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«Nikita» season 5?

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When does season 5 of «Nikita» start? Will the new episodes supposed to be produced? What is known about premiere date? We need more!

TV-channel: The CW
Pilot episode: September 9, 2010
Creator: Joel Surnow

Season 1 Episode 1: 3.57 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 1: 0.95 million U.S. viewers

After «Nikita» TV show has debuted on CW channel, it was immediately suggested as a continuous one, since it was regularly watched by more than 3.5 million Americans. Later on its rates fell and the show started to lose its fans with every new season.

After the third season, which attracted only one million TV viewers, the creators announced about their decision to close the project, ordering 6 new episodes to make the story end logically. The final episode is announced to be scheduled for December 27, 2013 with no renewal for season 5.

Are there some fans of the given TV show left all over the world?

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  1. Liam

    Why didnt they expand to The UK nikita is a awesome series and they close to yet low fans, i have to download and watch online to view it sinceo i live in the UK would be A Grear Dissapointment to see this end So easily..

  2. Jon Jon

    Omg Nikita is amazing show is a Shame no season 5

  3. manuel baerga

    One of the best show in tv the director make so many unespected things to happen it is a shame that is no more nikita to watch I watch 24 and nikita do compete and sometimes it is a better show nikita is so real she can cry and the next minutes she is shooting bullets she is real a nice lady and a great agent

  4. KennyC

    I loved this show watched all 4 seasons and looked forward to season 5. I’ll miss the show a great deal!

  5. princess

    nikita is a very nice action, drama, romance series n i hope that the producers, directors will make nikita season 5 to season 9… looking forward to it.
    there are still lots of viewers and fans looking forward for nikita season 5…. a very nice tv series, of avery passionate woman and i love the character of nikita…. please, please, please release season 5…

  6. Leslie

    I can watch this all day everyday. I love this show. My fav:)

  7. Stephen Bezzina

    It is a shame that the creators decided to stop at season 4 episode 6 . It is one of the best TV series that compete well with Game of Thrones and breaking Bad .I could not stop watching episode after episode .Wonder why it lost popularity in America as it is well directed and well shot and the characters are so awesome . By the way One million viewers still a large number!!! Hope the creators will change their minds. Millions off people out in other countries do watch it . I am one of them 🙂

    • Cornelius Jackson, Jr

      Need a season 5 to correct horrible ending with Nikita being accused of killing a fake double of the US president while the real president is in a cage in a foreign country. There is no way Maggie should be winning as evil as she is, Maggie is a threat to the entire world and she need to be defeated or end up like Percy.

  8. Cornelius Jackson, Jr

    Just finish watching all 67 episodes last three days, awesome series, went online and found out there will be no season 5. My question is why with an ending like that, Nikita accuse of killing the president of the United States when she actually shot herself in the head and another country had planted a double and have our president in a cage.

    Are you telling the viewers that its ok for Maggie to get away with something like that and its ok,
    I don’t think so, evil people like her is a threat to our world and need to be stopped. So I hope you reconsider season 5 to correct this horrible ending to season 4.

    • Kunle Shittu

      if you watch ALIAS, Sydney and Michael Vaughn was happily leave together with kids, I think Maggie deserved that too. Since she was framed for sin she was not committed. I think the skipping episode like how Division was not operate under ground any more and how Michael got his hand back supposed to know too.

  9. Kunle Shittu

    I am wondering how Alex managed to escape from Amanda kidnapping, the death of Sean, and Michael got solution to his hand

  10. rodney

    Nikita was indeed a nice movie! Even if I’m from the Philippines, I always have some time to watch nikita online. Honestly Nikita is very nice, the way they speak russian language, arabic, cantonese and some languages that they project in the movie! it really admires me and give me courage that one day I will know all those languages they spoke. Soo I hope that you will continue to make the season five of Nikita. Maggie Q is a nice actress, very beautiful and indeed very sexy.

  11. bella

    They should make a season five because this is the best show I have ever seen/watched and I think they should keep making new seasons and eps with different thing like what about the wedding I’m pretty sure we want to see it.

