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«Merlin» season 6: release date

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Will «Merlin» return for Season 6? What is known about premiere air date? Renewed or Cancelled?

The first rumors on the continuation of «Merlin» TV series appeared during the broadcast of the fifth season. Famous British Internet resource DigitalSpy interviewed the two creators of the given story: Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy. One of the questions sounded as follows: «Is the TV series possible to be continued after the fifth season? Should the fans wait for «Merlin» Season 6?» The release date for the sixth season, awaited by fans, wasn’t officially announced, but the creators noted that everything depended on the fans or rather on their amount. According to Johnny Capps, if «Merlin» show doesn’t loose its popularity, it will be continued.

The audience was satisfied until everything changed and broadcasting TV Company told the truth. That happened in November, 2012…

The official statement of BBC One says that Season 6 won’t be produced and the final episode aired on December 24 will be the final one. The creators thanked the audience for its dedication and interest to the show and also promised to produce the new story, which would not be worse than «Merlin» show. The fans aren’t satisfied with such an answer, since the story is supposed to be continued, isn’t it?

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  1. kiS

    Just saw the last season finale and really would like to see more. i really don’t want arthur dead…
    I want to keep watching Merlin season 6!!!!

    • george

      i agree with you

      • Jacob

        Me too.

        • Ulrica SWE

          And me.

          • trina


          • stephen

            merlin is the best seasonal movie so pls let continue plsoooooooooo

          • Puniths

            Just complete with season 6. With so much craft and creayivity, season 5 seemed planned to be an epic failure. Just complete with season 6.

          • Roland

            Ten eerste wil ik zeggen dat dit een super tv-serie was om naar te kijken . Het zou zonde zijn als ze zo’n 6 niet gemaakt zou worden dat zouden show compleet maken en afgerond zijn

          • Lily

            me too

        • fran

          bring back merlin season 6 and if possible season 7

          • nick

            same here … i dont have any idea why they are quitting the show ..!!

            but if they really cast a new story me and my family will not bother watching it

            ( sorry was using translater )

          • kehinde olaoluwa

            Pls merlin most be returned if possible 7,8,9. B’cos is verry interesting and is the best season movie in the world so pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Virus

            You were right sire friend, if possible we need it up 6,7&8

          • Meg

            I Merlin needs to be continued! It cannot end with Arthur dead, and Merlin growing old and still waiting. Bring it back its not right. Merlin still has fans and actually is growing in popularity. At least with my friends and in school. There is something about the plot and charecters that cannot be replaced. Colin, Bradley, Katie and Angel have something that is irresistible, the entire cast does. The audience cannot get enough of them, if you have to end the show at least end it with Gwen kissing Arthur, Merlin and Arthur hugging, Morgana turning back to her old passionate self, a new prince, and Mergana. Not the way you guys ended it! You cannot kill Arthur/Bradley, Morgana/Katie, and have both Qwen and Merlin dying of sadness, from the inside out. You need to bring them back, all if them to their cheerful selves.

          • Cheryl dunn

            I hope that one day season 6 of merlin will return miss it so much and the ending could start season 6 Arthur’s rising see him back Camelot as king with Merlin at is side again

          • Sashagaye

            I agree with you I miss it and cannot stop searching the internet until I get the good news that they will give us more . More Merlin

          • David k

            me too me too when will it be in the stores

          • upe

            I also need to watch se 6

          • Connor

            merlin is so cool. me and my dad watch it so much we love it merlin is are all time favorite gits me and my dad tougher and it so cool we love it cool all time favorite sires!!!!!!!! it are #1 favorite!!!!!!!!!!

          • Lisa

            I agree you can just let Arther die he
            Needs to rise again after the Lady of the lake

          • Abdul Jalil

            If they knew it wouldn’t have continued, they shouldnt have said ‘Arthur would rise again for when Albion is in great need’
            Even upto date, I still enjoy watching the movie. It is a very great movie and please don’t just leave you fans unhappy, we are really waiting for more. At least Aithusa can’t be alone.
            We really need it…

          • Coolsome

            Merlin own dragon(Aithusa) betrayed him. This can’t be the last of it. We also need to know why the great dragon(Kilgharrah) wanted him to keep it very save and protect it if it very well knew that the white dragon (Aithusa) would betray Merlin.
            So is it that, Kilgharrah also betrayed him…?

      • Alouette

        Cela m’a fait un choc de voir disparaitre ARTHUR! D’après le dragon, il devait poursuivre son métier de ROI secondé par Merlin et BING, voilà que Morgane est en définitive la gagnante!
        J’ai pour mon plaisir personnel enregistré tous les épisodes, et cela me détendait de les regarder de temps en temps…j’aimais l’humour des personnages, la sagesse de Gaïus, les accrochages entre Arthur et Merlin. Je me dis que ce n’est pas la peine de conserver des enregistrements annonciateurs de la mort d’un personnage sympathique, c’est déjà bien assez cruel de devoir vivre sans les êtres chers que nous perdons, LAISSEZ-NOUS UN PEU DE RÊVE!!!!!!!!! Et Merlin, c’était la part de rêve qui éclairait ma vie meurtrie! Faites nous une saison 6 avec un Arthur revenu grâce à la magie…après tout, il a été conçu à l’aide de la magie alors …A AVALON TOUT EST PERMIS QUAND ON EN REVIENT!!!!!!!!

      • Esowona 3

        And i

        • Dontavion davis

          Sign the petition bring back merlin

          • rick

            bring merlin back need to kown what happin next !! arther dead or alive walking dead still on merlin is alot better show need more

          • bitts1001

            Bring Merlin back for Season 6 and more to follow….need the whole story right to the end!

          • Ivi

            I will sign anything to bring back the show.. How can it end like that… Its not right

          • Anne Sim

            I love Merlin both him and Arthur work really well together. We need to see Arthur rise again and take over Camelot.⁰

      • amar

        I don’t agree with this answer, we need merlin season 6

        • Victor

          Merli can’t be canceled like that. And now my dreams come true that a big thank you to BBC

      • job

        merlin is the best and it should come out. I agree with you dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • connor

        i agree as well but when he died they said he would get revived from the water

        • Linda Gray

          Wow…lots of fan requests to bring the series back to life. I among many found the disappointment of Arthur dying in the twist storyline. What is it about successful series and great film casts that they make us upset about stopping them when there is an obvious demand. Prince Arthur and Merlin were a good team together, I’m pretty sure they would have liked to have worked together for a bit longer. There must be a convincing way to reinstate the story and let Merlin reunite Aurthur with Gwenaver, she isn’t capable of running it without the rightful King. We need at least one more series to bring this about. So come on Film producer’s what you waiting for.

      • Fictional lover

        I agree to I want cry cause I want more besides the dragon said Arthur would return is season 6 really just a trailer

      • Reshma

        Why did the show end.
        Author can’t die
        We want more of Merlin

      • Muhtor

        İ think we have to talk with Colin himself and inspire him to play new season

    • Ruth

      More More MORE – We want MERLIN to continue.

    • Ellen

      My husband, I and our 6 year old just finished season 5. We all loved all the series and hoping Season 6 will be released soon.

      • PrinceIyke

        plz my babe can’t do witout merlin, i beg u guys let it continue 4 onward peace 2 rain 4 my babe Olivia. Am waitin ooooh!!!

        • tuvan

          my family and i just finish watching season five hoping for season six magic should be allowed in camelot ?and auther should have magic

      • Robin Merriman

        It was a nice family program, not too many family based programs out there.

    • dennis millon

      i would like to see more omg it was amazing to watch i did every week . i never watch tv much but that show is the best. so is merlin and the king god there all wonderful. so please let there be more. thanks

      • Skyler

        I wonder they always cancel Interesting movies and leave d stupid ones.

    • Rubi

      I agree too.

    • Ronell Enoch

      such a brilliant adaptation of the medieval era and the almighty Kingdom of Camelot! don’t want to see it end with Arthur dying, please please can we have a season 6!

    • Bianca

      Me too!!!

    • pat

      I agree totally. Make that last show a dream or something, we need Arthur back!!

      • hassan sas

        I like,need and i want to watch merlin season 6 to season 12

    • Chloe

      Me too. Very sad to see it stop. Have never made a comment before on any blog.

    • Justin

      Me to

    • ChrisPBaken

      Hey, Screw you dude. Why the hell are you going to drop a fricken spoiler like that. I found this page because I am on the second to last episode of season 5 and felt like there was not enough time in one episode to wrap things up… so I wanted to see if there was any news for a season 6 before I went to bed quick.

      And you ruined it. You completely ruined it.

      I probably should not have looked, but seriously, screw you bro. Screw you.

    • ViinnyD

      I learned about Merlin only last month! I’m not usually a fan of tv show but Merlin got me curious… I’ve watches 5 seasons in 10days!! I loved the show and it made my childhood stories almost reality… And you end this like that????
      Morgana dies; ok that was the point…
      Arthur dies young? Merlin doesn’t complete is destiny? Seriously? Not nice and very selfish to leave fans like that!!!!!

      • mz net

        I learned about Merlin this month an I love it an I watches 5 seasons in 7 day you can not end it like that I am a big fans….


      WHEN MERLIN seasons 6 I need dates

    • Renatte Edgar

      ME TOO !!

    • Alyssa

      Yup and I would love to keep seeing it
      until I die

    • giga

      please please please :'(

    • Nick Dillon

      Someone from the cast or something must have seen these by now let’s just hope they have it in them to create a season 6. If I was the director of Merlin I would continue the story instead of leaving everyone wondering

      • Clish

        I just finished watching all five seasons. I cannot believe series ended like that. So unfinished ! I would like to adked the producers to bring back Merlin. Look how long the series in the US of “MASH ” ran! I truly love the adventures of Merlin. It truly seems to me that there is a very great n large following on this show. Please advise or confirm if there will be any more future season. This was a very entertaining tv series!!!!
        Thank you for reading this from a very frustrated fan!!!

      • Allison

        You need to get off your asses people and get to a season 6 of Merlin. Was the best show on then you screw it up with broadcasting and screw us out of a season 6. Get your asses together and get it done. Merlin rocks. Best show ever as well as the blacklist. U can’t take credit for that though. Merlin I have been waiting for on Netflix for ever and want it finished. We were promised all these scenes for season 6 and apparently nothing has been done. Get on it.

    • Leon

      Er ned seson 6

    • eragon

      Merlin is the best tv series pleasei need to watch seasn 6

    • Michie

      It said that Arthur would come back when Albion needed him most. There should be another season for that time.

    • Fizza Khan

      I just ended Merlin today. And I feel devastated with the ending. The writers robbed the audience of so much ! The Kingdom that Arthur and Merlin were destined to build never happened ! Arthur shouldn’t have died. And the season can easily be stretched for some more seasons. There should be MORE ! The season 5 ending was nothing less than CRUELTY ! I will only say that the writer Lifted our hopes just to shatter them for good !

    • josh

      I do not understand why season six will not be filmed. it is a shame to leave this epic end of season five will be swept under the rug. very dissapointing

    • John

      I LOVE this series Merlin. I have watched the entire 5 seasons three times… just finished the last episode of season 5 for the third time tonight… PLEASE make it continue… I want to see what happens…. I want to see the friendship between Merlin and Arthur continue in light of all that they have both gone through… This is a beautiful mini series with much character development as the battle of good and evil persuies… Don’t let this great mini series end!…

      • Marisela Acosta

        please I will love too see season 6 of Merlin I have see it 3 times put season 6 back soon thank you

    • brian

      all of us wants merlin back and have a season six please we beg you!

    • julian

      yea me 2

    • Kenneth

      There stupid

    • Dave

      Yes we need more Merlin

      • gore

        si eu freau sa mai continuie

    • danny

      just saw the last season finale and I want really would like to see more , I don’t want Arthur dead

      I want to keep watching marlin season 6

    • Silvia

      I really want more seasons and episodes for Merlin…. Season 6 7 8 As much as they can put up:( We want more we want more seasons please

      • asiey

        My family too

    • Lexie Thompson

      Bring Merlin back. Me and my mom watched this and it was AMAZING. Please I will very much hope that was not the ending cause that was terrible.

    • Anem

      I 100 % agree I love watching it but now I can’t watch it cuz I’m waiting for season 6 and who knows when that’s out

    • Eveline

      I have watched this story from the start and would love to watch more of it, can’t wait to watch season six just can’t any it love it….

    • laura

      Season 6 please

    • Carol Ann

      This show is entertaining and fabulous. Don’t let it end!!!

    • Skyler

      Up till dis date i feel so bad for the cancellation of merlin. The movie was so inspiring. One of the best movie i hav watch was merlin n too bad the show was cancel because this show would have outshine lots of movie shows . This show was d best movie i hav ever Watch and is still the best. The show was intimidating and up till now is still d best. I keep hoping that this show should still continue.. . I hav watch movie less Interesting than this show (merlin) and yet they have up to 15 season. I wish Netflix can do something about this. I still watch the movie and i want merlin 6 to be out..

      • Skyler

        I want more of merlin… Pls.

    • Reezie

      I’m watching Merlin right now.. again!!! I don’t want to see it end, please bring a season 6 and 7, etc. There is a ton of people that love it, of ALL ages to, you guys can also benefit from this as much as the audience. I love it and I want to see more..

    • Nicky Mendolia

      I want to Arthur alive and Merlin be the great warlock that he is free all gifted people with magic come to light, the series has to have a happy ending.

    • Janet Clifford

      I love this series, it’s so entertaining and the cast are terrific, please do 6..

    • Sherry Brown

      Please continue Merlin. It is the best show I’ve watched in forever. It has to continue.

    • Lauren

      Me too I really don’t want Arthur to die like I was in tears when he died and so heartbroken.

    • Tristan

      I totally agree. I mean the great dragon said that Arthur would rise again. They should totally do a season six where Arthur comes back to life, and Merlin some how uses magic to make himself young again or something. I really found the end of that last episode heartbreaking! So I totally agree. Merlin was my favorite show!

  2. Tata

    I am from Russia. I want a sixth season. Please. I ask. It is necessary for us. After the crowd of fans in many countries wish to see the sixth season. So do it.

    • dammyk

      yes oh me tooooo!!!!!!

  3. victor umeocha

    We Love watching merlin film here in nigeri so we are still wetting for season6 here in Nigeria thanks

    • dammyk

      merlin season 6 popularity can never lose pls continue d making of the flim

  4. Strivers

    Pls u guys shud go on wit season 6 pls,i want it to continue even up to season 10,we ar hoping for d next season.from nigeria

    • heat

      hell yea season 10 deff season 14 fi

    • Sparrow

      I want Merlin Season 6 too! Great show!

  5. pharuq

    well, all it’s fine and wonserful…..but in my opinion i wanna watch season 6 cox i don’t wanna see king Arthur pendragon dead. Plx we need season 6

    • Emmanuel Promise

      pls we are hoping to see merlin season 6 please, can’t wait to see merlin season 6

    • Mikal

      YESSSS!Merlin needs to come back it cannot come back with Arthur dead and Merlin telling Arthur don’t do this PLEASEEEEE!

  6. Starburs

    CMON! make a season 6! …… it was a great searies of merlin but will it end at season 5?

  7. Husnain

    I want a sixth season. Please. I ask. It is necessary for us. After the crowd of fans in many countries wish to see the sixth season. So do it.

  8. Zaheer

    i m merlin fan .I want to keep watching Merlin season 6

  9. megan

    I started watching Merlin in January. From season 1 on hulu. Im super sad that I only have season 5 left to watch. I hope they somehow will change their minds :/

    • Carol

      I started watching Merlin on Net Flux just a few months ago. It is absolutely one of the best shows I have had the pleasure of watching. The ending was somewhat weak. I definitely would watch it every week if they would bring if back.

    • ChristopherE. Ross Sr.

      I believe that merlin should be continued on season six I got all my 2000 friends hooked on the show and they are waiting on season six to return can you please bring merlin back as soon as possible it was a popular tv show whenever you guys start a good thing you always messes it up let it keep going the rates will go up out of the sky just bring merlin back with the same char.

  10. Ayo

    Pls. We in nigeria cant wait to watch season 6

  11. Noor

    Hay i’m from Pakistan! Please coninue the story .we want Arther Pendragon back and alive.I loved to watch all the seasons they were awesome and now we the merlin great fans want to see season 6 .Please dont disappoint us.Continue with another season. Please!!! we all are desperate to watch season 6.

    • David Efetobore

      Am From Nigeria We The Fans Of The Great Series “Merlin” Have Been Waiting For Long,look The Movie Is Very Interesting, It Dosnt Lose It Popularity, We Love To See The Season 6. Thanks This Is Feeling For The Film

  12. JULES


  13. abraham chinonso

    i think there should be season 6, the film’s is the best season film i’ve ever watched,i’m looking forward to seeing season 6.

    • Debbie

      I am really disappointed. I enjoyed Merlin…Please bring it back..

  14. floro

    I want season 6 please please please!!!!! This ending s*cks!!! I am from the netherlands and I would be so sad if I couldn’t see if Arthur lives and if he accepts Merlin.

  15. toccyn

    Please guys,the film shouldn’t just end that way,arthur shouldn’t av died,we want the continuation of the
    Merlin series,we can’t wait pleaseeee.

  16. jack

    please we want season 6,this is the best season film ever
    please we can’t wait.the film shouldn’t just end that way.

  17. dharmmzelee

    i dnt tink ‘MERLIN’ can possibly end lik that, cuz in that final episode, d gr8 dragon told merlin that “one day authur will rise again” n i tink that shuld b in d 6th series, pls we re expectin it pls!

    • Sanic

      I agreed. Plz bring season six out !!

  18. jessica

    I loved Merlin from the beginning . The ending when Aurthur die’s was the worst ending ever. I want Authur to come back. I need Authur to come back. The series cant end like that.

  19. sandra boone

    Please give me back my merlin series it was on here in Texas for three weeks then some kind of a st*pid robot combat Cra
    p came on my scifi on Friday nights instead give me back my merlin

  20. eric

    please make a season 6 i really like this show and i dont want to see the ending that way i mean it just isnt satisfactory for me

  21. Nameless

    Words cannot describe how much I love Merlin and am indebited to the cast and crew for making my life much better. Please make a Merlin Season 6 or I will go INSANE!!!!

    • Anita Leigh

      I heard from my children how this show was so great. I was reluctant because I usually don’t watch series. I got Netflix and have to say I watched season 1 through five in a week and a half. I stayed up nights because I couldn’t stop watching the show. I even have my three year old grandbaby watching it. I can’t believe they ended it that way. I cried like a damn baby. I feel stupid for doing so but omg it was a great series until the end. IDK why they ended it. This is not right they should continue the story. I miss Merlin, Author the Knights etc. Bring them back!!!!

  22. prince azeez

    We the fans of merlin in Nigeria crazy wanna c the season 6 cox we love the film. But I really dnt want Auther dead.

  23. Zakiya

    We want merlin back plz

  24. Eri Jovella temitope ogedengbe

    I will like merlin so much dat i want it be get to season 16 i will be happy if merlin seasons should be out

  25. John

    Hi I’m from Texas and most people’s my scholars waiting for next season westay after School to watch it together we NEED more Merlin

    • aldy

      I want to see season 6 pleassssssse. THANK YOU.

  26. awwl

    pls when the nex season will came out?

    • Jonh


  27. AL'AMEEN

    Realy we want 2 see d continuetion of merlin, even more than season six we like.

  28. MsLondon2u

    I can’t seem to watch the final episode of Merlin at length, i have seen bits and pieces…now that it is here in the U.S. Just can’t wrap my head around it because of all the loose ends left unanswered. And the way Guinevere never got to see Arthur again is mind boggling. It should have been the three of them there together:Merlin , Gwen and Arthur at his death scene. Now that would have been perfect Merlin and Gwen being inconsolable together . I realize that England is Albion but we never got to see magic people living free, a child or two ,(Arthur and Gwen). I thought when he ran his hand across her tummy that was an indicator of a new life. Morgana’s death seemed too quick for the little i saw from a site. I realize the actors were tired..but i really needed a season 6 to tie it all together. It all seemed rushed. I know they want to do other things but geez i miss this show because they were such a great cast and i didn’t have things tied up, revealed etc for me. I wanted Merlin to get his accolades for all of his hard work and to sit at Arthur’s right hand and Gwen on the left. I want peace for Camelot and everything to be revealed. I wanted Tristian to come to Camelot and be Knighted. Ok so i wanted the moon! Arthur’s death was also too easy. Hell, Arthur Pendragon was the warrior and it ends that easily …well i guess because he didn’t see it coming. In any case…”Parting is such sweet sorrow”. I think here in the US we are mourning twice while across the pond …they are over it. LOL! I wish the cast all well, hope for a movie to see Merlin in a new outfit, Gwen pregnant and Arthur a father. (Yes i want him to return!) Perhaps when i am in London …. i won’t feel as sad. Merlin was my release and one of my top three British shows. So now Merlin is gone for good, Lady Sybil dies and Matthew in Dowton Abbey and i can’t see new episodes of SHerlock!! Elementary is good but it’s no Sherlock! There is light thou…i get to see Angel Coubly do her thing and she’s doing quite well. So proud and happy for her and Colin won at the British awards. Wine now please !

