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«Red Widow» season 2: premiere date

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Will «Red Widow» return for season 2? TV show renewed or cancelled? Premiere coming?

TV-channel: ABC
Pilot episode: March 3, 2013
Creator: Melissa Rosenberg

Episode 1: 7,13 million U.S. viewers

Episode 6: 4,08 million U.S. viewers

ABC American drama called «Red Widow» is losing its chances to be renewed with every new episode. Both low ratings and decrease of viewership interest have negative impact on the project in general, that’s why it is unlikely to be financed for Season 2.

According to recent statistics, the given TV show is watched by about 4 million Americans, while the pilot episode has attracted a little more than 7 million people. Fate of this television series will be decided in May after episode 8 airing. So please, support your favorite drama in comments.

«Red Widow» season 2: premiere – [Officially cancelled]

Follow the announcements! Would you like the show to be renewed?

UPDATE (10.05.13): «Red Widow» cancelled by ABC.

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  1. mariam

    I would love too!! I really found interesting the Russian mop background and both main (Martha and Nicolae) characters’s stories and how they try to survior on their own ways in this world 🙂

    • sharon

      Unbelievable that abc doesn’t realize that the show had low ratings because it came on in the middle of lent and the epic story of the The Bible was on at the same time as Red Widow. Doesn’t anyone recognize this? This is a great show. Some network needs the good sense to pick it back up.

  2. Diana

    Love the series, it has you continually on the edge of your seat. Has a lot of potential between the leading characters, (Marta and Nicolae). Let’s hope that they can keep the show.

  3. Caroline

    Well … I like it or else I wouldn’t be here. It has flaws. Especially when it comes to Schillers/Lucescu’s background, but all in all it’s nice. Better than some of the nonsense that’s on television now.
    As a plus … if this one gets canceled, there is always the dutch version or should I say original. But here’s hoping they keep it (and they make it better). Ta

  4. Deena

    I love this show – Goran Visnjic being the main reason. He plays his part so well. The sister and the special agent could be left out of the whole show, but everyone else is well cast.
    I hope for a season 2 – maybe a little re-working is in order though.

    • Sherry

      Goran Visnjic…………what a HOTTIE!!!! He plays this character soooooo well.
      I wan to see him and Marta hook up………….they are both strong characters and I can feel chemistry flowing.

  5. marie

    I love this show ABC please keep it

  6. Tarah

    Red Widow has to come back next year for a season 2!!! There is too much chemistry between Marta and Schiller for just one season. With her starting to find out what really happened to her husband and everyone who’s betrayed her, it would be interesting to see how they would explore that angel together.

    The show has been fun to watch. Great writing and new twists every week draws the viewer in deeper and deeper every episode. ABC has a winner. 4.6 million viewers is not something to snuff out. Plus I just read that Duck Dynast’s season finale drew in 4.2 million viewers. And they are renewed for next year.

  7. Alesha

    I love this show. I think it is the best new show in a while and was very disappointed in hearing they may cancel it. If given a second season it has so much potential. Also look at the time slot its in many shows have had trouble on Sunday at 10. I hope they make the right decision everyone I have talked to loves this show. Please let there be a season 2!!!!

  8. Leslie

    I love this show! I’m anxious at the thought it might not be renewed for a second season! Last Sunday’s episode was particularly good. I wanna see where the writer’s take Marta and Schiller’s relationship, see how Marta’s father responds to Irwin’s betrayal, I could go on and on…. It MUST be renewed!!

  9. tina

    Seriously the only show I watch all week, the story line between Marta and Schiller keeps you waiting for the next episode to air..It must be renewed!!!!

  10. Pamela

    Absolutely love the show. At the end of every episode, I am left wanting more. The relationships are suspenseful, especial between Marta and Nikoli. There are so many different directions the writers could take the show, it woulda be a shame to waste that potential.

    In addition, there are so few shows that are different and enticing to those over 35. It seems that this Target audience is missed. Plus, the show was left with such a cliffhanger with Marta’s daughter and Nikoli.

    So many good shows end up cancelled that it is discouraging to even attempt to watch a new series in fear it will be cancelled. If this is cancelled, I will just watch BBC America, they seem to understand the importance of variety.

  11. Tkc

    Luv this series!

