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«The Nine Lives of Chloe King» season 2: premiere date

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When «The Nine Lives of Chloe King» season 2 is starting? Renewed or cancelled? Premiere date known?

The American TV series of ABC Family production called «The Nine Lives of Chloe King» premiered in June, 2011. It was based on the original story about a girl «with cat-like powers». It should be noted that the final episode of Season 1 was watched by about 1 million TV viewers. The given rate is not very high in comparison with the rates of really popular ABC Family shows.

The rightsholders, taking into account the unsatisfactory results of the final of Season 1, decided not to order «The Nine Lives of Chloe King» Season 2. The premiere date for the new episodes still expected by the fans of the series remains undecided, since the further shooting of the show isn’t going to happen.

A ray of hope appeared in January the current year, when the President of ABC Family confirmed the possibility of full-length film production. Its plot will be the continuation of the series, which has included 10 episodes of Season 1.

Would you like to watch season 2? Let’s support the show in comments!

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  2. Jessica Spellman

    I would like to know when the father finds out his son is dead, will he get revenge on Chloe or not. Why did Aliks brother come back.

  3. Nadia Telemaque

    I want a season 2. The fan need to know what happened next

  4. Sussy

    bring it back!!! So many questions!!!! I WANT ANSWERS! i hate ABC !!!

  5. Angel Harris

    Bring it back!!!! That was one of the best shows ever. You can’t just leave us hanging. I’ve been waiting two years for that show to come back on

    • SIERRA

      formal though i just stayed up all night to binge watch that sh*t to come to an end like that !! GAHHH

  6. Whitney smith

    I want a season two. I want to know if chloe finds alek dead too with the others. Will the order finally find chloe and kill her since there is only one protector?

  7. Yeniris

    Okay, I don’t really care if the ending is a crappy ending and not many people watched it. I loved the show! season 2 should definitely be made! I want to know what happens next! seriously, you can’t leave a show like that!

  8. Dawn

    This show is great! Seriously?! We deserve to know what’s gonna happen next. Season 2 please. Pretty please.

  9. mara

    all I care about that the series come back and i can just enjoy the movies 🙂
    I usually just watch it because IT’T SO AWESOME!!! or because Alek <3 he is so cute…or cause i'm probably a fan of someone…. <3

  10. jia tong

    please continue with season 2. It is AWESOME. I Hope Aleks get together with chloe. he is so sweet. and I want to know what happen next!!!

  11. bridgette

    i love this movie and i am dying to see season 2

  12. Shelly Sheler

    I own this series, and I loved it. There wasn’t that much promotion to it, and most people didn’t know about it; I had to tell a great deal of people about it. I would love for her adventure to continue, it wouldn’t matter if it was in a series or in a movie just as long as it ended. It was left as a cliffhanger, and I don’t care for all the questions and no answers.. One more season would easily fill those up.

  13. miranda

    same here, i dont see the point in making a movie why dont they just continue with season 2
    if there would have advertized the show more then maybe this wouldent have happend i blame all this on ABC!!!!!!

  14. miranda

    please make up your mind im going crazy waiting

  15. lisalove

    i love this movie and what to see what happen at the end…did alek get chloe or did she get the second choose brian???…bring it back so in need of the answer….

  16. joy

    i loved season 1 and can’t wait for season 2 hope it comes out soon 🙂

  17. GlammyGirl11

    I think there should be a season 2 because I want to know what happens with Chloe and Alec now that Brian is dead. Please bring it back it was an amazing show and even if it cant come back replay the series again and play re-runs it would make me the happiest person in the world

    • Sofia

      I sooooooooooooooooo agree.

  18. carmen


  19. velvet

    i loved this show and would love to c it continue

  20. Cynthia

    I love this show I would love more episodes

  21. Geoffrey

    I want to have a season 2 really love this show

  22. Jessica

    I want a season 2!

  23. Sofia

    I really want season 2. What happened to Alek and his new brother? And is Chloe s dad dead. Also most important is,will my hopes come true and will Alek and Chloe end up together.

  24. whoru

    Bring it back.

  25. Angelique

    I WANT Season 2 🙁 What happens between Alek and his brother? Do Chloe and Alek become a couple or not? I can’t believe the show ended with so many unanswered questions! Bring it back please!