    • SueMc

      We are far from ‘over it’ in the UK, believe me! We feel exactly the same way as the rest of the world that has seen THAT ending. The actors were all doing other work AT THE SAME TIME as filming Merlin so it wasn’t that they wanted to end it. In the UK alone there were 7 MILLION viewers every week and a total of 20 MILLION viewers around the world so they can’t say that there wasn’t enough interest. This version of Merlin has absolutely no connection to Arthurian legend … which is great! because it meant they could do whatever they liked. Sir Bedivere was (in legend) supposed to be the Knight who helped get Arthur to Avalon … but in our Merlin poor old Sir Bedivere was killed by the Questing Beast and the actor wasn’t even mentioned in the credits! But I digress. What I meant to say was that as this show bore no resemblance to Arthurian legend then there was no reason to bring the Battle at Camlann into the story at all!!

    • melek734

      I think it should be another season and I agree with you

    • Clish

      I do agree.
      From the US Missouri – please have a season 6

  29. Mohamed M

    Been watching merlin since 2008 season by season and episode by episode and i never missed an episode…the thing is i would to continue watching merlin

  30. Malin

    Merlin Can’t be over!! It MUST GO ON!! I cried like a baby at the end! PLEEEEEAAASE MERLIN COME BACK!! I just found you and now you are gone. Whhyyyyy??? :,(

  31. george

    I want to be there is still a season

  32. Usmart

    Plss we want merlin back.

  33. Richard

    Please we can not wait to see d sixth series of merlin in nigeria

  34. Merlin

    I can’t believe BBC one would cancel MERLIN!!!!!
    Should bring back King Arthur and continue
    Season 6………..!


    merlin can’t b over now b’coz im goin 2 b sad about 4rm TANZANIA

    • joseph

      Am from kenya and am very curious of how this season ends. Please write the season six episode eight and so on in the fanfiction site. We nead season six here please.

  36. charlotte

    Please I want merlin back, even if it continues 2 season20, I really dnt mind.

  37. Johnny

    My wife and I never missed an episode of Merlin in Australia, no matter what we were doing or where we were we were always in front of the TV at 6.30 Sunday night to watch Merlin. We were both shattered to hear Merlin was finished as it was such a good program and would love to see it continue on and follow the adventures of Merlin and Arthur and the other members of the cast.

  38. chirzendan samuel

    Iam from Nigeria. It hurt so deeply to see the end of merlin, the film i love somuch and want it to continue even to season 50. Please, we albion we need arthur, let him rise again, let merlin continue.

  39. Kim

    “promised to produce the new story, which would not be worse than «Merlin» show” what is that supposed to mean…?

    In any case I really do hope that they’ll make 6th season and I won’t stop until it actually happens!! There are some series that keep on popping up with new seasons even if there is “no need to” but Merlin is one of those shows that really seems to have so much potential hidden and yet it’s already finished… it does deserves to have another season (or more).

    I enjoyed the series and I’m currently re-watching the old episodes now that I have the DVDs 🙂 so I truly hope they’ll change their mind… My mother is actually learning english thanks to this show!! (We’re italian by the way)

  40. Olajuwon

    Am from nigeria I like merlin film pls try an do something about the season 6 of merlin we fans waiting 4 u thanks

  41. alooy

    i want a season six !!!!!!! i wanna go and slap BBC right now !!!! it cant end .. arthur cant die !!!!! i hate sucky endings …. everything was going well …. but noooooo…. you had to kill arthur …… i really wanna now how the producer got the damned idea !!!! please adda one more season !!!!!!!!

  42. ashley

    resurrect arthur..!

  43. Billi Watkins

    I agree with everyone, I just found this series on Netflix. After the first 4 seasons, I had to search for season 5.I couldn’t stop watching. This is one of the best series of television I’ve seen in awhile. It made me laugh.. a whole lot… and it made me cry! It made me hate and made me love. I make fun of my husband when he talks to the television, this is the first show ever, and I’m 48, that I found myself talking, and, even yes, yelling at my television. I certainly would yell if there were no season 6.

  44. Hannah Ste-marie

    I am not one to sit in front of my telly daily, but I count the Days, Hours and Minuites until Saturday evenings at 8:pm rolls around, this is the time I get my favourite show,MERLIN! and for that hour the only thing would get me away from my telly? if there is a power outage or my Home is on FIRE. Please I can’t wait for season 6.


  45. rosydragon

    i want to die arthur.

  46. Patricia

    I totally agree with everyone, please continue MERLIN with Season 6. It has been one of the best series I’ve seen, so don’t disappoint all the many, many fans.

  47. Sangi

    I love Merlin. And I want Arthur to live ….now accepting Merlin as he is…I want another season too..

  48. Jonathan Bolton of Canada

    This can’t be all. I haven’t watched this program for five years and I can’t find closure with an ending like this. Give me another season with Arthur aware of Merlins true nature. This is what I have been waiting for. Every season I waited for Merlin to reveal himself. I waited and waited and waited and waited. Five seasons; and Merlin finally reveals himself during the finale. I want one season where Arthur and Merlin acknowledge eachother as equals, or even where Arthur acknowledges Merlin as more than a servant. Is this too much to ask? I’m sure other enthusiasts will agree that my request is far from overbearing.

    • Morgana

      I am from Nigeria and i kinda stumbled onto the show in 2009; I havent had my fill yet. I agree with you. I waited and waited some more for the two most important characters of the show to acknowledge themselves for their true worth. And I keep hoping that Morgana will wake up and forget all the venom..I so much preferred her in season one. My husband knows I abso love the show…what gave that away? The fact that I printed Morgana as my other name on our wedding IVs?
      Please bring the show back!!!

    • stephaine

      I AM GOING INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE A SEASON 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20!

  49. young tunafish

    Merlin aint endin, is’t it? Murphy & jonny, i’m so dissapointed wit the endin it s*ck, imfact my siblings neva wnt me to remind them abot the endin cus the endin luk like the final one, moreover, the endin do not describ the endin of merlin as u guys said when merlin started, “merlin unitin the land of albion ntin like dat hapen” magic still atlaw, my sibling always watch merlin again n again, bt the s5 is no frd. Or is the story of merlin abot morgana death?? Ofcuz not, dragon give us hope that arthur wil rise again, but that big bus and the road in the last scene make us think otherwise……Pls we need s6,

  50. Dinithi

    I am from Colombo Sri Lanka.We love Merlin.It’s my favourite TV show.Please Please bring Merlin & Arthur back.We are waiting for a season 6.

    • Dharshana

      Yes.We want to keep watching Merlin season 6.

  51. bob

    i’m one of the million fans of Merlin. we want season 6 with arthur alive!!!!(Philippines)

    • haiva

      i agree.. i am very sad when i saw the endeng..

  52. Rai Zaheer Abbas Gogera

    merlin is a very good darama its my faviourt we want merlin back, pleaseeeee (pakistan)

  53. Mary

    Here in Canada we just had the finale this weekend and I have to say if there is a season 6 and it continues where the show left off I would certainly be watching it.

  54. Aluku Eromosele Hope

    Pls i need merlins season 6 oooohh,coz it can’t just end without arthur and the people accepting merlin for who he is.moreover merlin is morgana’s doom that we are clear on how about destiny part?.pls oooh we need merlin beck.

  55. MIKE

    There is a way for season 6 to happen or ending it in a movie. A while back another series was ended and fans had to have an ending. The TV-company came up with an idea if 2 millions $ was donated the journey would continue and its actually being made into a movie. The Fans came up with 2 millions in 6 months. The series is now being ended in a movie explaining the rest fo the story. I would donate $5.00 a week to see this series finished. The right person needs to make this happen and just post it everywhere for the fans to donate AND THE ONLY OTHER WAY TO GET SEASON INTO PRODUCTION IS TO RATE IT ON FACEBOOK/MYSPACE/ ANY SOURCE THAT COULD HELP SPREAD THE WORD.

  56. NW operator

    Great series and would hate to see it end ,I come in early from camp to watch the show,,Canada

  57. Paul

    Our family has been watching it from the beginning and never misses an episode. So sad to see that it is over. So many thing that I wanted to see Merlin do. I do wish there would be another season or a few more seasons would be better. Really enjoyed the show from here in Canada. So sad to see crap shows run forever and good shows like merlin to end this way.

  58. Donna Jonsson

    i’m in Canada and I’m so disappointed in the ending of a great series. Obviously the producers are unable to see the huge international fan base and how popular the show is, or a decision to continue with season 6 and more would be an accomplished fact. Arthur and Merlin need to have the relationship we have all waited to see. Please reconsider and bring this show back be it in Arthurian era or in the 21st Century, Albion needs Arthur!

  59. Ersell

    Please make Samson 6 this is one of the best shows I watched and I watch a lot of TVs shows

  60. Mitch

    I think the show should be continued, as long as all of us (fans of the series) have waited for a long time through the whole 5 seasons and still waiting to see the (New Age) and the greatest kingdom which the prophecy was told about!
    And How “King Arthur” the greatest future king with the help of the greatest & strongest sorcerer who has ever walked on earth “Merlin” will defeat their enemies by uniting the courage of the bravest king Arthur and the powerful magic of Merlin!
    Plus, there are still many uncompleted things and hasn’t been unleashed yet, such as the “white dragon”, “Arthur returns”, the “immortal sword”, the future daughter of “Arthur & Gwen”.
    The Creators of the series and the producers, can smartly use the appearance of “Colin Morgan” (Merlin) at the last (scene of SE05E13), as an entrance for series 6 and use Colin’s voice and presents to say:
    Many of concerned people are still waiting for the rest of the great story… will you are right, The story hasn’t been ended yet…..!!

    Then he say (with his own voice):
    “In a land of myth and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests in the shoulders of a young man….(he smiles) then say: it’s me …… MERLIN”.

    I think it will be the very best news the Series fans will ever hear, I wish from the bottom of my heart that this message will take the right place where the series creators can clearly read & know about.

    • Jonh

      Your damn right!
      There is a lot of Lose ends!!! And what about the thing that Finna gave to Merlin? The thing that he must use “when all seems lost”
      Merlin strugled so hard to get to the battle and then he dies!!!!! WTF?!

      Make season 6 please, THE FANS WANT IT!!!!!
      WHY NOT?

    • dela

      i want merlin season 6

  61. ludwig ernesto

    we need a season 6.There are so many lose ends that need answers

  62. Jack

    Come on, they have to continue Merlin!

  63. Ly

    I can’t wait. Pls

  64. Winnie Adhiambo

    Seriously, there must be a season 6!!! It cannot end with Arthur dying, come on!!!!

  65. Alyssa

    I found the Merlin series in Netflix during the beggining of my spring break. It is now the end of spring break and I have watched every episode and spent at last three days researching if there will be a sith season. This series is one of the best I have seen in a long time, so I beg that you make a sixth season.

  66. katnisss a merlin fan

    i so luv merlin i want it to com bck badley mannnn plzzzzzzzzzzzz or i will scream and shoutxxxxxxxx

  67. ricardo

    I am from South Africa and would also like the Merlin season6 so continue

  68. Jonh


  69. katrina

    Plzzzzzzzzzzz We want Merlin back!!!!! We want a season 6!!!!!!! We want to see Merlin and Arthur together make us laugh and cry and then laugh again!! Theres no other TV series can do that!!!! Come on!!!!Even the Chinese are watching!!!!!! How could the producers disappoint us like this!!!!!! Bring us back Season 6!!!!!!

  70. zahraddeen ahmad zakariyya

    To johnny and julian please fulfil the fans’ desire and continue the series since it seem there might be continuation do to the last some words between merlin and the dragon

  71. Marco

    The ending was terrible. I had no problem with Arthurs death. The scene in the modern time was awful. Without that scene, I had my hopes of a return of the next season. With that ending, nothing is answered. Albion will never exist, magic will never be allowed in Camelot. In these 5 seasons they gave us nothing. This cannot end. And what were they thinking…A show that popular brings so much money. You can’t quit just because your tired.
    What is the biggest partition on the internet for Merlin? I wish to join and donate.

    • nimesha

      plz giv us merlin season 6

  72. Reynaldo taneo

    I am really looking forward to the season 6 of Merlin. I don’t want it to end that way. The show is very good.

  73. zahraddeen ahmad zakariyya

    please (johnny and julian we want sixth season

  74. zahraddeen ahmad zakariyya

    There might be season 6 if you like to continiue do to some last words between merlin and dragon

  75. kwaku

    i am from Ghana and i also plead that merlin season 6 should be produced!!!!!!!!!!

  76. abdullahi shehu kabara

    Pls johnny we want it to season ten

  77. Hiera

    This is going to be long so I’m sorry for that, but this is what I believe SHOULD happen. I was just as upset about Arthur dying, because I felt like a lot of the prophecy had not quite been fulfilled, but the very ending made me realize that, whether they intended to or not, the creators gave themselves an awesome opportunity: the chance for a spin off which would be able to mix genres in a way that would make sense.

    All they have to do is find the Future King Arthur and create an original prophecy which would involve an older Merlin. It would deal with a young boy and his involvement, not in the legalization of magic as we all thought, but with his journey to bring Magic back to its prime. He would have to recruit friends and talk with spirits, all with the help of his MENTOR Merlin. Merlin in this show would serve as a Gaius like figure. Another fun twist would be to have Arthur be a descendant of the Arthur before him and for him to have magic.

    In this scenario it would also make sense for Merlin to have fathered a child and that child becoming one of the series’ main antagonists.

    I don’t know, maybe it is just me, but I think this show would be an excellent idea.

  78. Nic P

    Absolutely a 6th season!!

    Although I do not currently live in Great Britain it is my heritage. I believe the story should be told completely!!

  79. veronica

    pls i am really expecting the sixth season.aruthur dying was the worst moment of my life.pls bring him back.we in nigeria are really expecting aruthur to come back.pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

  80. Littlemessy

    Ah authu’s death make me always sad am feel bad please let him rise again and the adventure 2 be continue

  81. Lisa falcon

    Oh thesis my opinion. I see no reason why bj or thecast of merlin should be tired ithought merlin was to get people to love enjoy it and for you to be famous but now that you are famous you want to quit but trust me if you quit merlin trillion of people will hate you but that is not the point anyway i thought the prophecies were true but i thought wrongif you wonder what you will plan for merlin heresy an idea what happens when Arthur dies orphan happens when gives birth or what happens when moored is back and when he is fighting Arthur daughter and when Arthur returns think and put it together there are many options if you quit now i don’t think people will like you besides i don’t think you will get an award again . I am not saying you should not act any other vie again but what i am saying is what you started you have to finish it like you started merlin and now you said you are tired after putting in peoples mind that Arthur is returning and all other prophecies that has not happened is it fair just finish it in a nice way and get it over with even if it means for me to help you i will gladly try. Hurry we are waiting please think about it. Colin call me and i will talk more

  82. Lisa falcon

    Hey its me again is there any chance you will give me a part in season 6 like being Arthur daughter if you think about it

  83. Leigh v

    Please, please, please come back and make a season 6. There is so much more you can do with this. Fans around the world are disappointed, I am only one of thousands.

  84. Iliyan

    Bulgaria loves Merlin and wish to see season 6, we just need it 🙂

    • Sophia

      Iliayan, hi from Canada. I have lots of friends from Bulgaria here. I am participating in a compaign for bringing Merlin back. We are more than 8,000 people already from all over the world. I haven’t heard or seen anyone from Bulagaria to join us yet. There are a lot of people from Greece, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, but where the Bulagarian fans are. We are taking certain actions given by our Admin to complete, and we are almost near to the real deal. You still have time to join us and do the actions, and bring as many Bulgarian fans as you can to our compaign. Write to me if you want and if you are serious and want Season 6 to be a reality, join to Merlin2return: Merlin – Join if You Want to Bring Merlin Back. We can really do it and as many as join us, the better our chances are. Many greetings from Canada. Sonia-Sophia 🙂

  85. martin bergeron

    Perfect ending. the 6th episode should be in the desccendance from Arthur. guenievre was pregnant and she hey will have a son; name arthur. Or in the next few generation in the far futur…

  86. Farhad

    I’m from iran,
    Why arthur died? it was too sad, I realy want it to continue

  87. Divine

    I started watching merlin from season one to 5,it gives me joy,i learnt from it,it is interested,let it be continued.I want it ,fans want it,merlin is the best i have never watched b4.

  88. heat

    merlin should be continued one of the best shows ive seen in a long time. i would love to see more cant get enough one of those shows where u lose track of time and cant wait to pop the next on plz continue the amazing work best show ever..

  89. Boudobe

    I am from Canada. I would love to have Merlin back it is my highlight of my year.

  90. hiren patel

    hi, my name is Hiren Patel and I am from India.
    I would like to tell that i am very happy with Merlin all season and i have watched all
    1 to 5 season two or three times. but i still wants to watch season 6 as soon as possible
    i don’t know why it’s talking so long to release.
    because the fans of Merlin around the world are very disappointed and I am one of Thousand.

  91. Jennifer

    I have been a Merlin fan for more than 40 years, this version of the King Arthur story is one of my favourites. So having read every book and seen every movie, I must say that the final two episodes were fantastic, and ‘true’ to the story. But the great thing about humans is our imagination, there are so many ways to continue the storyline, I challenge the writers and producers to answer the call of the man, many fans who have expressed the desire no, the need, for Merlin to continue. After all isn’t Arthur the once and FUTURE King

  92. debbie

    they can’t cancell merlin ive been waiting for season 6 it’s not fair how the left it in the air with that last part of the 5th season they can soooo continue on to that they have to have a season 6

  93. michael stephen

    i cant wait to watch d 6th series of this amazing t.v show. Merlin wil return plz bbc1 should consider merlin’s fans nd releas diz series, i want to see d land of albiom nd her once and future king. Pleas bbc one.

  94. Ivan

    I´m from Portugal.
    I can see that manny people from the world liked Merlin.
    As all of you, I want to see season 6. It´s my fav show.

    Hoping for good news =)

  95. khadijah

    i need to watch season 6 seriously , i really hope its would be continue and will never end from Nigeria.

  96. erlyn

    My name is Erlyn from the Philippines. The entire of my family we’re having fun watching Merlin from season 1 to season 5 and it was a great series that I’ve watched before. Hoping there must be a season 6 because it was unclear on the ending of season 5 of what would be the end. To the author and to all the cast and the entire people who did their best to make it a perfect story to the audience….thank you so much for touching our lives in watching Merlin.. We love you guys and God will bless you all.

  97. Jeffrey

    I am from Malaysia. We all need Merlin season 6. Continue please!

  98. adora

    please please i love Merlin.please continue season 6 we(my brother and my friends even my teachers)can’t wait.season 1-5 was great please continue.I AM A BIG FAN.

  99. joanna

    I had been crying alla night when i knew that merlin was overplz make moreeasons plz..emerlin is my life..plzzzz

  100. Osman Wahba

    Merlin = success season 6 & more is expected and we like watching it in Egypt.

  101. jean

    please it is a good serie, I want season 6 please

  102. Rilee

    I agree with everyone else…there needs to be a season 6. Seems pretty silly to cancel a show that everyone really enjoys watching.

  103. carmine

    please make it a go for season 6

  104. Nancy

    Please.. It can not end like this! The ending is too disjointed! Too many unanswered questions. “Merlin” is a fantastic series and it ends so confusing after many years of hard work. Could there be a one big Finale 2 hour special to tie it all up? I hope so.
    Would love to know how this all ends up. I emphathize with you all being tired and needing to move on. However, I hate to see the show cancelled and leave a huge clift hanger like this!

