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«The Mentalist» season 6: premiere date

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When does «The Mentalist» season 6 come out? TV show renewed or cancelled? Premiere date is known!

TV-channel: CBS
Pilot episode: September 23, 2008
Creator: Bruno Heller

Season 1 Episode 1: 15,6 million U.S. viewers

Season 5 Episode 1: 11,06 million U.S. viewers

CBS special event, held on March 27, was dedicated to the renewed projects. Thanks to it a lot of fans of television series «The Mentalist» can be happy, as Patrick Jane will continue searching for Red John in ordered Season 6. The official premiere date for the «fresh» episodes is scheduled for September 2013 with the same airtime.

«The Mentalist» season 6 premiere – [September 29, 2013]

It should be mentioned that the viewership interest can be reduced a little bit at Season 5, since the number of its fans in America has fallen to 8.1 people (an average of 14 million TV viewers in Season 4). Should that fact be considered as the first wake-up call in the fate of the given series?

Let’s support the show in comments!

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  1. Michael H.

    Great SHOW!!! but I know who Red John is. aaaannnnnnndddd….. >>>>> Grace Van Pelt! shocked??

    • Emma

      I will literally fall out of my chair with shock if thats true!

    • Sisse

      No way, you can’t possible know that!!!
      But if it is the truth, then how! how can you know that? Where do you have this information from???

    • Evelina V

      yeah right, and when she killed jane’s family she was a teen serial killer? lol i don’t think so

      • LS

        Do any of you actually watch the show? Red John will be one of the 7 shown in the season 5 finale. So it can’t be Van Pelt.

    • johnz

      it is christina fry

    • Robin

      Woah there no way…. Van pelt was at the CBI during one of Red John’s Murders-_-
      Anyone agree?

  2. Richard

    omg ! Van Pelt?? Are u f*cking kidding me?

    • lillz

      he’s an id*ot. it’s not van pelt. there’s a million reasons why, and i know 100% it’s not her.
      it’s either (this was revealed in the season 5 finale)
      bret stiles
      brett partridge (i think it’s him)
      sheriff thomas mcallister
      ray haffner
      the fat guy from fbi who worked with the team once
      bob kirkland
      gale bertram

      • nick

        Red John is definitely a guy and i think he’s not on the list….hmm
        September is gonna be E…..(waitforit)….PIC!

  3. giovani

    They should just kill off Red John at the end of season 6 !
    P.S. Bret Stiles 😉

  4. Stefan

    Red John is Brett Partridge – the ghoul. But the series should go on with a new
    female serial killer, which excels Red John?

  5. Guest

    Imdb just released the cast for the season 5 finale and who else is on the casting list but good old Brett Partridge…

  6. ken cimon

    If they cancel the best show on tv (The Mentalist) they better not leave us hanging about getting the real red john. If they do cancel and leave us hanging, I will never watch another show except for sports, on cbs again. That is a promise. Not that the care or anything.

  7. Nathan

    Yeah the reason the ratings went down is because of the new time slot, 1 its at 10:00 at night on a sunday, 2 i cant count how many times it was pushed to 11:00 and beyond because of sports etc. That is the reason the views went down, i think they should see about changing the time slot. I guarantee that would help and bring it back to 15 million views and beyond… What can you expect when the time its on changes every week? I was constantly online trying to figure out when the episodes were and whether it was going to be bumped again.

    • Margo Kowalczyk

      Dear Nathan! I agree with everything you said about The Mentalist’s ordeal. I thank you for speaking out about the issue, because I am really tired of people commenting on the ratings going down not even taking under the consideration what we had gone through during the whole 5th season!

    • Rae

      Nathan is right. The moving of the day and time is awful and stupid!!!

    • Maria

      Definitely a bad time slot!!!!!!! For sure it messed with ratings!!!!!

  8. Christine

    Spoiler: It is Patrick’s father

    • lillz

      no it’s not. didn’t you watch the season 5 finale?

      • dasun

        no, Jane gave the list purposely. No Red John is in the list!

  9. Emma

    If it ends with us finding out who red John is, I will cry.
    And my guess – Brett P for sure

  10. Obada

    i like this show allot and i am from Syria Middle east so please people of America don’t let this show be cancelled please i like Patrick he is funny and so smart i am watching this forever sO please don’t screw it up i watched and loved alot of shows that was cancelled because some American people stopped watching it Like Angel for example or Alcatraz or flash forward so for the love of God don’t stop watching it i spent a lot of years watching and loving every season

    • Sam

      get a life fellow i mean everyone likes a good series but it has to get to and end.

