can’t wait for 5, 6,7,8
    Want more longmire. Great series

    • Mariana nichols

      I’m watching it all over again it is a great show can’t wait for more seasons

  74. Leslie L.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE order Season 5!!!!!!

  75. Ken

    We love the show. My wife and I watch it together and there’s very little that we both enjoy. We are hooked on Longmire. Just finished watching Season 4 in 3 1/2 days. Please reorder!

  76. Rita

    Please reorder. There just has to be a Season 5, 6, 7…. So glad Netflix carried the show.

  77. Todd

    Net Flix……bring on season 5 Longmire for us will you please??

  78. Kj

    Great show…great season 4 ending for season 5!!

  79. Charles Hayslip

    I just finished season 4 and there has to be a season 5. For the love of god you cant leave us hanging like that. I love this show!!!!!!

  80. cynthia

    Longmire is the best show on Netflix! My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode and are hoping Longmire will continue for many seasons to come. Thankfully, this show has a minimum of sex scenes and bad language. That’s quiet unique in this day and time! Certainly hope they continue to write like this-great story line doesn’t need the sex and bad language. We watched the fourth season in two days and it left us hoping for more! Please, continue Longmire!!

  81. Anna Jean Blazek

    Please please and PLEASE bring back Longmire for Season 5!!!
    What a great show!!!

  82. Dwolfe

    Yes! We need a season five of Longmire. Season 4 left too many questions and a great story line for season 5

  83. Matt kelso

    This series on Netflix cutting edge I love the old and the new. A brilliant well together series.keeps you guessing and wanting more.hope there is a season five.

  84. Suzie

    Longmire is a great show. Please renew and please make more episodes. It doesn’t need the sex scenes to make it great, that really distracts from the story line. There is so much crap on television, this is a show that keeps viewers wanting more!!!

  85. Dale

    Yes to season 5 longmire. Also would like to see netflix pickup the deadwood seires and possably more season of that unfinnished show

  86. T

    Longmire! Longmire! Longmire!
    This is one of the BEST seasons yet..
    We want more! We want more!

  87. Kathryn Porter

    Longmire is my favorite show. It really should continue. The writing is great and the cast is perfect–even without Branch and Barlow. Really great cliffhangers!!!

  88. Jackie Smith

    Heck Yes there’s gotta be a Season 5, you can’t just leave a faithful audiance hanging!!!

  89. Tim Slongo

    Absolutely yes to a season 5!!! Season 4 was the strongest yet and the show remains fresh and engaging.

  90. Sandy Gjervold

    Just watched the last episode in Season 4. Tried to spread out the episodes but just couldn’t quit watching once I started. THERE HAS TO BE A SEASON 5!!!!!!

  91. Bill

    This is an excellent show. I truly support it’s continuation. I am absolutely hook on Longmire and the entertainment/intrigue it brings this viewing audience.
    Not only is this an extremely entertaining program, it also allows the viewer a glimpse into the Native American World/Culture. American culture and entertainment – what more could you ask for?

  92. Ingrid

    Please, we need another season (5). This show is the best.

  93. Angie

    YES !!!!! My husband and I love Longmire !! Defiantly need Season 5 !!

  94. otis

    Longmire is the best show currently on TV. I want thank Netflix for bringing the show back for a season 4 and I would hope they do a season 5. It is really a great show!

  95. Laurie

    Longmire is one of the best! We, the fans, need many more years of Walt, Henry, Vic, Ferg, Caddy & Ruby. How refreshing to see actual Native Americans playing the Hollywood parts instead of like the old days of white people w/make-up. This is a good clean show.

  96. Becky

    So mad at myself for watching Season 4 so quickly, just couldn’t help it! Love Longmire and Season 4 was the best! Please, please please continue with Season 5! My family loves it!

  97. Rhonda Best

    Longmire is a great show. Hoping it comes back for many more seasons!

  98. Larry

    Already watched Season 4 on Netflix! Hoping for Season 5! Great show.

  99. Sandy

    Absolutely YES to a fifth season of Longmire.

  100. tina new

    Please continue this series! It is the best!

  101. Dolomite

    Longmire has to be renewed it makes us better people! BTW, whoever kicked in Walts door had tan suede boots. Walker Browning (oil head honcho that escaped the hospital) had dark brown boots on when Walt was tying his legs together with his belt after Henry shot him. I wondered why they showed Walt specifically tying his legs up. So you can check off Walker Browning off the list.

  102. Lauren

    Please, Yes, Absolutely a Season 5 of Longmire. This is the best show in years!

  103. Fred Peterson

    Not only do we need a season 5 but a 6,7,8 also. One of the best series in a long time.

  104. Fabian

    I love Longmire…hope we have many more seasons to come?

  105. Martha martin

    Hector lives !!! He need to finish what he started. Great season 4. Can’t wait for season 5.

  106. Laura

    I love programs with the western theme. The scenery, the approach to living. The positives and contentions of interacting cultures. Longmier really addressed this in an intelligent, thoughtful way not relying on shoot-um-ups and wanton sex to tell the story. A series for adults, and those who appreciate a beautiful program – Please continue the series. Big numbers do not tell the story of the committed and devoted following who watch the ads & buy the products.

  107. Ron and Donna

    We’ve loved this show since the first episode. Please bring back for season 5 and more.

  108. Petra

    You cant leave us hanging like that! We need a season 5,6,7 etc.

  109. Dr. Richard Caldwell

    We watched the entire season 4 in five consecutive nights – need I say more?

  110. CB


  111. Pat

    Please continue this excellent show. When A&E cancelled the show we were so disappointed. When we head Netflix picked it up we ordered Netflix. Can’t wait for season 5!!!!

  112. linda

    We absolutely love this show. It is great and we hope it will continue for a very long time.

  113. Nick

    I have been a member of Netflix for quite a while now and they have never disappointed me. Getting Longmire from A&E is another feather in their cap. There must be a season 5 and many more after that!!

  114. Sharon

    Yes there needs to be a season 5 and maybe a season 6, it’s a really great show, I hate it when TV stations take a great show off the air. There are very few good shows anymore, Longmire is one of them. Please make a season 5 and 6 so on and so on.

  115. Dave

    Yes, one of the best shows out there. Season 5-10 should be ordered now!!!!

  116. Seashell

    Longmier is awesome… We want more

  117. Barb

    Best Season yet. Hoping for Season 5!!

  118. SJ Murphy

    Longmire is very well done. As a LE officer and Native American background as well as a partime farrier it has all I have been looking for.

    Need any actors call on me.


  119. Laura

    love this show! Ten episodes just wasn’t enough!

  120. Shirley

    Please have Season 5. Season 4 so good watched 3 episodes back to back. Finished Episode 10 last night. Need to see cliff hanger continuation!!! Great show. Thanks Netflix

  121. BusterP

    This is one of those rare shows with terrific actors, great writing, and excellent plots. Don’t stop. It seemed that the 4 ending was teasing the audience for a season 5. The quick glimpse of various whodunits and what the heck happened leaves little doubt about the show wanting a season 5. Hope it happens. One of my favorites as well as that of many others I know. Thank you A&E for letting it go. Thank you Netflix for adding it to your lineup. It belongs on Netflix.

  122. Earl

    My wife and I LOVE Longmire!! We so badly want there to be a season 5. Please add our votes to the ‘Yes’ column. We went a bought all the books and love them just as much as the series. So good! And I want Longmire’s shearling coat!!!

  123. C..

    I watched the entire 4th season’s 10 episodes in about 4 days. If Netflix wants to remain a leader and to grow even more, a 5th season is obligatory. Besides, everyone I know regardless of age or gender, is captivated and hooked on the show. Please keep it going.

  124. Jewel

    Season 5 was so awesome! Please bring it back for another season Netflix because that is why I will keep you so I can watch the next Season. Love this show and I am looking forward to more!

  125. Kent and Louise Sutherland

    We just finished season 4 about 15 minutes ago…you guys just can’t keep us hanging with that ending….too many loose ends…..Please bring it back

  126. Paula

    Would truly love several more seasons of this unique show. Season 4 was done well by Netflix and left me and many of my friends and family wanting more. Can’t wait to see how Walts romance progresses and if Zach gets another chance.

  127. Ann Bonacci

    Longmire is an awesome series. My brother told me about it because we both love westerns and we all know there’s not many of those around anymore. Sheriff Longmire reminds me a bit of a modern day, yet not so modern, Marshall Matt Dillon of Gunsmoke. He was an honest, law upholding, take no crap kinda lawman. Robert Taylor is perfect in his role (as are the others) as the sheriff. Please please please bring it back for another season (5) and more I hope. Only one request though: please stop using Gods name in vain in the show – it’s a wonderful show without it you know.

  128. Sue

    Netflix needs to order a 5th season for Longmire. This is a very well written and well acted show with well defined character roles. Westerns are a rare breed in today’s market and for that reason alone have a broad-based and large following (the market hasn’t been OVER-saturated as with modern cop/crime shows). Please continue this series for many more seasons.

  129. HAZEL Philabaum


  130. I meryl

    Our whole family is glued to the TV for Longmire. Netflix should make the right decision and continue it for season five and beyond! We are anxiously awaiting

  131. jerrylee

    Longmire, Best T.V. I’ve seen in a very Longtime.
    I just wait behind the moon till season 5 is released!

  132. Diane

    We have finished Season 4 and are looking forward to Season 5. This is great entertainment!

  133. Donna Kniceley

    please do not cancel Longmire for season 5. Me and my husband love this show and cannot wait till a new season comes out. My husband being an ex cop, there are not very many police based shows he cares for but this one he loves.

  134. shannon hall

    I love this show don’t allow it to be cancelled

  135. Mark M

    My wife and I love the show…. must keep going for at least 15 more years!

  136. Kevin M

    Watched the show from the beginning,bought netflix just so I could see the 4th season,watched all 10 shows in 3 days,this show has such a great plot & theme ,has to be a season 5 & more to tie up things

    • Russel

      Tightwad as I am, I’ll BUY season 5 somewhere after the season 4 ending. So much material it’ll take 18 episodes to finish what they started.

  137. Terry & Joy

    My husband and I both enjoy Longmire very much.
    Please make a season 5.
    We ordered Netflix for the reason to see season 4 of longmire.
    The best show we have seen in a very long time.
    We can’t wait for season 5.

  138. Glenn Gilliam

    Keep them coming, my wife and cannot get enough, bravo!

  139. Joy

    Please do continue with Longmire . We love this program !!! We watch the entire season 4 in two days . Love , love ,love this program . Looking forward to season 5 .

  140. Jp

    My wife and I thoroughly enjoy the show. We are two fans who binge watched seasons1, 2, 3, AND 4. Can’t wait for season 5. Bring it on!

  141. June Marshall

    Can’t end the show like that! Please wrap up the story if you are going to end it. But please don’t end it. Watch Netflix just for this show.

  142. D. Ogilvie

    We love this show. Actually all our relatives watch it also. We look forward to season 5. One of the best reasons to subscribe to Netflix..

  143. Hector

    Hector Lives!!!

  144. Carole Cathcart

    Enjoy Longmire very much, it would be a shame if it’s not continued for the 2016 season! I’m not embarrassed to watch Longmire with my grandchildren. So many programs are all sex, violence and extremely bad language.

  145. geherb

    Really great show. Netflix has done a great job taking it over from A&E. Dumb of them to cancel it. Season 5 please.

  146. Fishkenneth

    We love this series and our so happy season 4 was produced.we’ll definitely watch season 5 if Netflix is wise enough to produce it. The cast is perfect as is.

  147. Pam

    Yes, we need season 5!!!!

  148. Russel

    Dotto’s to all above. Netflix, please start season 5 as of NOW.

  149. Carol

    Don’t leave us hanging!!!!!! Please, this is mine and my husbands favorite show. One of my favorite Netflix shows.

  150. Lance

    As the song says, “hallelujah……I’ll stand before the lord of song with nothing on my tongue but hallelujah” Vic and Walt, Ferg and Punk…Standing Bear have much work to do!!!

  151. Roseann

    There definitely needs to be a lot more seasons of Longmire. It is a great series!! I have been bingeing this week and will go back to watch again and again. THANK YOU NETFLIX

  152. CRH

    Yes, definitely a season 5 or more.

  153. TVS

    Great show, we need a 5th season! please don’t cancel!

  154. Lori

    Can’t wait for season 5…soon

  155. Jan fowler

    I love the show and now have my whole family (spread out from Cal, Ga, & NC) watching it.We would love to see more. Hope some day it will be on regular TV too. Where I live I don’t have Netflix. But by hook or crook I watch it where I can.

  156. TR

    Love this show. So disappointed that it was cancelled on A&E. I don’t have Netflix. I keep hoping that it might get picked up again. Still watch the reruns.

  157. Lon

    Yes PLEASE have season 5 of Longmire best show on television.!!!

  158. HEDVF

    Please don’t leave us hanging! All of season 4’s events seem to all lead back to Malachi somehow. It got more complex and much more interesting. We also love how they have touched every sensitive topic they can – treatment and conditions for Native Americans, plight of veterans, lack of empowerment of women, confusion of laws – off and on the reservation – Keep up the good work.

  159. Tammy Reese

    Walking Dead and Longmire are two of my favorite shows. That says volumes…considering that Walking Dead is the #1 show on TV. Please don’t take it off Netflix. That is one of the main reasons we have Netflix.

  160. Tam Thornton

    Anxiously awaiting Season 5. Great show, we need more!

  161. Dale

    Excellent show I will be extremely disappointed in NetFlix if they cancel.

  162. jeri

    I rarely watch TV. But enjoy the longmire series. Thanks netflix for keeping series. I sure hope there will be a season 5-6-7-8 etc

  163. Bill

    Would not be right to end it the way it is. It certainly requires another season. Best show I have encountered in years.

  164. Randy

    Please don’t cancel Longmire it is absolutely awesome.

  165. KsWhirly

    There definitely need to be a season 5, along additional seasons – – as least as many seasons as the old Gunsmoke series!!

    Thank you, and, we hope it will work out successfully.

  166. Meyerval

    10 episodes was way too short for season four. Plus you’re left hanging more than ever. Hope to see here that season five will be coming soon!

  167. Clint

    Followed an fell in aw with the series, still a loyal watcher. Amazed in how it has been brought back untarnished. Hoping there is more to come..

  168. Maggie

    Do not understand why they would even consider dropping “Longmire”.
    If not for Netflex we would not even have season 4 and it is in my thinking the best of the best.
    Season five should not even be a question instead we should be looking forward to the release of season five by netflex. I do hope that others feel the same way and let your thoughts be known
    that we want a season five and maybe even more in years to come.

  169. Mike

    I want season 5, there have been so many cancellations of good shows to bring on rubbish lately that it is a breath of fresh air to have Netflix go with the good shows and give the audience some control.