    Huge fan in Hollywood, CA

  105. Mike

    Please make another season we love watching that show on USA plzzzzzz

  106. Susanne Flegel

    I am still annoyed about this ending. They promissed so much to the fans, nothing happened. They have to continue with season 6, otherwise Merlin will always leave bad memories to only to me.

    We are fighting hard together with now more than 7,800 members all over the world united to one family for Merlin season 6 and more.

    Join us and take action together with us on facebook – merlin2return

    We have to show them that all Merlin fans want More Merlin.

  107. Sophia

    I am from Canada. My whole family enjoyed this TV show so much. I love the entire Merlin cast and the two main characters Merlin and Arthur. That has never happened in the history of the film making before. This strong chemistry and synchrony between Colin and Bradley, which was also transfered into the actual acting and the entire movie. They actually played themselves a lot. They grew us actors with this show. They promised so much to us – the audience. And therefore, we have been expecting. The show started so promising, so strong, so different….., and ended so disappointing. So many promises were broken, so many facts and prophecies made by the Great dragon that were told throughout the TV series were left undeveloped, forgotten and eventually altered into one ridiculous ending which is contradicting to the entire initial idea of the movie. The dragon, for instance, lives for a thousands of years and at the beginning of the series, he said to Merlin they would be long years together. And what happened,,,,,he forgot what he was saying and decided to die out of the blue. And this is just one example. What was the idea of Merlin’s great destiny? None. What was the purpose of his magic? None. Merlin did not use his magic to call the dragon in time in order to bring Arthur to the lake earlier. He called the dragon when Arthur was already dead. Merlin did not even use his magic as Morgues or Morgana did in prior series in order to transfer Arthur to the lake right away. Remember?? When Merlin gave poison to Morgana, her sister saved her by transferring her, disappearing with her by magic. Why Merlin couldn’t do it to save Arthur as long as he is the greatest sourcerer ever walked on the planet?? All this is called weak, not convincing, unreal end. The way in which the end was altered in order the show to be cancelled faster, destroyed the sense of the entire idea of the movie. Arthur, we know, ruled many years, had many travels to unknown lands, ruled the golden age and most of all he did not die in his 20’s or even 30′. King Arthur lived long. Also, remember the old which that Arthur saved from being burned, who said to him personally in Season 5, Episode 3 or 4 I believe that he would live long. I am talking about the Episode when Arthur met his dead father again with the gift that this which gave to him before her death. She had the phrase, I quote: “My life was as long as yours will be” she was an old lady and Arthur did not even have half of her life. All I am saying is that the show was not meant to end that way. It is insulting to Arthur’s memory and to the English history. The show has to return and to give the proper ending responding to the legend. Because this is not any version of the legend. If something is started, it has to be finished till its end. Otherwise do not start it at all, because you will be disappointing millions of people’s hearts. This movie was my saver, it was making my day better, it was taking me aside of any problems, it was giving me a break. I enjoyed Colin’s performances because he is extremely talented actor. Such actor is born once per hundred of years. He has the ability to play everything and he has to go far, not just playing in theaters. Bradley is a great actor too. He is very sensitive, very emotional, very tender, and I will forgive the fact that he said for an interview that it was ‘necessary” the movie to end, and has to end. I don’t see why it has to end if the movie is as successful as this was, if it makes the world happier, if they, the actors learned so much from it, if it gives them so much happiness too. The TV show is not depriving them of playing other things and of trying something different. Thus, Merlin has to come back with the same casting and actors; otherwise it won’t be the same.

    • JJ Johnson

      so much dedication. thats gotta be worth of something. such a shame if the makers of the show didnt approve of such and such

    • julien bogor

      gud to hear

    • Chuchitayahaira

      :'( you are right

    • Clish


    • mtha nxele

      This is gross injustice you have done to your audience please do something…we need Merlin back

  108. Sophia

    One more thing… As Susan says, please join Merlin2return on Facebook and do the actions of the campaign. This is a great chance our voice to be heard and the TV show to come back with a new season. Thank you.

    • Ruth

      We definitely need more Series. This is a great programme. Please join all 7,800+ of us at Merlin2return and help us all with the actions for this campaign. Thank you.

  109. Jacques Canada(québec)

    The end is bad i want Arthur back with Merlin and a good end in season 6.Please

  110. JJ Johnson

    Merlin series 6 is a must be produced season, given the circumstances that so many fans are eager for more or they arent happy with the leave off. so people, let your voice be heard so the writers can think over about the show be renewed. leave the makers of this show to work on series 6th. its all upto us, the audience!!

  111. precious

    Merlin is not supposed to live Camelot an Author is not supposed yo be dead. I need Author and Merlin back in season six. I beg you produce the season six of MERLIN.

  112. Patrik

    Yes, season 6 please!

  113. julien bogor

    Merlin is a nice movie and i will plead with the director and producer to continue and bring us SEASON 6. thanks

  114. Sherry Carrier

    Please continue Merlin! Season 6, season 7, and more!

  115. Merlin lova

    Although I loved merlin, and I really want a season 6, the last episode S*CKED!!! I knew merlin was going to reveal his secret, but the the time he did it, and way he said it, was a real disappointment. I understand that the story was cut short, and they had to fill in a lot of things in one episode, but I know they could have done a much better job. I still want a season 6 , because I know how good the creators can make the story. Now i am even more pissed, because they are not continuing the story. Can’t merlin find a magic potion to bring Arthur back to life or something? Oh well, lets just hope the new story is as good as the last one.

  116. Tajamul Fazili

    I’m from India , I loved watching merlin. i want to see what happens to aurther now, how he will be the future king, story is not yet complete i want season 6 please

  117. Sabrina Janni

    Please, please,pleae! Don’t cancel Merlin
    I anxiously wait for the new season
    as soon as I finish watching the last
    episode of the each season. The dialogs,
    scenery, the plot, everything is
    perfect! The combinarion of aventure,
    Friendship and lots of laughs at the
    Right moments make this show a
    perfect example of top quality
    entertainement, pls reconsider and
    Prodice season 6!

  118. Mike G

    I am from the USA, I did not know about this show until a year ago and I have to say that I’m a huge fan!! If anybody of any influence to this show happens to read these comments, we the people would like season 6,7,8,9,10 and so on to happen!

  119. Oana

    I want season 6!!! I love merlin

  120. Nife 4rm nigeria

    I want season 6 and a good ending,

  121. Debby Henderson

    For some reason I don’t remember the final show where Arthur dies. Did syfy air it?. It was the best show on cable. Why would you cancel it? At least you could have shown the fans a little respect and given us closure. We waited so long to see Merlin show his true power and Arthur to acknowledge him with a little gratitude!!

  122. jifemrude

    we despretely need merlin season 6 even if not complete we dont want arthur dead albion needs its greatest now emyrs help us u have to do something pleaseeee hear de humble cry of ur fans.from Nigeria

  123. amanda

    i live in the us jus waited 3 months for season 5 to ship
    Please bring it back!!!!”

  124. Peterson

    At the ending of season v, Merlin asked the dragon if he had failed of which the dragon replied NO, but that Authur will rule the world which Merlin is building. What could that mean? Which world is that? Season vi of course. I can’t wait to see season 6 in Nigeria. I am very very desperate.

  125. Lulu

    I’m 47 years old and love Merlin. After five seasons, we, the audience, have never had the opportunity to experience the Albion of Camelot. No good days, no peace, always threat of war. Season 5 opened and apparently three years had passed under Arthur’s rule. Why did we not see the triumph of solidarity?

    We have enough of war and tragedy in the real world. We need a little magic and a lot of hope for the future. Sometimes we draw that hope and even strength of character from a movie, a book and yes, even a T.V. show.

    Will the wold end if Merlin does not continue with a sixth season? No, of course not. But the world doesn’t need another “reality” T.V. show, crime drama, or a poorly acted series being passed off as comedy.

    So I ask you to reconsider your position and help keep a little magic in our lives.

  126. mala

    We (my whole family) love watching ‘Merlin’ its an awesome movie. Arthur can’t die yet. He got to return to make things greater. Knowing the truth now. Please make and let there be a ‘Merlin 6’

  127. Mala

    Please continue with ‘Merlin season 6’ my family and I love this show. We don’t let anything come between our time to look at the show. It’s like the most awesome and wonderful show. Please continue with ‘Merlin’ season 6. Please don’t disappoint all your Fans.

  128. heather

    there is so much more story….we need another 5 seasons…or more…

  129. Comeon

    Also from Germany thumbs up to Merlin. Really looking forward to a sixth season ita an open ending. You wont lose popularity but get even more!!!! Go for a sixth season, if you want popularity that is a definit way of getting and satisfying all your loyal fans !!!!

  130. Morgana

    Please! i love this show, i live in the U.S and I hadn’t heard of it. I literally watched all episodes of all the seasons in 5 days. I am obsessed and I cried when Arthur died, he finally learned his secret and he had somewhat accepted it. I love this show so much and it helps fuel and feed my lust for fiction. I was submerged in the feelings I had for the show and if it is viewers you are worried about, i can assure you that if you advertise in the U.S you could more than likely gain many more Merlin lovers. Please, it can’t end now! Even Gwen found out and she seemed okay, and what about the dragon? how can you leave your audience with more questions then answers? we have a thirst for Merlin and it can never be quenched unless there is a season 6!

  131. stephen gabiana

    yes they should release the season theres a lot of fans waiting for 8 thanks……………

  132. stephen gabiana

    we theres a lot of fans here in phillipines were waiting for the season 6

  133. alex

    i love Merlin tv series!! i don’t want to Arthur dead!! so please we need season 6 and more!!!

  134. EMYRS

    i love merlin series !! and plz don’t end it like this we need more!!!!! HAIL MERLIN

  135. Nadun

    We need merlin

  136. Covenant

    I just read merlin 6 frm fanfiction so i want d shw to continue cos u cn’t produce d readin witout makin d show so pls.

  137. badol tejam

    please continue “Merlin”…please…..

  138. Diana

    Yes, I love “Merlin”. Very disappointed in the series ender. To many unanswered questions. What happened to Aithusa and why was it the way it was? Killgara was my favorite character, the best image of a dragon iI have ever seen!!! The whole series was about Arthur becoming a great king and a land where magic was allowed. What happened, where’s the magic?

  139. emma

    Everyone wants Season 6!

  140. poosa

    ARTHUR…………my <3 when will u come again???? :(:'(

  141. nowwa

    May arthur be arise again!!!!!! we wanna see the season 6.we’ll die otherwise 🙁

  142. Atipaga

    (from ghana) merlin is the best series i have ever watch but the ending was sooo disappointing, i think season 6 will correct that mistake

  143. Hristifor Amfilohije

    I realy love Merlin and I have 3 sisters who love Merlin too, and in our high school is everybody talking only about Merlin, and it was the same in the primary schol. I think that Merlin has enough fans and we all want season 6 and even more seasons!

  144. Smith.

    I really want MERLIN to continue. And if Emrys can bring back Arthur from the dead, will be even better. I want to see Merlin appreciated by Arthur and Gaius a great socerer too. Thats the ONLY SERIES EVEN MY AROUND 50 MUM AND DAD HAVE WATCHED… My small siz cried. The whole of Kenya needs a season 6, even upto season 20 will work.

  145. Mohammed Wari

    The seanal film i have ever enjoy is Merilin.I can remember the coversation of Gwen an Gaius,which reads.Gwen…Gaius where is Arthur?.Gaius,he is somewhere with merlin..Gwen,let me send army to guide them,Gaius said Merlin will be able to take care of him.Gwen said,how can one person be stronger than army?..Gaius is invited by Gwen in the room.Gwen asked Gaius the socerer in the battle to day,do you know who he was?Gaius said yes.Gwen asked,do i know him Gaius said yes HE WILL TAKE CARE OF HIM.Gwen said i am pleasdd:-)…

  146. Torunn

    I liked the end.. it shows that it’s not always a happy ending, BUT i really really love the show! and Im crossing my fingers and hoping it will come a season 6~

  147. debbieyocum

    Bring Merlin season six PLEASE

  148. Maria

    Bring Merlin back please!!!!!!! We want to see season six!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. showaebu

    please an please let season six contiue we need it and i am one of the millions

  150. meza

    im from Australia, i love merlin and arthur… i want to see more they cant just say the oncce and future king and not continue with it. Season 6 please.

  151. ianthe

    And of course the Dutch also want to comment on this, because:
    WHY DOES MERLIN END AFTER SEASON 5?!!! I also want to see how Arthur
    and Merlin’s lifes go on after telling that Merlin has magic!!

  152. Nali

    I’m from Sri Lanka.I can’t even imagine that Merlin is over!!!No!!!!!! It’s not the end of the story…We want to have more….Merlin has fans from all over the world..So please don’t end MERLIN breaking millions of hearts….

  153. merlinfanatics

    Season6 pls..

  154. Cristina

    YES ! It must continue !! I love it <3 . The end is for me not clear.

  155. joan sanyu shakira

    plz plz, i nd 2 know what happens 2 the young king. did Merlin manage taking him to the healing place, what happened? we need to know. more series!

  156. Dayana

    come on renew it!!!

  157. Wijdan

    I am from KSA and I find Merlin the greatest show ever, I enjoyed watching it, and I realy wish it to continue…..

  158. Anna

    Arthur cant be dead!! We need a season 6!!

  159. Anders-Norway

    Hello Merlinfans…

    I hope Merlin season 6 will come, and I want to see what will happen after King Arthur died.
    And i guess Morgana spirit want to pay them back in full speed. And maybe Queen Gwen get pregnant with Arthur child, And what will happen to Merlin when people knows about his secret life…

    So i think the will bee Merlin 6 soon in the future… See you soon Merlin 🙂

  160. Jen-U.S.

    I love Merlin and would like season 6! This show is my favorite show and I hate when good shows get cancled and the bad shows go on forever. BRING MERLIN BACK!!!!!!

  161. Hida

    As much viewer’s has commented on the new sixth[6] season of Merlin i would also agree with them, first and foremost it’s a movie which keeps a man relaxed and very interesting, and secondly the dragon said to Merlin and i quote; Arthur is the future king for he will rise again. And those words, we all as fan of the famous movie MERLIN hang on to, so please come up with the sixth[6] season thank you.

  162. Chloe

    How dare they

  163. Kimberly

    There are new comments everyday of people demanding to have another season so why the hell aren’t they? Is it because they don’t have any new ideas? That’s really depressing.
    That must be the only answer because, frankly, you must have some kind of ‘mental affliction’ if you refuse to listen to what the fans are asking. I mean… come on…

  164. Intila Abedhin

    I love merlin soo much!If series 6 does not come out I will literally cry my eyes out as I did not want Aurthur to die.Please I really want to know if Aurthur comes back alive.

  165. Kathy

    I rush home to watch your show. I have my family hooked. Please continue with the show .

  166. Lena

    I’m from Sweden and just watched the last episode. Pls do not leave me without Merlin. I want more…. I am 56 years and I Love this serie. Pls pls pls let it be a 6 season so we can end with dignety..

  167. Anna


    Continue with Merlin! I like the actors and the story! Why stop…

  168. Viola

    I have just watched the the last episode in Sweden and I don´t know what I shall do if there want be an episode 6, and Arthur just have to come back, I refuse to belive that he´s dead. Please, please, please give us an episode 6 I can´t live with this ending, it´s to terrible.

  169. Kerstin

    Merlin has been the only saturday show in Sweden that I´ve been looking forward to the whole week. What shall I do know, please tell me there is hope or I will cry my eyes out. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaase make Merlin and Arthur come back, I can´t live without them. THIS IS TO MUCH TO BARE!!

  170. Tayyaba

    I am from Pakistan. I am the biggest fan of Merlin and we want season 6.

  171. Viola

    Please! What happened to the white dragon? We never got to se the great warlock Merlin was and all the things he could achieve. What would happen between Arthur and Merlin now when Arthur know the truth about Merlin. There were to much questions left so you have to give us answers in season 6.

  172. prince watson

    please i and my family love the show.pls we need season six plsssssssssssss.urgently.i cant stop watching the crazy of it please
    i want merlin season 6 plsssssssssssssssssssssss

  173. Esowona 3

    I enjoy merlin films very well

  174. robert rowe

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i want morgana to be like returned or something so plz make a season 6

  175. Clara

    I look forward for season sixth too

  176. Troy

    I think they should at least make a movie to show when albion would need him most because they can’t just say “Arthur will rise again when albion needs him most” and say the show is over.

  177. rebekah

    i hate that arthur died i want him to come back to life or something. this cant be the end. i wish theyd produce season 6.

  178. Carina, Sweden

    My mum is 81 and she really loves Merlin. She watches it over and over again, often with her grandchildren, She is hoping for a season 6. I know that for sure.

  179. Isah

    Please we are waiting for season 6 you have ta do it, dont leave us like that pls.

  180. rifat sweden

    the end wtf most com a season 6

  181. rifat sweden

    yeeees season 6 is coming

  182. Esther NL-SE

    The best series i watched i my life. It has all a good tv-series shocks have. Why stop now? Never change winning formula! Please give us more seasons!!

  183. Ben

    started watching it on netflix had to buy season five to be able to continue watching it and would gladly buy more maybe i missed something but what is to become of Albion which is the name of town i was born and raised truth please keep it going love it

  184. Emmy

    Merlin shuold continue, it shuold not end in the death of Arthur… Dragon said Arthur will rise again! We want more of Merlin, pls!

  185. guy from finland

    PLZ. continue with doing more seasons, i have seen all of em now on and i like em really much plz dont dissapoint the fans.

  186. Madisen

    I want a season 6. I love this show!!!!!!

  187. Mia

    MAKE SEASON 6!!!!!!
    I’m from Sweden and Merlin is the one and only, pleeeease let it continue

  188. Susanne Flegel

    We need another season 6. All they have promised never happened and I am still annoyed about the last episode. How can they say they ended this fantastic show on a high?? I am still waiting for a high. So they should think about another season, otherwise Merlin will leave bad memories to a lot of Merlin fans all over the word.

  189. WE need merlin serson 6.

    Please we need season 6

    • Marisela Acosta

      yes please I will like for Marlin to be continue season #6,7,8 & more . is so good & we love it

  190. kanang

    Merlin was a great ancient stories even told. We hope Merlin season will come soon. Please…..Merlin make us feel in the ancient time…

  191. Emil

    I could pay all my money for sea son 6 of merlin. I every night i think about Arthur and this death : ( I rellynwed sesson 6 or i will die. Please

  192. prince

    you’ve got to be kidding, because, in the land of nigeria and the time of movies, the destiny of this great movie shouldnt just go to rest on the shoulders of watsoever, My name’s prince

  193. Linda

    Please, Please continue with Merlin 6. I saw season 5 about 5 time and waiting for the what happen when Arthur become king and married Gwen as his queen. I will really love to see season 6.

  194. gift collins

    I would like watch season 6 and I would like to know what happened to Arthur.

  195. Merlin

    Omg you have to make a season six!!!! I cried when Arthur died!! It can’t end like that ! Please plzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!

  196. Chuchitayahaira

    the end was very sad , kalgharra (dragon) died, then Gwain died, then Arthur died and the destiny of merlin died with Arthur , all that series. To see when magic is permitted in Camelot and the nests adventures of merlin and Arthur Arthur knowing of merlin have magic but not they decided kill everyone and make fans upset like me

    And I still asking me what happened to merlin then of his destiny died does he return to Camelot ? The magic was permitted in Camelot or not ? What merlin did ??? What gwen did ?? Oh no I can’t believe they made such thing at the end that was horrible

  197. M.E.Emily Rubia

    Cried a lot at the end of season 5 but couldn’t believe that it’s already the end!! This TV show is unique, in that it is set in the ancient time and has all the ingredients of an excellent TV serie. It has everything, suspense, love, deception, epic scenes, dragons, comedy, magic….. and most of all, million of followers.. I followed Merlin and co since season 1, don’t just end it so abruptly, make the last episode a dream, like they do in other TV series.. I crave for more Merlin, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. WE WANT MORE MERLIN!!!!

  198. Agatha

    Please give us season 6!!!