    • Margo Kowalczyk

      Dear Obada! We welcome people from the whole world to our North America and are so very happy to hear that you, the fan of The Mentalist from Syria, Middle East have joined our fandom of people, who love and adore the journey of Patrick Jane aka Mentalist, played and executed so perfectly by Simon Baker, that it has become such a real person, Global Icon, with whom all of us connect worldwide!!!

  11. Red John

    watch all the scenes with red john and if your a true fan you will know that red john is Brett Partridge

  12. void

    Red John is Brett Partridge – 100 % !!!

  13. Mel

    What makes you so shure that Brett Patridge is RJ? I think it is none of those 7 names…at least season 6 will hopefully NOT show us RJ because then the series will be over…:(

  14. samer

    Its so obvious its Jane himself guys

    • der

      der its so obvious… how can he access someones inner most memories? its jane with a personality disorder… note Heller states in an interview reg season 6 that he can definitavely state that jane is not rj BUT… he doesn’t say jane’s ‘alter ego’ isn’t red john… they are gonna pull a ‘Fight Club’ on us…

      • Dushy

        Hey guys If RJ is PJ then woudnt lorelei kill him for murdering her sister!!!!!!!nd also i think Brett Partridge bcoz so far if u have seen the mentalist episodes properly he has shhown every sign of bieng red john nd also lorelei mentioned Patrick about the hand shake thing….that y dint they become friends….

    • shalu

      yes even i agree its jane himself who is red john….

      • Red John

        even you? whats so special about you?
        I happen to BE RJ and I am glad to say I am Bob K, OH YES!
        Peace, Red J

      • abbas

        don’t any of u guys watch the mentalist? Do you know that bruno heller has already confirmed in an interview that red john’s name is on the list of jane’s 7 suspects and that jane woould not be red john cause that would be like deja vu. And it would soo like sherlock holmes storyline.

  15. Maria

    Definitely the time slot is affecting the ratings!!!!!

  16. kathy

    Patrick Jane is NOT RJ, if he was, that woukd be the end of the show. @der

  17. Mal

    just watched end of season 5, brilliant show, glad to know its coming back for a 6th season. could be anyone of the 7 suspects and i cant wait to see which direction they’ll take in the future, i so want to know who RJ but am worried once we find out the show will end and that’d be a shame as its one of the few shows on TV these days thats worth taking the time out of my busy day to watch. Great show cant wait to see more

  18. Biener

    The Red John story has to end…kill him off….I think it is starting to kill the show.

    • maddie

      I agree. The hunt for Red John is getting tedious, even though revealing his identity might mean the end of one of the best shows ever. How about another season finale like season 3 and this time it’s the real RJ and season 7 serves to uncover the whole tangled web he obviously created.

  19. hotic

    rj is jane, look at that smile drawing it looks like him, i agree with everything der said

  20. Alexandru

    Great, great show! Simon Baker is acting so well this role and i’m impressed by the story of Patrick Jane! All the actors are very good and i like this show a lot! please don’t stop the production of the 6th season! i’m waiting with enthusiasm the new season! With admiration, from Romania, Alexandru

  21. Ivana

    It’s amazing! I love this show. I completely don’t know who Red John is and I think he isn’t in Patrick’s list. I think RJ was giving him a fake hint when he sent that dvd to Jane. I want more! I’m looking forward to the 6th season!

  22. Dushy

    Hey guys If RJ is PJ then woudnt lorelei kill him for murdering her sister!!!!!!!

  23. Mike

    Of course the series is going to continue after the Red John arc ends. There are many places they could still go. Visualize, the biker gang they encountered a while back, Cho’s old gang, etc. Red John will not be the end of the mentalist.

  24. Nicola

    Love the show!!! possibly the biggest simon baker fan EVER!

  25. Nicola

    Does anyone else hope that Patrick and Terseasa will get together in season 6?!

  26. James

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT END! So excited for season 6!!! Love all the characters and every weeks storyline is great!

  27. Dani

    I am kind of confused because everytime I think Red John is one person on Jane’s list I always think it is someone else on his list. There are four people on the list I keep going back and forth with: Brett partridge, Brett styles, bob, and gale bertram and if u ask me I think somewhere down the line of the series Jane and Lisbon need to confess that they r obviously in love with each other.

  28. Red John

    bob knew about the 7 names so he highly suspicious ;p

  29. lolz

    Biener’s right. Enough of the Red John already.

  30. Mentalistlove

    I think the only reason why the audiences declined last season is beacuse is hard to follow a schedule fot too long, most people are not consistent but the show is amazing, it’s quality hasn’t declined, it is funny,sarcastic, nerv racking, sweet, smart, sad and patrick jane i a hottaayy!!!!