  12. christine

    i really want to see more seasons of nikita it has a great story line and awesome characters i love watching it, i have watched it repeatedly.

  13. AL S

    please please please we need more more more Nikita!!!! One of the Best shows ever,please give us more!!!

  14. jean

    Awesome serie,so embarasing not to have season five

  15. Violet

    This series was so addicting. Good actors and great action. The story line also kept you interested. So sorry it was not renewed! I really believe that people didn’t know how good this series was and that it didn’t get the credit it deserved. So sorry to see it go.

  16. Jerleeza

    NIKITA was the best never heard of it until started watching Netflix n the got hooked on it iv watched the seasons about 2 times and I’m about to make it 3. I have got my friends watching it and they say they love it. The show is so addicting. I recommend that show to everyone. The actors were great. The scenery was perfect. It had a lot of action. Every episode makes you watch to watch more and keeps your mind wondering what’s going to happened next. I am very disappointed that the is not continuing. I think that yall should try another season and keep going. Nikita is very popular on Netflix. Its been popular on there for I think about a year. So please don’t give up.
    I love the show

  17. Frank

    I fell in love with this show and can not believe it’s over. For the first time I’m going to sound like my selfish kids when I say “It’s Not Fair”

  18. jlo

    I thought this was one of the best movie series I’ve watched in probably 8 years. I never had the time to watch any series and definitely not 4 seasons with on average about 15 episodes. I seriously will be checking the web periodically for release of season 5 hopefully the producers will realease 5 to ?. I truly was hooked I want to be nick named Nikita. I LOVED THIS SHOW IT IS IN MY HEART AND SOUL. JENNIE

  19. Toriea

    One of the best Tv series from season 1 thru 4 wish they would bring it back on i was hooked from the first episode great plot and action. I never knew it was on tv because im always on Netflix. It would be great to bring back the show with the original cast. Just loved the show

  20. k yaw

    i used to watched helix until i was introduced to Nikita by a close friend. after watching the 1st episode, it was nice. so i watched all the remaining seasons. the movie was great. but to see the last season end so poorly, it was embarasing.hoping for the season 5 soon.

  21. Nipun

    it was really embarrassing to stop nikita after 4 season. after watching first episode oh goad i addict to watch it please guys please make other seasons. just six episode to season 4 unbelievable even that its fantastic director know what he is going and the actor no words she is hell of women. guys please make seasons. not only the US people all over the other countries are watching this seasons

  22. Kwanele

    This is the best series ever .all the characters are so perfect ,not to mention the Starring Maggie Q.
    But Craig please reconsider. we want to know what happens to Amanda after being locked up in the basement, I want seoson 5,6,7 etc .series dnt end at seoson 4, we have series with seosons 12..it would be great to watch Nikita again and same Starring .I’m a fan all the way from AFRICA.

    • Peter Njie

      You Rite Kwanele we wanna know too what happen Amanda?and why that guy trying to hand over Gun to the little boy at front beach where Nikita and Michael trying settled for their Drink,and where that man and little boy heading with the pickup Truck?

  23. Peter Njie

    This is one of the best TV Series. ever dictate to it After Spartacus
    I watch all The episode from 1 to 4 The story is so great learn lot from it so real I think they should continue the episode and let them wipe all bad guyz out of the planet so the world can be the best place to live And no Fear…..Lol

  24. way - maker

    I loved Nikita it is in my mind and heart we watched it with my bff so we loved it I was so shocked and disappointed by you guyz not bringing season 5 to 9 atleast but why stop there one million is a lot of people you guyz I think yoi should consider this after CORONA pandemic please please please please we need more and more of Nikita she inspired me to do yoga even I never considered it but Nikita that’s a win okay it doesn’t matter about the viewers just give the people what they need please! !!!

  25. laz

    I loved how Birkoff was omnipotent with a computer. I refreshed w10 via internet, so I’m right up there with the Shadow Walker. They just started to develop Percy’s background. Too bad the series ended. It was so cool and sublime. It even made Kia’s look good.

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