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«Revenge» season 3: premiere date

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When does season 3 of «Revenge» start? Will the new episodes supposed to be produced? What is known about premiere date?

TV-channel: ABC
Pilot episode: September 21, 2011
Creator: Mike Kelley

Season 1 Episode 1: 10,02 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 18: 5,49 million U.S. viewers

The television series «Revenge» has started to lose its positions in ABC Popular shows rating recently. Though the situation isn’t critical yet, the fact that the amount of its fans has fallen to 5.5 million people, makes the rightholders worry. The latter are in no hurry to finance the show for Season 3, as with the final episode it should prove to be wanted. Experts believe Mike Kelley’s television series to be renewed at last, but it needs to be supported by its fans. ABC’s official decision will be announced in May.

«Revenge» season 3: premiere – [September 29, 2013] (update)

Returns from Winter Hiatus: [March 9, 2014]

After the official announcement we will update the given article. Would you like the show to be renewed?

UPDATE 1 (10.05.13): ABC has officially renewed «Revenge» for season 3!

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  1. Brooklyn Hunter

    Yes, please!!! The best written show in years!!! I have a hard time finding anything worth watching anymore, especially with my busy life. My family looks forward to Sunday nights with Revenge! The reality shows seem like such a waste of screen time anymore. Please do not take away Revenge! Would love to have Season 3 🙂

  2. amy matteson

    please please please air a 3rd season of revenge!! my family counts down the days until sunday night, we absolutely love the show!! don’t know what we would watch, if it wasn’t on!!

  3. Austin L.

    I am pretty sure that Revenge will get renewed!!

  4. Mai

    Please don’t cancel revenge. I love the show. Renewal season 3.

    • Katy Braun

      I love REVENGE it’s my best series, please follow it on. I’m looking forward for the season 3. I’m australian and my friends they all are waiting for it too. Please here you have plenty fans.go on with it.

  5. SAHM of DC

    Best show on TV! There is nothing to watch anymore really, and this is one show that is very addictive and well DONE. I would watch 10 shows like it of there were but unfortunately there osnt any.
    Yes pls tell us when season 3 premiere is?

  6. Kelly

    How is revenge losing viewers! Thats insane, each episode my eyes are physically glued to the tv until it ends and then i still want more! DO NOT CANCEL REVENGE!!! That will make us viewers all out for revenge!!!

  7. Jaycee

    Please don’t end the show!!! I absolutely love the plot and will go through serious withdrawals if it ends now. It is well written and an overall classy series! Wonderful cast with lots of exciting twists and turns. The first season rocked and I was nervous about how the second season would play out. It had a few bumps along the way, but with such a creative writing team, I’m certain season three will go above and beyond. Please don’t let this awesome series go!! Revenge equals double infinity!! 🙂

  8. nat

    please dont end the show !! i love it so much!! it’s worth watching !! it’s getting awesomee!! until i try not to miss any of the episode!! please dont stop it!! well i love the season 1 . and season 2 is more awesome! i believe season 3 will be the best!! just dont end it!! the story is so amazing! i love it very much!!! too bad if u end this show!! gosh just dont end it!!! i believe lots of people will likee it and watch the season 3!! 🙂 just believe! <3

  9. Rubén

    Yeah please! don’t cancel Revenge! Even from Spain I’m following the best show ever!!!

  10. :)

    Don’t cancel the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. alex


  12. ikram

    omg im soooo happy for sept for season 3 of revenge the finale was intense i neeed more

  13. haji

    Please don’t cancel the show!!! Season 2 finale just ended on a cliff-hanger O.O there has to be a season 3. I mean i have questions that need answers..lots of them lol

  14. awo ismail

    please dont end the show i love this show

  15. yve

    Yes please make season 3 and all other seasons if possible. Best show ever made. We need to see tha ending

  16. vindhya

    this is best show ever!!it has to be renewed

  17. Sarah

    This has to air back on, one of the best shows with a great story to it! It can’t end, not with how they left it at season 2! \:

  18. Revenge Fanatic

    Please Renew Revenge, We need season 3, its getting so intense and awesome… how could ratings even drop, its the best show ever created!! im pretty sure after that last scene will bring them all back!!! Way to Addictive!!

  19. Christi

    Revenge is one of the best shows out there! Please please don’t cancel it.

  20. Randyboy99

    So tired of these networks hacking the best shows and putting on more of these dumb reality shows. Revenge must live. If you’re going to take a show off, doing it with a little consideration for the shows fans would be nice. I for one of many would love for Revenge to live on. It still has some things left to deal with.