  31. ravenous

    I don`t know why it is not obvious who red John is. It is Brett Partridge from forensics unit.If anyone saw the episode where Patrick was knocked unconscious and then woke up tied to a chair.A figure in black comes up behind him and whispers to him in a soft voice.Well if you listen closely you can tell it is Brett.

  32. claire

    The one suspect I had from day one was brett partridge (the body collecting), he is a bit crazy!

  33. sunny

    dont care who red john turns out to be, but dont want the series to end – love simon baker and especially cho in his part, he reminds me of sergeant joe friday from an old police series always played very deadpan. there are many good ideas to carry the series on when rj is finally caught –

  34. theroad

    actually, one of the ratings people for the show said in an interview that The Mentalist is actually the most watched show in the world with 58.1 million viewers. The ratings just went down in the US but they’re better than ever out in the rest of the world. She also said, because the ratings are going well, The Mentalist will more than likely not be cancelled and will perhaps go on for a 7th season.

  35. red j

    red john is ……………………………………………………..

    patrick janes alter ego

  36. Sajjad

    I think the DVD given to Patrick Jane by Red John is a double bluff, I think that he is present on PJ’s list but he says that the list is fake so that Jane starts to wander off in other directions which will get Jane off of Red John’s back, even if it doesn’t it’ll begin to question the list’s genuinity

  37. Wenga

    I was thrown from a horse last week and I believe he is RJ

    Really, it cannot be PJ for several reasons:
    -the fans would hate it hate it simply and utterly hate it!!
    -he was held by RJ, talked to by him in person when RJ shot the guy who was leading us on as being RJ
    -the fans would really really be disappointed…well that’s like the first reason but to me, that’s the main reason: you just don’t do that with the hero of a series, make him to be the monster. I think it’s the FBI guy who worked with them. He’s pretty creepy in an RJ sort of way.

  38. Monica

    It’s making me crazy wondering who Red John is!!! I can’t figure it out! I keep thinking that he’s not actually on the list of names, since that would be too obvious…AND they all have a tad of a creepy vibe at times to throw us off. I just think Brett Partridge is too creepy on purpose and it won’t actually end up being him. I’m sure anything can happen at this point still, but that’s just what I think for now. It could very well be an alterego of Patrick…maybe…People are saying it couldn’t be since he was held by Red John, but I think that any of those scenarios could be delusions imagined by Patrick, and could be there to throw us off. I’m sorry, but Simon Baker is one of the hottest men ever to breathe, and I don’t want it to end up being him, but if they go back and show us clues that we missed and it was ever so obvious, I’ll just DIE!


    The story of RED John took a long time for that audience leaves the serial .. For myself I love the series and will not leave it

  40. cco

    I think the mentalist is one of the best shows ever, and about red john, it can’t possibly be PJ himself, there are so many reasons thats just not possible and btw, Bruno Heller said himself that jane IS NOT red John so… it will probably be someone on his list. I certainly hope they will find RJ in the 6th season, i’m so excited!

  41. jj

    red jon is rigsby, because no one suspect him…he play the dumb guy

  42. mystery fan

    The Mentalist is more interesting to watch than ever before. The writing is excellent and the multiple story lines keep my interest even through the summer reruns. The acting is consistent and true to the characters. I don’t expect super realism or even plausibility in story lines as they always have an inside joke or comment on society and expectations. I don’t like the show being on Sunday night as it gets preempted every time some sporting event goes over. CBS loves to kill its shows by moving them around the time slots. They think people don’t care which time slot a show comes on, but they forget that most people have to schedule their time. I now have to watch it on TVIO because I have community events always scheduled for Sunday evenings. REALLY CBS quit pushing shows around the time slots. I bought all of the DVDs for the Mentalist and will continue to do so for the rest. These stories are far better than the british mystery shows. I have yet to see a bad mentalist show and Baker is an excellent actor to watch as he has the ability to match his body language to character’s emotions on all levels. Interesting turn of events would be if he really did kill Red John last season and someone else takes up the Red John mantle for pure revenge. I enjoy this show and I hope it continues for many more seasons.

  43. sal

    love this show and been waiting for season 6 thanks for the update not sure when i get to see it as in uk i really hope it keeps going love it x

  44. Rudeboylol

    Why isn’t patrk him self is Red john!? and he got a Schizophrenia. it would be a good ending for this series after all the reason of all the episodes is to make from the viewers look fools (no offense) while they are gueesing how is the killer,so why they dont end it the same way they alaways do 🙂

    • parkst

      may be not. Rorelai know real RJ face if that him
      but season1-4 i think like you

  45. Johanna Morre

    For some reason, I think it’s Lisbon. Don’t know why.