  199. dissapointed fan

    WHAAAT, U’ve got to be kidding, merlin cannot just end… Emrys has to fulfil his destiny, i want arthur back, i want morgana back, this movie has million of fans on earth,

  200. tabi

    we love merlin we want season 6 of merlin please
    merlin please come back
    (we love merlin) please

  201. lindoke

    I want Merlin back. Please continue producing it!!!

  202. Gyidi Emma

    oooooooh nice in fact if Merlin does not continue i will die so please kindly let season 6 come out and also i don’t want Aurthur to die
    Now Morgana is dead and who is going to substitute her because i really like her wickedness

  203. swkratis


  204. nikky

    author cnt jst die lyk dat nw,who wil rule over camelot,merlin is suposed 2 lnt camelot knw of his magic.

  205. Conie

    I also want it ro continue pls !!!!!

  206. doris hubble

    I can’t believe you are not continuing Merlin. One of the few shows worth watching. Please re-consider and have a sixth season—and 7th, and 8th………….

  207. Daniel

    Merlin is my all time favorite show ever!! I’ve seen a lot of shows and Merlin is best by far!!
    And whats up with the ending, its like 1000 years later. I didnt expect Arther to die! what the Heck!! Tie up loose ends. Continue season six and beyond!! And thank you for Merlin. Please continue!!!
    Or at least make a story of Merlin and his apprentice! That would be cool!

  208. Nir

    I loved every moment of the series, watched it with my friends 🙂
    DAMN I WISH THERE WAS A 6th season!!

    • CeeDee

      Me Too We Need To Bring It Back What Can We Do To Make The BBC Network See Their Outrageous Huge Mistake

  209. CHAVINI

    Please I need season 6.

  210. CeeDee

    YES PLEASE BRING BACK MERLIN We As Fans Where ROBBED How Can You Give us 4 Seasons Of Teasing About Merlin And Arthur If He Will Ever Find Out About Him Being A Wizard Only To Speed it Up in The 5 And Give Us A Down Fall Then When He Dose Find Out HE DIES WHAT THE HELL We Where ROBBED Of Seeing Great Magic Come From Merlin We Where ROBBED Of Enjoying Arthur And Merlin Become Great Comrades,Friends<Brothers In Arms.We Where ROBBED Of Seeing Magic Return To Camelot It Was All Taken Away The Wonder The Magic And A PHENOMENAL Program With And Equally PHENOMENAL Cast Please Reconsider Your Decision And BRING MERLIN BACK PLEASE There Is Still So Much To Do And Enjoy If You Really want To get Rid Of A Program Take A Look At "Orphan Black" WHAT THE F IS GOING ON THERE,That Has Cancellation Written All Over It. I Am Very Leary Of Getting Involved With Any Shows On The BBC Network,just As I Start To Enjoy,and Fall In Love With It You're Liable To Take It Away (no worries on "Orphan Black" Though I'll NEVER Get Into That CRAP What The HELL. We (The Fans ) Need Merlin So Much Magic Has Been Taken Away From The World And Some Lives And That Program Brought A Lot Of It Back PLEASE Bring Back Our Magic

  211. angel

    I WANT ANOTHER SERIES!!!! I live in the US and love love love it! Don’t make me post a million times so that you make the next series!!

  212. Lizzy

    I wonted to know when Merlin is coming out on Netflix . 🙂

  213. Roberta

    With all the garbage on TV I was so happy to discover Merlin, an exciting adventure with so much to offer its fans. The cast was great and I loved the growing relationship between Merlin and Arthur. I thought the cast, sets, scenery, castles and the Great Dragon were perfect..but why did you end such a wonderful series in such a rushed, haphazard manner. This series was so well done and your ending was disappointing. I watched the last few episodes last night and they were terrific, so why do I feel so empty and unsatisfied? There was so much more story to tell. I guess I will have to get my Merlin fix with my DVDs and try to forget your poor efforts at telling Merlins story by bringing it all together. Will really miss new adventures though. Loved this show..thanks for many hours of magical entertainment.

  214. Alex (Slovenia)

    Just finnished watching S05. As expected it was awesome.
    I would love to see another season or two. But if they make one
    they have to be carefull not to f-k up the image of Merlin.
    Modern Merlin would be a great FAIL!
    Many tnx to all who created this wonderfull series.
    I had a really good time ( 3 days ) watching Merlin.

  215. Tasos

    Does season 6 exist?


    i’m from MALAYSIA (ASIA) . Very2 far away , and i really hope that there will be season 6 of MERLIN ! WE WANT MERLIN S6

  217. constance deardorff

    merlin was my favorite show and in my area they didn’t even finish season 5. they put on some stupid robot fighting show. Im disabled and tv is my lifesaver, I cried when this happened. please keep making the show and put it back on syfy. god bless u. heartbroken in willards md

  218. Wayde


  219. chisaro

    please everybody wants the new season it cant be over no way 🙁

  220. Athanasios

    We all waited for epic batlles with a lot of magic with Merlin to be THE OFFICIAL WIZARD …

  221. kelvin

    Pls am waiting 4 Merlin s6 desperately. 4rm.nigeria

  222. jan

    best serie ever it just cant end

  223. juanita echols

    We all are waiting for Merlin 6 you cant just stop it its great!

  224. we all waiting for season 6 cos it really gr8t

    i love to continue watching it

  225. Becky

    We want more Merlin!!!! It should return, we didn’t get the ending we expected, there is no reason why It cannot return!!! LISTEN TO YOUR DEVOTED AND SUPPORTIVE FANS!!!!!!!!!!


    If you want to help bring Merlin back, PLEASE visit the facebook campaign page ‘Merlin2Return’.
    When I first joined this page, I had my doubts about whether were wasting our time or not, but as the campaign has grown I now BELIEVE that we CAN DO THIS!!!!! Trust me, 2-4 members of the Merlin cast know about this campaign, and the creator of the campaign is working with TV Producers/someone else (I do not know yet as they wish to remain annoymous (the creator) but all is soon to be revealed.

    If you are serious about helping bring this back, and trust and believe in us, PLEASE visit the page and join in and do the actions. Simply just ‘liking’ the page, will NOT help. It is all about ACTION ACTION ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We CAN DO THIS!!!

    Thankyou 🙂

  226. bbfavour

    it is said that “when albion’s need is great aurthur will rise again” so you have risen our appetite for a season 6 so you have to do it, you can’t just make something like that and give up.

  227. Vicki

    Please do not stop making Merlin. My 3 kids and I absolutely love Merlin. We have all the seasons on DVD and are hoping for a 6th season. We were crushed at the part 2 of the final season. Please Please Please make another season!! Not sure if we can survive with no more Merlin!!

  228. lily

    the show must go on

  229. Ruth

    I ave so many questns i wnt answers 2,am pleadin wif u guys dnt let merlin stop at season5,i beg u,dz ruth 4rm nigeria nd i tel u got lot of fans dere

  230. Gavin

    Just started watching Merlin just recently and it is a great show so please continue making more seasons!!

  231. Nick

    When o first started watching i was amazed and i cried the end but now this

  232. Tina

    I cannot tolerate the end. i need more merlin so please continue

  233. Dave

    Why do you always have to take the good shows off and leave the bullsh*t ones on? I have watch shows like Merlin and Leverage go and cr*p like survivor stay on for years, sick and tired of finding something good to watch and taken away a few years later. Time to cancel tv!!

  234. Reinis

    Don’t stop at season 5 plize it was so interesting to watch it was so funny i like it.

  235. virginia

    please keep Merlin on It’s such a great story I look forward to it every friday hoping you have season 6 ,for all the fans,thanks

  236. BOB

    merlin season 6 will com and guen will become a mom his son

  237. coleen

    MAKE IT COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!! MERLIN SEASON 6………… please please please….

    is there any chance that merlin continues ass TV series or perhaps a movie =)

    that would be nice =)

    im a colin morgan fan from Denmark

  238. Chriss

    Please season 6, from Sweden

  239. Jjjjj

    I want MERLIN TO be undeAd , i want it to continue till I DIE!!!!

  240. skin-boy

    Am SKIN-BOY from Nigeria. We love merlin in we need season6

  241. Stephanie

    I will keep HOPE alive cause this is a GREAT series. I love the ethnic-diversities of the characters and the balnce ‘tween good and evil..Good always win!

  242. bisi

    it can’t end like that! there is so much more to expect from the series we from Bulgaria want season 6

  243. Herman

    Belgium wants Merlin 6!
    I want Katie Mc Grath!

  244. Christine


  245. Paula

    I was saddened beyond description to hear that Merlin would end after season 5. I so enjoy this show – the stories and the actors are exceptional. I would love to have a season 6 and…beyond, PLEASE!!!!

  246. Wilawan

    We Need The SEASON 6 Pleaseeee

  247. Valentina

    Merlin is such a great show!!!!! Please pull out some magic somehow, and keep the series going. In a society that is ruled with reality T.V. garbage, Merlin os one of the few shows that really entertain.

    Love everyone associated with it!!!!!

    A lot of people in New York want it back!!!!!!

  248. Leisa

    Please make season 6 please.. this show is truely AMAZING and im falling into depression thinking of how i will never get to watch it again.. this isnt fair at alll this s*cks BRING MERLIN BACK ITS ONE OF THE ONLY GREAT SHOWS THERE ARE!!! BRING MERLIN BACK BRING MERLIN BACK!! EVERYONE in VT and PA and NH want it back… 🙁 ..please…:(

  249. kola emmanuel

    Arthur no go die unless to ba darugbo I want the concluding season jor pls release am ooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  250. Debbie

    The first time I saw Merlin I was hooked. I never missed a show. PLEASE PLEASE don’t go anywhere. I love the actors and the dragon. BRING BACK MERLIN.

  251. Dorge Varini

    This cannot be the end. Still a lot to see about how Arthur accepted Merlin and how both of them got together. Please, we deserve at minimum series 6 with 130 episodes.

    Merlin fan from Mauritius.

  252. Betty Dailey

    I hope they continue with Merlin as it is my favorite show. The acting and story line is outstanding and I look forward to watching it every week.

  253. vcolar

    Frm zanzibar:
    Merlin 1 to 5 merlin 1 to 5

  254. peggie

    what the heck? arthur was to great a man to die like that. a little ex knight stabbing him with a sword? no way jose’. you have to bring arthur and merlin back. we beg of you. it just cant end like this. we have been hooked on merlin for years now. one of the best shows on tv right now. please dont let arthur go out this way!!!!!! we need our merlin here in pa.

  255. Angela

    We need more Merlin! Please! The US loves him!! And I’m a big Colin fan!

  256. latoya

    I love this show so much and Iam so sad it has come to an end Plz bring it back

  257. Lilpunki

    I want to see the magic in cammelot

  258. Simone

    I just finished watching serie finally and I am So UPSET!!! I want to watch MORE!!! Well think of left an opening…. Who knows. Merlin in present time should be pretty cool. Humm Dunno. Descendents of King Arthur. Merlin he is still alive so they just have to find someone to invest. Who knows 🙂 I just LOVE LOVE MERLIN SHOW SND ALL THE CHARACTERS!! 🙂

  259. Bonnie

    We got a puppy last August and named him Merlin. That’s how much we love the show!

  260. Anastein

    It is difficult to understand that Merlin ended the way it did. The writers are so talented yet gave such an end to the series. It left me lacking and truly wanting more. Arthur should come back and accept magic.

  261. janice

    I just saw the last show and didn’t like Arthur dying either. I loved that show and wished it could have continued another season.

  262. Treva

    Merlin and Authur and Gaius together again in season 6!!!

  263. Richard Missouri USS

    6th season ?

    While the modern day as last scene?

  264. Sarkar

    Please release season 6!!!

  265. Everett Johns

    What can I possibly comment on, when so many positive fans of Merlin speaks for me. I am fairly; certain the writers for Merlin would not be, tasked to come up with a sixth season. I can think of all kinds of scenarios. The series is – based on ‘magic’ is it not? It did not have to end with Arthur’s death or Morganas. Surely there can be a resurrection. You have thousands if not millions of fans all over this planet enjoying the Merlin series. How can you not do a sixth season or even a seventh season? If something works, go with it! Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts. Defeat is not the worst of failure. Not to have tried is the true failure. What say you producers of Merlin? Can you give me an honest answer (?) Everett

  266. dee

    We are also from the US. My husband an I just love Merlin. It is a great series! The actors are superb! I hope that you will reconsider doing a 6th season. Just because Arthur died in the last episode doesn’t mean that Merlin can’t bring him back. After all Merlin’s father said ” Your journey has only just begun, you weild a power that you can’t not yet concive of. Your destiny awaits you, trust in what you are!”

  267. udayashan

    i also would like 2 see merlin season 6

  268. me

    Please continue the Merlin series, one of the best shows on tv. Don’t let Arthur be dead, and
    then continue the series.

  269. syl

    please continue Merlin and bring Arthur back to life in the story. This is one of the best shows
    on tv. please lets keep it on tv.

  270. VICTOR

    yah come on with all these fans why cant you guys continue I’m a big fan of merlin use to look forward to the new episodes getting all excited…. bring him back PLEASE!!!!!!

  271. mechelle martin

    am from philippines merlin is my favorite movie,, when will the season 6 be release…….am disperate on it!!!!!!please the season 6…..i can’t think well knowing that merlin isn’t achieve his destiny

  272. husnain

    please continue merlin session 6 , i am waiting bcoz its my favrit, so please continue, thanks

  273. George M

    Well funs have spoken… we demand our favorate series to continue. Not just for a 6th season, but for more and more… we should seek action… any idea where to start?
    George from Michigan

  274. Temi

    I need merlin season 6 please merlin

  275. Maayan

    Hi I am from Israel and i love to watch merlin, please continue series !!!

  276. Amanda Murphree-Roberts

    I would love to have Merlin come back for another season, or as many as can be made! I’ve gotten to into the series for them to leave it on this note. Please work to make it possible! You’ve done great work so far.

  277. Asma

    i want merlin to come back season 6 form Tanzania

  278. Cass

    Please bring merlin back!! Its been nearly six months since we saw the final episode here in australia and im still sad and feel completly lost with out it there are millons of fans we all believe in you to make another season please!!!

  279. NJ

    Oh please more

  280. Scott Smith

    I just want to say that I was always watching the show behind the original air date here in the United States and the show was awesome, I can’t believe it is over. There will be nothing that could come that would even come close to the story the cast and the show as whole, you should of keep on going there was a lot possibilities that could have come from this show. But in the end it is over so to all those in the show and with the show NICELY DONE!!!!

  281. athina

    I also want a season 6!! please..everyone would be extremely pleased to hear about merlin season 6 actually happening!!

  282. Patrick

    I’m going to make sure that me and my familly never look bbc again if their don’t put this show back on tv, What i got to say was short but you can make sure i will do it if i dont see a season 6

  283. Eli

    season 6 please

  284. Toya

    I do not see why company’s like yourself make such good television series that people enjoy so much to cut them when there audience expect another series to be aired.
    I myself enjoyed the hole 5 series and do not understand how you could end the series they way you have there must be enough people that watch Merlin to air another series as from what I can see in all the above comments is that there are people from all over the world whom watch and enjoy this tv series
    Please air another series the magical merlin did not even get to reveal his secret to the whole pf camelot and all threw the 5 series all that was spoken of is making peace with sourcery on Camelot which you do not get to see Merlin was this prophecy to save and make Camelot a better place with Arthur and release the white dragon you see the white dragon like 5 times and that is all no magic is revealed until the very end and then Arthur dies and all of a sudden merlin is old and that’s the end

  285. ron savard

    When you have a popular and winning series such as “merlin”, the obvious thing to do is to extend it until the appeal subsides. Just do it.

  286. Lisa Wilson in TN


  287. Christina Porter

    I have been waiting for 5 years to see the reaction or arthur knowing that merlin has magic. After all that time, it comes to the last episode, that was not much of a reaction. Also at the end of the season 5 finale, the dragon tells merlin that when albian’s need is greatest, arthur will rise again. We need to see Arthur rise again, and get more of a reaction from arthur. I want to see how arthur adjusts to knowing the true merlin. I want to see how the rest of the kingdom sees merlin knowing that he has magic.

    • Rubi

      Boi do I agree with you…

  288. Cindy

    I would love to see season 6 continued. I was upset when season 5 ended.

  289. Steve

    Please this can’t be the end…..I love this show and it must go on!!

  290. karen

    It broke my heart to watch
    Arthur die and not voice a reaction to Merlin’s magic. It must continue this cannot be the end to such a great show. I have read all the books about Merlin, but books are not the same as to watch the expressions on the faces. And to order the sets or record and play when I want, too. I still have not gone back to re-watch Arthur’s death. I cannot bare it.


    PS I know it is a TV show, but now it is a part of my life and I want to see more. Age 72yrs

  291. Rubi

    Please continue. I love this so much, It just cant end there. It ended to fast. There has to be more. Please don’t just leave it there. Please, I am literaly begging you. Please…

  292. KAREN


  293. Thandiwe

    Hi all, just wanted to know if Merlin season 6, is going to made and air soon? Huge fan all the way in South Africa. Really do love the series, the directors and producers have done a brilliant job with Merlin

  294. Itamar

    I also want a season 6 (Israel)

  295. Ashan

    cant wait season 6 pls,,,,.

  296. CasSandra

    Please let there be a Season 6!!!!! We love this show….I always heard “When The People Speak You Listen”

  297. indika

    Me tooo

  298. thushara

    please make season frm srilanka…i lovee merlin…..

  299. Abdool

    Arthur should atleast have a son with gwen be for he can die, if the series is to be more famous than thought

  300. yoshan

    please make season 6.. i m from srilanka.

  301. Peter

    My wife and I love the show so much. Why do you want to end a wonderful series like “Merlin”? The fans loved it so much. Please continue the series. I wish it would not end like that. I don’t want to see Arther dies the finale.

  302. sanjeewani

    Please let us have merlin series six. I am from Sri lanka please let us have that. it was a wonderful work and felt like we live in that era.please let us see merlin more

  303. Scott

    We need a sixth season of Merlin how can u end the series off of season 5 that is ridiculous we need too know what happens

  304. lexxi andrews

    I need more merlin! I don’t want the show to end. Please make season 6!!!! I can’t live without it!!!

  305. MrCrvon

    I have just finished watching season 5. I have been a fan since I first saw it. There has to be a season 6. I live in the US and I think it is one of the best series ever… Keep it coming Season 6 plz!!!

  306. Honey kamal

    Please more Merlin, I know there are million of fans around the world who are addicted to this great story that have never been wrote my man and know that they love the story give them at list a chance to see young warlock appreciated for all he did without getting credit for so , we need to see magic in Camelot and the king rise from or safed by the magic land and so on ……, the acceptance of magic and not all are evil. More Merlin

  307. khady

    I cant wait to c merlin season 6

  308. Britta

    I just watched the finale and am devastated… I tried to email BBC but I doubt it will get to anyone. I see that there are a lot of fans out there crying out for more but the question is, is anyone listening?! I sure hope so, because they should be astounded at the outcry and the interest from around the world.. I know I was. I think that it would be in their best interest to listen to the fans this time. We’re heartbroken.. we need more Merlin and Arthur. Truly the best on-screen friendship I have ever witnessed. I think I’m going to go back and watch from the beginning now…

    • Britta

      btw-this is up there in my top 3 television shows: Farscape, Buffy, and Merlin=]

    • Britta

      Also, I am 28 and realize that such a love of fiction may seem silly.. but some of us need this release and we need to feel the love and hate and passion of truly well-crafted characters. gahhhh I need this show!!!!

  309. Donna Martin

    Please continue Merlin It is one of the best series I have watched

  310. landra

    I loved watching Merlin and so far it has been on of my favorite shows regarding merlin and I would love for the show to continue.

  311. thalia

    it is completely ridiculous that they are ending Merlin. As soon as there is is a show that people actually watch they cancel it. It was an amazing show but if they were going to end it they should have at least had an ending that didn’t leave the audience with unanswered questions. I have watched around 80 shows and Merlin was one of my favorites. I really hate the fact that it is actually ending.

  312. Mary

    WOW – what a response – someone MUST listen and give us fans a season 6 at least!! This is a great show and would love to see it continued!!

  313. Betty Dailey

    I really enjoyed the Merlin series and looked forward to watching it every week. I hope that it can be continued as I think it is one of the best shows on TV.