  21. RARR86

    More Revenge please.. I like this show very much!! I’m from the Netherlands and i’m always looking the serie back on the internet. Its just an great serie. So i look forward to see season three.. So please let there be a season three and don’t shut down the serie!!

  22. danielle

    love this show!!! please dont end it!

  23. Juanita


  24. kiiiz


  25. Sara

    For the love of God please do not cancel Revenge! I do not know what I will do without my Revenge fix!!! The fact that I have to wait 4-5 months is already torturous! I will never watch ABC again if they cancel my absolute favorite show in the Universe! I love Revenge so much so please keep it! I will convince more people to watch it 🙂

  26. Jay

    Best show ever!! It is the only show that keeps my eyes glued to the tv every second!! Please let there be a third season!!

  27. Huge Revenge Fan

    There has to be a season 3!!! I will die if there isn’t. It’s the best tv series I’ve ever seen. I love how it keeps you on edge and always just wanting to see the next episode straight after.
    Devastated about who died in the season finale, but I’m so glad emily finally told jack who she really is. cant wait for his reaction- will he feel betrayed or will he be rejoicing? will he wonder who that woman he married was and ask the real amanda. hope their relationship is saved and this doesn’t give him trust issues with her.
    he’ll probably ask why they traded places and all will be revealed and then im guessing theyll team up on conrad but not in an obvious way. also, can’t wait to see who showed up on victoria’s doorstep as her son (would be so funny if it were aiden cos she seemed shocked but most likely not) what about nolan being framed for war crimes- its conrad he’s responsible- he bombed his own builiding and wanted to act as a first respondent just to get himself more votes… power hungry :/ and he just frames people. what is the point of that? making innocent people go to jail for his acts.. so annoying! haha
    Still can’t believe we have to wait so long until the next season.

  28. marisha

    yesss please,,,dont stop this show,,,it has a very bright future,…..every1 i knw loves this show and wants it to continue….just dont stop it mid-way like this…and if u want to end it,.,,,end after th 3rd season…give it a proper ending for th sake of th viewers and th show itself…!
    th show deserves that much atleastt….!
    – a genuine request

  29. Ben

    Definitely looking for season 3 – the end of season 2 as Emily reveals her true identity to Jack is just what we’ve been hoping for! It’s just mindblowing, it was a very special moment really, just awesome.

  30. Fran Mac

    Best series ever – more more more

  31. Amelia

    Please don’t stop the show, can’t wait for Season 3. You guys always leave us with a nail biting ending.
    Love the suspense and the twists. Can’t wait for season 3

  32. Lil heterick

    Please don’t cancell the show its all we wait for on Monday n talk about all week

  33. Caroline

    you need to continue the show. Don’t forget about those who watch it online or in french. The show is realy popular soo there is no reason to let the show be canceled……..

  34. jennifer

    Don’t cancel revenge I have to know what happens!!!!! Amanda has to get her revenge!!! And so does jack!! I love this show please don’t take it awat

  35. Amanda

    You better make another season… If you don’t a lot of people will be really pissed. This is my favorite show and I think if they end it this way it was a waste of time. We all want to see Amanda and jack finally together ….don’t let us down 🙂

  36. Paula

    I love this show, you better make Season 3!

  37. Kendra

    Dont cancel it! Its awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Heather

    Yes please renew the show!! This is the best show I’ve seen in years!!!!!!

  39. agata

    Revenge ma swoich fanów na całym świecie 🙂 🙂

  40. See

    Revenge has many great stories, it’s like a suspense drama of what will happen next. This show deserves to be renewed. Just because it’s loosing ratings on television, that doesn’t mean people aren’t still watching it. We are watching it online more these days so we can catch up to our favorite dramas because of work, school or other agenda’s on our to do list. So, I pray for more Revenge episodes for the next few years to come.

  41. chen rue feng

    Revenge is very addictive. Love the cinematography, characters assessments by each and every one of the actors, storyline, intrigues, and surprises. Couldn’t wait for the next season to air. If by some reasons it would have to end, please…..PLEASE….make one EXTRA last episode on how it would end. Don’t let it hanging for all the fans whose dying to find out how the story turns out.

  42. Alessandra Marsano

    I hope this makes an impact, I am an admirer from Revenge and from Switzerland. We watch Revenge 2 or 3 days later but also go cracy for it.As y have taken Charly from us (Two and a half man) so at least give us season 3 and 4 from Revenge!

  43. Larisa

    Please, renew the show!!! It is the best show ever so far!!!! Please!!!!!!!!

  44. jacqueline

    please i cant wait for next season. every one act great in revenge.dont let us down.