  170. Shirley Robinson

    Please keep Longmire going, I really love this show. I was so excited that Netflix picked it up & I really hope they keep it going.

  171. gloria

    Longmire is a fantastic show. Each episode always leaves me wanting more and can’t wait to watch the next one.

  172. Dottie

    We Love Longmire!!! My husband doesn’t usually watch shows… But after the first episode we where hooked!!! We told friends about it and the love the show too! Please continue with Season 5!

  173. DARLEENA cartwright

    I started slowly as a watcher with husband and son , I am as much a fan as they are . We would love to see more seasons after 4 . Good series for all the fans , good profits for the sponsors , win win !

  174. Dave Shirlin

    Longmire is simply a fantastic show. Season 4 has been terrific and Netflix proved that they are just smarter than the others, and it’s likely Season 5 will happen. Thanks Netflix! Last thought…can you believe A&E canceled such a great show with all the crap on that channel? Yeah, me neither.

  175. John w.

    Longmire should continue on to season 5 and beyond. Best series yet..

  176. Pennie

    We need more! We also need them to just start season 6 and keep going so we don’t have to wait so long to see the next seasons! Keep them coming, PLEASE!!!!

  177. Jem velasco

    Plsssss get d season 5 for long mire love that series……love sheriff longmire

  178. Linda

    Bravo, Netflix, for taking Longmire. I absolutely LOVE the show and would love to see a season 5 on Netflix.

  179. Martha Marden

    YES we need more Longmire.Best show I have seen in a long time. I am addicted. Great acting and great cast. Do not take them away.

  180. Brenda Firth

    Please. Please. Please we need season 5!!!!!

  181. pscheck2

    I will be shocked if Netflix does not have season 5 for this unique series! There are so many twists and turns in the plot line, that you find yourself always on the edge of your seat, confused but elated at the end! I was hoping that Branch was not dead–that his body was not his– and like in a good Soap plot it was all rigged to cover Branch’s quest to solve the mystery of his original shooting. Alas, that was not to be! (However, I like his replacement: Zack that guy has real charisma and I hope Walt rehires him in season 5-if there is one!).

    • Must have

      He burnt up the doc’s van. He needs to be in jail, not working there

  182. Jean

    Really looking forward to a season 5….our favorite program!

  183. Angie Dees

    I didn’t know what to expect after Netflix pickup Longmire. I didn’t know if it would change the dynamics of the show and it just not be what it was. I am here to say OMG. At the end of every episode my mouth was hanging open and I couldn’t wait for the next one. Only problem, I’m done I finished the last episode tonight and as the last seen was being played out my hands rushed to my eyes because it was an ah ha moment. I can’t wait until next season. Thank you Netflix for continuing this program. It is one of the only clean, good , wholesome programs left. When I found out that the only way to watch Longmire was to subscribe to Netflix I became a customer. I look forward to the announcement date of season 5. Until then I just might have to watch the reruns.

  184. Linda

    Definitely looking forward to a Season 5. Must have it!

  185. Must have

    This show was the driving force for me to subscribe to Netflix!!!

    They must provide another season!

  186. caieng

    marvelous comments thus far. Thanks. My 2 cents: Market down 1.5% today, but NFLX down 2.3% This will inspire the bean counters to trim budgets.
    If we are lucky, and hold our breaths, and buy some NFLX, (I did my part today), maybe Gunsmoke part deux, will return, whereas, other excellent series, (Rush, Battle Creek, the Hour, Boss) got the ax–too adult, insufficiently attractive to vampire lovers. (What a great reference: Gunsmoke–Thanks for reminding me!!)

    Here’s my prediction, if we get lucky and have season five: that flaky “psychiatrist” will turn out to have been the cause of the fire in the van, at the church, at least, if not lots of other nonsense.
    Is there any other program with such a skillful supporting cast? But, Julia Jones, for one, is already off making more vampire flics. Difficult to retain excellent actresses for tv programs (Dominique McElligott, for example, and of course, Jessica Brown Findlay.) Keeping my fingers crossed that Taylor et al return in 2016.

  187. Walter Collins

    Really looking forward to a season 5

  188. Lee

    Thank you Netflix for bringing Longmire back on the screen, it is one of the best shows around. The show is riveting and I want to see what will happen next to the cast of characters each with their own problems to solve. I watched all 10 episodes this past weekend and can’t wait for season 5 to start to see what happens to Sheriff Longmire and his guest and hires Zack back.. Netflix just keep the seasons going on this great show.

  189. Julie S

    Must Go On !!!!!!!!!!!

  190. Ruth

    Please consider renewing Longmire for several more seasons.
    Real people, and excellent actors!! Some of the best acting on TV and that is saying A LOT as most of what the Networks put out is junk or trash. Definitely not a thinking persons desired evenings entertainment.

  191. Lisa Goodner

    Our absolute favorite show — please order the next season and get it on quick!!

  192. Rodney

    I was overly excited to find out NETFLIX picked up the show. I bing watched it and am going to be overly anxious to see season 5….especially with the way episode 10 ended…..arrrrrrrg please jhurry!!!!!

  193. Julia

    So glad Longmire is back on TV , ordered Netflix just to watch it!
    Yes , and binge watch we did.

    After all Netflix you do want to keep our subscriptions right?

    Waiting for Season 5


  194. Jennifer Huff

    Longmire is a quality series that absolutely should be renewed for mamy seasons to come. A&E’s loss, Netflix’s gain. Love this show, the cast, and storylines! Bring on season 5…soon!

  195. Zach

    I was overly beyond thrilled that NETFLIX picked up the show. We binge watched it and we’re delighted, then decided to start over again with E1! Can not wait to see season 5…this is a show our whole family enjoys!

  196. Gayle

    My cousin start watching Longmire when season one started. Sounded intriguing. I found out it was on Netflix and started this past August went through all three series in a few weeks. Season four wasn’t there very disappointed then daughter told me Season four was was ready. Started watching and went through the series in a couple of days, disappointed it ended in just 10 episodes with another cliff hanger. Oh my gosh it is an amazing series. Like Jennifer Huff said the cast, and storylines are top notch. Haven’t found a series this great in several years. I am a writer myself and stopping to watch a series is unusual. So PLEASE let there be a 5th, 6th, 7th….series. An amazing show. Thank you Netflix for bringing it to your network. You are top of the line in entertainment for me.

  197. m

    More Longmire, please. Thanks to Netflix for giving us another season. Now. we are hoping for a season 5!

  198. Kat

    thank you Netflix. The whole family loves Longmire and we can’t wait for a season 5 and more.
    Signed up for Netflix especially to get Longmire!

  199. Barbara Adams

    Longmire is the reason we got Netflix. But we now enjoy other shows, too.

  200. Matt Kinsey

    This is probably one of the best series ever made. Love it. Keep it coming. Please!

  201. Cal

    Please have more seasons of Longmire

  202. GRDaneMom

    I just binge watched all of Season 4. I promised myself I would make the episodes last, but I couldn’t help myself. I think the show is even better under Netflix. And that cliffhanger of an ending can’t be the actual END!

  203. momster31

    We have already watched season 4 and are ready for season 5!

  204. lisa

    I would hope many more seasons of longmire are made.
    My husband and I really enjoy the show. We got our daughters
    Into it. Now that they are saying if there are more seasons they both
    Will order Netflix for themselves. Let’s have more Longmire!

  205. Dale lemons

    We have truly enjoyed the Longmire series. Please consider series 5+. It is so much better than most of the regular programming that is offered!!

  206. Chuck

    “The Glades” left off like this and I don’t watch anything from those writers and directors for that, I will do the same to these guys for dropping it at such a climactic point! Come on Netflix, keep ‘um coming!!!!

  207. Frank Serrano

    Since discovering Longmire both my wife and I are huge fans. We have told our kids and friends about it, urging them to join the “Longmire Bunch”. We enjoy the storyline and the opportunity to see what life is like for a small western town and the Indians trapped by reservation life. Makes you think. Don’t know what factors are considered when you are deciding the fate of a show. Must be tough. Yet I would ask you to remember that this is quality stuff. It’s adult drama about people in crisis who win and fail about as much as any guy on the street does. Please renew the next season.

  208. Gerald

    Great show… keep them coming.

  209. LoveLongmire

    Please bring it back for season 5. I was so disappointed when it was cancelled, then happy it was picked up by Netflix. Please let there be another season. Love the show….it is well written and acted and seems authentic. I really enjoy watching it.

  210. Amy

    Longmire is an awesome show with a talented and amazing cast. We binge watch it every season on Netflix as soon as it is released. It’s the only show my husband and I readily agree on and automatically turn it on every day when we sit down to lunch together. PLEASE Netflix keep this series going – from your loyal supporters!!!!! We love Longmire and we love Netflix too!!! Great combo! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  211. Liz

    Yes to season 5 and beyond. Great series that deserves to be continued. Thank you Netflix!!

  212. nadine

    Yes!! It is an excellent show. The final episode of season 4 requires another season. There are too many unanswered questions.

  213. David

    I never heard of Longmire on A&E, but about a month ago a relative asked me about it and told me it was a “must see” and it was on Netflix. Several days later, my wife and I were looking for something to watch and she remembered Longmire. We watched the pilot, and enjoyed it, but weren’t really hooked. We watched the second episode and started to get comfortable with the characters. We watched two more and were totally hooked. every night after that we watched one or more episodes until two days ago when we finished season 4 episode 10. We were anxious to find out when season 5 would start and were dismayed that it had not even been booked yet. Please bring on Season 5 and more.

  214. Bella

    My husband and I watch Longmire together as it’s the absolute best series there is. One of the reasons we’re so happy we have Netflix.

  215. Merrykins

    I can’t stand this! Season 4 ep. 10 has left me speechless! There has to be a season 5! Since learning of this series in September, I have been bingeing nightly…from season 1 to 4!! Can’t get enough! Can’t wait for season 5….

  216. John

    I’ve always been a fan of westerns but Longmire is a little different than Gunsmoke and should be renued. Longmire has that formiliarity about it but a more modern theme. The ending of season reminded me of The Supranos which left a lot to speculation.

  217. D D

    Keep it going! We are already looking forward to Season 5!

    Longmire, has it all….drama, conflict, love, mystery, great photography, splendid acting, and MORE!

  218. Terri

    Just finished Season 4 and already going through withdrawal.
    Can’t wait for season 5, and please more than 10 episodes.

  219. Echo

    Yes please bring back season 5 it’s our favorite show wish Branch hadn’t been killed but still love the show. We have to see how he gets the bad guy this time and saves himself and the Dr.

  220. Jeff Finley

    Season 5 is a must! Best show on Television! Hats off to Netflix for recognizing such an awesome story line with the best actors in the business!

  221. Matt Hanson

    Of course Netflix is going to renew, I mean they would be crazy not to, considering what an outstanding program it is with the great cast, production, storyline, geez….not to mention I would just have to cancel my subscription if they don’t.

  222. clint

    My whole family is watching Longmire we love this show.I have been with Neflix for a while this is your best show keep them coming.

  223. Lee and Nancy Chambers

    We are avid fans and eagerly await Season Five!!!!!!!!!!!

  224. angel

    Longmire is the best series I have ever watched and I surely hope there will be many, many more seasons of this awesome show. I love this series and it is the reason I signed up for Netflex! Taylor and Phillips are dynamite!!

  225. Renee

    Longmire is a great show and season 5 needs to be seen. This is a series that I could watch again and again. Any network is crazy for not renewing and Netflix is smart to release season 4.

  226. Ken

    Yes my wife and I are awaiting the season 5 of Longmire. We couldn’t wait to get home from work each evening to watch another episode of Longmire to see what would happen next. We are great supporters of Longmire. Please get on with season 5. Thanks

  227. Robert Trujillo

    We have truly enjoyed the Longmire series. Please consider series 5+. It is so much better than most of the regular programming that is offered!!

  228. Cyndi & Dale House

    BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE LONGMIRE!!!!!!!!!

  229. Buddy

    This is one of the finest series I have ever seen. I see it is supposed to give us season 5 in 2016 and I can’t wait. The cast is perfect for this type of entertainment. The writer has done one of the best jobs I have ever seen. Thank you so much.

  230. Jocee

    Hope Longmire returns for season 5. My husband and I binge watched season 4. Best show on.

  231. Francine

    Longmire is the best on TV. Please renew for many seasons to come.

  232. Ben Wilson

    Love this series! Season 4 was amazing and hope they continue the storyline because it is the most interesting this far. Keep this show going!

  233. Carol

    We are faithful watchers of Longmire and will continue to look forward to each and every episode they come out with! In this day and age of reality TV, it is good to find a series of substance! Good acting and excellent story lines. Keep it up! Now on to Season 5!!

  234. CDB

    I just got done binge watching Longmire seasons 1-4. It would be crazy not to do a Season 5. I love all the characters and have to know what happens to them. You can’t leave the story unfinished. To many shows have done that and it’s very annoying to the fans. Please, bring the show back for at least one more season.

  235. Paul Umstead

    Just completed viewing the first four seasons of Longmire and must admit, it’s been a long time that I have been as engrossed in a series as I am in this one. I know one voice cannot change the fate of the series, but I am one vote definitely in favor of it’s continuation. Keep it going!

  236. Beth

    Please keep this going. I love it.

  237. miss shirley

    Only show worth watching.

  238. Lance

    This show is different from the childish offerings that often pop up. Netflix has a real gem.

    • Connie Kelley

      Waiting for Longmire season 5 ! Only reason I wanted Netflix is because of Longmire! My husband and I were upset when A&E cancelled the show.I now like Netflix especially because of this show! C.Kelley

  239. Willie

    There needs to be a season 5. Longmire is the wife’s and I only decision why we joined NetFlix. We are true Wyomingites, it’s so wonderful that the show is based in our great state. It reflects our true western heritage, our culture, and the way of life that we love. My wife has even met that cast during “Longmire Days” held in Buffalo Wyoming, there she met with Walt, and all the other characters and have signed pics from all of them. We both believe that it’s the best show on television! We just started season 4. Please NetFlix continue seasons 5,6,7…..truly a gem of a show, and the only one worth watching!

  240. OKGranny

    Yes, to season 5 of Longmire!! No question. My favorite show.

  241. Longmire Super Fan

    PLEASE bring LONGMIRE back !!!. This is the only show that I could sit and watch every episode over and over. Well scripted, acted, etc…

  242. Rod

    Have been watching from the beginning. Season 4 was great! Come on Netflix don’t leave us hanging.

  243. Pat

    Absolutely the best show on tv! We need more! Please, Netflix, pick up season 5 & more!

  244. Dianne

    Absolutely must continue this fabulous series. To many good shows are canceled don’t do it to this one please .

