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The Bastard Executioner season 2

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Will there be The Bastard Executioner season 2? What about the new episodes’ premiere in 2016 on FX? We are waiting for the start!

TV-channel: FX
Created by: Kurt Sutter
Genre: Historical fiction

In September 2015 the television series The Bastard Executioner, developed by Kurt Sutter, was launched on FX. As it was actually expected, its premiere turned out to be interesting and the pilot episode was watched by more than 2 million Americans.

Despite that fact, the critics left many negative reviews about the given historical fiction drama, and scored it low on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.

The creators’ expectations weren’t justified and it didn’t manage to keep its auditory. During the broadcast of the sixth episode the number of fans fell below 1 million people, which questions the renewal of the show for Season 2. The experts doubt the release date will be announced, as the project has tiny chances to be financed.

The Bastard Executioner season 2 premiere date – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

We’re following the announcements, waiting for FX verdict!

UPDATE 1 (November 18, 2015): Bad news… The Bastard Executioner has been canceled by FX drama after one season.

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  1. Shi

    Please keep this show going! Season 2 is a must!

  2. Loralee

    Best show on TV please come back for Season 2!

  3. Davis Hodgdon

    Great show! It should get the same audience as GOT and Vikings! Make Season 2!

  4. Frank N.

    I look forward to it every week. The show deserves another season!

  5. FFF1

    I really enjoyed The Bastard Executioner. The characters are great and the storyline is compelling. Can’t wait to see watch it again!

  6. Merlyn Reddick

    Love the show! I’m impressed with the time period. Please make Season 2 happen!

  7. colleen

    I want a season 2. So what if it’s not historically correct. It’s not the history channel. It is entertaining and engrossing. And not to offend anyone but how much of the bible is historically correct it was written by man with embellished stories hundreds of years after the facts. The critics should get off their horse and enjoy the scenery instead of critiquing it!

  8. Nanfeldt's

    As the storyline developed we got into it and really enjoyed watching. I am confident
    it will be back. Looking forward to hearing when.

  9. Dan

    I too would love to see a second season, but as usual, we have some fat cat, sitting high in a comfy office, on his/her fat ass, making determinations that are contrary to what we, the viewers want. Somebody is not making enough money off of the series, so instead of bearing with it, and waiting for things to pick up, they cancel it, and put on a cr*ppy series, or show that only waterheads and imbeciles would watch.

    My wife & I looked forward to each new episode, and taped them all. Now, we have to watch reruns because some clown decided to cancel an entertaining series. They did the same sh*t with Zoo, and a couple of other series that were entertaining, Alcatraz is another series that was cancelled after 1 season. When are they gonna let us watch & enjoy shows that we find interesting, and stop worrying about making a billion dollars off of 1 show. Corporate greed is a filthy, disgusting trait, & frankly, it makes me sick to my stomach to see it.

    • Holly

      This is for Dan. Amen. I loved the show & waiting for new season when I discovered it was cancelled. Is The Strain next?

  10. Deborah Dorf

    why are you cancelling this show? it was so good. I watch tv to go to another world. It was different, fresh, and not another police, hospital, or reality show. Please, please reconsider. Maybe more people will catch on with another season more publicity. Please! it was was of my favorite shows. PLEASE RECONSIDER.

  11. frank gorrie

    great show, you always cancel the good shows and start or leave a cr*ppy one on

  12. Brendean

    I loved the show. It seems they always cancel the shows you can really get into. I am really disappointed. It was a piece of true History and not fake like so many shows. It needs to be available for anther season or a movie needs to be made. I feel like the viewers got caught up and then cropped the way season one ended

  13. Stacy Macon

    Man this is some cr*p! I have been waiting on it!

  14. John

    Just found on Hulu, so sad the next six seasons will all be fan fic.

  15. Gretchen

    It’s too bad that such an awesome series “The Bastard Executioner” was cancelled, but bs such as “Fear of the Walking Dead” lives to “walk” another season!!!

  16. Debra Parrish

    So what if the show is not historically correct … look at the show Reign … now that is not historically correct neither are the costumes the actors wear and this show is still on the air? I do not watch the show Reign .. that is taking a time in history that is well known and adding all this unreal activities. Now the Bastard Executioner took the possibilities that it could of happened in history … unknown history. It intrigued the imagination. Loved the cast of actors and the location of the filming.

    I and my husband do not watch reality TV, Cop, Hospital or sports … we want to watch a show that will stimulate our imaginations and let us dream of a different place. We want to unwind and not have our nerves rattled even more … we watch the news and that is enough for reality!!

    I pray another station will pick up this show … it is worthy of another season.

  17. Gregory Dobbs

    This show really should be brought back for a season 2. Just check out The Kingdom on Netflix that was finally brought back back for it’s 3rd season. This is horrible to leave the series with no closure.

  18. Lady of North

    Just Binge season one and it has me searching for another season. I loved it all. Sutter is amazing in this. I have enjoyed 3 of his series along with wife Katy Segal. I love that they work hand & hand in some of the best story telling tv has to offer. If this one is no longer available. I am sad. I thought it was such a different take on the land of ladies and lords the story wasn’t for everyone but I loved it. I was saddened to see it not being sold off to Netflix is or Hulu.

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