Mar 25

«Revenge» season 4: premiere date (2014)

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What is known about premiere air date of «Revenge» season 4? When does a new episodes come out in 2014 on ABC? The official announcement will be made in a few weeks.

TV-channel: ABC
Pilot episode: September 21, 2011
Creator: Mike Kelley

Season 1 Episode 1: 10.02 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 1: 8.11 million U.S. viewers

Probably few people believe «Revenge» television series of ABC channel will be closed this year.

The high ratings and 6,2 million fans (U.S.) guarantee one more year for the show and numerous nominations for the prestigious film awards only proves it.

According to the experts, the fourth season production will start in summer and in September 2014 the TV viewers will enjoy the new story. The official announcement will be made in a few weeks, but both critics and viewers have no doubts in the future of the show «Revenge».

«Revenge» season 4 – [September 28, 2014] (officially)

The main actors have already confirmed their decision to extend the contractual agreements for one more year.

As soon as the premiere date for the new episodes is announced, we will inform you. Follow the news.

UPDATE 1 (May 8, 2014): ABC renews Revenge.

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  1. Blova

    i hope for season 4! Please keep it going.

  2. Sindle

    ABC must renew it. My favorite show on TV!

  3. belo

    finding it hard to wait for season 4. An excellent TV show!!

  4. JoDee

    I can’t believe you killed off Aiden. I love

  5. Beth

    BRING AIDEN BACK!!! I love REVENGE and Aiden!

    • Catie

      Hated that Aiden died! Bring back Aiden!

  6. Terry

    Bring back Aiden!!! I just love Conrad and his articulate way of speaking in metaphors. Bring him back, somehow!!! The triangle of narcissism between Conrad, Victoria, and Emily is so entertaining. Love the show and the acting. Fantastic writing!!

  7. Penny

    Absolutely love Revenge my all time favourite show ever made. “BRING ON SEPTEMBER”

  8. ednah stuut

    i just cnt imagine Victoria’s life without Conrad,hw is she gonna fight the battle alone? i guess she is gonna be the next toothless backing dog in the wild.

    I also cnt wait for David to meet ma best star Emily (Amanda).But i madly miss Dunckline.he was a sweet boy of all seasons.

    BEST TV SERIES EVER.BIG UPS TO Kelley and all the actors and actresses u made it happen.Please release season 4 as soon as u cn coz am already bored.

  9. Ty

    I can’t believe David is alive. Revenge just gets better and better. Love all the characters but Emily is by far my favourite. Can’t wait for season four. I hope they make more after season four coz I never ever want revenge to end. It’s the only program I never miss.

  10. gaelyn thomson

    I really hope they bring Patrick back for Nolan for them get back together

  11. Rachel

    By far, the best show ever

  12. Lea

    they must keep revenge on this is the best show. They keep all these other stupid shows on
    and cancel the good ones what is wrong with some of these channels. YA ABC keeping season 4.

  13. iris Baker

    When will the latest series be on australian tv, just can’t wait for it I just love it, hope it goes on for a few more season’s, how I don’t know but they do have fantastic writers. …..

  14. Martha

    Please renew it!!!Season 4!!!soon!! Love it!!

  15. Jamie

    Unfortunately like other great shows, i.e. “Breaking Bad”, Revenge has just about run its course. Even the most creative writers won’t be able to keep it going much longer.

  16. louise walters

    Our favorite show. There is so much more before it’s done. Don’t quit yet. Please!

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