  245. Kate

    Best show on television in a very long time! Can’t wait for season 5! Cast is the best, so glad Netflix picked it up.

  246. Phoenix

    I watched this show in 2012 but because of the air time and my work schedule I couldn’t see it through. I also watched hit and miss and until I could watch several episodes back to back it didn’t hold me. Now I really enjoy and look forward to each episode and the cast really work well together, don’t tinker with the chemistry you’ll screw it up like you usually do with 3rd or 4th season programs. It works, we like it, leave it the hell alone and keep the episodes coming.

  247. Michael

    Fantastic, intelligent, never-predictable series! It was the ONLY show that caused me to watch A&E, and it is THE reason I signed up for Netflix. Please keep the Longmire series alive…

  248. Spirit Wolf

    I want many more seasons of Longmire. The characters are beautifully understated. The scenery is fantastic. The storylines are interesting and well developed. I absolutely love the accuarate depiction of the conflicts between reservation and non reservation peoples and law. Lou Diamond Philip and Graham Greene are my two favorite actors (although I prefer that Graham Greene be a good guy) and it is such a pleasure to see them together in this terrific series. I like very, very few of Netflix’s, original programming, and this is one of them. Longmire is wonderful.

  249. Rocamato

    The 5th season is a must!!!!!!!!!!!!

  250. MG

    I love, love, love this show. Look forward to it every Fall season. It it good, clean, entertaining tv. Honestly, why isn’t this kind of programming put on basic tv stations so anyone can see it. Please continue Longmire into Season 5 and beyond.

  251. Jan

    My husband and u just binge watched the entire series of Longmire in about 2 weeks! Oh please bring it back!!

  252. Claudia Estes

    Bring on season 5!!!! My husband and I can’t wait !!!!
    Great show!!!!

  253. Tom

    What a wonderful show!! Well written well cast kinda nice having a suspenseful cop show that’s not filled with foul language gratuitous violence and sex. Hope this runs for season after season
    And bring Zachary back he played the best character on revenge and was great here

  254. creigh chadwell

    Bring on season 5 – season 4 was best yet with many good characters:
    I would love to appear myself in one of episodes:

  255. Tina New

    This is a wonderful show! I agree with Tom! One of the best shows in a looong time!

  256. Laura

    Where is season 5! We love it!! Bring it on!!!

  257. Don Juan

    Gotta bring back Season 5. Love the show and the story line. We need shows like this where good people prevail and there are still men and women with ethics.

  258. Ron Westbrook

    There are a dozen types of crime shows, CSI, blue bloods, etc. NOTHING comes close to Longmire. We need season 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 maybe by then it might, just might get old.

  259. brown

    renew if they cancel Longmire I cancel my netflix

  260. Gerald Kidd

    Yes, Longmire is our favorite. Bring on season five!!!!

  261. Carrie Myers

    This is the first show I have enjoyed watching. Each season has gotten better and better. Season 4 was the best and then when Longmire finally gets a break and chance for the love and companionship long over due him ,you end it like that. I’m screaming No at the tv, this can’t happen this way. Poor Henry needs a break too. Bring it back… Great cast…Please !!! There are 32 family members watching this….

  262. tony

    it’s my favorite show . can’t wait for season 5

  263. becky

    Don’t stop making Longmire. It is unequivocally the best thing on TV!!! My whole household watched season 4 in a few weeks and we are having withdrawals already. HELP! Don’t leave us wondering what will happen to Henry, The Sheriff and The Doc. Who just broke into the Sheriff’s home? What about Vic? She is left all confused! And will he hire the deputy back. What about the investigation going on by the guy he didn’t hire? Love all of the characters and the plot.

    P L E A S E ! ! !

  264. Lynette C

    I love Longmire and I love that it is on Netflix. ❤️

  265. Stephen Crane

    This is my favorite show on all of television. Please keep the seasons coming.

  266. Bob Lloyd

    My wife and I really enjoy Longmire with it’s excellent cast, Robert Taylor is great. Hoping for a season 5,6,7,8,9,10

  267. Carol W.

    I love Longmire and sure hope we get a fifth season.

  268. matt

    Longmire is my favorite show!

  269. Don

    Longmire is one of the best shows on TV. None of the network shows can compete.

  270. Kris

    Longmire is my favorite show and the reason I re opened my Netflix account! If a fifth season is not ordered I will cancel my Netflix account in protest!

  271. Katie

    Just finished season 4. I can’t wait for season 5. Keep it coming

  272. Rick

    Looking forward to season 5. Netflix, bring on season early in 2016. Don’t leave us hanging. Thank you for bringing it to us.

  273. Thomas Hewett

    Love this show and certainly hoping for Season 5. I will be a very unhappy man if it does not happen.

  274. Randy

    Season 5 is a must

  275. karlie lane

    I joined Netflix for the sole purpose of watching Longmire. Since then I have found other good movies to watch here also. Thank you for continuing with Longmire and will be looking forward to the next coming seasons.

  276. Terri

    Please have more seasons of longmire. Love it!

  277. Mark Reps

    BRING IT BACK BRING IT BACK BRING IT BACK. AMONG THE VERY BEST TELEVISION HAS TWO OFFER. Mark Reps, Author, Zeb Hanks: Small Town Sheriff; Big Time Trouble series

  278. Kathleen Nolan

    Absolutely love Longmire! Bought first three seasons because I didn’t know it existed until I’d missed most on A&E. Just finished Season 4 on Netflix (THANK YOU, NETFLIX!). There’s no way you can leave us hanging like that! Please keep it going – everything about it is amazing – script, cast, music, editing.

  279. David Merrifd

    I hope the 5 th season is ordered. thanks

  280. Michael I.

    Huge Longmire fan. I just watched all four seasons over the weekend and still cant get enough. There has to be a season 5.

  281. Dori G

    Great show! Looking forward to 2016!

  282. Larry

    Bring back season 5, this is a great series

  283. Lotbb1

    Please renew! Been watching this from beginning! Common Netflix!

  284. Karla

    LOVE Longmire!!! Thank you Netflix! Please film more seasons!!!

  285. Christine McKeon

    I love Longmire! Thanks for Netflix for keeping it alive and I hope there’s going to be a season five and season six and so on.

  286. Katsjammies

    Yes, please renew! It’s not nice to have cliffhangers! Have missed seeing this.

  287. SFC Gator

    I love this show and the way characters are brought in and dispatched. Can’t wait to get the new season.
    Long may Longmire reign!

  288. Debra

    Want season 5 please!!! plus even more episodes

  289. karenndoug

    We love this show and hope it is continued for many many more seasons.

  290. Lance

    the quality is tgtbt more episodes

  291. Patrick

    My wife and I have been enjoying all of the longmire’s seasons. We they continue to make more.

  292. Patty

    Yes,we love the show and everybody on it!

  293. K. Ocean

    We love Longmire. Season 4 was by far my favorite, I think everyone especially Ferg brought their Character forward. Not sure if a different writer? I also like the fact that there are not a lot of ‘ known faces ‘ in the series. Of course a few, but that is to be expected.
    Bring on season 5 we are ready !

  294. Adri

    I need this show to return, please bring back Longmire for Season 5!!!!!!!!!!! I just finished Season 4 and hate the uncertainty.

  295. Connie O'Marra

    Longmire is the best series ever! Always keeps me on my toes! Keep it going for Season 5 please!

  296. Katrina

    My husband & I are totally hooked on a show that reflect intregity with some fair police work.
    Longmire puts any CSI show to shame. Please continue the show. Sorry to see Branch gone we are just headed into season 4. So excited season 5.

  297. Linda

    Longmire is one of the best shows going. I watch Longmire on APTN and I hope they will renew Season 5. I am sure the ratings for Longmire is very high so what is the problem for not renewing it?

  298. Virginia nichols

    We definitely want a season 5. A full 22 week season would be even better. We love this series .

  299. Sally

    Finally an adult show for the people who spend more in advertising dollars than the kid’s most networks cater to, and there is a question as to whether or not to renew? That’s crazy. One of the best shows on television, by far!

  300. Mountain Air

    Another season, please! Love the cast, setting and stories!!!!

  301. Tammera

    Please do season 5!!!!!!

  302. RoseMF

    Yes please! Can’t wait for Season 5!

  303. SUsan

    There better be a season 5! Soon!

  304. CharWeaver

    Ummm – yesssss!!!!

  305. David W

    My wife and I have been binge watching this series and by far one of the best I have ever seen.

  306. Carol

    This is a great show. I am watching reruns on Netflix because I have not been able to find
    out when this is coming back. Hopefully this was not cancelled. You have a great cast and I
    would rather watch this than other westerns that are on TV and some of the other stuff that
    you have on your station. Please see what you can do to bring this back and please announce
    when they are coming back.

  307. Kenneth Fernau

    The show I can’t watch enough. The cast fits together better than my favorite jigsaw puzzle. If season 5 comes forth I pledge my loyalty as a viewer and fan. So many loose ends to tie off from the last episode of season 4 there has to be another season (at least one). I love the show.
    And once again I’d like to comment on the cast. Whomever did/does the casting is very skilled at knowing what looks real and fits together. Extremely well done from one viewer’s point of view. Please provide another season. It will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  308. Roy & Debbie

    Love the show, please keep us informed when it may air again. One the best shows on TV.

  309. paul daly

    Great series great cast I have watched longmire from series one hopefully
    Netflix keeps it going to a 5th season and beyond as it is one of the best
    Shows I have seen for a long time so please Netflix keep it going for your
    Loyal supporters.

  310. Anphae

    I thought Netflix did the show even better than A&E. Without the 40 minute an episode time constraint the stories were even better. Very much looking forward to more. One of my all time favorite series.

  311. Bob & Colita Williamson

    We really enjoy this series. It is great entertainment and is family friendly. I am a real lover of the Native American and love the things I have learned from this series.

  312. Dan

    Being from the western part of America I find it humorous that folks call LONGMIRE a “western” a la Bonanza. It’s just a cop show in Wyoming and yes folks really wear hats and boots out here! Regardless, Longmire is an outstanding program showing a wonderful double slice of life outside of urban areas. Please bring it back for more seasons!!!

  313. Vanita Easterling

    Longmire is the best program on tv. My favorite! Quality writing and acting! Ready for season 5.

  314. dolores domagala

    WE NEED LONGMIRE, There are to many cliffhangers. I just saw the last show, and I am old and sick and sad. I need to see the end of Longmire, before I die….

    • Donna Goss

      Oh my gosh, Dolores. Ditto to your comments…way to go girl!

  315. Bill

    If there’s no season 5, I’ll probably reconsider my subscription. If they can’t recognize the best series on television, what good are they?

  316. Donna Goss

    Please continue Longmire! It is the BEST show I’ve seen in years…Don’t stop now.

  317. Anne

    One of my favourite shows. Need another season!

  318. lynn

    Great show! We thought season 4 was outstanding. The best season yet! Can’t wait for season 5 to start.

  319. Marie

    One of the best shows on tv and happy it is on Netflix [no commercials]

    Wonderful acting and great stories
    Hope it continues on even past 5 seasons

  320. Cuck

    Please do not stop this wonderful series.
    Best show series I have ever watched.

  321. LuLu Tatum

    I LOVE this series, although very sad that Branch is no longer on.
    I’m also upset with myself because went through season 4 too fast!!
    I can’t wait for 5!!!!!!!!!

  322. martin and melody duncan

    Please don’t leave us hanging!..GREAT SHOW!!!:)

  323. Edie Simons

    My husband and I both love this show. It’s one of the only shows we both like, and we really want to see it come back. We would set the DVR to record it and then watch it together a few nights later. We live having the ability to fast forward through the commercials. By recording it does that take away from the ratings?

  324. William Perryman

    The Longmire series have been absolutely The Best!! But, only 4 seasons (and season 4 was cut way too short). The writing, the outstanding cast and acting, the plot with its interaction into many
    of the social areas that are problematic in real time today, are all superb! The fast moving action that moves along with every episode. My family has thoroughly enjoyed the series so far and can hardly wait for Season 5. Please do not delay!

  325. Karen

    Please continue with season 5. I do not usually watch TV, and never do a series. However, once I started watching Longmire, I couldn’t stop. Great show with great characters that the entire family can watch together. Please don’t let this amazing show end.

  326. Billy

    Have been a fan of Longmire from the beginning. Hoping for a new Season 5, please!!!

  327. melissa

    I have just now starting watching Longmire and it is by far my favorite show in YEARS!!!!! Please bring it back for Season 5.

  328. John Bonner

    A&E made a galactic mistake by canceling Longmire I hope Netflix doesn’t make the same one

  329. char

    I agree with a lot of what the people say A&E is beginning to have shows on that are a lot of repeats over and over again they made a big mistake taking Longmire off my husband and I really looked forward to it

  330. Terry Bice

    Continue with the Longmire Series! Netflix got me as a customer only because of this series. When they cancel it, I will cancel my subscription to Netflix.

  331. Susan

    This is a great show; a great plot and great characters. It appears that television stations won’t air a program unless it is trash, reality or the kardashians. There are intelligent people that watch your station people, listen up. KEEP Longmire on the air.

  332. las

    YES a Season 5 needed. BUT when well they release season for on DVD for the general public and all fans to aquire? I know netflix makes money via it’s streaming and own release system but for those of us like where we live it is not practical if at all possible to stream. Very remote area of MT. Low population so not much near future support via Cell Towers etc. We rely on the DVD and other disk releases for these shows. But oh we so enjoy this show and poor actors who themselves do not know from end of one season if the next well be picked up. I would love the actors to step in and say enough of this nonsense. They do make the shows in at least 9 times out of 10. The exception happens but rarely.

  333. P WElls

    Come on give us back the show. At least you could be entertained, knew what was going on and these were real people…It was a good show and would keep your interest the whole program. Bring it back…..We need more clean shows like this one. it also tells a little of our hertiage and the West.

  334. Lance

    I keep coming back to Longmire. Story telling at it’s best! More. …

  335. Ben

    Yes, I am all in favor of a 5th season! My wife and I love the show. Just watched the last two episodes of Season 4 last night.

  336. Lena

    I am so completely obsessed with this show!!! PLEASE PLEEEEASE bring it back!!!

  337. Kevin

    I am totally in favor of a season 5. Season 4 ended with alot of questions…alot of unanswered questions. Great show.

  338. she who loves longmier

    you bet your arrow I love longmier, yes, I believe we will see season 5 and many more there after, I can not imagine Netflix NOT buying another season, think about what the article said about number of viewers, imagine the $’s Netflix made, hell ya it will be back!

  339. Jennifer

    Season 5 ABSOLUTELY! Bring it on!!!

  340. Millie

    WE love Longmire and hope that it comes back.. Great cast.