  12. carla

    Great show please be a season 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. lisa

    One of the better shows that has twists , plots & counterplots – makes you think.Just starting to get interesting!!!
    Need to be renewed esp need to know what happens next. Great chemistry between Schiller & Marta

  14. Phillip

    Please keep this show going next season. The characters are very good and the respective actors are excellent. The show is exciting, suspenceful and keeps you glued to the seat. There is real and exciting chemistry between Marta and Schiller that makes you want to follow to see how it developes. This series is simply too good to cancel….PLEASE BRING IT BACK !!!!!!

  15. Devan Barley

    Red Widow has to come back, and luther shouldn’t actually die he needs to be saved at the last minute, something has to happen between him and marta hes been inlove with her since she was 16 he has to fight for her, and we need to know what happens to schiller, and between and kat and ramos its not fair to let it go at just that or kill luther, something more has to happen i’m not sure how to pronounce the last name but the woman schiller killed last episode her family’s gotta come into it red widow was a great show more needs to happen and there needs to be more than 8 episodes we need to have more red widow

  16. Louise

    I have enjoyed this series very much and looked forward to each episode. I’m sorry the ratings didn’t reflect sufficient audience. I can only say it may have been quality over quanitity (ha) I hope it will be given a chance to pick up more audience. I vote to give Season 2 a chance.

  17. cassandra

    Keep red widow on!!!!

  18. gloria brewer

    YES YES YES! You have to renew Red Widow….there are so many ways this could turn, as tonights episode showed. PLEASE bring it back for season 2

  19. William Davis

    Red widow is a must to be renewed.

  20. Marie

    Red Widow was the show I looked forward to watching most this season! Please bring it back for a season 2!!!

  21. Suzi

    DO NOT CANCEL THIS PLEASE!! I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!! It’s a great show.

  22. Mommaschott

    Please keep this show!! For some reason they always get rid of shows I like to watch!! This show keeps you on edge!

  23. Jimmie

    Just seen the last episode tonight. I’m from in Sweden. Give me season 2! Please! 🙂

  24. Erin

    I hope Red Widow is renewed. The show is fantastic and you can’t imagine what will be coming next. It is unlike any other drama on television. It is not on the best night or time. I always tape it….but love Sundays because that is when it is airing…..Hope to see a Season 2!

  25. Noly

    J’adore cette série je ne comprend vraiment pas pourquoi elle n’est pas renouvelé je viens de regarder EP 8 JE VEUX CONNAITRE LA SUITE!!!

  26. German

    Another great show being canceled. She truly a great amazing actress and a mother that will do anything for her family. Hopefully some great network picks the show..it be nice if it could be USA Network. Please lets try anc keep “Red Widow” on the air.

  27. vanessa

    please keep this show it is 1 such amazing show

  28. Tonia

    Best show I’ve seen in a long time…definitely better than all these reality shows! Seems like that’s all there is these days…very disappointed it has been cancelled!

  29. Tizzy

    Good show!! Good suspense!! Good Actors. Hope they change their mind and continue.

    At least give us one final airing with no cliff hanger.

  30. Carin

    Defently needs to be renewed….great show

  31. Fabrice

    Please a season 2…. i’m french and we love red widow

  32. Kathleen Lantz

    I would love to see this as an ongoing television series

  33. Crissy Weyandt

    PLEASE RE-EVALUATE THIS SHOW!!!! THERE MUST BE A SEASON 2!!!!! I know this show has been cancelled and I am sooooo not happy about it!! Please renew it – is there anyway we can bring this back??????? They are bringing back such cr*p shows – this was not a cr*p show – it (for me) ranked right up there with Scandal, Grey’s, Revenge, & Once Upon A Time!!!! These were the only shows I watch. Grey’s is even starting to s*ck, but I still watch it because I have watched it since the very first episode!!!! PLEASE FIND A WAY AND BRING RED WIDOW BACK!! 🙂

    Or if they are not going to bring it back – at lease make a 2 hour wrap up finally!!!! DON’T LEAVE US HANGING!!!!

  34. nyash

    woow i love dis serie like crazy and pliz i would realy want it to continue airing coz its a gr8t one who wouldnt die for it plizzzzzzzz wen z season two

  35. Anna

    First they cancel 666 Park Avenue, leaving us with a cliff hanger and now Red Widow. This really pieces me off! I love this show.

  36. Sabrena freeman

    Marta and Schiller are so good at being so bad with a relationship that they are trying really hard not to have ( I love that). They have the kind of chemistry that keep people coming back week after to week to see how it will evolve.

    I really really want you to bring Red Widow back for season 2… The entire show was just hitting it’s stride. There are more people that don’t have internet to tell you…. but take a chance you will not miss on this one….. It fills a niche that missing.

