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Revenge season 5?

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Revenge should be cancelled or renewed for a fifth season? We neen the premiere date of the new episodes in 2015 on ABC! When does Season 5 start?

TV-channel: ABC
Created by: Mike Kelley
Starring: Madeleine Stowe, Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann, Henry Czerny, Ashley Madekwe…
Genre: Soap opera

Season 3 Episode 22: 4.87 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 19: 3.84 million U.S. viewers

The critics claim the fans of «Revenge» television series might not see it on ABC in 2015/2016. The show was negatively criticized after the number of its fans fell below 4 million people, which was simply unacceptable for the shows with such budgets.

Obviously, the issue concerning renewal or closing of the show is already being discussed by ABC management; however, some experts believe the start date of Season 5 might never be announced.

The official decision of the rights holders will be made public very soon, so it will be published here.

Revenge season 5 premiere – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

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UPDATE 1 (April 29, 2015): Bad news… ABC canceled Revenge after four seasons. The upcoming finale (May 10) will serve as the end of the series.

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  1. Jutta

    This just cannot be! I absolutely love this show and everything about it. Please please please don’t cancel !!!

    • edward.allen

      Look we need that show to come back in keen on the that show please in gods hands give that show to back season 5 ok

      • edward.allen

        I’m serious about this revenge is one of my favourite show of all time give season 5 MUST GO ON some shows can all the way like 1to 7 what about revenge do the same way as them ok

        • edward.allen

          No victoria but SHOW MUST GO ON come on ABC give that show to continue here ok if that revenge goes away I go with them ok you have a choice give that show to continue or I will leave with them ok

          • edward.allen

            Come on ABC give revenge to be back please im dying to watch it but im serious of this if that show goes I go with them im leaving without revenge back ok give that show must go on ok

  2. Krysta E.

    ABC did nothing to promote this show or the actors. I would prefer they end it properly and not just cut it off mid story.

  3. Kathlyn Alm

    Revenge kills a central character… I think, it’s over.

  4. Luise Abril

    I love Revenge! Think you should renew with Margo and Louise revenging against Emily over Victoria’s death.

    • Lizzzy

      I would quit watching bc THEY have no right to extract Revenge on Emily – they don’t know the whole story – and Conrad killed Margo’s dad bc of his relationship with Victoria AND Victoria was playing both Emily & Margo’s dads. Victoria is the 1 who pointed the death towards Emily and Daniel OWED Emily – has everyone forgot that HE shot Emily and she can no longer have children & the many times she didn’t hurt Daniel during her Revenge.

      If anything Margo should uncover all the EVIL deeds Victoria did to Amanda and realize that she could of soo easily been Amanda had her dad been the 1 who went to prison.

      Emily never took out Revenge on some one just because – Margo lost her baby bc she believed Victoria’s lies.

  5. Leo88

    I do believe that Revenge can carry out wihout Victoria.

  6. Bambi

    It is the final season for Victoria, but not for Revenge.

  7. FanGroup

    Please do not cancel Revenge. I’m begging you, ABC!!!

  8. Lamont

    One of the best shows in prime time. Keep it on!

    • Holly

      Revenge should not be cancelled. It has so many ways to go — it is not no Victoria, no show. This is a very well written show & there are so many twists and turns. When you have a constant success why mess with it? All shows hit a leveling out period but ratings can go back up. The constant revenue brought in by this show gives the network more liberty financially to play with new show ideas. Look at late nite TV……it is always there, just a new host when the old one retires. It is not like Revenge is costing the network money. The challenge is on the writers & they have so much to work with. Please don’t cancel it. The show has already proven itself. Also it falls in the soap opera genre– some of those have been on longer than I have been alive. With so many people in the work force during the day, exactly what is the criteria to keep them on the air. I have, btw, watched Days of Our Lives, which is on its 50th anniversary this year for at least 30 years.

  9. ~~Milly~~

    ABC may not be confirming that this is the final season. I still don’t want the show canceled!

  10. Lindsey K.

    Please keep the show going.

  11. Tad R.

    No Victoria, No Revenge!

    • Carol

      I loved this show. Sad to see it go. Amanda has Victoria heart they said it was a perfect match bc it was her daughter

  12. Johnie+1

    This show should have been canceled after season 2.

    • $Adam$

      Yep, Season 3 is horrible

  13. Jennefer Frias

    I’ve enjoyed the show, but it’s time to end it. Renewed or not without Victoria on I’m done after this season for sure. End the show already! Give it a nice and pleasant final.

  14. Shavon

    Cancelled? I am so disappointed… Hope they close all the plots.

    • Lizzzy

      Me too! Amanda / Emily has lost so much she deserves HER Revenge – so let her and Jack get together and David Jack & Emily take off sailing. Let Margo find out how Victoria was REALLY behind all her misfortune including her dads. Louise & Nolan become corporate take-over spies…
      The ending has already been filmed lol ut I can dream until May 😉

  15. Kala

    I’m very sad to see this show go.

  16. Cedrick

    The Revenge game has to end.

  17. Lesa M.

    Is everyone surprised the cancellation of Revenge?

  18. --mica--

    They shouldn’t kill Amanda. That would ruin the show!!!

  19. Lizzzy

    i Love Revenge but the Revenge has been met. I think its time to end it as Emily / Amanda the Victor – no one should EVER mess with a child & their childhood the way Victoria did to Amanda. Victoria deserves NO Revenge. Heck even HER Own children wanted Revenge on her. A child has no voice only Adults to stand up for them and Amanda being all alone after her dad was gone for someone as powerful as Victoria to turn her back and undermine an innocent child – when in turn Victoria was playing both Amanda’s dad and Margo’s dad.
    As far as the ratings go – its ABC’s fault all the way. I can’t count how many times Iwas done with the show bc of the LONG breaks – the time in between episodes seemed to bounce around constantly – it would not be on for a week then an episode then 2 weeks then maybe 2 episodes then another 2-3 weeks b4 another episode came out…AND they didn’t advertise it much. So you have a great suspenseful show that looses footing every time there is a a break in the episodes.

  20. Candy

    I am so upset if this show is canceled!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  21. Elizabeth

    This seems to be the way of main stream channels. Just say its cancelled without closing plots. Ridiculous. Personally I see a lot of story left with Amanda having Victorias heart. No wonder I usually watch anything but ABC NBC CBS they never keep anything long enough to finish a story except those useless soap operas. Not all people like soaps but do like a continuing story.
    So sad you leave millions of veiwers wishing they had the last of the answers.

  22. claire archambault

    I am living in Montréal, I love this emission .Ypu have Karine Vanasse she is so great with the other cast
    So for the public, keep doing the season 5
    i am sur i am not the only whant to have Revenge
    Cl;aire Archambault gervais

  23. Carmela

    To each his own, I couldn’t wait for Sunday nights! I reserved the big screen television in my home for “Revenge”. On Netflix, even though I could watch continuing episodes, sometimes I would marathon watch Revenge. I loved the show, and was still able to awaken the next day to get up and go to work!!! If those that watched ” Revenge” enjoyed it and want it to continue, then do so. Others don’t have to watch. Please return the program. :-0

  24. Cynthia

    Really. I believe the number of folks who has been waiting for the return out numbers the folks who stop viewing the show. The producers should care more about the people who have watched the show. BTW – how was the decrease in viewership calculated?

    I enjoyed the show and was looking forward to season 5. Netflix should pick it up….and food for thought local networks need to keep an eye on Netflix…they listen to your viewers better than you do.



  25. edward.allen

    I want that show to come back

  26. Sharon Meers

    I know so many people who have found this and love it!!! Season 5 please

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