    • jacqueline

      we need revenge 3 and 4,5,6,7,8,9.its great.

  45. Marcele

    Please, we need the third season!!!, revenge is the best series

  46. Maria

    Please renew for season 3. However this should be the last season or else it will lose my interest entirely.

  47. Anita

    I really need to know what is going to happen after Jack finds out that Emily is Amanda! Also, I must know who’s Victoria’s son!! OMG please there be a season 3!

  48. sue_philippines

    great series!
    waiting for season 3!

  49. vivian

    This serie is great. I am so curious about what is going to happen next. Please let there come a season 3. It will be so nice. I want to see a season 3 so much. Please let it come!

  50. Kani

    You have to air more revenge episodes !!!! It is BIG in Sweden we are all looking forward to season 3 you have to renew it!!!!!!

  51. laura

    please its MY FAVOURITE show ever!is the best!!!!don’t cancel we wanna se an the season 3!

  52. Leah Maxwell

    I dont have cable but I follow this show religiously on Hulu Plus, this is such a good show and I will follow it into season 3 and many more!

  53. Leah

    Love Revenge. I look forward to watching it every week, and can’t wait to see what Amanda (Emily) gets up to next. Please don’t cancel the show. Those who have stopped watching it don’t know what they’re missing.

  54. debbie

    Yes I want there to be a season 3 I love love this show and cant get enough of it. U guys would b making a huge mistake by stopping this Tv show…

  55. Tai

    Let me just say.. Great show.. decided to watch a new show because all my other shows are coming to an end and must say it was a awesome show and love the concept of the show and I watched season 1 and season 2 all in 4 days and just couldn’t get enough of the show.. I was happy to hear they renewed for a season 3 which I’m looking forward too because theym way season 2 ended there was no way it wouldn’t continue on from there. Believe me I know what its like to get into a show and they leave you in suspense and the show is not renewed and its frustrating. So I look forward to season 3 of revenge.. CAN’T WAIT

  56. pez

    please dont end the show !! i love it so much!!!

  57. nana

    pls renew revenge

  58. PP

    please dont end the show

  59. grace

    WE WANT MORE EPISODES OF REVENGE!!! Pleasee,, don’t ever ever ever end the show.. I loved it so much, I’ll do anything to watch it. I just can’t imagine what would I watch if there’s пo more episodes of revenge. Just remember: “WE WANT MORE REVENGE!!! WE WANT MORE!! WE WANT MORE!!!!!” That’s all I’m gonna say. Thankyou guys♥

  60. Revenge Fan

    PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! don’t shut down Revenge. Best show for years! It has EVERYTHING!!!!!

  61. Berit

    Thumbs up for a new season!! Norway 🙂

  62. Diane

    Yes,please renew Revenge!!!

  63. Eileen

    awesome show, never miss it and can’t wait to see the third season. I hope it doesn’t end like “Prison Break” and ‘Lost’ whose ends were very disappointing. So do it right.

  64. padma

    definitely yes

  65. Susan

    I love this show and am always waiting for the next one to air weekly! Please go on with the third season!

  66. Becky A.

    Thanks for renewing for a 3rd Season!! My family also loves to watch this show it is the best one available nowadays. I am definitely a Revenge tv junkie!!

  67. Mickey

    So glad you are renewing season 3. This is one of the best shows I have seen in years. Keep up the good work.

  68. Lizzie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Revenge!!!!! Started watching season 1 on Netflix and had to sign up for Hulu plus to get season 2. CANNOT WAIT FOR SEASON 3!!!! Best show EVER!!!

  69. Fuad Omar

    YES YES YES .. This has to be the most intricate, attention grabbing series that I’ve watched, period. Please don’t remove this AMAZING series.

  70. Maud Cicciarello

    Completely addicted to the show!!!!! Loveeeee it
    Wanna see more of Emily and Jack
    Love Victoria and Nolan too

  71. gaudy

    the best series i truly watch in my entire life.pls..pls.. renew it…

  72. Butterfly

    Please please please do not cancel. I have not enjoyed television this much since I was a kid. I love. Season 3 is needed

    • Kim

      I agree with you 100%

  73. tho sugdenmas

    I think the show should have 3 series and it should end it on 3 series I like to see every show I watch have a ending to the series

  74. barbie

    Revenge is a wonderful wonderful show, you absolutely can not pull the plug on this now…..one thing for certain is that we 5 million viewers are faithful viewers, that appreciate the wonderful writings that make up this show. Keep up the revengy behavior, were counting on it.