  341. Cathie

    It is a great show, hope they bring it back

  342. Brenda Hill

    Don’t stop production of Longmire. Hard to find anything good to watch. This has become my favorite on Netflix.

  343. Pete

    Longmire is easily one of my MOST favourite TV shows.
    With the required-for-film production-success trifecta of being well-written, very well-cast, and well-acted with compelling characterizations in an atypical,interesting locale and involving fascinating plot twists.
    What could be better?
    Anybody know when/if APTN in Canada will broadcast season 5?

  344. Cheryl

    Bring on season 5 we love the show

  345. Mark

    Longmire is the perfect mix of a modern law enforcement and country show. Having lived near reservations most of my life the community and the tribal problems are representative of real life in these areas. It is a great show. Hope it keeps getting renewed. Love It!!

  346. DJ

    I love this series! It has all the items that draw me in: human characterization, mystery, Native American culture (this never gets exposed on TV nor movies).
    Keep it going……….PLEASE!

  347. S. Jones

    Please continue to air this series.

  348. Phyllis

    thank you for renewing Longmire for season 5. Sure hope there will be more. I love this series and Heartland so much. I have a long wait for Heartland Season to start up again. I have Charter and it is not on their lineup at all as it appears on UP and Charter does not have UP. So I have to rely on Netflix. Thank you.

  349. m. lopez

    Can’t wait for Season 5 on Netflix!!!! Watched all the episodes and want more!!! Want to see Henry get his bar back.

  350. Kathy perkins

    Longmire is one of the many reasons we continue is to subscribe to Netflix. Don’t quit now! Great writing and acting which you don’t see in network TV series anymore.

  351. Mary

    Please don’t stop Longmire, we love this show, the 4h season ended weird and it has to continue

  352. Linda

    I bought Netflix streaming just so I could watch this show. We gotta have a season 5!!!

  353. Cheryl

    Please bring back Longmire! I love the show

  354. Lance

    Season 5 is on! We want more than ten episodes.

    thanks Netflix !!!

  355. Jim

    I joined Netflix just to watch Longmire lets have a season 5, 6, 7, etc when he goes I go to.

  356. Anonymous

    Love Longmire! It’s our favorite show!

  357. vicki

    Longmire is the best show ever been on tv.Realistic show please do not stop it.

  358. doc holliday

    I thought season 4 was the best yet.. hope there’s a season 5

  359. Rollie

    Yes. Bring on season 5
    Very good story line and can’t beat a badge and a hat ok and a horse now and then

  360. Joe

    Ahh, YES!!

  361. Rose

    Of Course Longmire should continue. I can hardly wait for Season 5. I’m lost without it. Thank you for getting it Netflix.

  362. Don & Debbie

    We really enjoy Longmire and hope to see season 5 soon!

  363. Julie Perez

    Best. Show I’ve seen in a long time !!! Please don’t end it !!!!

  364. kevin

    cant wait for season 5

  365. anne

    I just started watching Longmire and am catching up on the shows that I missed. It is the best thing on TV. I’m watching it at a friends house, but plan on subscribing to Netflix in order to get it at home. Wanted to make sure they have a season 5, before I ordered Netflix.

  366. See an

    Began season 1 two months ago. Each season better than the last. Just watched ep 1 season 4. Excellent!!
    Need a season 5 in my opinion.
    Zeeman from Ill.

  367. J Bush

    How do you contact the powers that be to solicit the continuation of Longire. Longmire is even better than Gunsmoke of the 50s and 60s.
    Love it.

  368. Debi

    Just watched the first three seasons this month –and can’t wait to get the DVD or stream the fourth season – please hurry. And I see there is news of a fifth season – that is such great news. My husband and I love this show – the best out there. We only watch a show or two a night so we can spread the love out over the week. We are hoping Netflix continues more and more episodes. We’ll be checking regularly to find out when we can watch more 🙂

  369. Jill

    Longmire is my favorite show. I can not wait to see what is in store for the 2016 season. Anxiously awaiting the schedule date for season 5 premiere.

  370. bruce

    if they do not I hope hector visits them

  371. garrett

    Longmire is too awesome to just stop right were it is there has to be a 5th season.

  372. Mark

    This is great. One of my favorite all time tv series. Big fan of books. Big fan of show. When the seasons end it leaves a void and a cannot wait till next season starts

  373. Carl Fett

    My wife and I just finished episode 43 and absolutely loved it. Please bring on Season 5!!

  374. Pete.

    Being from AUSSIE…”DOWN UNDER”, we seem to get these shows as an after thought.. Many a show is terminated at the will of ‘I really don’t know’!!!!!!!!!!!.. With out a concern of the people here. There ARE other AVID FANS in the outside world ya know…. UP there in the good ol’ US. of A. But I can say that… ‘IF’, ya’s don’t run many many more episodes of MY favourite show, and favourite CAST members of course… I MAY just have to ’employ’ (contract) the “Native Horse Soldier”.. Ta pay ya’s a VISIT one dark night.
    Now we have that settled. !!!!
    WHEN can we expect the next run of OUR favourite show, (In ‘Aust’)
    Thanx Pete.
    Wooo Hooo……. Go WALT and Co. (Y)

  375. Nichelle Inman

    I love Longmire. I’ve followed it from the beginning. Bring on Season 5!

  376. floyd

    I have watched all 43 episodes and started watching them all again from the beginning.
    great writing, great camera work, and great actors. I really hope this will keep going for many, many years. My wife was so upset when Branch was killed. It was just like loosing a friend.
    I can see that Longmire has many, many fans.
    it is great to have a series like this without a lot of “R” rated material.
    keep up the good work.
    thank you

  377. ferdberfel

    I hope Longmire is renewed for MULTIPLE seasons, my wife and I are avid viewers.

  378. John Simmons

    This is a great show. We love it. Please keep it going for season 5 and beyond.

  379. C J Hassion

    Season 5 is a must!!! Best show on tv.

  380. Charles

    YEAH! Season 4 finally explored the characters and put them in very precarious situations. I think you call this is called “acting”. The writers were awesome and the plots caused the viewer to really stay involved in the story. Loved it. Looking forward to Season 5

  381. Anna

    love the show Longmire! please continue

  382. Dave

    Best show period

  383. Lorrie

    Love Longmire!!!

  384. Mahalia

    Longmire is one of the BEST shows I have ever seen!!!!

  385. Cynthia

    My son kept nagging me to watch this show Longmire for months. He said it was a really good show and he thought I would love it. Well, I finally decided to give it a shot and watched the first episode. I WAS HOOKED!! I binge watched it on Netflix. Now I cannot wait for season 5 to start. I hope it is soon.

    The character builds are great…the scenery makes you want to move to Wyoming…the plots are edge of seat watching. I highly recommend this show. Keep ’em coming Netflix!!!!

  386. Melissa

    I absolutely love love love this show!!!!

  387. Judy

    Okay…..It’s 2016. When do we get our show back. Love the characters and we need to see who kicked in Walt’s door and what happens. Please let us know asap…….waiting !!!

  388. Pate

    Awesome series!! Please Please Please continue this drama!!!!

  389. Jake

    My wife got me watching Longmire and I have to admit…I’m hooked. Glad to hear season 5 is coming out on NETFLIX (a very good investment!). Honestly, they could charge extra (for Longmire) and I’m good with that because there’s a lot on NETFLIX. Cut the cable and get that dumb dish off the roof folks!

  390. Brenda young

    My busband I are retired and we watch a lot of Netflux..
    We started the other watching Longmire we have never seen it before any of it.. But would like to say this has been the best series we have seen in a long time..
    We hope you will consider and bring it back another year or years .. It’s is awesome .
    Love love it.

  391. Tom Elliott

    Awaiting anxiously for more longmire!

  392. Jane Rowland

    My husband and I have watched Longmire since it started on A&E. We love it and want more. What can all of us fans do to encourage/ensure that there is a Season 5…6…7….? We’re good fans. We promise to stay faithful.

  393. gary

    why would u finish a movie that a lot of aussies like myself I reckon start the next season know bloody beaut show thank u regards gary

  394. Rick

    You can’t leave us hanging like that so there better be a 5th season or I’m canceling my Netfiex subscription…

  395. Mary Ann

    They’d better air season 5 given how season 4 ended!!! What a cliffhanger. I love this show and all of the characters. Well developed stories and what a wonderful backdrop. Can’t wait!

  396. Bill

    Want a season 5 …..and 6 and more ..Great show!

  397. David

    It has a very dedicated fan base, it would be an embarrassment to the Netflix station to cancel this show.

  398. Jen

    One of my favorite shows! cannot wait for season 5!

  399. Troy

    love the show please netfix pick it up for season 5

  400. JC

    Love Longmire!!! Keep it coming!

  401. kk

    can’t wait for season 5! you leftus really hanging at the end of season 4 with Walt’s door kicked in. pls hurry need to know what happening. enjoy the show.

  402. Jim

    Longmire is a top rated show and i can’t understand why it would be canned. I am hoping it
    will go on for many more seasons

  403. karen d

    Yes! We need more longmire. It is my favorite show

  404. Tom

    Great show, don’t stop now!!

  405. Sandy

    The reason that we subscribed to Netflix was to
    watch Season 4 of Longmire. There needs to be
    a Season 5, please!

  406. Karen T

    I love longmire, can’t wait for season 5. Please hurry and air the new season! Please keep this show going forever it favors Sherlock Holmes adventures.

  407. Wanda

    Please don’t stop Longmire…love the show.

  408. Dave

    My mom asked me to watch a couple episodes from season 4 cause she doesn’t have netflix. I did and ever since I was hooked. I went back and watched every episode. It’s an awesome show. I’ve been paying for netflix for 2 years. So as a paying customer I’ll just say this: NETFLIX, YOU BETTER DO A SEASON 5!!!!!!!!!!!

  409. Ash

    Longmire is an awsome show. It could be as popular as grey anatoy in my eyes. I love it. I really hope they come out with another season.

  410. Holly Dedmon

    This is an awesome show; please don’t leave us hanging, without a Season 5….
    even if you choose to cancel the series… finish the saga. This is a great show the plots are always good and the scenery is so beautiful, my whole family loves it.

    • Ramah

      Is Longmire ever coming back on TV and finish the story? I miss watching it every week. Great show.

  411. Doug T

    Was very disappointed when A&E cancelled Longmire. Especially for the reasons that they did. I never watched Netflix much but when I heard they picked up Longmire for a fourth season I jumped on it. Watched every episode in about a week. It is one of the best quality shows on TV. Acting, characters and story lines are top notch. Walt is a good role model for honesty and decency. Also there are not enough shows that feature Native Americans. Being a boomer, I grew up with westerns and this is the next best thing. Keep it up Netflix.

  412. Sylvia

    GREAT show…Please hurry up with Season 5. Plots are always great.

  413. pamela clark

    How can Netflix not keep making episodes of Longmire. It’s the very best show ever and can only be an asset to the company. Please, please keep making more and more seasons and episodes.

  414. Sterling

    Please keep Longmire! I absolutely LOVE this show. The characters and stories are fantastic! I don’t usually like this type of show, and I never post comments. But,
    am totally hooked. I look forward to season 5 and will be waiting impatiently for new episodes.

  415. Debbie

    Please please please release season 5. Longmire is
    So special to me. Please please tell me when we can begin
    Watching again. Thank you

  416. Pops and Gan

    We just discovered Longmire on Netflix a month ago and we are almost through all 4 seasons. We are grieved to think it may be coming to and end. So glad to hear there will be more ! We really love it ! Thanks.

  417. BJ

    Love the series. Please, please. please release Season 5. I love Longmire and the whole cast. Please, please tell me you are going to release Season 5. Best show out there. Can’t wait to hear when we can start watching Season 5. Please hear my prayer. Thank you.

  418. Richard Moore

    Please renew Longmire, my favorite show. On to season 6.

  419. Vern

    Longmire is the only reason I subscribed to Netflix. I really like this show and would be very disappointed if were not continued for a few more seasons.

  420. Jacki

    Great cast, great plot w/many things to resolve, so I’m hoping to see Season 5!!

  421. Karen

    Just started watching Longmire as a recommendation from my son. Watched all 4 seasons while snowed in on the east coast. Please keep them coming.

  422. Sheldon Withers

    One of the most addictive series I’ve seen. Season 4 finished with a cliff hanger. Season 5 must happen!

  423. Susan

    Love this program. Season 4 left us wanting more. We desperately need to know what happens next. Please renew and give us another season.

    • greg

      Susan, your comment was perfect. We definitely need season 5.

  424. greg

    The best show on TV, by a long shot. Haven’t loved a show this much since the days of Gunsmoke, and Bonanza.

  425. april

    I love this show!!!! Please come back ! I love the cast they do a great job .!! please continue!
    Im so looking forward to watching more, and i would watch it at night after work.
    I got hooked ! Im a big FAN!

  426. Sheila Butler

    This is such a great show with fantastic stories and actors. You have to keep the show going!

  427. Michael Thompson

    so glad you picked up season 5 . it will keep me as a subscriber!

  428. judith d

    LOVE THIS SHOW !!!!! Looked on Verizon, cable, and a couple of other places could not find +and ….Thank you NETFLIX for getting this show and adding seasons!!!! I hate reality shows, this is a great show for people who enjoy the acting, scenery, and the actors…. Good JOB!!!!

  429. Fredsbooks

    Season 5, Just Do It! And Thank You for keeping The American Dream of the West Real, (kind of).

  430. Fayth O'Ferrell

    A rare gem of artistic mastery. Unfathomable that the Longmire series would not continue.

  431. Dee

    My friend and I have followed the Longmire Series since it began. We enjoy the story line immensely! We are hoping that Season 5 will be back, but we had hoped for a sooner date.
    But if that is the “unofficial’ date, we will keep checking!

  432. Barbara Baldridge

    Excellent cast and writers! Best thing on tv. Please continue with a Season 5.

  433. Vic Merrifield

    The best show on tv. Please bring it back.

  434. brenda mccaig

    this show is great. like family. dont stop

  435. Reen

    Love this show, need season 5

  436. Chris Keena

    This is one of my favorite series and is the only reason I pay for Netflix. If the show goes so do I

  437. Allan Smith

    Longmire was into season 4 before I realized that the show was on. I was able to get and watch Longmire right from the start of season 1. I have enjoyed the series but was disappointed when season 4 came to an abrupt end. We need more shows like this one and less of those stupid reality shows. Long live Longmire. Looking forward to a season 5, 6, 7, and more.

  438. Ashley Hogue

    Longmire is the only reason why I pay 8.99 for Netflix. I am so glad they decided to go for another season! Can’t wait until the season 5 is here!

  439. Jazzitaz

    Please please need more episodes I have watched season 1-4 3 times

  440. Tony And Cherie Wynne

    Keep the Longmire series coming. It is the best show on TV!