  37. Florence

    I Loved the first season. I am begging for more. Hope the powers that be will at least give the Red Widow cast another season.

  38. melisa

    this show needs to come back on like ASAP for the simple fact is because im dying to see the out come of everything .

  39. maricela castellano

    please bring it back! i am soooo anxious its ridiculous lol but it really is a great show with so much stuff left still, i just recommend a better job at promoting it! i never see anything on it i just luckily stumbled upon it on Hulu and was interested upon reading the description, and im so glad i did!

  40. Batel

    Bring it back!!!! even in Israel we love the show “Red Widow”

  41. Amanda

    Please bring this show back! I love this show!!!!

  42. landie

    Love the show please renew it!!best story ever

  43. Deb Walker

    bring the show Red Widow back!!!!!

    • Mary

      it’s gr8t

  44. Deb Garrison

    Please continue this show! I think the demographic that support the show may be outside the Nielson Ratings age group. More mature, I mean. Who cares if a group of 18 year old kids are tuned in. This is edge of your seat adult drama! Please bring it back, ABC!!

  45. Mary

    I love the show

  46. Bec

    I live in Australia, and we just love it here! Keep the show going! And hopfuly for more then just 2 season please!!!

  47. Alison

    I seriously love this show !! It’s only just finished last episode in Aus last night and I want more !!
    Please make another season !! Please

  48. Brett

    Why cancel this you are on a good show here

  49. Lil

    It is a good show. It should not be cancelled

  50. nm

    Such a great show! Season 2 should defiantly be made.

  51. Pat Palmer

    This show was so great that I had a feeling they would cancel it. I hate it when they do this because it leaves you wondering. They have done this so many times with great shows.

  52. Joan

    Loved the show I have just watched it over the. Past 2 days bought it from iTunes I was away when it was shown on the t v.reallry looking forward to season 2 then I read abc had cancelled he show shame on you ABC please bring it back

  53. Kasia

    Red Widow must be renewed. Bring it back. I am polish and I know that the show is great and have a lot of viewers all around the world!!!!! 4.08 US viewers that’s a lot!!!! The story i great and Goran Višnjić…

  54. Sue

    One of the best written shows on TV..please renew..the first season has left everyone hanging..

  55. Jess

    Love the show its amazing !!!! Please please please renew !! <3 red widow !!!!

  56. Sherry

    Do not cancel Red Widow!!!!!! Bring it back!!!!!
    You have a great show there………………everyone I know watched it and loved it.
    We want to see where the characters progress in the show!!!!

  57. lindah

    i luv nicholie he is such a hottie .pliz keep the show .the end of season1 was so nice i ned 2see wat nxt

  58. Linda

    Please keep this program! It was really good, and I loved it!

  59. Becca

    I think Red Widow should definately get a season 2. I love this show! Its my favorite!

  60. Lynne

    I loved this show! Why did you have to cancel it! I’m sick of reality shows and this was an awesome drama! Bring it back!

  61. denise

    please please bring on season 2 I have been searching every where as you cant end a series just like that I looked forward to Monday nights to watch marta and schiller. a network needs to pick this up.

  62. Susana

    Keep red widow on

  63. Tracy

    Im so shocked I’ve been waiting to see if season two was coming back on! Now to my surprise no season two. This is a bunch of cr*p this is two shows now cancelled red widow and the lying game. bring back Red Window it was getting damn good!

  64. Bev

    Please renew this wonderful show!!

  65. Ladyhicks

    This is truly sad. My entire family loved this show!! Big mistake on ABC part.

  66. Ginger

    An exciting show that left you eager to see the next! Please bring it back!

  67. Jennifer

    Please keep this show. I love it. Abc needs to give it a chance. Alot of people didnt get into scandal or revenge until season 2 and look how successful they are.

  68. linda

    Love this show keeps you on the edge. Don’t no who you can really trust. Please bring season 2 back.

  69. rebecca

    I watch very FEW TV shows on ABC, but Red Widow was one of the ones I watched faithfully!!!!
    You need to give it another chance PLEASE!!!

  70. Simone Williams

    I loved this series it was great. I was on the edge of my seat during so many episodes. One of the best new series on Television. they have to do another season, it cannot just end this way.

  71. Mags

    Loved the show and would definitely turn in if Season 2 got off the ground.