    I have never missed an episodes of Revenge!!
    I was hooked on the first episode!! I truly feel that this is a great show!! I would be so sad and disappointed to see it go!! I am looking forward to seeing the next season!!
    It would be a loss to great tv if it doesn’t come back!! Do the right thing and bring it back!!
    I am in my thirties from Indiana and I have seen alot of tv in my time good and bad!! This is a great series and enjoyable to watch!!!
    Thanks, Tasha 🙂

    • Robert & Cheryl Jenny

      We agree 100% with you Tasha. I am 71 and Cheryl, my wife of 51 years, is 69. We also have never missed an episode. Revenge is truly the best series we 2 old farts have ever laid our sharp eyes and keen ears to!
      Thanks and God Bless!, Robert

  76. Karen

    Hope that they carry through with season 3…It would be a shame to lose such a amazing show..There will be so many fans disappointed and sadden if this show is stopped…I have watch since season 1 and haven’t missed any..A GREAT SERIES DON’T TAKE IT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Cheri

    I am so glad Revenge is coming. Please see how the next season goes and then get fans to decide the future state of the show. I look forward to see what happens next!!! I will be sad if Aden was killed off. Cheri

  78. marilyn mack

    I love the show and looking forward to seeing another season, so please keep it going!!

  79. bubbles

    Please renew the show Revenge and please hurry, I miss watching this show.

  80. Kim

    this is THE BEST show on air in a very long time. I cannot get enough of it. Every person I know, knows of this show and watches it because I have insisted and now they are addicted as well. Cannot wait for Season 3 to start. As a side note **love Aiden and hope that him and Emily/Amanda find themselves back in each others arms**

  81. J Herman

    I LOVE REVENGE!!!!!!! Please keep it!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Mattie

    Please, Please, Please yes I can’t wait to see Season 3 of Revenge it’s wonderful, the story, the acting, all is great!!

  83. Corinne

    YES, YES.. RENEW!!! Can’t wait!! OMG what happens now that Jack knows the Real Amanda..
    Bring it back Soonest!!!

  84. Gail

    I LOVE Revenge!! I can’t believe it’s loosing viewers! Maybe they’re taping it like me because they have to get up early the next morning.

  85. mary

    I LOVE revenge!!!!!please keep them coming!

  86. Deborah

    Holding my breath waiting for the return of Revenge. Please keep the episodes coming.

  87. Joyce

    Please don’t cancel revenge! Great show…

  88. Lisa

    I love the show. Don’t cancel it. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Karen Bone

    When is the current season of Revenge going to screen in Australia??

  90. Rae Woodward

    Love this show! Draws you in every time!

  91. Angie Hawkins

    I really LOVE this show please don’t cancel revenge. When is season 3 going to air, and what channel?

  92. Stev13

    OMG, In the words of a tennis player, YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS don’t cancel REVENGE, if this is handled correctly it could run, & run shows such as revenge has all the quality’s of a huge hit maybe like that of Dallas!!!!!!!! think on, this show has got me intrigued at all the twists & turns and under hand deals. you have got to keep the show going, there are a lot of fans out there maybe not all are commenting about the show publicly, but the show gets my vote 10/10 excellent it surpasses all the other rubbish.

  93. Stev13

    Don’t cancel revenge renew, renew, PLEASE, PLEASE, you know want to

  94. Bernnattie

    Just started watching the show this season, cant wait for next season 3

  95. cecemommabas

    With all the twists and turns in the lives of Emily and the Graysons’ there is still so much to tell. like when is Jack going to realize that baby Carl is not his biological child. The anger and viciousness in Emily’s eyes when she confronts him with the fact that she cannot bear a child. Just look at the Fury!! Lots of tales still to be told. Keep it coming for a Sunday night!

  96. vickie

    PLEASE.. Do not cancel this show.
    I just started watching it and now am about to finish season two.
    I love this show and have been telling all my friends and family about it.
    Revenge is the best show that has ever been created.



  98. DJ

    PLEASE keep renewing Revenge. I can take a guess it lost viewers because it was put on at same time as The Good Wife. Don’t do that this season and I bet the numbers will go back up.

  99. Sue

    Please don’t cancel revenge. It seems like a good program comes on that is well written, very interesting, keeps one on the edge of your seat. I look forward to watching revenge. So please continue with season three

  100. May

    I will really appreciate it if you guys can air Revenge season 3. I’ve been waiting for it for a while now so please please pleaseeee

  101. mochacity

    NO! please do not cut out season 3. This is a really good can’t wait to see what happen next series. I await for the start of the next season.

  102. Pam

    Please do a season 3. I love it so much.

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