  46. Cherie

    So excited to see Ssn 6!. Very very good show 🙂

  47. mori

    hello .. can some one tell me how can i see all of new season6 or how can i download it ?please
    im not form usa to see it on live

    • abbas

      there’s a new downloader called “MediaGet”. search for it on google and it’s totally free. But you can’t download season six till it’s been broadcast on air. so u have to wait until sept, 29,2013 sunday for the first episode. Oh and u could try “Utorrent”. It’s another free downloader. With this u have to take torrents from piratebay[.]com to download stuff.
      BUT you COULD try IPTV service providers. That way u can possibly see it live broadcast

  48. Wouter

    Remember the quote from Lorelei: “I cant believe you directly became friends the moment you shakke hands”.

    This means that all the people telling it is one of the CBI crew members is wrong.

  49. Jess

    It is so obviously Bob Kirkland. It couldn’t be Brett Partridge bc of what a little squirrel he is…besides, if they were going to shake hands it would have been in the first episode when they met and they have never…and for all of you saying its Patrick…you’re trying too hard to come up with a surprise. It’s suspenseful enough, you don’t need to ruin the hero.

  50. khalil

    i guess that the producers until now not decided whose RJ is …………and it will be a surprise …new character never been in the show maybe mentioned in the show but never appeared

  51. Sheila

    LOVE love LOVE the show!!!

  52. hatem

    but …… my freinds if you remember when patrick put the toothpick on his door and leave,he found it on the ground when he came back , that mean that someone break into his office.and he is not stupid so it must be another list …… i dont now what game his playing but I assure you that he is playin with RJ on this one

    • abbas

      bruno heller has said that red john IS on patrick’s list of suspects.
      PS are u in HKSAR?

  53. Dania

    i looooooove the show i visited the warner brother just to see the set of the show , i came all the way from Kuwait (middle east)

  54. moran

    listen !
    i just finished watched season 5 chapter 21…
    at the end the guy without the tongue , looked at Tereza’s eyes and said Red Jhon…
    when she asked how cut his tongue?…
    it’s kind of obvious that it’s JJ with the Box , no?

  55. Daniel

    dudes , calm down , it seems neither of u payed enough attention at the show .
    Ok now , think when those 2 guys who came and repair the AC , entered jane “private room” to stole the information and gave it to that guy kirkland or whatever and put the pieces head to head and created an similar table with photos and jane`s memories .
    Now from that girl who escaped from prison who jane slept with in those “6 months of depression” we know that jane and RJ are extremelly similar and soooooooooooo………what i think is that RJ put the pieces head head exactly like jane from that table and came to the exactly same conclusion , but that doest`n mean that PJ is wrong RJ is one of the seven guys !

    PS:sry for my english if is a little bad , im from europe , but i live this serial!

    • mahmoud

      I’m sure that Red John Hua Bob Kirkland

  56. ngattich

    Just want jane and Lisborn to kiss.

  57. Sammy S.

    I think its Patrick and an accomplice. There is more than one Red John.

  58. Barbara Jane

    Other than news, Mentalist is the only show on TV that I watch faithfully. However, I am tired of the RJ episodes. I am very old so I get the people mixed up. Would someone out there tell me what the name of the guy is who does the autopsies?

  59. Raziel Kane

    Red John is an ORGANISATION OF KILLERS and P Jane is the head Honcho directing them all!

  60. hicham

    res john is P.jane

  61. Calan

    Red john is jane. Remember in season one, he was in a mental hospital for a year.

  62. Hanifa

    I agree Simon Baker is very good looking man! He is p Jane is humorous, clever and down to earth! He aint scared of nobody!
    I would just love to see him having a life now that Red John has been caught and of course with Lisban

  63. Robin

    Personally if you compare red john’s voice with one of the 7 suspects he (it is heard in the season 2 finale) he sounds as in his 50’s…… (57?) so here are the suspects
    Reede Smith (FBI agent)
    Bret Stiles(Visualize)
    Brett Partridge ( sorry i forgotXD)
    Ray Haffner(Agent)
    Thomas McAllister(sheriff)
    Gale Bertram(CBI Director)
    And Bob kirkland9Homeland securit agent)

  64. Nancy

    I only saw one comment made in
    2014, but please please, whoever is in charge
    Don’t let this show be cancelled!

    This is by far the best shoe on TV!
    I love everything about it, and have been anxiously
    awaiting the season opening…. To see
    What happened after Jane kisses Theresa!

    Hope it stays on!

  65. Judy

    Please, Please, I want the Mentalist back. I and my family really enjoyed it, even after Red John’s death. Simon Baker was and is so good in that role. I hope you bring it back. Miss it.

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