  441. melody and ken

    Longmire is one of the few shows worth watching! Keep episodes coming! Thank you NETFLIX FOR BEING SMART ENOUGH TO PICK THEM UP!

  442. ELAINE kOTZ

    So glad that so many fans feel the same I do. I got Netflix only to see Longmire. Please keep it coming.

  443. curt wendell


  444. D.M

    Excellent show, could not believe A&E dropped it. Never had Netflix until recently and only subscribed to see Longmire (and now House of Cards). Please renew it for 2016.

  445. ferdberfel

    Longmire is one of the finest shows around. I hope it runs for 10 seasons.

  446. Carol

    Please keep making this show, don’t ever stop.



  448. james

    this show actually got me interested in tv/Netflix again. Hope they choose to go for season 5.

  449. Johnny Law

    I want SEASON 5!! And 6 and 7…you see where I’m going with this…

  450. Jeanne Watts


  451. Teasdale Toad

    C’mon Netflix, you can’t leave us hanging’ at the end of season 4! We have to know what happens to all of them!

  452. veldeane wolery

    Please keep Longmier going it’s a great show.

  453. Karen

    I love this show. It is the best in years. Please keep it going.

  454. Donna Goss

    Like so many others, Longmire is definitely my favorite show. Please keep it going for years to come.

  455. S barber

    Longmire is such an awesome series. Please continue it. It’s one of the only tv shows both my husband and I really like.

  456. Lisa

    Please continue Longmire. My hubby and I love it. It’s awesome, excellent cast, can’t wait for series 5.

  457. colleen

    We are patiently waiting for season 5 of Longmire.. its such a great series.. love the actors .. watched all the previous series on Netflix.. can’t wait for the next one.. we want to find out who busted in the door on sheriff Longmire’s cabin… ???? : )

  458. larry perkins

    Absolutely my favorite show since Dallas…. Come On Netflix give me a reason to Stay…

  459. Bonnie

    This is a fantastic show. I can hardly wait for the 5th season to start. Cancelling this would be a big mistake.

  460. A.J.Lux

    Overjoyed that Walt will be back for season 5. Great to have a cop program that isn’t filled with car chases, bad language, sex and all that other stuff that most cop shows have; it’s real life in the 21st century. Keep up the good work Walt and crew!!

  461. Linda

    Best show on TV! The topics, cast and delivery is awesome and such a delight. Real life issues, and situations keeps us anticipating every episode.

  462. Donna

    Great show. Can’t wait for season 5

  463. Ed and Susan

    Season 5 is a must!! Absolutely hooked on this show. Love it!

  464. John p. Reager

    One of the finest shows that has been on T.V. The cast and scripts are excellent. You will not go wrong by keeping this show in your network.

  465. Wayne walker

    Please bring it back. It’s the best show on netflix

  466. Connie

    I love the show and can hardly wait to see season 5. Please tell me I don’t have to wait until Sept. It is only February!!!

  467. Connie

    Please I need more! Love this show

  468. connie

    This is my favorite show – and maybe the only one I’ll make time for with family, school, work, etc. Characters are perfect – well-written – kinda serves as my hubby’s and my date nights – – please make sure it comes back for season 5!!

  469. R. and D. Doyle

    Longmire is the best quality show on tv. We purchased Roku and Netflix in order to be able to continue watching it. We have also spread the word to others and they have begun doing the same. We will continue to watch and support the show and Netflix as long as they produce the show. Now in the process of rewatching all the previous seasons. True entertainment! Please continue.

  470. Minnie

    My husband and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LONGMIRE! Please keep the series going. It truly is a wonderful show with exceptional actors. WE WANT SEASON FIVE!!!!

  471. CHARLIE


  472. Don Ekleberry

    I sure hope Netflix will pick up the season 5 of Longmire, have watched it since its birth on AMC and hope you will set the date sooner than Sept. for the 5th season. It is a great show and thanks. We are premium members of Netflix. Thanks again!

  473. Lori

    My husband and I literally can not wait for the new season!! It is one of our new faves!!!

  474. CJ

    I hope there’s a season 5 of Longmire. It is captivating.

  475. Judy Tepley

    yes please. just finished the 2nd time through the whole 4 yrs.

  476. Brian Underwood

    The cast is brilliant! Been waiting desperately for the new Season to be announced. I for one would like to see a minimum of 10 seasons.. Yeah I would keep watching.. Please do not Cancel my favorite show..

  477. Jim

    Soooo!! Happy! That Netflix is going to make season five! Ya HOOO! Please let us know when it’s coming out. Thanks again Netflex.

  478. Kathryn

    YES YES for season 5. I am hooked. We want more LONGMIRE!!!

  479. Bill

    LONGMIRE is the first series that I just can’t stop watching. I just completed watching season four in 1 day because I just wanted to see the next episode because the show is riveting. Please bring it back for a 5th season..

  480. Michael D. Sanchez

    Michael and Kathleen

    Waiting for Season 5………………and more we hope!

  481. Robin

    Looking forward to season 5. I wish they’d add more episodes! Great show!

  482. Linda

    Love Longmire. Can’t wait for Season 5

  483. Teresa

    I love Longmire! I hope season 5 is soon. It is such a down to earth show. Robert Taylor is one of my favorite male actors.

  484. Patti Bishop

    Love this show! Great cast, good story line! Please do not cancel this show!!!

  485. Brenda

    My husband and I love the show! Got Netflix just so we could continue watching!! Keep it going. Please!

  486. meme2boys

    Excellent show! I was so disappointed that I had heard it might be cancelled. I LOVE this show – please DO NOT cancel!!!!

  487. Rob Davis

    Yes we have to have a season 5.

  488. c. j merritt

    its my favorite show needs at least ten seasons its the only reason I got netflix

  489. Jeannie Evans / Wyoming Native

    My husband and I love this show, please start season 5 ASAP! I think the overwhelming response to Longmire Days in Buffalo, Wyoming shows you the support you continue to receive.

  490. blondi

    Longmire is a Great program. it is not a shoot um up bang bang program like so many programs on TV these days. I think that is why it is such a great program with a good story line the cast is perfect! Please! Please! do not cancel the show and I hope there is actually a season 5 and many more seasons to come.

  491. Bob Graham

    Yes yes yes to season 5 for Longmire. Thoroughly entertaining. Be sure to bring back the female deputy, she is a huge part of the mix of characters, she needs some happiness.

  492. Johnny

    Longmire is my favorite show! Please don’t stop.
    this is with out a doubt the best show on Netflix I have all my friends watching now.
    Please keep this show.

  493. Kevin

    This show is the best and you can’t just let people hang on whats happening.
    Keep the show going, Please

  494. Bonnie

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, give us a season 5!! (6, 7, and 8… too!)

  495. Beverly

    LOVE this show! We need another season because of the cliff hanger we were left with. The cast and characters are great. However, the language needs to be cleaned up. No need for such foul mouths. Good dialogue goes a long way without the swearing!

    • Dorothea

      strongly agree

  496. Tom

    Longmire is addicting & I hope that it not only comes back for Season 5 but many more after that. The show, the cast, the story….everything is AWESOME. To watch it on Netflix is an added benefit since you don’t have to be bothered with commercials. Wish we didn’t have to wait until September but better than losing the program entirely & definitely worth the wait. Once you start watching it, bet you can’t watch just one episode at a time!

  497. Dianne & Mike OConnell

    Longmire – one of the best shows we have watched. Can’t wait for season 5 to begin!

  498. Brente

    They have to continue this series. Why are there long running series like “Pretty Little Liars” and “The Simpsons” which seem a waste of airtime and great shows like Longmire are up in the air every year? It’s a great TV show without all the gratuitous sex and violence most shows need to add just for ratings. Come on Netflix, get off the sidelines and motivate your team. I’m getting a little tired of the mediocre shows we get to pick for the Streaming account holders. And for the DVD account holders, (which I am both), they offer shows that are regularly seen on regular cable.

  499. Anita Gilmore

    Please do season 5,6,7,etc. This is such a good show.

  500. Glenn

    the best show on tv. the plots are usually very interesting. This show does not have the gross violence and unnecessary sex scenes that so many current shows have. The characters look and act more normally than others. Although I miss Bailey Chase the show has not lost any of its interest.
    I hope there will be several more seasons. I got Netflix just to watch Longmire.
    I would really like to see Longmire with a shave.

  501. teddybear

    Yes ! They need a season 5 and keep it coming ! It is one very good show and I’m hooked on it ,So (PLEASE) don’t DISAPOINT me ,like I said keep it “COMING” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  502. Terri

    Please renew season 5! This is a great show, with great cast on a beautiful setting!

  503. Dennis

    Season 4 was great. Looking forward to seeing season 5.

  504. Alex

    Love the show, storylines and actors. Looking forward to Season 5.

  505. Earnie

    Longmire should continue. That is the only reason I subscribed to Netflix.

  506. Monica

    Love Longmire. Best show I’ve watched, and I’m not into watching TV at all. Can’t wait for a season 5, only program I’ve watched season to season end on Netflix to date.

  507. Jack Donnelly

    Why is it so hard to renew shows of quality? Tv moguls produce a plethora of garbage every season but quality entertainment is routinely scuttled. Can some producer with some vision kindly take the bull by the horns and continue Longmire indefinitely. There is an anxious worldwide audience waiting for its’ return. Show biz get the lead out. Please produce quality again. RENEW LONGMIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  508. Jennifer

    I’m so excited Longmire is coming back! It’s such an addicting show! I was worried they were done with it. I’ve watched all four seasons twice in anticipation for the fifth season! Thank you!!

  509. Janine

    I am enjoying it immensely. I agree with another’s comment in that would love to see many more seasons in addition to Season 5. Maybe a 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 to list a few.

  510. Ken Myers

    I love this show, please don’t stop it, never missed an episode.

  511. Keith

    It’s my favorite show above all the rest, I would love to see it continue for as long as it can..

  512. Wayne E Motulewicz

    Longmire has been a pleasure to watch. I hope they continue with the series, it’s very entertaining.

  513. Deanne

    I hope that Longmire is returning. We absolutely love the show.

  514. kyle vance

    The main reason i have Netflix is Longmire. I think i would cancel my Netflix membership if it was cancelled. It one of the best shows ever made. Can wait for season 5.

  515. R H 'Chip' Childs

    There has to be a season 5, how else will we find out how Henry Standing Bear gets out of the jam he has gotten himself into. I want to see him back in ownership and behind the bar at the ‘Red Pony’. And Walt has some dark clouds gathering on the horizon that could produce some interesting situations. My wife and I love this show and watch it faithfully. We look forward to each season. Don’t stop now!



  517. Steph

    love love love this show!!!

  518. Jenny

    Please continue filming Longmire. My husband and I love the show.

  519. Jim D

    Looking forward to season 5,6,7,8,9 etc. A great show.!!!!!

  520. Mss

    Can’t wait!

  521. Daniel morris

    Dang rights there’d better be season 5-10 and then some best western I’ve seen in years.

  522. Danny

    I have just recently started watching Longmier on Net Flix. I got so into it I could not wait to watch the next show. I am hooked there has to be a season 5

  523. Robert Dolce

    I absolutely love Longmire, and not just because it is filmed in my home state. The characters are well developed and there is good acting. I also love the soundtrack.

  524. Daisy

    Netflix ~
    THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN ! Keep it coming!

  525. Elida Yeahquo

    My husband and I LOVE watching Longmire! We couldn’t wait to watch each new episode. My granddaughter and her boyfriend have also fallen in love with it. Please continue new seasons of Longmire! There are too few programs like it, it is so much like the old cowboy programs with much of the same moral values!

  526. shelley

    Yes it is the best show!!!

  527. tami

    Must have season 5. My favorite show

  528. JC

    Love this show!

  529. Barbara Catron

    found Longmire on Netflix and started watching from season 1. I watch a couple each night before bed-some nights more if it is really good. About 1/2 through season 4 and can’t wait to continue. I love this show. All the actors are great. The guy who played Branch was really good, going from a good ole boy to a nut job. Please, please continue the series.

  530. Clarice & Ron Ridenour

    Yes, Yes, YES, Longmire is a MUST for Season 5!!

  531. C & J - from Puerto Rico

    I Love this Show – the only reason I subscribed to Netflix was just to continue watching this show … I saw Seasons 1-4 and now I’ve been waiting for Season 5 !! Hope Netflix keeps to their agreement to renew the show .. otherwise I am cancelling my subscription to Netflix .. LOL

    The actors are great and they all have good chemistry together .. it is a good show !!!

  532. Shelly

    I love Longmire. It is the best show I’ve seen in decades. I’m really looking forward to Season 5.
    There’s been too much unfinished business not to have a Season 5.

  533. dave german

    d and p from fallston md terrific show needs to be continued for a lot more seasons .

  534. Martha

    Just love this show! Look forward to each new episode. Great characters, actors are wonderful! Hope you keep it in your lineup.

  535. Mike Downing

    I compare Walt to a modern Mat Dillon it”s good to have that kind of warmth from a program. Thank you,

  536. Xenia

    Longmire is great television. Please keep it going!!

  537. Kay

    love love love Longmire, it is the BEST show on television. Please renew it. I agree with previous comment that Walt is the modern Mat Dillon!!!

  538. Pam

    Cannot wait for another season of Longmire……love love this show!!!!

  539. Peggy

    Please give us another season of Longmire. Such a good show!!

  540. Fritz Perry

    Longmire was the reason I signed up for Netflix! Without Longmire……………….????

  541. debra

    I love love lo e this show, please please have another season of Longmire… I love this sheriff!!!

  542. Dcandyman1

    Please keep longmire going. It is a great story.

  543. Mike

    Longmire is the best sheriff show since gun smoke, it’s a very great story.

  544. Dwaine

    Netflix needs to serve its subscribers better
    heartland only has about 6 season’s on Netflix and there are about twice that many.
    Hell on wheels is another problem.
    put Longmire on the list. I expect Happy Valley to be next.

  545. L. Andresen

    Longmire is one of the shows that proves that TV can still produce outstanding entertainment.

  546. Lisa

    Longmire is the “best in the west”. Please renew it for Season 5. There is only one Walt!

  547. Linda Wright

    I have watched seasons 1-2-3-4 over and over again. Bring on Season 5!

  548. Joan

    Yes, please continue with Season 5–one of the best shows ever.

  549. Scott

    I was really disappointed when A&E dropped Longmire. Thank you Netflix for saving it. I am new to Netflix and part of the reason I joined was because Netflix is showing Lomgmire. Season 4 was the best yet. Can’t wait for season 5. Great show all around.

  550. charles cossitt

    Great show. Wonderful cast. Thank you Netflix.

  551. Vera L Parson

    Love this series can’t hardly wait for the next season! Thank you Netflix.