  314. nakiwala stella

    am Stella 4m Uganda i love Merlin so much and so is my family mbrs so pliz don’t deprive us from watching season 6 and others pliz i beg of u

  315. hash

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………………… I want merlin season 6…………….. I love it.release it sooooooooooooooooooon

  316. Marty

    I want to see the Merlin story continue and I really don’t care if the current actors are in it… sure it would be great if all or some of them returned. But, I understand sometimes actors want to move on from a role… the story is bigger than the actors and there is no shortage of willing up and coming actors to step in. So, why do studios scrap great shows like this when they could just as easily sub in new people… keep the same names with just different faces… these are actors telling a story. I am really tired of getting really interested in a show for it to only be cancelled while many still desire the story to continue. Can I have one really great show that a studio promises to never end? I say let the story live on…

  317. marilyn

    This show is amazing and from the comments I just read many agree with me. I would love for the show to continue to a season six that concludes the series because the end of season five left people wanting more. Although the audience will never want the show to go away if you give them an ending with closure the audience would be much happier. Also if you are concerned about not enough views allow me to point out how many comments there are on just this website not any others about how the people want another season. I believe you should do another season for the audience it would make millions by the looks of it happy to see at least one more that gives them a feeling of not wanting more and dreading the ending but happy about the ending. I myself would love to see another season please consider this it truly would be an amazing thing to do.
    A fan.

  318. Lena

    Merlin is too awsome to finish just yet, they could like make another Arthur and like finish it.

  319. David (USA)

    This is st*pid, the show was to good to end like that, more seasons are needed. Fans should b outraged as I am about this premature cancellation

  320. Esther

    Why do u guys cancel all these good shows. I was so looking forward to seeing season 6. This just makes me so mad!!!!

  321. Laila

    This show is soo popular I’m from Syria and I’ve been watching since season one and I was soo sad too see this ending and arther dies pleasseeeee make season sex and arther be in it it’s not fear that when merlin told arther about his magic arther dies we’ve been waiting for this moment since season one soo pleasseeeee don’t disappoint all of your fans

  322. Stacy

    Omg. I can’t believe this is the end of Merlin. Why the hell did they cancel it? I want Merlin to return immediately

  323. terry

    yall should bring merlin back for season 6!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 🙂

  324. Phoenix


  325. cynthia

    I agree is to good to finish just like that i lov fantasy base showcmon season 6 please…….

  326. jayce

    We love Merlin in America! My family is so depressed that the show is not Continuing! We love the show…in fact it is the only show that we all watch together! Now what? We have so many questions. Please bring it back for many more seasons!

  327. Lori

    Bring Merlin back! We love this show in Seattle. We started watching the show on TV but it was taken off the air, so we have been watching the past few seasons on Netflix. Maybe Netflix or Hulu can buy the series to keep it going? I don’t care how…I just want it to continue!

  328. sajith morgan

    this ending of Merlin season 5 was not how it should happen,it must be that arthur to live and magic is allowed in camelot, so if this could be done some how please produce Merlin season 6 and make it a happy and good ending. So this must be done right merlin fans. Yeah

  329. muh'd zafa

    Really merlin is the best movie i av never watched, and it’s not meant to end that way i think! (Arthur dead, merlin has his on way can’t return back to camelot). We need another season please.

  330. Abby

    I love this show and if it ends my life will be pointless plz continue this show

  331. Diane and Shon

    My husband and I watched only one season on TV before it was cancelled here in the US. We bought all five seasons on video and we love it. We will be devastated if there isn’t a sixth season… we were already planning how we could watch it as it played overseas and purchase the dvd at the end of the sixth season. We love Merlin. We don’t even watch TV at home- we bought the whole set of Merlin on DVD. Please let it play!

  332. allie

    they have to have a season 6!!!! I had to watch this on netflix and its like my all time favorite show you cant leave me wondering what happens!!!!!! I have to know….. i might just cry!

  333. lsaac.ivan

    Hi I’m from malaysia. I and my son six yrs.old love merlin soo….. much!!!! please continueu and bring Arthur back.

  334. Josue De Jesus

    I watch melin since air first time i watch the all 5season plus i buy the all 5 season for a gifts is the best ever tv show air the all time why if so good show no bring season 6 plus i watch over again in netfix with the family pleases bring it back

  335. Karen

    I very much enjoy all the seasons of Merlin and I too would very much like to see it continue, I just can’t believe Arthur is dead, I really would like to see more I love this show and will be very sad to see it discontinued.

  336. Matthew French

    I want to see more merlin u can always put arthur back in an continue in merlin but we all like merlin the show was about him

  337. Joelle

    I LOVE Merlin, I want to see season 6, put it on Netflex or Hulu Plus if Syfi doesn’t pickup season 6.

  338. DB

    More seasons of Merlin are a must. This is one of our favorite shows. My sons aee already chomping at the bit for season 6 and 7 ect.

  339. Andrew kanlipou

    Please am begging you guys to bring merlin back my arthur can not die .am going to commit sucide if you did not bring my arthur back.for the love of camalot

  340. Andrew kanlipou

    Please am begging you guys to bring merlin back my arthur can not die .am going to commit sucide if you did not bring my arthur back. Long live the king

  341. Rheanna DeRider

    Please bring Merlin back. All the characters were so perfect and the story was so good. If you wont bring back Merlin at least make a new series about arthurs future reign. . . With all the same characters. You could call it Arthur, just bring it back. It was the best show on tv. P.S. the Merlin ending with coming to present times*cked. It ruined the magic of the story.

  342. Sean

    I don’t often cry when I watch movies, but Merlin finally telling Arthur was the pinacle. Not sure if it was because Arthur died, or my sense of dread that it might be the final episode.

  343. Claire

    I’ve been waiting for it. Welcome back Merlin!

  344. Claire

    Sorry I thought there is season 6 already:(

  345. JPennington

    Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t get us hooked and then take it away so unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  346. Glenda

    Can’t get enough of Merlin, absolutely my favorite show, will so miss it. please, please do more seasons!!!!!!!!!

  347. virginia

    what the hell!!! i am dying for MERLIN SEASON 6!!!PLEASE BRING HIM BACK. i just love the show so,so much!!! just like the LEGEND OF THE SEEKER. 2 BEAUTIFUL SHOWS.LOTS OF FUN. VERY NICE SHOWS. I ALREADY BOUGHT THE SEASON 5 DVD. I ALREADY HAVE THE OTHERS AND I AM CHECKING EVERY DAY ON COMCAST ON DEMAND TO SEE IF THEY PUT THE PAST EPISODES ON. I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF MERLIN. there would be a big celebration if you bring hime back. lots of my friends love him too

  348. Amanda R Goff

    My boyfriend and I watched Merlin and we loved it. I think its the best TV series that I have ever watched. I cant believe it ended the way it did. I was hoping for more. I want season 6 and more!! A lot of work and money went into it, that’s what made it so good. I feel like it left you hanging. I want to know more, what happens next? They should bring Arthur back. What’s Merlin without him? Please bring him back and season 6. There’s enough people out there who loves this series for it to keep going. Please!!!

  349. London Lake

    I really, can’t believe you want to cancel Merlin. I love this show and saw all 5 seasons…I was just browsing online, to see when season 6 will start and to read all this mess about cancellation. NONSENSE

    I hope all that we’ve read is a rumor, because my boo and i love Merlin, and can’t wait for season 6 and 7 🙂 so get with the program people we are all waiting for more Merlin, besides King can’t be dead..and i really want to see merlin deal with morgana.

    Please consider the fans who loves this show more Merlin, more seasons.

  350. Lyn Ellie

    Bring back Merlin!!!!!! Noooo the ending didn’t fit with the show at all!!! It’s needs a better ending! Season 6 please!!!!

  351. Ron E

    Merlin is the best series on tv. You can end it like this. The fans demand a season 6!

  352. BerDeane

    OH Please bring a season 6 of Merlin, that is the greatest series I have ever watched.. I want season 6, as great of sorcerer that he is he could bring back Arthur…

  353. Bryan

    Please I love merlin, the whe world need the season 6, is not fair why y’all just stop the film, merlin is way better than vampire diary and super natural buhh they never stop the movie.. Please we need merlin back, everybody protesting about merlin season 6

  354. Merlin-fan420

    They have to make a season six there is no way, they can’t just end it like this. I’m so sad

  355. egypt

    I really enjoy Merlin and would love to see season 6 and beyond. I also do not want Arthur to be dead but if he must die in the past can the producers reincarnate him and Merlin in the future.

  356. Marta

    This the first TV show my family and I watch together… I just saw season 1 to 5 we really need a 6 season!!!

    Baby come back!!!

    • Shelly Sheler

      Yes, my family and I use to watch this every week together. We use to look forward to it, this was one of the few programs that all of us use to watch together. Not only that it was clean, no swearing, no sexual content and now a days that is almost impossible to find. My family ranges from a 13, 14, 15, 18, 35, to a 40 year old. So to find something that all of us are interested in is amazing! I do hope for you as well that even if it is a movie, the adventure continues 🙂

  357. Kimberly

    I would love for Merlin to Continue. It is an Interesting show. And I want to see more if Possible. Plz continue Merlin. And Merlin is should have his king. King Arthur should be Reincarnated back into the show. I hope there will be a season 6. If not there will be a lot of mad people. And Merlin did not end right.

  358. Shelly Sheler

    This was such a fabulous rendition of one of the most questionable stories.. I have watched it since it was on ABC, then switched over to SCFI (SYFY); it is something people have always longed to do and wanted to go back into time and see if it was true. You created a story that people really could see, and friends and families they could believe were real, and long for. They brought them into their homes, and into their hearts; it was on for a good amount of time, but your viewers LOVE it!! We would so love to see the adventure continue, and we would have loved to see Merlin stand by Aurther throughout their battles and tribulations.. Please consider bringing this back, it would be so disappointing not to have it on. There was nothing on like it, and I honestly don’t see anything coming close to take it’s place..

  359. Kaitlyn Horten

    im a 13 year old girl i love the tv series merlin i love watching it with my mother so please please bring back Merlin i would appreciate if you did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  360. Bill Furtkevic

    Each evening, from December to December, think back on all tales that you remember of Camelot. Ask every man if he’s heard the story of Camelot, and tell him strong and clear if he has not… That once there was a fleating whisp of glory, called Camelot. – Lerner and Lowe

    Thank you for a wonderful show!

  361. Kim m

    More Merlin plz someone anyone plz more Merlin season 6 the fans asking for more

  362. alice

    we want merlin we want more episodes we have gone crazy on this program plz release season 6 ,7,8,9 and 10 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  363. Kerry

    Yes please being it back!!!!! Best show ever!!!

  364. John

    my entire family loves this show watch and buy every season we want season 6 please continue this show.

  365. Orion

    I’m young and I don’t really know a good Television show when I see one but if I had to give an opinion I would say if you want to see a great show watch merlin because it made me feel like I was there and when I heard that Merlin was on its last season I cried a little! They say that our kids are the next generation and that they are the future, im only 14 but if a 14 year old thinks that Merlin is the best show he’s ever seen than Merlin must be part of that future! Please bring Merlin back, don’t make the same mistake Lost did! Answer the questions that were left unanswered. Like the last scene or the return of Arthur or what happened to Gwen or Gauise! We all want to know! Don’t leave us hanging

  366. Devin

    i hate to see this show end….i became attached to the actors of this show….the ending was good but i don’t think it should have finished like that

  367. Joseph Mensah

    Dear Merlin Prodcuers,

    I beg you in the name of God. Please continue Season 6 for us to see Arthur come back and reign forever. The season 5 indicates that Arthur will rise again so why not continue at the stage Arthur rose again and but before then, we will probably know that socery came to Albion since Arthur had known the secret of Merlin.

    I beg you in the name of God. This is indeed a great film. Please do it for us and for the sake of God. hahaahahaha.

    Thank you.



  368. Aravinda

    I am waiting for season 6 season 5 ends with curiosity.producer please make season 6 iam begging from u

  369. Sorensen

    One can get lost in this fantasy world and manage to forget just for a while the mundane nature of our every day grind. There is the conquest of good over evil, humor, the lack of racial prejudice, the understanding that true nobility lies in humility all acted out by actors one can identify with and, over five seasons, come to enjoy so much that it’s a wrench to say goodbye. Apart from this the “destiny” which has been hinted at all this time is left hanging. It’s open-ended. Left ready to be resumed in a season 6. So please don’t let us down. Bring on Season Six please!!!!

  370. brandon winchester

    ok i started watching merlin on netflix about 3 to 4 weeks ago and i have allready finished every episode to season 5, it is the best tv show ive seen in my life, i would do anything too see another season, please Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy… i am begging you



  372. Steven

    Season six please!

  373. georgina

    there should be a season 6 because at the end of season 5 the dragon said ” when the time is right the king will rise again ……”that means there should be a season 6!!!!!( and if we are luckly a season 7 mabe ? 🙂 so PLEASE PLEASE can there be a season 6 PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  374. bridgette

    there should be a season 6 they cant end it like that.

  375. Ishu & Hansi

    we need Merlin season 6 , it can’t be ended like that,so unfair after all

  376. sonja

    komaan gasten hoe zit dat nu met seizoen 6 van merlin ik probeer meer te weten te komen hoe het zit, breng hem nu gewoon uit, ja ook in belgie vinden we dit super goe.

  377. Michelle

    Merlin is one of the best shows it needs to continue

  378. Nethmi lavanya

    I’m everyday use to come and search for merlin season 6. Wishing it might be released now. As all of us request u guys to bring merlin back. Omg me n ma family lv merlin/colin and even the way they act is natural. They hv accepted their character as they really are. So I beg u guys as I’m a sri lankan, pls build season 6, 7 etc and dont keep a full stop for merlin.i think with such an amount of comments u guys will not ignore my comment too.

    Pls dont ignore the comments of us and bring us back the rest of merlin with happy ending.

  379. noelle

    I just watch the finale too and that seriously can’t be how it ends. I want to see more Aurther and Merlin. And what ever happened to Morgana’s Dragon? They Don’t say. I DEMAND MORE MERLIN!

  380. Cindy

    My family just discovered this show & have spent the summer watching episode 1-5. We have been eagerly awaiting episode 6! Please continue this marvelous production. The cast, story, scenery, make-up & costumes are fantastic!

  381. Tharaka

    Yes please being it back merlin6 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  382. alfonso

    i really loved the show why couldn’t they just make a book continuation of the series i bet it’ll sell out.

  383. mandy

    From the looks of thing people want a 6, 7,ect…… So why don’t you just go with what people want, right. You know that you make your money profits, and the show is great. so please, please, please, keep Merlin. Thank you

  384. Brittany

    I just finished the last episode in Season 5 tonight on netflix. This is hands down my favorite tv show. It even beats out my previous favorite show, Friends. The story line has every thing one could hope for: adventure, suspense, action, humor, love/romance, friendship, bravery, loyalty, good conquering all, fighting for what you believe in, making the world a better place, and countless more life lessons revealed. The characters are believable, the actors do an incredible job, and the screen writers wrote the best show ever.

    Please do not discontinue Merlin. I want more Merlin. The series can’t end with Arthur’s death. Please produce Merlin Season 6!!!!!

    • sheery summers

      Yea what she said.

  385. Brittany


  386. hannah gando

    I am from S/L merlin is a great movie , we need season 6,7 and even 8 don’t want Arthur to die

  387. Blu

    Yes Please bring Merlin Back, All my favorites shows keep getting canncaled for the rubbish out… so tired of it… about to give up on certain networks all together and jus watch nothing but sports…

  388. jackie

    i have been waiting all summer for the next season to start plese dont end it now you cant leave us hanging like this we need more

  389. matt

    Okay..first off I have to say that I loved the show and would like to see more. However, for all of you that are talking about how sad it is that Arthur died…well read the mythology. That is what happened. He died. The great land of magic never truly came to be. Merlin and Gwen could only look on with sadness as the on they loved was carried to the next world. I for one think that the ending is as it should be. Sure a few things from the myths were left out, but nobody has complained about the things that were changed in the story such as the fact that Mordrid was the son of Arthur and Morgana. The myths were set out as tragedy, which means no happy ending. You are supposed to mourn for the future that could have been.

  390. mabel

    we need season six to be released, we need to knw how life went on, did magic came back to camelot,morgana died did the camelot have there peace? Arther was not supporsed to die n if he did then lets beleave that he was taken to that liver so that he can be heald n so he wil com back, please season six we need it lol!

  391. Deo

    Just to quote the creators , …”everything depended on the fans or rather on their amount”…..
    if the fans have proven that they are more than willing to continue watching the series why not come up with season 6 and probably 7, 8 to 9 other than coming up with any entirely new story that will probably take a long time to be adopted by people. Deo Uganda.

  392. takshee

    plzzz i beg u guys to continue it i cant stop watching it i dont mind if it has 10 seasons or more plz come on we need more magic plz do as these fans say u all will have us everyday we love merlin and enjoy it plz bring it back. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i beg do it and u will be gifted from God for making a 12 year old girl’s dream coming true plzzzzzzzzzz we need more.

  393. Danielle

    Merlin has brought our family together in the evenings….we would love to see it continue.

  394. E cool

    The most interested tv series i’ve ever seen… so wanna watch 6th season too….. with arthor…..

  395. Christina

    Denmark wants Merlin back!!!

  396. Obinna unanka

    Pls i beg u all actors and actress of merlin video, try to make the season six of merlin video. I cant wait any longer for the season six of merlin video.ppplease try all your possible best in producing the video. Thanks!!!

  397. J-F

    C’mon, it cannot ends with arthur death. Give us a season 6!!!

  398. Monich012

    Puerto Rico y Latin America USA want Merlin 2014 season 6 plz , I have dreams about Arthur’s return

  399. sheery summers


  400. Byron

    Really hard to find a good clean family show. I would love to see another season if they continued this story.

  401. Andy

    My wife and I have not been so engrossed in a series such as Merlin, I am very sad and disappointed that the series came to an end. We thought the series was excellent.

  402. Karen

    Love the series! Me and my husband have watched it since it was on the othe network and was happy to see it continue on the SyFy. Would love to see it continued. I do not understand taking of shows that have substance. I love Farscape and the network took that off with not even a warning.

  403. Jennifer

    I loved watching Merlin. Because of schedules I used to DVR every episode so I would never miss it. I would be very disappointed if the show did not continue.

  404. Robin

    AWE!!!! I want a season 6 and more!!!
    The story is suppose to continue.
    I just wished they didnt kill Arthur off!!!
    I really hope they reconsider and continue the series.

  405. Kathryn

    Please continue this wonderful series…. Have fallen in love with Merlin…it must not end

  406. Ki Ki

    Please make a season 6! I love this show! Was so dedicated to it, and it ended too soon with so many unanswered questions! Love this show please bring it back!!!

  407. Jackie

    We just discovered the Merlin series about 6 months ago and LOVE it! We look so forward to every episode we watch, and the thought that Season 5 was the end of it all is very upsetting to our entire family. Please continue the series! I guarantee there are others like us who just recently discovered this magnificent show, and its popularity is bound to continue to increase dramatically! PLEASE — more Merlin!!

  408. arlenefour

    It’s sad that you are not doing season 6 of Merlin. Please put Merlin back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  409. Jonathon

    We need Merlin Season 6 so it can end as it should.
    There are so may cr*p shows going on now and shows like this really need to stay and Merlin is wanted.

  410. julie

    Please bring back Merlin it can not just end up the way it did pls pls pls do season 6 and on.

  411. Willie Toney

    I think you should go a head with season 6 , this is a good TV show to watch. Willie L. Toney Sr.

  412. evgeniya

    I want MORE MERLIN!!!!!!!!! The way thay ended the show is unjastifyed!!!!!!! thay created the best show on tv thay reminded us to all of us of what important in life – loyalty friendship love!!!!!! and than thay axed it and the way it was done is horrable !!!!! Thay left us with nothing less but emotional trauma i m not speaking of our kids?! I never cryed over the movie in my life. I do now. Bring merlin back change the end make Merlin save Arther!!!!! Pls listen to the publick outcry!!!! We love MERLIN!
    Siriously……..We need Merlin back to our lives please!!!!! Or this is enother life lesson of the show such as no happy endings? C’ omon produsers and actors PEOPLE NEEDS YOU!!!!! We need your healp to bring magick back! To bring Merlin back! Healp us!
    I trying to rewatch the entier show and it makes me cry because of the end…….. so what should we do now? Hay mayby we can take them to court for emotional trauma? Lats say 24 million people? Not bad ha? Just bring Merlin back!

