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«Ringer» season 2: release date

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Will «Ringer» return for Season 2? What is known about premiere?

The story about twin-sisters, which became a plot for «Ringer» show, premiered on CW TV channel in September, 2012. Initially the series gained attention of many TV viewers, who were fond of dramatic thriller. In October, 2011 it was extended to 22 episodes. That was the number of episodes, included in the first season. After that its creators were planning to shoot a sequel.

The situation with the given series changed totally when its ratings started to fall. Apparently, the series plot, created by Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder wasn’t completed properly in terms of drama, which resulted into the failed finale of Season 1. Despite that fact, the fans of the stunning actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, who had a starring role in the show, expected the season 2 to be produced.

Its release date is still unknown and the show hasn’t been included into TV program for 2012-2013. Producers confirmed that the series was closed due to the low ratings!

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  1. Gina

    Ringer was AMAZING! Not surprising, but disappointing…=(

  2. Viva

    i can believe abc cancelled the 2nd season!icontagiaded many friends with the serie. miss that show!

  3. seam

    Deservedly axed! Very dull show

  4. Said

    Ringer had me hooked. It was fun and exciting! Very disappointed it will not be renewed =(

  5. Milana

    Why are all the good shows being cancelled?

  6. Luisa Goron

    I like Sarah Michelle but not in this show…

  7. Pump

    Ringer has a lot of really good twists and like so many other shows is not predictable!

  8. krissy

    I was sad when i found out season 2 was canceled. I wanted to see the twins
    face each other!!! I am dissapointed and angry that I get hooked and it gets canceled.
    love Sarah Michelle Geller. It sucks that no body has decent taste in
    shows anymore

  9. Sharon

    I think that Ringer was Amazing and I am very disappointed that it has been cancelled. I think that the people that did not enjoy it were people who are not used to watching decent programs where they may have to think and use their brains as there were so many fantastic twists! Perhaps these people should carry on watching easy to watch and predictable program’s such as Eastenders instead.

  10. Raney

    My husband and I just finished watching the 22nd episode of Ringer on Netflix last night. We were so ticked when it ended. How about at least a pilot-type movie to let us know who lived happily ever after??

  11. Brooklynn very upset fan!

    Wow, I’m going to really cry if this show does not come back on they can not so This to me, I fucking love this sh

  12. Stop watching abc until the Renew the Ringer

    Everyone should stop watching abc until they start putting all the good shows back on that have been canceled

  13. Jennhy


  14. Khrista

    Bring Back the ringer Please It was a good show too.

  15. kitty

    come back ringer this year 2014 pls

  16. Seela

    If they were going to end this show, why end it so abruptly? could have had a much better ending. This was a sit on the edge of your seat biting your nails type of show, we loved it. If nothing else, an epilogue not leaving everyone hanging on Bridgetts last words “Siobhan wanted to kill me?” Now thats kinda lame, should have at least come to some sort of closure. Dont you think?

  17. judith

    pls brings back ringer for 2014. we still hv it in mind

  18. Jimmy Lynn

    Please give an ending and I will watch cw agian

  19. hayley

    So disappointed it’s been cancelled! I need a proper ending! Loved the show

  20. diane crawford

    This show was great why have you axed it, we all want this show back so bring it back!! I live in London and have loved watching series 1 and was waiting for series 2 and nothing happened. You could of changed the ending if you was going to axe the show, give it a happy ending!!!!!

  21. Calvin Kemboi Kirwa

    Me cyaah tell yuh nudn koz rass man love da show. season two me pree yuh. I can be a director of the same

  22. Danii

    Very disappointed! The show was great.

  23. Star Marie

    Please bring back the show

  24. Tezwa

    Bring back Ringer please .. Crazy to axe it .. Can’t leave it like this
    After the last episode on season 1 !!! So unfair
    Please Bring on season 2

  25. Lori B

    I absolutely LOVE Ringer!!! Please please make a season 2!!!! I literally am crying right now at the thought of it being over forever!! I need to see more!! I have lost sleep thinking about season 2!! Please get it on for 2015!!! Thanks Ringer Fan #1

  26. Zlady

    You MUST make SEASON 2. MUST ! !

    Great show, one of the best, I’ll ever seen. Better then “Blacklist”, “Americans”, “Hostages”, waaaay better then “White Collar” and simlar shows….

  27. Petra

    I want Ringer season 2!! please make it!

  28. Sharon

    Oh my……so disappointing

  29. carol

    Please. Bring on least pilot for a ending

  30. Kathy

    Great show please do another season

  31. Rhonda

    Waiting for season 2! It’s been way past time.

  32. Rosie

    Have just discovered Ringer, and become totally addicted to it. Realising season 1 ends tomorrow, I couldnt wait for season 2, so I googled the release date to find it has been cancelled!!!! Noooooooo!!! Loved the show, so very, very disappointed! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  33. Michelle

    Please release season 2,
    I have just watched the final episode of season 1, great twists and turns, brilliant storylines.
    Feeling gutted there’s no more.

  34. Otis Long

    What are y’all waiting on . please finish the story it’s 2016 now, and we’re still waiting. I’ve watched season 1 three times already I loved this show. Bring it backkkkkkk.

  35. Ankur

    I know my English is not well. But this is first season, which I have touched. I tried many times for seek 2nd season for this, But when I watched review for his this it was cancelled, I have very disappointed. Please bring ti back.

  36. Caylin

    Bring back ringer it a good show wanna know more

  37. Fallen

    Every single time i fell inlove with a series they have to cancell it. Alteast give us closer to how the story ends…. Wright short story about it or something.

  38. Emily Whitlow

    Me and my mother loved the series ringer I am very disappointed there will not be a season 2 I personally thought it was a great series now we will never know the end

  39. Miami Cuban

    I am watching now in Neflix, bust it is to slow, and repeat, repeat, repeat the same over and over…….

  40. guest

    I would like another 5 series was released to its logical conclusion. Оr at least kill them all or put them in jail.

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