  552. Char

    For me, Longmire is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long while. I have read all of the Longmire books through the current book. The cast of this show is so perfect for their parts, I can hardly believe it. Seems like forever to Season five. A&E can keep all of their “reality junk” and long live Longmire on Netflix. Seems like forever before Season 5 starts but I will wait!!!

  553. Joe

    I was hooked on the show the first time I saw it but wasn’t able to see all of the episodes because of my work schedule, that is until I got Netflix. I just finished watching all four seasons in a few weeks. Please continue the best western drama I’ve seen.

  554. vicki clemente

    Yes we need season 5. I love the show.

  555. K Ramsey

    Please Please bring back longmire! I Love this show.

  556. Beverly DeBenedictis

    I’m anxiously awaiting for Season 5!!

  557. Jim Taylor

    The reason for having Netflix is “LONGMIRE”…….!
    It’s the best show on TV.

  558. L Berry

    PLEASE bring back Longmire!!!

  559. rita steiner

    we love Longmire hope it stays along time

  560. Liz Pyles

    Please keep Longmire going. It’s the reason I signed up for Netflix and I will only promise to stay as long as it’s on.

  561. P. Hale

    My wife and I are hooked! We definitely want it to continue.

  562. Amy Goodowens

    Love this show, the stories, the actors, the scenery! My husband, 15 year old son and I watch it together and there is not a lot of shows we can watch together. Please continue! Thank you,

  563. Dee

    My husband and I love Longmire….please give us Season 5!!!!

  564. Robin and Dean Mersenski

    Yes My Husband and I are waiting for season 5 and 6 to come out..Best show ever..Need more like Longmire…The Cast is perfect for the show..Please continue Thankyou Robin

  565. Lee Koch

    I love this show and I am really hoping that there is a season 5. I am half way through season 4 and I will be crushed when it comes to an end. Great characters and writing. Please give us more episodes.

  566. Julie

    Why wouldn’t you renew for season 5… wonderful adult entertainment, great cast, good story…. its perfect!

  567. jerry barber

    need to watch it keep it going

  568. Joe Williams

    Walt Longmire is my hero! Please continue this fine show for many more seasons. This fine story can go on forever.

  569. Shelby johnson

    Decently want more best show seen in a long time

  570. Joe

    Not only do we need a season 5 with Walt, and the others!!! We need many more seasons!!!

  571. Tracey Young

    Yes to Season 5,6 &7 and beyond!!!

  572. Karen

    We need Longmire Season 5 with Walt and the gang. Highly addictive – can’t wait!!!!. The perfect show.

  573. Al and Pat

    We have enjoyed Longmire and often watched two or three episodes in one sitting. We worked on the Navajo reservation for several years and can really relate to the scenery and the interaction between the native Americans and the Anglos. Glad to hear that there will be another season coming along soon.

  574. Leslie Fatout

    I love the Longmire series and look forward to Season 5. In the meantime, I’m listening to the book series on Audible!

  575. blalone

    really need a season 5

  576. Kenny

    Need to keep this series going. Excellent television viewing.

  577. Bob S

    Love the series and being set in a small western town atmosphere and confrontation with a local indian element make it more intriguing.

  578. Steve H.

    I still keep wondering if Branch is actually dead or not. Could this be some elaborate scheme to hide Branch away somewhere by his father? We don’t see any part of his face and he was shot in the face. Also, the DR. may have been paid off to tell the Sherriff that he knows the scar I gave to Branch, but could he be lying for cash from good old Dad?
    Could Branch be the person that kicks in the door at the end? I guess time will tell.

  579. Ïrin McCaw

    This is one of the best series on Netflix or anywhere else for that matter. It is a gripping series with a great cast of constant strong acting. The writers have given us great scripts to enjoy unfolding and It would be unthinkable for the series to end!

  580. Pat Sanaghan

    great series,please continue

  581. Weber

    Subscribed to Netflix mainly for the Longmire series. Hope there will be many more seasons.

  582. Grant Feddema

    Awesome series, must continue please!!

  583. Ethen

    Fantastic series – keep up the good writing, and try to not do to it what you did to Daredevil. Keep it classy.

  584. Kenneth O'Neal

    Longmire is so good, you could run for many seasons because the story is so much like the normal life of today you could write in anything and it would work. I worked in the area many years ago and it is so real, it took me back. So thank you and keep up the good work.

  585. dolores meyers

    I would love many more seasons of Longmire.

  586. martin nelson

    Super series… please continue!!!!!!!!!

  587. Harry Davis

    Outstanding, Longmire is an outstanding show, great story lines. I hated it when it was cancelled by A&E. When netflix picked it up I renewed my subscription and this is the only reason I did maybe Netflix will pick up more great cancelled shows.

  588. Tom & Donna Murray

    Please keep Longmire going…we can’t believe A&E dropped this great program…How smart was that…not! We are anxiously awaiting the 2016 season.

  589. C. Lynn Stilwell

    I love the Longmire series.. Please continue the series.

  590. Mark Whiteley

    I found Longmire on Netflix and have watched every episode! I need more Longmire and pray that a new season is in the works.

  591. Wayne S.

    This has been my favorite. I hope you keep it going.

  592. Marilyn

    My husband & I both love Longmire, it is our absolute favorite show!! We always watch Netflix instead of mainstream tv because of the lack of commercials & sleepy advertisements. Thank you Netflix for picking up Longmire, please continue it!!

  593. Pat

    Crazy for this series. Have watched all episodes twice & will watch all again before season5 comes out! Please keep series going.

  594. R.C.

    Love the show, can’t wait for season 5.

    • Ron Smith

      Great show ,even if netflck charges for the epsodes This show will continue as they see the support people will pay for good television.Looks like September we will be able to watch again.Hopefully beyond that.

  595. Dee Wheeler

    This is an amazing show! Please continue to air indefinitely!

  596. JM

    We absolutely love this show and Season 5 is much needed.
    We think Netflix is awesome and Longmire is just a natural part of the awesome flow of Netflix and what it has done for television viewing.
    J and J


    I love Longmire so much that I watch the first four seasons over and over. Now I have to wait until September for Season 5? Oh, well, here comes Season 1 again.

  598. W. Jay Kidd

    What a great show. This is my favorite TV show. Please continue I need to know what will happen next.

  599. Sally Weigand

    We are looking forward to Season 5.

  600. Terry Call

    Best show on TV, please keep it going.

  601. Glenda A

    Yes, more Longmire!! I signed up with Netflix to see Longmire or I wouldn’t be their customer so keep the seasons going! And no matter what A&E thinks, I have discretionary spending money regardless of my age and will use it to follow TV shows that I like.

  602. terry

    Best show on the tube anymore, we look forward to each new episode with popcorn at the ready

  603. Sha

    We love Longmire so much we made a trip to Las Vegas New Mexico where the show was originally filmed. We found the door to the Absaroka County Sheriff’s office and took pictures. Love the actors, the plots and the old western feel of Longmire. Please keep it going.

  604. Dave

    My wife and I love this show, very current topics and we love the setting of the show aswe spent 8 years in western SD.

  605. Lori Bateson

    Looking forward to a few more seasons of Longmire, not just season 5. Love the show, don’t know why it was ever cancelled. Great tv. Bring it back.

  606. J JOHNSON


  607. Mike Tatom

    First of all, I can’t believe the show was dropped by A&E I the first place. What were they thinking? I’m so relieved that Netflix picked it up for another season (with more to follow I hope).

  608. Stacie

    LONGMIRE, LONGMIRE, LONGMIRE…. Season 5 and beyond!!!!

  609. Sylvie Martel

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need season 5. We need to know what happens to him. Is he dead or not? Is he falling in love with Doc? We don’t want to forger all the other characters as well.

  610. FrankH

    It is a great show – I hope it goes on!

  611. Annette

    Longmire, one terrific show. My husband and I love the show and are extremely hopeful that Netflix will hear our voices and keep it for another season and many more.

  612. Dorothea

    I just finished the 4 seasons of Longmire and can’t wait for it to be released for the 5th season and on. I even rewrote the ending of the 4th season to have all the loose ends neatly finish so all of the regular cast members can return. I have never done this before. I just can’t wait for the next season. NetFlix I don’t watch much tv though I took this series with me even if I had only 10 minutes I would start watching it.
    Keep them coming!

  613. Edwin

    Completely hook up with this series. I need to see more & more………….

  614. Lonnie Jackson

    Longmire is one of my favorite TV shows . Actually one of the top 5 that I do watch on a regular basis ( in reruns on Netflix and DVDs that I own ) . The actors and the storylines are great and the scenery where the show is filmed is just so outstanding . I hope that (Starbucks) evil (Cylon) predator did not kill Sherriff Longmire . Just had to add that , sorry .! Seriously Walt ,Vic , Henry make the show what it is . I was disappointed that Branch was killed off last year . I hope a new Deputy will be as good as he was . Thank you Netflix for continuing the series last year and I hope you will again re-air the show this year in 2016 . It is difficult to find good TV shows to watch anymore !

  615. Gayle Gowdy

    I have seen all four seasons of Longmire. I am looking forward to season 5. I love the show.

  616. d mckittrick

    YES! YES! YES!!!! Bring it on………..

  617. Darla

    I love, LOVE, LOVE Longmire. PLEASE bring it back every season. WONDERFUL, stories, GREAT actors. PERFECT

  618. Stacy W

    Bring it!!!

  619. Lucas

    Bring it back! I need more!

  620. Amy

    Please Please Please bring back Longmire!! It is the only reason we got Netflix!!

  621. Christel Herda

    Just watched Longmire Season 3 again, and it keeps getting better! Utterly engaging, smart, understated acting, great music score, beautiful scenery, and educational. Please bring us many more seasons of Longmire!

  622. Pat

    Please bring back Longmire. I love the cast and the story line.

  623. Marlene

    Love this show! I want to see more!

  624. Magnetox

    I am impatiently waiting on season 5. Love this show!!!

  625. Marymams

    There must be many more seasons….PLEASE

  626. Fran

    This is one show my husband and I enjoy watching together! Looking forward to season 5!!!

  627. Ro

    Love this show. Hope it comes back. Love all the characters

  628. Debbie Lopez

    Of course I would like a season 5. I ordered Netflix specifically for this show

  629. Paul

    The only watch 3 show on TV. Longmire, Blue Bloods and NCIS. Without any one of these 3 there would be no reason to watch TV.

  630. Patricia

    Yes please bring it back.

  631. Fordie

    One of the best dramas that were placed on television it was a shame that they decided to move it to Netflix but it really needs to continue it is one of the best shows that has been produced in a long time and It has a great story line it would be sinful to take it off the air permanently

  632. scott busch

    One of the best series, ranked with Hell on Wheels. Can’t wait to see season 5

  633. Jaye Chanley

    Yes we want season 5…

  634. Elaine

    Definitely this show should be renewed for Season 5. One of my favorite shows.

  635. Bonnie Banks

    Love Longmire! Actually wish they’d follow the books more, but the cast is wonderful. Hope they bring it back for season 5!

  636. Mary

    Yes 5 !!!!!!!!!

  637. Nan Howard

    Just started watching this and can hardly turn off the tv!!! I hope all the original cast return .

  638. Kendal Hill

    Please bring back Longmire! My husband and I both love this show.

  639. tripilot3

    I really enjoy The series, Longmire is a great show with a great cast, I was shocked to see what happened to Dupty Branch. I can’t wait for season 5. Very glad that Netflix has decided to pick up the series. Looking forward to September or possibly sooner.

  640. Pat Owens

    Great show….love the characters…

  641. Jim Swiger

    Absolutely love this show. My 20 year old son turned me on to it and I watched all four seasons in 10 days. Craving more!!!

  642. Dee

    Longmire – SEASON 5 – please, oh please.
    It’s a wonderful show with a fantastic cast. It’s not often a show like this comes along. We definitely need another season!!

  643. Linda McCandless

    Can’t wait for SEASON 5…..Longmore is a fantastic show….I have watched it since it premiered….Great cast…

  644. BjN

    There needs to be a fifth season !!! This is a show that both my husband and myself enjoy watching,unlike most of the other shows on tv.

  645. mark smith

    love it, keep it.

  646. MLW

    The only TV shows we watch regularly are 50, Blue Bloods and Longmire. Was disappointed when Justified ended. Bring Longmire back.

  647. Sean

    My Wife and I have watched the whole series and find it to both compelling and touching. The introspective persona of Walt and the beliefs of the Cheyenne people add a complexity that no other crime show can offer. Henry is by far next to Walt is one of the most intriguing characters on the show. There definitely has to be a fifth season…



  649. sandra smith

    We really like this series. Sorry they had canceled the series and are glad they are returning it.
    Hopefully, they will continue it for a very long time.

  650. Solomon Toen

    I think this is one of the best shows around.

  651. Tommy

    Netfliix made a Smart move keeping Longmire running /// Longmire is by far one of the BEST …. along with ” The Bridge” which hasn’t been renewed

  652. Rebecca

    We love this show! I hope it stays on! Great story and cast.

  653. Mike Fellows

    We enjoy the series immensely. It is the show we look forward to watching the most. Glad to hear it will continue on.

  654. Paul Rogers

    Come on, you can’ leave the fans hanging at the end of season 4! This is a great and well-written series, unlike so many shows and stupid sitcoms on network television. We need more quality shows like this, so please bring Longmire back for many more seasons. The cast is great too.

    • Grace

      I wholeheartedly agree!!!

  655. Everett

    Longmire is my favorite program. Can’t wait for season 5.

  656. Sally

    Love the show. Please Leto it going. I didn’t realize it was on Netflix now. Yay

  657. Joan Ruddy

    The Longmire series is our favorite. We obsessively watch it. We just finished watching 1-4 again in preparation for Season 5. Please Netflix, don’t disappoint your loyal customers.

  658. Jerry Van Bellehem

    One of the reasons I subscribe to Netflix-is Longmire. Please go for season 5, and beyond!!

  659. Grace

    We could use many more seasons of Longmire. I am getting anxious for Season 5!!!

  660. Jim Seaman

    I’m coming into this situation late but I can tell you this series is addictive. My wif and I have watched 12 episodes in 4 days. I hope there is more starting in Sept because I only have episode 43 left. This is a great story line.

  661. Julie

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep Longmire going on Netflix – love the series and I need some more of that sexy Walt!

  662. tim Killion

    10 episodes of Longmire is not enough need to have 20 the best TV show ever! Please keep them coming.

  663. Bettie

    Longmire is one of my favorite shows. It’s one of the reasons for getting Netflix. It has drama’ mystery and humor. I like all of the cast. Whoever picked the people to play the characters for this show has done an excellent job of casting. I look forward to season 5 and hope it continues for many more seasons.