  72. steve campbell

    keep the show – Please

  73. donna crocker

    I haven’t been so disappointed in a show being cancelled since the show Missing was cancelled. I can’t keep my mouth shut anymore. Red Widow was the best show on the air. I couldn’t wait for the next week to come so I could watch it again. I even got some of my friends hooked on the show only for it to be cancelled. PLEASE RECONSIDER AND BRING IT BACK. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE.

  74. Denise Boyd

    I don’t watch much drama shows. Grey’s Anatomy,Scandal and Nasville being about it. I am more of a Bio-Discovery kind of gal. HOWEVER I feel in love with Red Widow. It took a while, but I hung in there and by episode 5 I was hooked. The acting is superb and the chemistry between Visnic and what’s her name is great. I think given a second season and letting viewers get into the characters would be the way to go. There Definately needs more supporting character development but please BRING IT BACK. I also think so back story about the family in Russia would give the plot more substance.

  75. Miriam (Brazil)

    I am so disappointed about cancelation.I loved this show. Pls, reconsider !

  76. Courtney

    I would love to see Red Widow come back!

  77. Leslie

    so sad if this show is canceled for good my family and I just watched some of the first season were looking forward to seeing more now I have to tell them on more s*cks!!!!!!

  78. Judy

    This show deserves another chance ABC, so PLEASE bring it back!

  79. hana

    in Indonesia, I watch some drama shows. some goods, and some bad. but I freally fall in love with red widow. I couldn’t wait for the next week to watch. so, I watch the same episode, again and again. I think, red widow is inspiring. each episode more and more deeper. so, pleaseeeeee renew it.

  80. br33zy27

    Bring Red Widow back… PLEEEAAAAZZZZZZ!!!!! I absolutely loved this show and its such a shame that it got cancelled. What can we as fans do to bring it back???

  81. Eliza

    I’m so disappointed

  82. marianne

    I have had every tv show I liked canceled, they never give a show a chance, they move it around , next to nfl play off or American idol which I can t stand its cheap over play stars get the money, they put specials on in place kick it off 8 weeks bring it on kick off 4 weeks play it again, for once leave one show I like on stop moving it around ,numskull.

  83. Darija

    This is the best drama I’ve ever seen!!! <3<3 *.*

  84. Teri Roth

    OK this is the second time I am writing this due to my error but it is that important to write my feelings about the show. It has to come back!!!! The fact that this show had a women that was running the family in the end is everything. We need to see women in roles that are showing they have kahuna’s are shrewd yet feminine and nurturing and wants to do the right thing but will do anything for her children. Also having the opening show start with a murder was quite edgy and right on and having the main character have the possibility of romance with the enemy leaves one with complete intrigue and only wanting more…

  85. granney williams

    great show got husband watching we were waiting for next season shame on you network.. looking forward to change of heart..

  86. Łuja

    Ten serial jest fenomenalny!!!!!!!!!! Prosimy dalszy ciąg :)!!!!!!!!

  87. Brenda

    Love this show. Cant wait to find out who met Marta at the restaurant. Please don’t cancel this show. Full of drama and keeps me coming back week after week.

  88. Polly Ester

    OMG one of the best written, acting, storyline etc shows on TV and it’s canceled? Why? All of the ridiculous reality shows that clog up the stations and the networks cancel the great ones. I’m so disappointed and upset, I was so looking forward to the second season. Please bring it back!!!

  89. Sylvia

    This was an awesome show I keep waiting for it to come back. They get
    A good show that keeps you wanting more and they leave you hanging . Instead they keep all
    these dumb real life shows that are script and worthless.

  90. vivi

    RED WIDOW HAS BEEN ONE OF THE BEST SERIES THAT I HAVE EVER WATCHED……they should really premiere a season 2

  91. Nelda Kansas

    Its great to become at this point.!!!…my close friends as this web site is fruitful for people who would like to know far more about it

  92. Carolyn Sims

    i’ve waited for the 2nd season and IT”S NOT COMING!!!! HOW CAN THIS BE THE SHOW WAS GREAT!!!

  93. Pamela Phillips

    I really loved this show and would love for this series to have continued. I don’t think this was a wise decision. Please bring this show!

  94. Kyra

    I LOVE this show!! I can’t believe it was cancelled!! The story, the plots, the actors (Goran Visnjic 😮 <3 ) pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase make a season 2 (and 3 and 4….) I promise i will make people watch it and I will buy it and it wil be a great succes! Please???????

  95. Diane

    Come on ABC – what are these ratings – theyre all wrong – just have to know what is going to happen next

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