  413. Tharuka

    Iam a sri lankan.I never cryed over the movie in my life.I love Merlin very much.I need more Merlin. I don’t want to end like this.please I beg you all of actors ans actress to continue it.please bring Merlin back.please produce merlin 6!!!!plz!!!.This is my favorite show. Merlin can’t be over.We all are desperate to watch season.please bring Merlin back!!please.I beg you again and again.

  414. Ishika

    avolon or another world 1 day equal to earth 1000 years. so after 10 days Arthur will rise again and come back to the Earth(past time). and merline can travell through the time with his magic and after he heard about Arthur’s recovery he can go past by his magic. i m sorry for the english. but i am just trying to write a script for the writers.plz i want merline back

  415. Ruzaina

    I’m a Sri lankan, BRING MERLIN BACK! We need season 6 & more 🙁 i beg u… PLEASE..!

  416. minol

    I want merlin 6

  417. Sashagaye

    I am a big fan of Merlin I have been watching ever since It came on TV so for it to end that way is disappointed and I never wanted Author to dead I want him to defeat Morgana and them return to and get a son from the queen, so please it would be a great honor if there is a continuation or a rewrite of the end which breaks into mini-series. When there are a lot of fans craving for a series I believe you must give them more. More Merlin Please.

  418. Yasitha

    I’m from sri lanka, we need Merlin season 6 and more, please i beg all of you, we need back merline, please you should make S6, that is a agreement of Merlin fans in world.

  419. Sajani

    I’m from Sri lanka. Please we want Merlin season 6… It’s the best season film we’ve ever watched. And we want ARTHUR BACK. So Plzzzzzz bring Merlin BACK. I beg u…. Plzzzz…. 🙁 We love Bradley and Colin….. 🙂

  420. LAHIRU

    plz we want Merlin season 6.i’m big fan of Merlin .we need Merlin season 6 and we need Arthur back plzzzzzz

    • ishara devinda

      yes buddy me too….

  421. Detti

    We need a season 6! The dragon said he would ‘rise again’ so he can’t DIE!!!!! What about the bus? We NEED a season 6 and there are a ton of other comments that say so too above me… Please!

  422. Detti Please! :) or :(

    The whole show was about Merlin keeping Aurther alive! You can’t just end it with Aurther DIEING!!!!!!!!!!! Please! We ALL LOVE MERLIN! And what happened to Gwain? Did he really just Die? And will Gwin remarry or something?

  423. Detti Please! :) or :( for the 3rd time

    How old is Colin Morgan AKA Merlin AKA Emris now? 27? Could he still play the part by now? Is it too late? Please no!

  424. Ayomide Idowu

    To see that series coming out is what is on my mind now. Am still expecting more

  425. janitha

    we need merlin season 6, please

  426. Nuwan

    We all went merlin back that’s all..

  427. RANDY

    great show needs to go on at least one more season top three ways to end for me would be arthur placing exclabur in the stone corny but classy two the fade in belies of magic hence hiding camlot from mortal realm three more true to actual fall of camlot betreal of Gewn and lancelot

  428. Vincent

    Merlin Season 6 is comin and the untold story must be told. For example the Kilgara is dying and young dragon knows not his way. The once and future king story must be told. Merlin must be married and have a son…. The story is not finished.
    Merlin can use arthur’s magical horn with his magic to bring arthur back. Camelot will not fall. P.S. I think Arthur has magic. He was borned of magic and will come back to aid Merlin/Camelot….. Please let the story continue. Season 6 and several movies after..

  429. Tom

    Bring back merlin for season 6

  430. beth

    why don’t you just use magic

    …please. );

  431. Winters_knight

    last I read it said season 6 was going to be produced and everything this yea I have also been told that season 6 s already been aired in ended last month. that is so frustrating because they haven’t said anything about athusela the white dragon is supposed to be a meeting Morgana right now what Mormons supposed to be able to change t when kill Gaara dies. so much left to the story to be told how can you cancel it now.



  432. bhagya

    we want season 6


    i wan’t more!! i can not end like that!
    i cried so much to get an end like this!!!???

  434. felix

    more merlin plzz!!!

  435. Mic

    I agree with a lot of you commenters. I have seen many versions of Merlin and Camelot and cried at the end when Merlin’s best friend and King died. This was a great adaptation and think that a dream scene could work. That would start those two right back up. I enjoyed the humor scenes and when Merlin and Morgana spoke their magic spells. A lot of good writers out there… Give us Season 6

  436. Michelle

    Just finished season 5. Arthur can’t die, I need season 6!

  437. Davickxson

    Please i want merlin 2 continue,i dnt lyk the death of Arthur pendragon.i so much love that film nd i wish 2 see d season 6.


    Please i want Merlin season 6 seriously because Merlin has really thought me lot of things emotionally and i can’t wait to watch season 6.please I’m counting on you for the season 6.ERIC NKUAH BOSOMPIM FROM GHANA.

  439. cheyanne

    the ending to season 5 was so sad there hast to be a season 6 I just finished watching it and I already miss it

  440. nita

    what the heck everytime we love a show it is taken off everyone loved Merlin and what kind of ending is that. It didnt end like that in the real story, who makes these decisions and why?

  441. ishara devinda

    And i……….. Long Live the king!! Long Live the king!! want Auther back in action.

    • Christian Lowman

      Plzzzz continue Merlin it’s my favorite show

  442. milton

    we just cant get enough of merline… we want more& more… we funs jst belive the writers wii do smtin en highly anticipate 4 its continuity
    … come pliiz merline 6

  443. nuwan

    I think there is no merlin season 6 my friends….. to bad so sad…

  444. ali abdalla

    the producers should produce season six because the dragon told merlin that arthur would return again

  445. shanika

    I’m from sri lanka. we are (I think all sri lankans) waiting for merlin 6 plzzzzzzzzz when u relies it

  446. Maria Solis

    You producers are so smart ! I know that You all can bring back King Arthur and bring justice back to Camelot….. You All in Your finest hour …. I know there are so many stories but I know the most amazing one will be made ! Dreams are what You make them to be. Fans of Merlin are waiting and I…for I am calling it into being …Merlin will return …in more than ever in fantasy and war. A King must fight more wars …. Thank You all for reading this. Merlin Lives !!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  447. Deanna

    There has to be a season 6. Merlin was so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn’t stop watching it. In the last season the dragon said Arthur would rise again so there has to be another season. They can’t just let us hang…

  448. Rachel

    I read that there will be a finishing to the series Merlin coming out in theaters 12/12/13 called the thousandth year!

  449. semir

    merlin for president 😀

  450. ays

    even in pakistan we love merlin tv series plz bring it back 🙂

  451. The Johnson's

    Please-please continue Merlin. In the United States we love the Show. My daughter’s and I watch every Friday when it came on here. We need a session 6,7 and so on. Please & Thank you

  452. Irmi

    I am looking to find the release date of Season 6. Does anybody know if it is getting produced?
    I couldn’t stop watching this show. Congratulations in the production and creation of this wonderful magical show. Yes, as a lot of people wrote: It can not end like this… We’re ready for it to continue, and the magical era truly begins… Thank you…

  453. patience simeon

    I personally i’m looking forward for the season 6

  454. umar Abuja Naigria

    please we need merlin season 6 , that is what we are waiting for.

  455. Jude

    hi, ma name Jude wen is merlin season 6 reaching Nigeria

  456. Anny

    So, we want the story to continue. We want Merlin season 6, 7, 8… How can the producers let the magic die?

  457. juanita

    Please put season 5 on Ipad and continue with this wonderful shwo. Please!!!!!

  458. nita

    we need this show to keep going. It is such a great program!

  459. Andreea

    it’s pity … why did they say that arthur will be the future king? … i loved it… but am not pleased with such an end… It never ends bad and if it dose then it’s not the end… -_-

  460. biggest FAN!

    SEASON 6,7,8,9,10,11,12………….1000!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S BEST SERIA I EVER WATCHED IN MY LIFE! 🙂

  461. damith

    plz….plz…….i beg you producer and writer.. don”t end our tv serious like that.story will be unfinished.there must be more part and we all are waiting for see MERLIN SEASON6’…. this is the most beautiful,wonderful and feeling story i ever watched.

  462. Jacob

    You have to make a sixth season! I personally love magic and my whole family enjoyed this series. We need to see the world with magic!!!!!!!!! Please bring it back.

  463. Fan

    Please theshow can be over. Come on this is a good show. I really like it. Give the fans of the show MERLIN a season 6. Or maybe a season 7 or 8. But for now give us a season 6. I really like the show so please please please give a season 6 please please please please……!

  464. Digna Soni

    Waiting for Season 6.. I enjoy the show so please let it be continued and the wait is too longgg.

  465. Dodi

    I am sad to hear that Season 5 is the last for Merlin. It was a well acted, exciting show to watch! One of my very favorites. If it is not too late….PLEASE KEEP MERLIN GOING! There is so much potential in developing Merlin and Arthur! Regardless, thank you for the experience!

  466. mjstgo

    Just saw last week that Merlin is no more really sad like the program and want more.

  467. Gay Putnam

    We are watching season 5 now. I can’t believe there won’t be another season. We love it.

  468. David

    This is one of the few shows the entire family enjoyed viewing together. While Atlantis is pretty good, it doesn’t reach the heights of Merlin.

  469. Stacey

    I never knew about this show. I found it on Netflix and watched all five seasons in a week. I was drwan to it. I grew up loving anything to do eith Camelot and Merlin. Excalibur has been my favorite movie since it came out early 80s but this series has been the best written and executed version of all. It was like the longest most entertaining movie of all time. Everyone involed in the series you have my applause!!!! I would love very much so to buy the whole series to pass down for I believe it will be as timeless as Excalibur. Eould love to see more , but if not I think the ending was very, very, well written and perform. I love all the actors and actresse that played the roles and if I could give you all an Oscar, I would. THANKYOU!!!!
    Most wonderful and entertaining series, and portrayals of Camelot ever written!!!!!! The actors and actresses were believable and made the series even more worth watching!!!

  470. deeraka


  471. michael

    hi there I’m Michael I’m from the Philippines and I’m a big fan of Merlin , please bring back Merlin… push it to season six and if possible push it for more seasons.. I really enjoyed watching Merlin… thank you so much

  472. Dylan Stitt

    They cannot cancel the best tv show ever Merlin’s story must continue there’s show much more to be shown endless storylines we the people want to keep watching give us many more seasons to continue to enjoy

  473. Samantha

    i love this show! This is one of the best Tv shows out there! My husband and i would watch it every night on NetFlix when he got home from work. We would love to see you further the show. i was extremely disappointed when it ended with Arthur dieing. There is so much more potential for this story.

  474. Tom smith

    Season six needs to happen there’s so much more to be told

  475. Erin

    Loved this show! It is one of the few shows I would let my 10 year old watch, as Merlin, Arthur, Guas, Gwen, the knights were great role models; displaying compassion, bravery, wisdom, humor, care for others, and fairness. Don’t see that much today.
    I was disappointed with the final season, it was rushed and I was amazed that after 5 years of Merlin, protecting Arthur the script actually had him “drop the ball,” really? During the two day journey to the lake with Arthur dying, my whole famiy kept yelling for Merlin to call the Dragon to take him and Arthur to the lake, but he waits until Arthur has died, really? Of course the two day journey was “necessary” so that Arthur could figure out everything Merlin had done for him… in the last 10 minutes of the show, really? At the very least the show could of had Merlin proving he was the greatest magician of all time and be able to bring Arthur back from death, thereby allow the prophecy that Arthur be killed by Mordrid at the battle, come to pass, but once again Merlin be able to defy the old religion/prophecy. The season could then have ended with a prologue indicating that he and Arthur would go on to build the great Albion of legend; especially given that writers throughout history have written and rewritten the Arthur/Merlin legends. This gave the writers/producers lots of leeway. Instead, he is supposedly standing vigil over Arthur’s dead body for the rest of his immortal life, REALLY? Ugh really, really bad ending to a great show!

  476. Robert

    I just finished watching the end of the 5th season on DVD, and am left with a sadness that I can’t explain. This show delivered a hope through fantasy & myth that I will very much miss. Although I know that the show had come to an end, I deeply wish that Merlin pulls some magic out of his hat and comes back to life. Thanks to all the actors & crew for such a great ride!

  477. yanelle

    I just think that you need to make a season 6&7

  478. Buddhi

    We need Merlin season 6

  479. lisa

    The ending of season 5 some how demeans the entire awesome program. This show was based around an ongoing plight to Albion, when Camelot would be ruled by the fair and great king Arthur, So for the show to end so short of this conclusion some how disrespects the characters, their on going struggle, the story line and finally then the viewers. As if the show ends before the ending, somehow? If that makes sense?
    I was also greatly looking forward to seeing the dynamic of merlin and King Arthur once it was known that Merlin had magic. I CANT BELIEVE ARTHER FOUND OUT ON HIS DEATH BED??? WHAT THE F….?
    Why didn’t Merlin call the Dragon earlier and save the King???
    Each episode reinforced Arthur and Merlins triumphs over Evil, Its warm and encouraging… Why end the final series in such an apposing way, it doesn’t ring true to the trilogy.
    Anyways my kids and I were absolutely devastated with the ending…….. The plot certainly lends itself to a season 6.
    Considering all the pilots of new shows that fail, I think the actors and the people behind putting this awesome series together shouldn’t ‘Look a gift horse in the mouth’ they have been blessed with a success of a show, people LOVE it….. Then, why stop there?. My rant finishes with PLEASE, RESERECT ARTHUR AND MORGANA AND LET THE ADVENTURE CONTINUE!!!!

    • Shazil

      That’s what I thought. Merlin have summoned the dragon whenever he needed him then why he didn’t use it for saving Arthur’s life. Why he preferred going by horses when Arthur was already knowing that he can control dragons too.
      Just like Games of thrones, they ended it when there should be a new season.
      Disappointed with the last episode after going so well in overall season.

  480. Sexiest

    I love merlin plz,we are waiting for season 6

  481. El-yakub

    It will be ok if merlin continous to season 6.and we fan will enjoy it

  482. Gavin

    Email me if you love this show

  483. Predrag

    Omg, this is best show ever!!!

    Season 06 would be best of seasons becouse it will have everything that fans want from begining: Artur will be reborn, Merlin will be sowing his powers etc…
    Give us more! Any official petition about season 6!???

  484. Ellen

    Look at all the people around the world that this series has touched. It is a community of fans coming together to beg for this not to end. Please continue with many more series or a movie we can continue to enjoy. I turn fifty this year and I absolutely loved Merlin! Nothing compares.

  485. Lydia

    PLease bring season 6 back with a good ending King Arthur is alive and that him and Merlin are back on their adventures. This finale of season five is so sad very sad…. It left Gwen and everyone in Camelot without seeing their King Arthur to say their last goodbyes. Please bring it back I shared this series to my family and now all of them are hooked to this…please! Please! Bring it back at least with a good ending.

  486. Helen Maw

    merlin is our favorite Tv series. We have all five seasons and have watched it twice. We want more. The series left you waiting for Arthur’s return. Too many fans are waiting for season six.

  487. joseph ibimmadu

    pls if posible let their be season 7,8,9,10 bcos merlin is best seasonal soever,and let it end happily,we ar still waiting for the next season of merlin.thanks merlin group ur hardwork is so extraodinary.

  488. Adams peace

    I want merlin season 6 to be realised,authur cant just die like that?

  489. diana79905

    I really hope they do something about it SOON! I Love the series! It needs a different ending.

  490. Kartika Pranoto

    no, why arthur just die like that, please continue

  491. Ajibola Mayowa

    Actor of a firm getting kill make no sense, pls bring it back nw it realy incomparable to others

  492. Samantha

    PLEASE CONTINUE WITH SEASON6!!! This has been a great series produced.

  493. Mike

    It can’t continue. King Arthur dies at Camlann. The show already alters so much of the air turbofan legend, that’s not something that can change.

  494. sherry

    My family just finished all 5 seasons its been great sitting with our kids watching the story unfold. I really hope that they will reconsider and make a season 6 or even more. We will watch it again.

  495. KC_Metal

    This is one of the best series ever. I’m on my 3rd go around watching all the shows and I just can’t let this ending go. Please go back in time rewrite the story with magic and have the legacy continue with Arthur still alive. IMO it was a great last episode but the ending was terrible and Merlin walking on the road like that was a terrible way to end the series. It was very disappointing to myself and my family. I’ll keep hoping and wishing that series 6 and beyond will be created.

    Thanks for all the great Merlin series It was a family favorite in my house!!!

  496. Veronica Williams

    Bring the show back. Pls. Merlin is a beautiful story. I am in love with it. I have been watching recasts and did deeper in the story each episode. I need season 6 7 8 9 … Bring it back.

  497. Chris

    We need SEASON 6! I agree with Veronica, 7,8,9,10………………and on. PLEASE!

  498. livingstone

    we need merlin to continue its not fair that arta found out n is going to die so what about merlinz destini of a great land between albian n camalot season.6,7,8,9 etc it must end well

  499. izzko

    Why is merlin 6 canceled. The story did not end. The creators should do what the people desire most. billions of people watched merlin.

  500. priscilla

    merlin can not end that way. we need season six pls try and do some thing about it for us.

  501. Charlie

    We loved watching Merlin every Friday night here in the U.S.
    Very upset to see that the show was cancelled:( Bring back the actors
    In another type of show/movie please!

  502. Janet

    Why in the world would anyone stop producing such an enjoyable and entertaining series? I am 66 years old and watch it with my grand kids. Kindly reconsider your decision.

  503. robert and Gracie

    That really sux my husband n I really were looking forward to new seasons

  504. angel

    bring merlin back for more seasons! :'(

  505. Jason

    We can get over 20 years of “the Simpsons” but only seasons of a show that is actually great entertainment for adults and children alike? Merlin was a great show for the entire family, no profanity or nude scenes but it’s not good enough to keep on the air but the crap we get from other shows is? Absolutely ridiculous. Bring it back, my mother, my children and myself were addicted to it and it gave us great entertainment as a family.

  506. More Merlin

    Just watched all 5 seasons! There needs to be more…

  507. Red

    Even though the maker of Merlin says Season 5 is the final episode, I’m still hoping and waiting for the release of Season 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20…. Red from Philippines…

  508. we want merlin back

    Ive watch every season of merlin and i agree their should be more seasons. They would be throwing away
    An opurtunity for them and the audience

  509. queen

    I really want a season 6

  510. Jennifer

    Waiting for season 6,,,,

  511. Freda donkor lucky

    Please produce the season 6

  512. Rumesh

    Iam a sri lankan.I never cryed over the movie in my life.I love Merlin very much.I need more Merlin. I don’t want to end like this.please I beg you all of actors ans actress to continue it.please bring Merlin back.please produce merlin 6!!!!plz!!!.This is my favorite show. Merlin can’t be over.We all are desperate to watch season.please bring Merlin back!!please.I beg you again and again…

  513. Mary-Jean Slaughter

    Plz plz PLZ bring back Merlin!!! It was an amazing show!!!! So much more to tell. My kids and ALL CRIED when it ended!!! Wewant more… The fans want more!!!

  514. stanley

    Agree dam good series must continue it is destiny to definately best series I have seen so far amazing story line that leaves u on edge must continue

  515. donna

    The story line is too amazing to stop where it did plz bring it back the series should still continue 🙂

  516. Ida

    I am upset that there is not going to be a Merlin… Season 6. i love this show, I have been watching it on Netflix and was looking forward to Season 6. You should change your mind about cancelling.

  517. harry

    merlin series is a must watch…please continue to season 6.. pleasei’m begging you… i really am hooked by this series…its great and wonderful

  518. Kathy C

    I loved Merlin, I couldn’t wait until Sunday to see it every week. I loved the story and I would love to see it come back. It is a sin that Merlin had to die. There has to be a season 6 and bring back Merlin.

  519. Mike & Bonnie

    We found this show on net-flex in feb 2014 and it’s been a very fun ride.
    We just finished season 4 and from all the comments We’ve read we almost
    hate to watch season 5 knowing that the show ends poorly. It’s a shame
    that a season six wasn’t done so all the story lines could come to an ending.
    When a show comes on that was as popular as Merlin and then it’s canceled
    it leaves a bad taste for the BBC – what were they thinking?