  664. Beth

    Please keep Longmire going. Great modern western

  665. Daniele

    I know of several people waiting to hear the good news that Season 5 is going to start. Please don’t cancel this show.
    Best Regards,

  666. Kathy McClellan

    Can’t wait for season 5!! It has to be one of my very favorite series!!

  667. Bernie Stewart

    Longmire is one of the quality shows of the past ten years. A&E should be ashamed of themselves for buckling to sponsor pressure that too many “old fart” so to speak are watching it.

    Thanks to Netflix for having the courage to keep quality television. The cast of Longmire are a group of outstanding individuals that those of us who have attended “Longmire Days,” in Buffalo, Wyoming can attest to. They are courteous, patient and very interactive with those of us who have met them in Buffalo. Unlike some entertainment types there isn’t a phony among them. That shows through on the show, and it is hoped that Netflix will continue to support the show and its actors.

    Craig Johnson the author of the Sheriff Longmire series lives outside of Buffalo and is a true gentleman.

    A lot of us who view Longmire are relieved to see something besides idiot reality shows and a network shows totally devoid of quality and taste.

  668. Ann Duble

    Please keep Longmire going. Love the show and the characters.

  669. Sushiq9

    This is an intelligent, suspenseful modern ‘western’ with many trademarks of that popular genre. The difference here is that they have been elevated to a social commentary level, presenting several viewpoints on issues that we all deal with. I think the two things I like most about the series are watching a taciturn man with so much integrity grow and open up, as well as experiencing the fascinating moral tension between following the law vs. doing what’s right. Sort of, how does one what is the letter of the law vs. the spirit of the law?

  670. Loving it in Wyoming

    Longmire is the best show, we need more show’s like this on t.v. not stuff we have now. Please continue to share this us. there to many unanswered ?.

  671. Ralpoh & Bonnie Hutcheson

    Longmire is one of our favorite shows. Please continue

  672. William

    Longmire is one of the best ( top 5 ) on TV

  673. Ed & Nancy

    We are HOOKED

  674. Donna & Ron

    Best show on tv we subscribed to Netflix just for this show. We can’t wait for season 5. We definitely need more shows like this.

  675. The piles in vegas

    Please my whole family loves the show,brings us together for at least 1 hour a week.I beg of you we need our lingerie.thanks

  676. Jeanie

    I, too, subscribed to Netflix just to see Longmire. Hope to see it continue for several more seasons. It’s one of the best shows on TV. And yes, author Craig Johnson’s books are great, as well.

  677. Jeff

    I want to buy Season 4 on DVD so I may keep it. We have Seasons 1 – 3 and want more.My wife & I really like the series. We were miffed when it was no longer on TV.

  678. Connie

    It was a great show we watched it all the time hope it will be back

  679. gary robison

    One of the reasons i subscribe to netflix please keep showing it

  680. Patricia

    Longmire is a great show please leave it going

  681. Elida Yeahquo

    We are anxiously awaiting Season 5 of Longmire. We thoroughly enjoy watching each episode. My granddaughter and her boyfriend and my daughter and her family are all big fans of Longmire also! Please don’t stop producing this series!

  682. Bleu4u

    Absolutely the best show on NETFLIX!!The cast is very real
    And believable.So much better than a lot of the garbage
    That is on most of the time

  683. Dot

    Please continue with Longmire. I enjoy watching each episode. I grew up on Westerns and love them. Please don’t stop producing the series.

  684. Lh

    love Longmire— you can’t leave us hanging after the season 4 finally!!

  685. mark stevenson

    Longmire is the reason I’m on Netflix. Don’t order 10 more shows. Order 10 more seasons.

  686. Jean

    One of our favorites! And we can’t be left hanging with so many characters in precarious situations!

  687. Dr. Bonnie Dorsey

    Longmire is one of our favorite shows! I had heard it was supposed to continue in March 2016, but didn’t see it on Netflix. I understand it is now tentatively scheduled to be released in Sept 2016. Please continue with the series! It is the best show on TV!

  688. M. Drago

    Longmire is a great show! Please renew; the cast is perfect, the writing excellent.

  689. Ricky sutherland

    Longtime is a great series, it’s like the old type of western cowboy shows, it’s just terrific.

  690. Juleen Nielsen

    My hubby and I just got hooked on this series. I certainly hope they continue it. PLEASE and thank you..

  691. TM

    LOVE Longmire! Long may it continue. One of the few, best programs available for mature adults.

  692. CJM

    We need season 5,6,7…..
    This is the best put together cast and content on TV at the present time.
    Please keep it going.

  693. Marsha

    One of the few truly great shows on TV – stories – acting- cast (fabulous!) – etc. I especially like learning more about Native Americans on reservations. This show has opened my eyes as to how they live and are treated by our government. Illegals are treated better!!

  694. Ray and Sandi

    We are waiting for the next season of Longmire…… Best show on neflix

  695. Cheri core


  696. bill day

    season 5,6,7,8,9,………. are need for the best viewing

  697. Martha Ortega

    My husband and I just loved this series..Netflix give us all more won’t regret it.. It will pay off..

  698. Darla

    I love love LOVE this show PLEASE don’t stop. I think I’m in love with Sheriff Longmie and he gives me sweet dreams. I’ve watched all episodes at least three times.

  699. Daniel N6RVB

    Hooked on the show I think it could survive even longer than 5 seasons maybe 10 seasons or so, as long as the story lines stay good, like the characters in this series.

  700. jim c

    We miss the series. Bring it back, please.

  701. Marsha J

    Our favorite show. Please bring it back for season 5, 6 etc. The only on tv is reality crap and things that young people are interested in. Sick of it! We loved Hell On Wheels and it’s gone. My guy says they want the interest of younger people, because they spend all the money. Well I beg to differ, we buy a lot. Seniors have more money than young people and much better taste. So networks pay attention. We want some decent shows! Keep the Kardashians. Give us Longmire!

  702. Ldneal

    Please bring it back

  703. mike morrall

    What a Fantastic series. Netflix is fast becoming a Quality provider. The interest and dedicated public appreciate the service. Im glad it has been renewed – now maybe we can get More Episodes per year ?

  704. Teresa Kerr

    Always wanted to watch this show and with Netflix i now can. And am hooked on it. Enjoy the
    show and thanks to Netflix it’s my morning fix. Come on season # 5.

  705. Meredith Bruck

    Longmire is a must for us. Such quality characters and fine filming. There should be MANY more seasons. Appreciat the Native American cultural connections and hope to see the same high standards of story telling.

  706. Claudia B

    This is an awesome series and we love it to the point we binge watch when episodes end abruptly, so we watch the next one, then the next one, etc! My friend also discovered it and loves it and told me about it – she is on season one and we are almost finished with season 4. I am eager for season 5 plus many more – it is great. Cast is excellent. One suggestion: Katie Sackhoff needs to speak more clearly – she tends to slur most of her lines in the show.

    Love it and will stick with it. We live in Utah and can relate to the area in which Longmire takes place.

  707. Sherrie S.

    Please bring on season 5! This is our most favorite show and A&E can take a flying leap. Thank you Netflix for picking it up and keep it going!

  708. Marybeth Barnett

    Long live Longmire. It’s a very entertaining show. I’ve seen every episode and am a huge fan. Please please please let it live a much longer life than 4 seasons. It is such a well done shoe across the board.

  709. Darryl

    longmire great acting best and most original series in a long time i hope it keeps on going strong

  710. Gayle

    Please keep Longmire going. Good, clean entertainment, with great actors. I actually think it improved under Netflix, as it could move pretty slow at times, and Netflix picked up the pace, in a good way. Now when a favorite of mine gets canceled I contact Netflix, and lobby them to pick up and produce new episodes.

  711. Mike Fry

    Really enjoy all episodes, can’t wait for season 5 and beyond.

  712. james carlton hopping

    What an awesome show. The you can’t wait from one episode to the next. Sure wish Branch wasn’t killed off. Everyone knew his bastard dad killed him. And Henry is such a huge part of the show as is Vick. Love it and thanks for bringing it to all of us .

  713. Charles Lovallo

    Excellent show. Great characters. Great actors.
    Intriguing story line.

    The continuation of the show gets my strong vote

  714. David Young

    If you don’t renew longmire I’m cancelling my service. This show is one of the best shows ever.

  715. Lisa

    This is such a great show! It’s hauntingly good. We love it. Please, continue.

  716. Miriam

    Longmire is one show my husband and I have watched faithfully. It is a wonderful adult show that we have enjoyed and the cast is wonderful! Looking forward to Season 5

  717. neil parkinson

    I love the show best on TV i have never missed one yet Australians love it Robert Taylor is a well know actor here he plays a good part

  718. FRKCPA

    Excellent show. I binge-watched Season 4 when it hit Netflix.

  719. Loretta

    I love the show Longmire. The characters are wonderful, well written and the cast is phenomenal.

  720. Michael

    Great series. Need a season five if for no other reason than to tie up loose ends. That said I hope it returns for several more!

  721. linda golladay

    Longmire is the best tv show on netflex,i love the show keep it going pleasd.

  722. Kenneth Meyers

    Keep this great series going. Love Longmire. Only reason I got Netflix!

  723. conni bence

    I ordered netflix just to get Longmire! Great show…great writing, and without blood and guts!

  724. Jim Lyons

    Great show must continue please. Tha whole family has gotten hooked on this great show.

  725. Joe

    Great show!

  726. dee

    Reads a possible get to get her with Vic. Please NO! like the 1st lady to have a crush on Longmire.

  727. Dolores Beall

    Longmire is the only reason I support a membership to Netflix. In order to watch my favorite Longmire I will continue to renew Netflix for as long as they keep renewing it. Love the show in it uniqueness and creativity.

  728. Jodi

    Love love love this show

  729. Elaine Barlow

    Oh, we have to have Season Five! My husband doesn’t watch a lot of tv but when Longmire previewed, he hasn’t missed an episode. We just need more Longmire!!!!

  730. JoAnn

    Season 5 is needed

  731. Howard

    loved the show. would like it back

  732. Jason

    My wife saw an originally aired episode and told me she thought I would like it. Being very busy, I ignored her. She made the same comment again and again.
    Finally, with some time to do what I pleased, I humored her and found Season 1 Pilot on Netflix.
    Binge-watched all episodes during the next three weather restricted days!

    Closet Wyomingite-I think I AM Longmire!

    I have infected my entire extended family!!! Love it>don’t stop producing.

  733. rose ann dehaven

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yay!!!!!!

  734. Tracy

    Please continue LONGMIRE! I love it! I’ve roped my sister and her husband into watching it too. Thanks for a great series. Save Henry!

  735. Jackie Nobles

    I got Netflix just for Longmire. Please bring it back

  736. Priscilla

    Sheriff Longmire for President!!!

  737. Fern

    We are addicted to Longmire. Thanks for picking up Season 5. We joined Netflix just to watch Season 4 and can’t wait for the September premiere.

  738. Patty Branson

    Longmire is my favorite show and was so disappointed when A&E dropped it, but excited that Netflix brought it back. I only hope that you continue with the show, anxiously awaiting Season 5 and hopefully many more seasons.

  739. N Thrasher

    I’m ready for the next season of Longmire. Bring it on! Love this show.

  740. R/T

    Oh yes we do need Longmire this is the only reason we subscribed to Netflix Longmire is great entertainment!!!

  741. Carol Ames

    Longmire is a GREAT show with a great cast. Please give us Season 5!!!

  742. Gloria Turley

    Please add my support to Longmire. It is a great show and a great cast

  743. Cyndi Murray

    LONGMIRE is an excellent show!! The characters portrayed are so perfect with each actor fitting their parts. Great storylines…please keep them akin to Seasons 1-4. Sometimes change can cost the adoring fans a lost interest in the show. Stick to what is best…murder and solving that murder. I CAN’T WAIT FOR SEPTEMBER WHEN THE SHOW RETURNS ON NETFLIX!!
    KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! P.S. I will miss those characters that are gone (killed off) especially Branch & his dad. I did not see that coming!

  744. Jim Hooks

    Great show hope it continues.

  745. Polly b

    We love this show . We hope it will continue! Have to find out what happens!

  746. John H

    LOVE the show I want more then just Season 5 : )

  747. Kathleen

    We love the show! Can’t wait for new seasons to be released. Please Netflix!!!

  748. Linda Woods

    I have been having a Longmire marathon — Just starting Season 4 and don’t want it to end! Come on Netflix! Do it to it!

  749. steve pease

    longmire is the only western out there. I really like the cast. It has to continue for as long as us fans like it.

  750. James G Austin

    If I can’t have Longmire then I shall move into a tLenthouse in the woods with two white horses and two black horses, an Old red dog and two oily tags!

  751. ART

    Longmire is my favorite show! Please do not cancel it.

  752. MyakkaAl

    Excellent modern western! Got hooked after the first episode. Netflix will piss off a lot of customers if it’s not renewed. Let’s see what kind of management they have……

  753. Sara

    Please don’t discontinue this show. We finally found something we enjoy watching. Please keep it coming!

  754. Glenda

    More Please. Just binged watch the show. Awesome!

  755. Jan Gilbert

    Would infrequently watch Netflix if it weren’t for Longmire- my favorite “western” ever! One of my top 5 tv shows ever!!!! Love the characters, actors, scenery, videography, dialogue-don’t change a thing please. More, more, more!

  756. Gary

    The wife and I have watched all the seasons a couple of times over. Love the show and looking forward to a season 5, hope I am not disappointed.

  757. David

    We loved the series and really hope there is definitely a Season 5

  758. Roger

    Longmire is an excellent show. Please keep it moving forward.

  759. Rosalie Pratt

    Please, please don’t cancel Longmire. It is my favorite and it is excellent.

  760. Janet

    I only installed NETFLEX so that I could continue watching Longmire. I am so looking forward for Season 5. This is my favorite show and I watched all seasons over again at least twice. Can’t wait for Season 5.

  761. sallie

    Please, please, please bring back Longmire. September 2016! Yay!!!!

  762. connie

    Yes love the show. Please continue.

  763. Sharon

    Well written. Well acted. Compelling characters. Love the story and want to see more

  764. Anette

    Waiting for season 5 of Longmire? Please .


  765. Phil

    Working on viewing all seasons and love the show!!!

  766. D. Stanley

    My wife and I both thoroughly enjoy Longmire and greatly look forward to the continuation of the series. Consider this two votes in favor of keeping it going.

  767. Elizabeth Goldfinch


  768. Bundy

    Want alongside back please, it’s my favorite show

  769. Faye

    By all means, make season 5, then make more seasons. Just keep it going

  770. Grace

    Love this show…please more!!!

  771. Lightening

    Keep Longmire going. We really enjoy the show and plots given.

  772. Vickey Tyus

    Longmire was excellent. We would be extremely disappointed not to have season 5.

