Oct 12

Public Morals season 2 ?

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When does Public Morals season 2 start? Is the show cancelled or renewed? We want to know the premiere date on TNT in 2016! Hurry up!

Channel: TNT
Created by: Edward Burns
Genre: police drama

Police drama Public Morals didn’t manage to become the top-rated newcomer on TNT this summer 2015. Despite the fact that the first episode was watched by more than 2 million Americans, now the number of fans fell below 650 thousand people.

The rating of the show is reducing with every new episode, that questions its renewal for Season 2. The experts believe, the new episodes won’t be ordered. That’s why the premiere date in 2016 shouldn’t be awaited.

But there is still no official verdict of TNT, that’s why hope for renewal remains.

It should be noted that Edward Burns, playing the role of the officer Terry Muldoon, is also the producer of the given show. Will the project manage to be financed for its second season?

Public Morals season 2 start date – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

We will know after TNT’s announcement. Follow the updates!

UPDATE 1 (December 15, 2015): The police drama Public Morals has been cancelled by TNT after one season.

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  1. Ron

    This is going to be a big hit,characters are very believable. Give a chance!

  2. Michael F.

    Another typical bullsh*t show on TNT!

  3. linda raymond

    please bring this show back Great show well written and acted

  4. Lang

    We loved this show, please bring it back. Characters are great.

  5. Martina

    Please bring back public morals great show and cast!!

  6. Charity Swift

    Please Please Please Please bring the show back…LOVE IT!!! Will be SO sad if you don’t renew!!!!!!!

  7. Sheire

    Binged watched the first season on the edge of my seat, now wanting more.

  8. Cal Rogers

    Bring it back!! Loved it.

  9. Jack B

    One of the best acted, written shows on TV. You gotta bring it back

  10. Gail

    Love this show! Hope it is renewed!!

  11. Renee

    Loved this show! Please bring it back. You guys always cancel the good ones!

  12. Nina

    I love this show!!! When is it coming back on?

  13. Jerry

    The show is too good to be cancelled. That and Major Crimes are two of the best TV shows.

  14. W Robert

    great show, too bad TNT has no idea when they have a hit. SAD

  15. joe

    Bring it back period…..

  16. Don

    Was a great show could have been a big hit if given more time

  17. Lola

    I am so sick and tired of great shows like Public Morals being cancelled after one season…… I loved this show from the first show….wonderful writing and acting… Just loved this show. I hope TNT will give it one more chance……PLEASE!!!

  18. herb snyder

    great show please bring it back

  19. Dawn Michelle Boyer

    You really don’t know when you have a hit! Public Morals had the whole family watching together.

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