  520. family

    We are looking for season 6, this is one of the best shows we have seen, where you don’t have to tell your children to close their eyes or go out the room, my youngest is 5 and even he is still sitting looking at our show, this is a Great show but you cant leave us in the blue. We haven’t got to season 5-13 yet.. Reading all of this has got me thinking it might not be a good Idea to look at it. but merlin always has you going on to the next, you never know what’s going to happen even my husband is like “what” when looking at it and he’s not a fan of the supernatural… I must know what happens next…thank you Netflix for having this show and Thank you all or making it. Hope to see more


    it cannot not end from arthur’s death. pls continue it and release soon to us.

  522. Garry/Lonewolf

    Come on guys, the fans have spoken, over and over all over the world. Bring back Merlin, please. There is so much garbage on tv these days and so difficult for parents to find something the wh
    ole family could sit down and watch together. The show was the best I had watched with my kids and now looking forward to watch with my grand kids. The fans have spoken, please listen bring back Merlin, 6/7/8/9/0 its great.

  523. Pedro

    You have prove that many ppl watch your show and unlike those other cr*ppy shows on th air about vampires with feelings and sh*t this was one of the best right after supernatural ofcurse. So bring back Merlin

  524. Jay

    Bbc one this is from a huge merlin fan I have all the seasons merlin is making money everybody says it had a bad ending but it is your choice so don’t listen to them but even do I can’t force u to make a season 6 but for me and the other rest of merlin fans pls try and continue merlin.thanks

  525. jkr

    i agrre with all the fans for season 6 but it is logical that there will not filmed. caus ethe whole tv serie is based on the legend of king arthur and even the legend stops with the kings arthur death an dthe worlds of the dragon. if you search the myth you will see that some tgey still wai tking arthur to raise from the death. that is the bad woth series or films that are based on myths. they have a very bad ending

  526. Viola

    I can´t understand why they maid something so perfect as Merlin and ended it in that stupid way, it was a hard slap in the face. To follow a series that fantastic and waiting for a lot of answers you never get, is just awful, HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO US FANS AND HOW CAN YOU PRESENT SUCH A LOUSY ENDING, I HATE IT!!!!!!!!
    One more season would be enough to give us all the answers we still are waiting for and there is no chance that could be to much, all the fans are just waiting all over the world, (I´m from Sweden).
    I´ve decided in my head and heart that King Arthur are being healed right now so he can come back to Camelot and the series can continue. I want to see the great warlock Merlin will become, I want to see the white dragon being taken care of, and I want to see what happens between Merlin and Arthur after Arthur learned the truth about Merlin.
    If you don´t make a season 6 I have to write my own ending because I can´t stand the one you wrote , it was AWFUL, LOUSY, WORTHLESS, ROTTEN, POOR, MEDIOCRITY!!!!!!!!!!
    AND I HATE IT!!!!!

  527. Cheryl Senechal

    Many fans in Canada! Not a tv watcher due to garbage that’s permitted it. Found Merlin on Netflix and got lost in it. Please bring it back. All the characters were amazing.

    • lori dawe

      Same here we found it on Netflix! Absolutely brilliant tv show! In our house we love every british show on netflix! Midsomer Murders also very very addicting!

  528. Love merlin❤️❤️

    Will there come a sæson 6? Or? I love merlin! It can’t be over!

  529. V santos

    I Will lime to continue Wacthing Merlin’series.

    From PR

  530. kelvin mogaka

    I luv Merlin n Kant wait to c season six

  531. Ginny

    Love Merlin keep it coming I will watch!!

  532. Rheanne

    Please make a season 6, or a spinoff with the same characters. It’s my favourite show & it’s so alive & passionate. It must continue. I hope it does anyway

  533. Ebonie

    Hi. I am from Jamaica and I have watched Merlin since season one. I also bought all the DVD’s for the five seasons and I have watched each season consecutively at least five times already. However, I still cannot come to grips with the ending and I cry every time I see Arthur die. I am desperate for other seasons and hopefully a happier ending. Please.

  534. lori dawe

    Please continue the Merlin series! We love it here in Canada! It’s time for you to check your popularity again with the audience and you will see it rise to number one just like the recent spat of tv series…walking dead-Bates Motel-Dexter-Breaking Bad etc…..I believe Merlin to be right up there…excellent cast and the best story ever! You just needed to promote it more over our way!! My kids have become the biggest Dragon fans ever!

  535. Daniel Fortney

    It must be done! Please merlin is a great show and my friends and I agree on one thing and that’s that this show must go on I have an additional 20 fans behind me who say and conquer what my every words. Thank you for listining.

  536. andria

    we wont marlin season 6

  537. maxime

    this is the best serie i have ever seen!! i don’t understand why it would stop here? there is an open ending and my head is craving for more merlin, so please make it happen! it would be a dream come true

  538. Agatha

    please I want merlin season 6, because I don’t want Arthur death and I really love the serie.

  539. Hurt

    Awwww ! Come on now, the Dragon promised Merlin that Arthur would rise again & he is not suppose to lie to the dragon lord. Merlin did not lie to him when he promised to release him so the dragon should at least grant Merlin the power for Arthur to rise again, Gwen don’t want Arthur dead. she need him & he needs her so don’t let that pen dry up, change the cartridge or sharpen that pencil as long as morgana is dead Camelot lives.


    MAKE SEASON !!!!!!!!!marlin is the best TV show in the world I am it’s BIGEST FAN and if you don’t put it Bach on I might get CRAZY OR LOSE MY MIND so…………………………………….MAKE SEASON 6 AND EVEN MORE IF POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  541. tony

    nooo please make a season 6 and many more!!! omg i freaking love this show i don’t like how it ended then the dragon saying “for when albion’s need is greatest Arthur will raise again” you cant say that then end it XD please bring it back

  542. aya

    we can not get enough from merline….. I realy want to watch more seasons

  543. Gavin Calhoun

    Little late but learned about Merlin last week already finished series
    Sad that it ended with Aurther dead. Need season
    SIX will die without it. Cried all night when he died.SEASON SIX, SEASON SIX, SEASON SIX

  544. clay mari

    Sad ending to season 5, we are awaiting for seasons 6, me and my family live this show. We can’t wait for season 6 to start.

  545. pard

    Author can’t die like that and remember Albion has not been built. Albion must be built and Morgana must repent and beg authur for forgiveness the the movie can end . please Merlin can’t end like that we need season 6

  546. anuja

    i want merlin back with athur.plz start season 6

  547. Biira Jetrace

    If Merlin stops at season 5, then the whole thing losses meaning, we need to see Arther a great king, him knowing its Merlin who has brought him to that far, Morgana destroyed, please u know better.

  548. Christine

    I just finished the last episode if Merlin. Crushing. I was enjoying the series so much, I was having Merlin merethons. Undoubtedly my favourite show EVER! I want to see more. I want Aurthur to continue his rein. Please bring Aurthur back with Merlin’s magic of course. So much more could happen. Original cast to please 🙂


    I want merlin season 6 to be release because the movie is fantastic and can be compare with any movie I have watch so I can wait to watch merlin I want to see Colin Morgan, Angel Coulby, Bradly James in action so please release

  550. Kshas3

    I want Merlin season 6.I have just finished watching Merlin last episode.Plz this can’t be the end right……??

  551. eastergram

    what’s the date for season should be continued.

  552. Rachel hernandez

    Please make a season 6 we are addicted !!! I even got my husband addicted to the show we need a season 6 ASAP !!! I get a petition going 🙂 thanks

    • rozan gomas

      I agree with you because I too addicted to merlin

  553. rozan gomas

    I want merlin back because merlin is like a part of my life . Arthur should not die. please continue that. pleeeaaase

    • Susan Gomas

      I can guess you are a mad girl.
      Isn’t it?

      • rozan gomas

        you don’t know who is mad and who is intelligent.don’t you have a brain inside your head ?

  554. Susan Gomas

    # What”s the date for season 6 ?
    # It should be continued.
    # I want season MERLIN 6.

  555. Arnold

    What happened between the time of past and the future?…..why is Merlin in the future?….What happened to the rest of the characters between that time?…They shouldn’t end it like that….There is more from the way they ended the series and that’s what is making everyone curios to get answers to my question….Merlin cannot just pop up in the future with no reason..there must be something missing and that’s season 6 of Merlin!

  556. Susan Gomas

    Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase we want merlin season6.

    • rozan gomas

      you are a crazy girl susan morgan but in this case, you are right and I agree with you.

  557. Mehdi

    merlin should play and anyone not want to Arthur dead and me too I hope to season 6 of merlin and I please from shin and bbc to continue merlin please please please

  558. Bryn

    I cried for like, two hours after Arthur died. I hated how Arthur died in the end, and Merlin was alive up into the modern days. everyone is dead… Gaius, Gwen, everyone. He’s all alone… and he like, stuck there. Please give us a sixth season! PLEASE!

  559. Esther

    My husband and I are waiting for season 6. We loved the season and it can’t end with a semi truck and Merlin being old… Come on!!! This is actually a tv show worth watching!!!!

  560. abdul

    i think merlin should continue because i think it is one of the best shows

  561. Neziru

    Me tooooooooooooooo

  562. Merlin Watcher

    I am truly disappointed there is no season 6, this was a great and entertaining, suspenseful television series. The way 5 ended was a major let down almost seemed as though the writers did not know how to end it, perhaps they didn’t have anymore material and this is why there is no season 6. Very upsetting to hear it will not be continued given the way this massive fan base was left hanging wanting more.

  563. fan

    MAKE A NEW SEASON is totally what they should do

  564. yankuba nyassi

    pls. pls give us merlin its the best movie i have watch so far pls pls .give us the sixth season if not our pleasures are incomplete. pls dont leave us in array . we really need it pls pls we beg

  565. Fury A.

    Love this series, I really believe it should continue… Blessed Be. ..

  566. Tara luellen

    I am so disappointed in BBC for not continuing the TV series Merin. Best show on TV hands down. I am actually sad that they left the ending the way it was. You have the fans and support to make season 6… what are you waiting for! The fan base is crying and pleading for more. Do your part and do what’s right and finish the story.

  567. yohan dilshan

    that was very interesting series.I really believe it should be continue.
    i really don’t want arthur dead…
    I want to keep watching Merlin season 6!!!!.I wishhhhh…….

  568. Lika

    I’m very disappointed that there will not be a season6 of Merlin … it really was an interesting series and would like to see the continuation … all in all great series. Please reconsider?!

  569. Solani

    Do the creators not read these posts? Do they not see how many people absolutely adore the show? What is the Merlin fandom supposed to do now? CRY! A LOT!

  570. justinah

    i don’t like the ending too. it seems like I’v e wasted my time watching season 1-5. so please, bring us the ‘they all live happily ever after’ season 6.

  571. Jarjar

    I just finished the last series and that was the saddest thing ever. I cried all day, I really want to see more merlin. I would do anything! At the end 80 year old merlin walked passed a truck and the tower and the lake where Arthur is. A truck shouldn’t be in a legend so that means the legend is over, no more King, no more Camelot :'(

  572. Amanda

    I was so angry at the way they ended the series!!! I could not believe that they have you follow these great characters through an amazing journey just to kill off Arthur in the end! They did not do this series justice! Fix this, bring this show back and keep the cast!!!

  573. Cody

    There’s no way that can be the end. Can’t leave everyone hanging like that. So not cool!!

  574. saba

    everyne wants merlin season 6 to begin! please produce new season of merlin. there are too many fans who were waiting for new season. don’t make our hopes death!

  575. Katelynn


  576. Taylor

    Merlin is the best show I have ever seen I felt the pain and the tears that happened in the show I want another season because I know it will be great I was very sad when the seasons where over so I’m gonna watch it again and again until a 6th season is out I love the show more than I could a magin I used at least 2 boxes of tissues during the show because I feel all the sadness but I was very happy when morgana was dead she caused a lot of the doings of the magic so ya I love the show very much

  577. josephine

    reminber the dragon said authur is the one and furture king that marlin should take heart so u can continue with season 6

  578. JANA


  579. tanimowo sunkanmi

    it is the greatest injustice to the fans if ‘Merlin ” is really made to end like that. the producers should pls not play on our emotions. Bring up seasons 6,7,,,10. waitin to hear the news.

    • Jennifer Mendoza

      Your absolutely right

  580. Blade

    For the love of god and everything holy continue the show please I would ask for nothing more

  581. Jennifer Mendoza

    I have watch Merlin from Season 1 till Season 5 and I never thought that Arthur will be dead. It was really the best show I’ve watch in my entire life. Its really incomparable and I really salute the maker and its cast. But how come they just end that way…. they never fulfill yet the very core of the story to make Arthur the great king and allow magic in their land. So please I beg for Season 6 and if its the end hope we viewers will be satisfied then. Guys we are all waiting!

  582. Madusha

    i want season 6 i dont want to see athurs dead.merlin is my best tv series but at the end i daont like it

    • Judy Maguire

      Merlin didn’t set Arthur on fire, Please bring him back, the dragon said he would return…

  583. Melanie Hoff

    aww soo loved the show it had everything!! why is it the good ones get canceled?? really really wanted to see a season 6 and more!!!!!!!

  584. Katie

    I really really really really really want to see what happens. Me and my friends and family love this show and I don’t want it to end pppppppppplllllllleaaaaaaase make more merlin ppppllleeease:(

  585. Sandi Lynn scott

    Im a huge fan of the show! Do they count the views on netflix too! Cause a lot of people view it on netflix!

  586. joudi ammouri

    we merlin fans demand season 6 !!!!!

  587. Judy Maguire

    I just finished season 5…. PLEASE release season 6, I really enjoyed watching Merlin…

  588. josh

    I just finished the series its bull sh*t that their not doin a season 6 or 7 or 8 best series ive ever watched why not keep goin all theyd do by making more is make millions so why the hell not

  589. Lize

    I really lovend it so why don’t they make a season about the reincranation of arthur in the present day then tey both find tere way back to eachother and when Arthur remebers who he is he can go back to camelot to lead as a king and see gwenever again and accept magic

  590. Rubben

    How l wish merlin don’t have an end

  591. Dann Miller

    Bring on season 6. Way too good of a series to end. Colin and the entire cast is great.

  592. Jennifer

    I guess no more Season 6 for Merlin because its almost two years and we never heard of anything about it. Very sad i wish Arthur wasn’t killed on the last Season.

  593. Brandon

    You would be a complete idiot to stop a show this good. And to try and end it like that was rridiculous. At least produce a good ending to the story. I just now finished season 5 and was very dissapointed…. almost pissed really!

  594. Kristin

    I just binged watch Merlin and I am so disappointed they ended the show like that and that they ended the show all together!! How can they end it like that; REALLY! I want Merlin back!

  595. Tracy

    I have just finished watching the final season of Merlin and would love to see one more season where all is in it’s proper place and we are left with Arthur and Merlin fulfilling their destinies together. Arthur only found out about Merlin in the last few minutes. Just one more season……

  596. Justin

    Continue it! I loved this show! I was so excited to hear there might have been another season but wen it was canceled I was devistated.

    • Laylay

      I know right I am soo mad!!

  597. Laylay

    I want to watch freakin season six!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  598. Jennifer

    I hate them they don’t care what we fell after the last season it seems like this people are only playing with our emotions. Maybe they couldn’t think anymore of a continuation of the story they created themselves. TV shows is one way of releasing tension in a daily busy life but sad to say they also leave us stress. I will throw away all the dvd.

  599. Ian

    Just finished season five. I love this show and wish they would follow up with a season 6. I’d be sure to watch!

  600. Filip

    How can they finish this serial like this :@ … Just make season 6 its worth it !!!!!!!!!!

  601. John Owusu

    I love this seasonal movie,i want the season 6

  602. katherine

    Please bring back merlin.

  603. Agnes

    Please create Season 6.

  604. Jenny W.

    O MY WORD!!!!!! It can NOT end like THAT I just finished season 5 and I was glued to my netflix the WHOLE TIME!!!!!! My only question is why? Why end the show like that, like seriously that is just plain tourtière!!!! And they say all this stuff about it not being popular enough to add another season? I know plenty of people who will object to that comment!!!! That makes me so MAD!!!!

  605. Tees

    We want more, I watch it three times now, all five,, seeing things I miss the first two times I watch it,, I want more,, Merlin that dude, what happens next

  606. Bobby

    Please continue merlin the show is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  607. nicholas


  608. Helen

    Why did you guy take Merlin off? Why did u killed Arthur out like that if you are not planing to have season 6. You could of left him and giwen live happy ever after with Merlin and his magic. You guy are mean.

  609. Pedro

    whatever you guys are doing I don’t care, all I want to see is my Merlin back in a new clothes in season. Merlin remains my best season film, bring him back pls.

  610. Rhonda

    Please bring Merlin back! It’s such a wonderful show…I love all the cast and it has me really s*cked in. It can’t end like that..why don’t you give the public what it wants? I just can’t believe that there are shows on that people or sick of, but you take off and cancel the shows that we do want. .Merlin has a lot of followers and we want more!!!!!!

  611. christine

    Pls we want merlin to return bring back season 6 and even more merlin is my best season movie ever infact i dnt like the end to be full of sadness it should be full of happieness nd arthur will return

  612. Dorr


  613. Charlie-Anne

    I live in Canada, so everything gets here later then normal. I work evening so I have to watch everything online; I just finished season five last night and freaked out. Started looking online for season six because that ending left me hanging and I really need a sixth season. I just thought it wasn’t on netflix yet. PLEASE I BAG YOU BRING ME ANOTHER SEASON.

    I am the type of person when watching something or reading something I am as if I’m actually in. I feel as if my soul is there in that present and I will spend my whole day watching cause I’m so interested. It took me 2 weeks to watch all the episodes season 1-5. Please I don’t my soul to end here in this state I need more. Or at least make it and make us who want to watch it buy it online or in the store. PLEASE

  614. Beans

    I NEED to see more!! It just can’t end like this!!!

  615. nikki

    We need season 6.

  616. Sonia

    I really want to see more please!!! Thank You

  617. Maria

    Pls make more season of Merlin. He can go back to the past and save Arthur .

  618. Can read between the lines

    The continuation of Merlin will be Gwen and Arthur’s baby. They alluded to the fact that Gwen is pregnant. The future of Camelot will be Arthur. Did anyone know it meant Arthur’s son?? Of course Merlin will be there to honor him.

  619. Melodie

    Please produce Season 6… We cannot let it end with Merlin revealed and Arthur dying…the prophecy indicated Arthur would return. The sword was caught by his hand in the lake of Avalon… There are too many adventures yet for Merlin and Arthur to conquer.

  620. Charlene

    Merlin needs to continue because the last episode was left opened.
    Merlin is wondering the city without anyone to help. Why stop it there? Makes no sense.
    I got my mother hooked on the show, now she asking if it will continue.
    They need to bring it back since Merlin is in our time now.

  621. mauric

    Merlin has to keep continue, indeed , the 5th season has an open end.

  622. Merlin Amanda

    It was a total injustice on the part of the fans. Just because Capps and Murphy wanted to move on. We would have been sad but happy if Merlin had ended in the right way. Rumours also say that the cast was unhappy with the way the story was going so C and P spat out the dummy and ended it in such a cruel way. BRING IN NEW WRITERS AND BRING IT BACK.

  623. bob

    did merlin kill morgana?

  624. awot dereje

    i feel so sad like heart broken!merlin should not have to end with the death of arthur! i want to be continoued season 6 and i am awaiting for it hopely!

  625. marlene bussey

    My family and i are a huge fans of MERLIN . We just finished watching the last episode and we are very upset that there is not going to be any new ones. The end was horrible and just leaving us fans hanging is not right. Please make more seasons with the wonderful actors !! What a shame it would be for a good family series to END. Please make season 6 and hopefully more…..

  626. louis

    Merlin audience has grown and every u guys keep it out the more bigger it grows so bring it back or we don’t watch the new story. Really it the best show have ever seen……………

  627. Prince Adeiza

    I love Merlin is d best movie of all movies please continue

  628. bhajemz

    I really love watching merlin. I even downloaded it from the internet just to watch it again and again. I also wanted it to have more seasons, but maybe i’ll just respect what the producers and actors decisions.