  773. Leona Russell

    I’ve been watching longmire since season one. It is the only series my husband will watch with me and looks forward to each season. He starts asking I. April —please bring it back you did leave it as a cliff hanger and it’s also a great series

  774. dolamite

    wish there was a real walter longmire! he & his new lady would always be welcome to come for a long visit anytime! i know i would enjoy a long visit with them.

  775. Loretta Doughty

    I am so happy there is going to be a 5th season of Longmire. I Love this show

  776. Jan

    I’m disappointed that it’s not happening sooner. I am so looking forward to seeing the new season. Please don’t stop

  777. Sharon Sigler

    Longmire is the reason I went back to Netflix, not sure I will stay if they do not come back from Season 5

  778. Debbie Nutt

    Love the show just as it is. Hope it continues for many more years.

  779. Sandy West

    I love this show, it is my favorite and I will be heart broken if it is not on

  780. Terry Brady

    This show is an absolute jewel. Never have been a real big T.V. fan, but this show brought me out of my shell and I just finished watching all 4 seasons on Netflix. Robert Taylor is perfectly cast in the character Sheriff Walt Longmire and is an excellent actor. He makes Longmire. The rest of the cast are also great. IT look forward to many more seasons of this wonderful show.

  781. AmyByers

    We love the show as well

  782. Kathy Wasserman

    definitely need more seasons. Great show!

  783. Mike

    Please keep it going !
    As an observation , I noticed close to the end of the Last season they began to use a lot of bad language on the show ! I think that’s so 20 years ago type of writing ! The show was great before all that . Please keep it like seasons 1-4. It’ll reach a way bigger audience that way.
    Thanks !

  784. Dee Starr

    Yes we were in awe when it ended someone breaking down his door n he was truly finding some live in his life. Yes we need to kno what happened. Can’t wait

  785. Jim and Josie

    I really hope you have more seasons. Me and my wife love the show and can’t wait for the new season.

  786. Van

    By FAR the best series of ANY network.

  787. Dreama

    love the show! best ever! please do season 5..and more!

  788. Donna

    Can’t wait for Longmire season 5 to air on Netflix! This show is wonderful!

  789. Diana

    Longmire! Longmire! Longmire! ours and many many of our friends favorite, please don’t let us down…

  790. Pete

    Love the show it is my favorite tv show by far. We need more seasons not just a 5 !!!!!!!

  791. JHall

    Longmire is a much loved series… Netflix has to keep it going!

  792. Krista

    Please bring back Longmire season 5! My husband and I have binged watched it every night, and just finished season 4. I am so very hooked on that show!!! I need to know what happens next! Love the characters and the situations they find themselves in. Brilliant!

  793. William Bedford

    Please continue, I love it.

  794. Chloe

    An amazing show!! We hope it continues for a long while. Also beautifully filmed.

  795. Larry

    Yes this is a very good series that can go for a long time . What ever happened to Hell on Wheels ??

    • John Boy

      it’s alive and well (for the last season) on AMC – Saturday nights

  796. sjkarns

    We’ve lost Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Justified, and Sons of Anarchy. PLEASE don’t have us lose Longmire!

  797. Bruce

    Bring back Longmire! The show is among the best out there, it is well written & directed. The characters are interesting and just complex enough. I hope to see the show back soon.

  798. D. Gibbens

    Longmire is one of the better programs produced for TV. It would be a shame not to have a season 5, 6, or even 7. Bring it back!

  799. Ginny Miles

    Just finished binge-watching all 4 seasons of Longmire. My husband and i watched and loved this show together. We just happened to notice it in the line-up and decided to give it a try. WOW! Amazing show that we got addicted to immediately although it seems to me that it just kept getting better and better! Hoping there will be a season 5….and 6…and 7….

  800. Cheryl

    Love Longmire! I just can’t get enough!

  801. Deb Cash

    The best show, the only one my husband enjoys as much as I do. Please renew!

  802. Nancy

    They can’t leave it like the show and look forward to watching it..well written and thought out plots and characters.

  803. Jeanne Parkhurst

    Both my husband and I are fans and want the 5th season to come. They left us on a cliff and we all are invested in these characters.

  804. Debbie

    I am eagerly waiting for season 5 Longmire, can’t wait to see what happened to the sheriff.

  805. Amy Daniels

    YESSSSSS!!!!! It’s our favorite family show!

  806. Dr. Joseph Pawlick

    hell yes. One of the best shows we watch on NETFLIX. Great actors action and camerawork. Bring it on!!Sooner is better than later.

  807. Marilyn & Gary Scroggins

    Yes please continue Longmire series! Excellent cast and storylines! Can’t wait for Longmire to resume soon as possible! Thank you!

  808. BobK

    One of the best shows on TV period!

  809. Lissa

    This is one of the best series ever written, scripted and produced!!! I was hooked and loved the story, characters from the start. The cast is perfect!! I even had to get the books too. I could not believe it when I learned Longmire was cancelled …and thought, are they nuts?!?! One show worth watching, my favorite, and they cancel it! I was so delighted to learn Season 4 was picked up by Netflix that I immediately signed up and downloaded the app! Thank you so much for continuing with this wonderful series into Season 5 and hopefully many more! Looking forward to it!

  810. rick

    Engaging stories and great character development. Enjoy the cat immensely. Worthy of greater attention. The primary series I look forward to seeing each week. Long live Longmire!

  811. Chuck Morrissette

    Wife and I just started watch this summer. Have watched all 4 season, got to be a fifth!
    Great characters great scenery love the location.

  812. Kelley

    One of my favorite shows ever…..fantastic cast and storyline…hoping very much there will be a Season 5!!!

  813. Dave

    We’ve been waiting to see when the 5th year episodes would begin.
    Love the show. Hope they have continued success. Love the casting and the

  814. Marie

    Longmire is one of the finer shows on TV. It would be a shame to discontinue it! It’s the first show of what I would think living alongside an Indian nation in Wyoming would be. The characters are great and sometimes a bit annoying but I find more entertainment in this show than any on regular TV. Just let it happen, bring back what most people like our grandpa’s use to love…Cowboys and Indians…

  815. Rob

    Go Netflix! Picking up awesome programming the networks are too greedy to keep! Love Longmire!!

  816. Sharon

    I really enjoy the sensitive intense Walt Longmire series; good writing,interesting plots. Henry and the Native American culture is important for all of us to remember. Please keep this series going. It’s great to have shows like this instead of syfy .

  817. Shawn

    Love the show. Please continue.

  818. vicki

    Bless Netflix for continuing the Longmire series. It is the primary reason we renewed. Looking forward to season 5 and beyond.

  819. The Millers

    We have watched all 4 seasons twice. There is no other tv show that my husband will watch. Sure hope they continue with season 5 & more. We love it.

  820. Rod Plrch

    We need season 5

  821. Carl Theriot

    Please have a season 5. This is one of the best shows on TV!!!!

  822. Mike Mueller

    The ONLY reason I got Netflix was for Longmire!!

  823. Laurice Rubel

    I agree! I signed up a month ago because I couldn’t stand not watching my favorite show! It is my favorite for so many reasons:the cast, the writing, the beautiful scenery and love the Native American history. Best show on television. Can’t wait for season 5 and beyond!

  824. Jean

    Longmire is one of my favorite shows and now that I’ve burned through the first four seasons Netflix has to pick up the fifth. I have to know what happens to Walt with his budding romance, and what about Henry?? You can’t just keep us hanging here.

  825. Bill

    Quality shows are a rarity in TV. Mostly shallow plots, dry characters, etc. Longmire is a jewel. Taylor is a superb actor and supremely believable as a Wyoming sheriff. He is a man’s man, but also a woman’s… he can nab a crook, but also shed a tear as he remembers his wife.

    The rest of the cast is also greatly missed, and I hope they will continue this series for years to come.

  826. Ben

    Bring on Season 5- good plot lines with good characters. This is a worthwhile TV series which is much more than I can say about most of the material presented.

    • robert jones

      Longmire is eclectic, traditional, and just plain fun. Its well acted, well written and I can’t wait for more episodes.

  827. phil

    reenjoy longmire very much please continue it for many more seasons

  828. brian

    My entire family gets something out of this series from the daughter and wife liking the hot guys and me liking the charectors created by the author and the scripts that have made the show.

  829. Darla

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Longmire. PLEASE keep it going. EXCELLENT acting and great storylines. Besides, I have a mad crush on Sheriff Longmire.



  831. John Boy

    Great series. My wife and I couldn’t get enough of it and then, suddenly, season 4 was over. Please bring it back – we’d be devastated if it dies now. Speaking of which – is Walt’s new girlfriend going the way of Branch? What happened to Lizzie?

  832. Pat Harris

    Can hardly wait for the new season. Wish it was earlier.

  833. Patti

    Yes, we love the show and are anticipating that there will be a Season 5. My husband and I cannot understand why this show ever got canceled to begin with.

  834. Irene

    I recently started watching Longmire and I just love the series. Hope there will be a season 5.

  835. Madattheshore

    Bring it back. Makes a city girl want to go country.

  836. Lorri

    The only reason I got Netflix is to keep watching Longmire. I can’t wait for season 5.

  837. Kathleen

    In our house we love Longmire and want it to continue for many more seasons to come. We are hopeful that there will be a new season in September 2016. Please bring this wonderful show back.

  838. Lynda Hollingsworth

    We love Longmire. Gave up netflix but will be resubscribing!!!

  839. phil nauta

    Whats taking so long .

  840. Diane

    My husband and I love this show. So glad Netflix picked it up. That’s the reason we subscribe to Netflix!

  841. Tim W.

    Can’t get enough of this show! Would like to see it run as long as Gunsmoke did!

  842. jaimatjak

    Longmire…. we love you… ‘sob’….’sniff’….. we miss you….
    Longmire… You are (with Netflix) our family’s family show. It used to be ‘back in the day’, shows for families were The Cosby Show, Family Ties, etc… Now, you’ve brought us all back to the TV. Thank you.

  843. Joannie

    I can’t wait to find out what happens next. Sherif Longmire is my hero.

  844. Ramona Holota

    Looking forward to Season 5 – I can be an extra – First Nation lady – long dark hair – some say beautiful woman. I am the one for this kind of role – even if an extra for a start. Was an extra in a movie here in Kamloops BC. Went well. I am your lady for this.

  845. Sandy

    I absolutely love Longmire and its’ talented cast! They make me we want to move to Absaroka County! Netflix is my Hero!!

  846. Pam

    Love Longmire!!! Anxiously awaiting the new season!!!

  847. Cindy D

    With such a great season finale to Season four, it is difficult to imagine not continuing the show.
    It is difficult to find good TV shows. Longmire is so different from all other TV shows, unique story, excellent casting, excellent writing. So many of us will be so disappointed if we cannot continue this story.

  848. Ronnie

    So Glad Netflix picked this up. One of the best shows on TV. Waiting anxiously for Season 5 to start. Time to go back and watch all of Longmire from Season 1 thru Season 4 again on Netflix.

  849. Lou M

    Come on guys (gals)… This show doesn’t deserve to fade away. Good writing, acting and multiple plots. See you in Srptember?

  850. Kate

    Keep it coming. Soon.

  851. Dick

    Some of the best programming on TV. Hope it continues well into the future.

  852. Bekah

    We LOVE this show! Not even sure I would keep Netflix without Longmire. It’s one of the main reasons we subscribe.

  853. Michael

    My wife and I both love the show, looking forward to season 5. Got my employee hooked on it and she binge watched all 4 seasons over a weekend.

  854. Carla

    Best series ever!!! My husband and I both enjoy it!!! Please keep it coming!

  855. Bob Wilsey

    Please, Please, Please bring it BACK!!

  856. fred firth's wife

    Robert Taylor’s acting is wonderful. Makes me want to leave the city and move to Wyoming. Well…either there or Australia. Australia does grow ’em nice. Longmire is an excellent show and it would be a shame to cancel it.

  857. David

    Bring it on!
    Can’t wait for season 5!

  858. Randy wynn

    This is an awesome modern western, gotta have it back!!!

  859. Jacky

    My daughter told me I would like this show but I waited a year to check it out. She was wrong I love this show!!!! I could not stop watching it once I started. Netflix PLEASE pickup season 5.

  860. Richard wind

    Longmeyer is a well designed drama and one of my favorites.. I has to come back and wrap up some loose ends. The acting is great and the setting is refreshing.

  861. Patty

    A great show with excellent cast. I’ve always admired Lou Diamond Phillips as an awesome actor. Just hurry up and bring on season 5 !

  862. Sky

    Love this show! Was so disappointed when A & E cancelled, and is the reason I signed up for Netflix! Have to get my Longmire fix! Lol… Keep ’em coming!!!

  863. pete

    Longmire is a great show.Wish it was’nt so long between new series.

  864. Brian Hawley

    Great show with excitement,suspense and realistic portrayal of native culture.

  865. Larry Medina

    ABSOLUTELY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait

  866. Carol Smith

    One of the best written/acted shows out there. Strays from the usual dependency on shock effect to sell a series. There is plenty of shock, but it is due to well written plot and character development. Hope this series runs for a long time. Too bad it isn’t more advertised and promoted.

  867. Chris

    Yes please bring it back we love it!!’

  868. J Clayman

    We are thrilled Longmire is back. Not enough really quality shows & this is a winner. Thank you

  869. Scott Pritchard

    I could watch it every week of the year. We need more positive roll models like this cast and at this time of our nation we need to show law enforcement doing good things. Plus, there are so few men on TV and so few shows willing to have Native Americans on TV. Definitely bring back Longmire!!

  870. Bill

    I have watched all 4 seat show without all the seasons over the last 2 months and look forward to season 5. Great drama with out all the inappropriate sex. Not necessary for interesting viewing

  871. Kent

    Great show one of the best on the scale of gunsmoke etc

  872. Bill Coble

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  874. mike

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  875. Donna

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  876. Patsy starnes

    Absolutely one of the very best family western atmosphere movie/series my family has ever had the pleasure of watching. We are older than most viewers in our family and we just can’t get enough of it. My only regret so fa I so longed for his soul mate to be his deputy Vic,that would be the icing on the cake..Thanks CAN’T WAIT

  877. Jon Clements

    Cmon now like so many the only reason I got Netflix was for Longmire you have to bring back Season Five. Like alot of the others leaving coments I am sick an tired of Reality TV I love Longmire the cast writing and production.

    Please bring us Season 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  878. nancy curry

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  879. Robert Baird

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    If you cannot continue the show at least do one more episode
    to wrap it up
    please do not let it end the way it is now

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  883. Sgt Jack

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    As a retired veteran law enforcement officer I have a particular respect for the details your police consultants have lent toward accuracy of criminal law enforcement administration.

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