  629. jason

    yes be nice to see a season show that has ending to it

  630. jordon

    I cried so hard at the end of season 5. But knowing Arthur would live again gave me hope and made me happy until I looked this crap up. I am not pleased and neither are other Merlin fans. The good guy should always live in the end. )_____:

  631. earlyerka

    in aland of digital at atime of mergic the destiny of the audience lies in the hand of the directors there name johnny capps nd julian murphy

  632. Rachel H.

    Loved each season of Merlin more than the previous. Really would love to see season 6! I’m truly bummed that Arthur died in season 5 and I’d love to see him return.

  633. Phildrum

    Merlin has been the most addictive program I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch, and sadness to see end. And with no use of vulgarities making it appropriate for all viewers, bravo! PLEEEEEEASE BRING IT BACK!!! Or movies at least!

  634. Ethan


  635. Princess

    Id love to see some more of Merlin. I couldnt stop watching it after i started i got mad when there werent anymore episodes to watch so please continue to air Merlin thanks!

  636. linda

    Me and my family have LOVED Merlin right through every episodes and watched and re-watched the DVD’s countless times. We are still heartbroked that it has ended – PLEASE COME BACK!

  637. vicky België

    Bring merlin season 6.
    I need a good end with Arthur and merlin.
    Can You Tell Me off My whish Will come true

  638. Abbey

    Please have a season 6!!!!!!!

  639. Amélie

    C’est pas juste, Arthur peut pas être mort, je veux une saison 6. Merlin n’a pas accomplie son destin.
    Saison 6, saison 6 et saison 6.

  640. Jin906

    i am from the Philippines and i love this show and i say produced this season 6 no matter what coz a lot from the Philippines love this show and ” I Think ” the queen your queen also loves this show everyone love this i mean it.. this kind of craft of masterpiece cant be explained with words i know im not that kind of someone but pls for the love of camelot bring this season 6 to reality…..ill accept no matter what kind of show is season 6 is though i know in my heart that this will be a great show i mean legend are made not born….

  641. madison olson

    Bring back the Merlin series bring back Arthur! Don’t Gwen and Arthur have kids? Don’t forged you have thousands of fans in america!

  642. SaoKirito


    • Jj


  643. marvin

    me too i want season 6

  644. The Darrell

    Merlin is the best series ever it gives good life lessons bring back Arthur and Lancelot. For the love of Camelot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bring us more seasons please for all that is good in this cold world

  645. Jj

    I. WANT. IT. BACK. SO. BAAAAAAAAAAAD. I am so sad arther died:(

  646. dollylolly

    I love this programme I have all the box sets and I am currently rewatching them all as there is no good entertainment on TV at present. Why cancel such a good entertaining progromme ? I say bring Merlin back!!!!! There is easily one more series it spoils the legend just leaving it like this.

  647. willard

    i want it beq coz i dont want AUTHER dead pliiiiiz

  648. merlin fan

    Why will there be no series 6 it is my understanding that Arthur was suppose to accept magic and unite Albion he only found out Merlin had magic right before he died? So how does he get known as the king who united magic and camelot? I was left with a real sence of dissapointment to know that Arthur would never rule the kingdom with magic accepted by him surely being a powerful sourcerer and dragon lord Merlin could of helped that white dragon heal and talk and surely Arthur was meant to rule and invite magic back for if he dies he was no different from his father during his time as king for all the people whole used magic hid it from him, I have been left feeling like there is more to be said, and have found a show called merlins apprentice its different characters but its that something more that we all want so until I gear about series 6 the ending on merlins apprentice has completed my merlin journey

  649. Nick Dillon

    I watched Merlin and I agree with everyone else please don’t end it there this show is truly magnificent in every way I hope that the creators will not cancel Merlin for I was surely looking forward to season 6 please let it happen

  650. ELTON


  651. Eric


  652. douet2

    need to complete it right Arthur and merlin grow old together and keep Camelot safe. Magic is revived and there needs to be better closer than what you guys did. I just now was able to watch the entire series and what was done was left everyone still wanting more. do something to make it right.

  653. AAAK

    I want season 6
    It can’t be ended like that we want story completed

  654. jurgen pf phillipines

    Please release the season friends family also pilipino people loves MERLIN.they wait for the rise of arthur and what happend plesssss guys..release it..we are all MERLINIAN here in the phillipines..

  655. michael christensen

    Give us some more of it i love the serie so much

  656. Jean Martin'Otterman

    Hello To Everyone Accountable For The Series “Merlin”,
    I realize your’s is probably not an easy job, but surely you must know what a success “Merlin” is,
    and still can be. Far be it from me to tell you how to do your job, I wouldn’t know where to begin!!!
    I must tell you though I, like countless others absolutely LOVE the series “MERLIN”. Is it possible to make another season? I wonder, if it’s not possible yet, would it be possible or even probable to create a series telling some delightful tale, with Bradley James and Colin Morgan??? Those two men are so much fun to watch; you could say they go together like Jack Benny & Geo. Burns!!! Okay, you can laugh, I know I’m giving away my age now, Ha ha. Thank you for your good work!!!

  657. Heidi

    Please bring back

  658. cissi

    still waiting for season 6 to come out….
    modern time Merlin finds a way to restore Arthur’s life.
    they then return to Camelot
    meanwhile it has been years and Arthur discovers that he has a son whom is now king
    Come BBC something, anything. just bring Merlin back PLEASE

  659. Carina

    Merlin is an awesome TV series. it is one u expect to go on forever. I am very sad that Morgana died she is my favorite character. They should difinetly make another season.

  660. Gladis

    Bring back Merling 6 and 7 please Merling is the best

  661. v

    It was disappointing for the season to end with Arthur dead. It is ridiculous to end the show. They bring it back m. From when he put Arthur in the boat and pushed him towards the island and him coming back to life.

  662. Himala

    Hey!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m from Sri Lanka.I think my Whole class waits untill MERLIN RETURNS BACK.So Reconsider PLAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESeee

  663. louise doornenbal

    I also wanted a seson 6!!!

  664. darlien

    I’m looking forward to see season 6 . I personally don’t like to watch season movie, but this
    is the best ever.

  665. viv

    PLZ Just make season 6

  666. Hayden

    Can you please put up a season 6 of merlin I really like it and the other people like it aswell

  667. Vivi


  668. carol

    pleeeeease keep this going I have just watched the whole of 1 to 4 reruns on abc Australia you are not being true to the legend Arthur lives on and embraces magic for good and merlins counsel this is THE best series ever on tv and you end it after 5 seasons tv is supposed to be entertainment Merlin is it sick of all the other crap and reality shows out there

  669. Chessecar


  670. rishika pandey

    merlin cannot end like this it needs to return the creators have no need to think that the audience is decreasing

  671. wolf68

    even after all this time, still wishing they would bring it back.

  672. Mohamed Conteh

    I will still be waiting to watch season6

  673. Supreme

    Merlin is the best seasonal film I have ever seen so pls Continue

  674. nima

    so much iranian people want more season (6) because season 5 was realy bad ended for this good serial.

  675. ZeeQue

    I was tuned into the series only a few months ago….I watched all five seasons in 4 weeks on DVD …I love the story and every character….I finished the last episodes last night….and I was sooo sad….to understand that it was the end? I WISH the MAGIC to continue….Camelot Continue…and would LOVE to see more of the story….NEVER END! I amnot the only one, I am sure, that has grown a connection with the characters…I’ve come to love them all…good vs evil… (of course in Camelot…the uplifting and precious outcome (s)…. although there is tragedy…good overcomes evil….and, well, there are NOT enough stories that take us away from reality….and makes MAGUC real <3 When Merlin was feeling he was "lost" and his father came to him in hte crystal cave…the message of believing <3 had my heart soar….and Please wonderful writers…and amazing actors….I hope with all my heart….there will be more. Sad to think the Old Dragon had met his time….but Who ? will care for the White Dragon….now? With MAGIC anything and everything is possible….believing makes it possible. HUGE HUGZ!

  676. Kate

    I want to know season 6 start date for the U.S.? I was super pissed when I found out it got canceled,

  677. Aneliza

    When is the release date for Merlin season 6? It has to be brought back!! I just finished watching all 5 seasons since I foundthe 5th on netflix. we need a 6th one!!bring it back

  678. kingsley

    pls they should produce the season 6 no matter what it takes. plsssssssss!

  679. kris

    i love merli i want merlin to be back for
    season 6 and season 7 i really do so PLEASE

  680. Rosa

    I watched 5 season of Merlin and I wanna see more. I dont like that Arthur has died, and I didn’t see that Merlin had become the most powerful sorceres. Don’t like the way it finished!!!! It could be more story for another sseason 🙁

  681. stillcloud

    Adding my voice and vote for New seasonS of Merlin. Best BBC series ever ! Please continue – I’ll be there with every spell, with all the magic … that is alive and well within each of us ! Arthur, Come back ! Morgana, wake out of the evil spell and Arthur, embrace Merlin’s power for good. Albion MUST be born ! I’ll even write the script if needed 🙂

  682. Marlène

    It’s not the right way to end this. Very disappointed about the writer wanting to quit when it should all begin! Get with it guys!!!!

  683. Ernest

    Please if i wait till next week nd if dere is no season 6 with complete episodes. i will kill my self. i cant wait to watch dat video.

  684. liam

    Hi, I’ve watched every season every episode, I am a massive huge fan of Merlin, and it should continue on with season 6.

  685. ugwu valentine

    pls continue merlin,am really missing it

  686. keke

    We need more Merlin me n my brothers n sister wont to see season six of Merlin it is better out of all of the shows I have seen thats nit fair Merlin is not suppose to rnd like that Neelin n Author were supose to change things n bring back magic pleeeeeeeeeeeease make more ason of Merlin out it is the best show EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  687. callum gordon

    I do not think merlin should be done not with that ending they should make a 6 season because at the end of season 5 it said wen the time is right arthur will rise again once more or atleast make a movie episode type of thing were camalot is at war and arthur rises once more but mabye he brings an army of fallen camelot soldiers we want merlin we want merlin we want merlin long live merlin

  688. Anne Martinez

    Please we need more adventure. We need Merlin. En mi casa nos hemos vuelto adictos a la serie pues que vengan mas temporadas 6,7,8,9… Lo mejor que hemos visto. It’s a realy un show hecho con el corazon. Aqui esta su publico para apoyarlo y desearles mucha suerte y con la magia y el amor podemos continuar entregando felicidad en muchos hogares.



  690. Christina

    I was sooooo sad that its ending…….. I guess it would be supper disappointing if the show continued when Merlin was an old man. Im sooooo sad.

  691. Christina

    I was sooooo sad that its ending…….. I guess it would be supper disappointing if the show continued when Merlin was an old man. Im sooooo sad.

  692. njoro brian

    Merlin should not leave… he’s my favorite character and also the funniest

  693. Silje

    Please bring Merlin & Arthur back, ” For the LOVE of Camelot” and the whole series including actors, writers, editors, producers. I hope it will come back one day… As Gaius sometimes say: ” Let`s hope so, for ALL or sakes “

  694. Udit

    craving for season 6

  695. Mary

    please please please ……continue the season 6. A lot of us supporting Merlin. The best show ever.

  696. mehdi

    6 season you go, please

  697. chase

    Hello I’m a big fan of Merlin and I want to see season 6 I have re watched it alot and have been waiting for season 6 so please bring back Merlin

  698. aylin

    I am a very big fan of merlin and ilove this persian and i want merlin back.please

  699. Karen

    I just binge watched the whole series in less than two weeks…..To find out it’s over!?!?!?!
    BRING IT BACK!!!! Need a season 6!!!!!!

  700. Danny Frost

    I love the show would love more.

  701. Merlinian forever!

    I TOTALY agree with everyone here!!we need more seasons of merlin!at least one more pleaaaaseeeeeeeeeee!It’s the best..pleaseee

  702. Steven

    Magic was never leagalized was it? How can Albion be? Give us a Season 6!

  703. elizabeth

    why i cant believe it merlin must be revived!!

  704. Keren

    I miss the show so much ,it hurts

  705. Jerri

    Just found out about Merlin a couple of months ago and have watched all thru Season 5. I am 62 years old and this was the best written and best acting I have ever seen in my entire life. You HAVE to bring it back. But only with the same original cast. They had something very special. I am sure with the worldwide fan base, it would be worth it to pay them very well for at least 5 more seasons. You would have a guaranteed hit. I agree that the last season contradicted a lot that was said in the previous 4 seasons and ended very badly. I feel I lost my family. You have no idea what this show did for people. I think whoever cast this show needs an award also. The chemistry between everyone was the best of any show I have ever seen, including other series that go on for 8-10 years at least. There was sooooo much that still needed to be covered and accomplished. PLEASE PLEASE bring it back…

  706. Gabrielle

    I think they should make a season 6 as merlin is an amazing series and it was very successful.
    I have just brought all of the season that bbc relised and my son loves them.
    Please make season 6.

  707. Patricia

    There has to Come a season 6. In Holland People are not done with merlin. And it’s not like it has never been done before. Look al. Charmed, they wanted to stop it after 7 seasons, and ended by letting them die. But still they founded a wat to make a season 8. So Come on and make a New season or more from merlin.

  708. Hannah

    Oh there better be another season or I’m going to flip!

  709. Christopher E. Ross Sr

    I would like to say to have been watching merlin has been great I really enjoyed the episodes and all of the seasons but it is time for the seasons to go on and you all need to make it happened all of the actors and actresses are great so please on behalf of everybody who has made a comment on this show please bring back merlin Tv series Season Six to tell the rest of the story.

  710. rita a

    I too would like the return of Merlin. All with the same characters. There is something magical about their interaction with each other. This is a family show that appeals to all ages. It is innocent, funny and couldn’t wait for the next episode. Please continue Merlin!

  711. B-rad

    Please continue the story, it has inspired me so much. If needed I will try to help with the set

  712. ryan lemke

    Seriously . Why would you end it today. This is a on going story. Ive watched from the beginning. And I’m waiting…. Merlin walking down the road and going home to guies. ???? His favorite meal is waiting for him.

  713. nakai harris

    Make a season 6 of merlin its amazing

  714. Jade

    Please bring Merlin back!

  715. Tusant kendrick

    There is none like it the story is life long in all country’s its one of the greatest ever told. And it should not end that way…

  716. brian

    bring back merlin season 6,,,we’ve fallen hard for the characters…

  717. jonesBeltran4U


    i dont agree with your answer…

    i neeeeed MERLIN…merlin season 6 please..

    please… more merlin

    we’re a died-hard-fan of merlin..


  718. Anna

    We still want to see merlin season 6.
    Please do continue the story.

  719. kevin

    Why did you have to cancel the show Merlin it was one of the best shows ever that show had mystery drama action and little bit of everything that show was one of a kind please bring it back we need it It’s what keeps us going and watching the show
    You cannot cancel the show please it is everything I have cried for that I had laughter that show I have nothing else to do the whole day but watch Merlin please bring it back y’all have 2376 like come on you’re not a letdown 2376 fans of Merlin

  720. neyrina

    I really want to see merlin season 6 i just saw the trailer but i really want to see season 6 because morgana will be alive again and arthur and merlin and morgana will be couples its just great i am looking forward to season 6 i really hope i cant stop thinking about merlin’s movie its like the best season movie ever i cant keep my minds off it i really looking forward to it…. please hurry hurry.

  721. brian

    we are million of fans here in the Philippines asking for more of merlin so we ask for season 6 please….

  722. Clish

    Hello to all!
    I just finished watching BBC “MERLIN “-
    I do wished all the acTors would come to terms with writers, producers n director and do a season 6-7-8 etc.
    this was a very good series n it’s a shame they way you ended . You all were happy in the beginning when the series started . Please please!! You all have grown up with this series please give the fans our request for a a season 6!!

  723. Clish

    Can anyone confirm the death of this series. Will there anymore series?

  724. Kenneth

    If ur not going to finished a show then why make it that’s stupid in that is why fans r what ever u call them stop likeing everything you put out cuz you won’t finish it

  725. pedramdx

    i from iran , we like to watch season 6 7 8 9 and ……

  726. fahad

    i really want to watch season 6 i dont want Arthur dead pliz

  727. merlin fan

    we all want season 6 MERLIN should continue.i do not want arthur dead.

  728. Tye

    If the producers of the show are reading this. this is to you. I see that I’m not alone in my love for the show, and the cast. But the way you ended season 5 I don’t disagree with as so many did, because it opened up the possibility for no only another season but also a spin off of Merlin in modern times. Also leaving the possibility to continue the story from medieval times. As for my testimony, I watched on Netflix. and haven’t slept for three days at least even though I’ve seen the whole series 4 or 5 times now because I’m THAT hooked on it .
    Though I know my testimony alone isn’t enough.but I notice that there are a lot of people who feel as strongly as I do about continuing the series. So it’s my sincerest hope that ALL of these peoples testimonies will be recognized and that you’ll continue the series and maybe even a modern time spinoff. Maybe this note will convince you, maybe it won’t. I still feel I owe you a major thank you, you and the cast, for an unforgettable experience with this show. I’ve tried watching other Arthurian tales but it’s not right because it’s not the right cast. So I now thank you and the cast for all do the work you put into this show. And even if there are no more seasons on the way I’ll continue to watch the show.

  729. ameenarampersaud

    i have recently watched merlin season 1,2,3,4 and 5. and saying to my self where is season 6,7,8 ………. and on .please make more episodes of merlin.i have watched alot of other amazing tv shows like pretty little liars,switched at birth,vampire diairies,if loving you is wrong,sleepy hollow,bates motel and lots more i can go on all day i have watched all those tv shows and none made me want more will they did but not as much as merlin when i finished watching merlin i say it cant end like this i need more.other tv shows are great but merlin is very believing and i need more i say if this started in 2008 and it ended 2012 it is 2015 we are in now and 3years have gone by we need more all those year you must have come up with some thing please continue merlin you must it cant end like that it must have a story behind the way i love way y,all acted in merlin colin you acted great but you have to good on your crying you made movements and sound but only one and two tears but it was still great,bradley you acted awesome ,angel i love the way how you cried so much tears how do you do that i heard that your parents are guyanese and you are borned in london i myself in a guyanese and i live in guyana great acting perfessional,and katie you yourself acted very good you looked very nice for a witch,and in one of the episodes i saw the speaker falling in the screen but the everything was all right it was still awesome so please make more

  730. Libby

    Please make or release season six!!! Really loved the show!

  731. Victoria

    I would like to watch season 6 of Merlin cause is really interesting

  732. David

    bring back season 6 of Merlin

  733. katie

    Ok, it’s 2016 now, is there still a possibility of a season 6?
    What about for Netflix?
    Or a movie even?

  734. Tina

    P!ease please do a season 6 I only found out about merlin about 2 months ago and I watch a couple of episodes every night I have to watch at least 1 before I go to sleep and I’m nearly at the end of season 5 so please we need a couple more seasons.

  735. Moleleki Puleng

    #bringback Merlin, um still waiting n I will always do

  736. jeger

    please i want merlin have a season 6 because i watch it every night this film is so amazing… thats why i want season 6 please.


    If actually the film ends at Arthur death, the films made no meaning to merlin destiny. hope to see the continuation

  738. Jenn

    Please please bring it back. I just finished season 5 with a broken heart. I truley wanted more. Please reconsider.

  739. Tammy

    PLEASE !!!!

  740. jean

    Please bring back more seasons of merlin . Loved all 5 seasons. Everyone missing merlin series .

  741. Sara

    Over the past 3 years all these people have begged and pleaded for more merlin seasons it is an amazing show with a huge fan base people from all around the world are watching and yet no more merlin if the BBC is that ignorant that they are not listening then there is something sadly wrong we need to make them listen I have watched every episode of merlin more than once I might add and I would be almost giddy at the thought of season 6 it is the BBC who are loosing viewers but it just shows it dosent matter what we want the big people at the BBC are not interested in the opinions of the actual viewers

  742. Christopher E. Ross Sr.

    Merlin tv series should continue to be produce what are you directors and producers are doing is wrong do not want to see Aurthur see dead want to see him rise again and rule Camelot please bring back Merlin season 6 and let it continue until the fans and actors get tired of it.

  743. Judy

    Loved the Show and the actors. I want it to continue.
    well done – well done.