  26. Jamie

    I would like to see there be another season of this show!

  27. James

    I would like to see a season two of this show leaving everyone hanging is not the way to go, lets not pull a firefly abc.

  28. Kenzie

    I agree with all of the positive comments on that abc should bring the show back. It’s unfair to those who have watched it and got hooked onto it!!! I believe Everyone agrees with me on this when I say that I hope the tv producer of the Nine Lives of Chloe King and Abc family should read this and take action on bring a season 2 at least and possible more.

  29. Ruaai

    We have to have a season 2 their are so many things we need to know!

  30. Saloma

    Please bring it back !!!! I’m actually addicted to it …. I really want to know what will happen!!

  31. nyia

    Start the show I want to see what is going to happen after alek finds out he has family and what he is going to tell Chloe about Jasmine and her mom

  32. Jolyne

    I just finished the first season on Hulu and was heartbroken to see that there is no season2 how can they just leave us hanging like that. Totally bummed really hope they bring it back

  33. samaya

    Please make a season 2 this is a great show

  34. miya

    I just really want the show back

  35. Hanna

    Please make a season 2 the show was awesome

  36. Tiana

    I love this show and I literallyfinished the whole season in a day and I want to watch more!

  37. Haley

    i loved this show and it has gone down as one of my favorites! i have no idea why it got cut since it had an amazing story line… there needs to be a season 2 or a special episode to tie it to an end ( with chloe and alek together of course because i ship them) its never to late!!!

  38. Aparra

    Would LOVE to season 2.

  39. Alicia

    I thought this show was going to go far. I loved watching it. I hope season 2 is on the way. I just found out season 1 is Xfinity on demand.

  40. Amanda

    I would love to see a season 2 please

  41. Tatyana

    Please bring back the show

  42. Sabrina

    I really liked this show a lot although I would love her to end up with Alec!! But anyway season 2 please and thank you!!

  43. Ebony

    Please bring it back

  44. marilyn

    I want a season 2

  45. Rina

    Please bring it back!! It was so good! I want some answers. The ending left us hanging and it’s killing me!!!

  46. nora


  47. Lexxus

    I’m in love with new show I freaking want a another season I need to know what had happen will chole and hotty boy Aleks ever get together witch I really do and are they girls really dead. Can you guys plz make another season please please please.

  48. Amanda

    Please make a season 2 & 3

  49. Audrey

    I hope they make a second season with the same cast

  50. Jasmine

    this is my favorite show of all time. I really hope they make a season 2.

  51. isa

    I need a season 2. There was so many cliffhangers

  52. lexie

    I love the tv show I miss it soooo much! I would be so excited if they came out with season 2!!!

  53. melanie

    The ending of season 1 left two many cliff hangers, it would be inhumane to discontinue the show. Just having an ending isn’t enough and it would definitely be in ABC or Freeform’s best interest to continue a second season or at least officially cancel the show rather than torturing the viewers that are actually fond of the channel.

  54. KATEYN

    I started waiching this show and I love it I watched all ep in one day till like 1:00 I love the when Bryn kissed Chloe and he dide that made me really sad then the part when he said I will kill you and then I guess he bother he has a bother seens when did his bother come back

  55. Charlie

    I just downloaded the ABC Family app and watched all 10 episodes straight, they were really good!!! There needs to be a second season. There is so much left undone.

  56. mike

    That s*cks , no season 2 . I know it has been 5 years since the show has been on but it was a great show. It is to bad that I just found out about the show this year. I think it would have been a great hit if there had been more publicity about the show. If you can bring the show back it would be great even if you put in different actors .

  57. priscilla

    i’ve got so many questions that should be answered in season two…i need season two!!

  58. Mikayla

    I would LOOOVVVEEEE to know what happens next. I have pushed off reading anything from the books because I love these actors and how hard they worked to make it great!!!! Please bring back this show! I need to know what happens next.

  59. Jade

    There should be a season 2 of nine lives of Chloe king I’ve been waiting for a long time

    • Lilly

      Me to

  60. Amanda

    I Loved the show please reconsider and do a season 2

  61. Julia

    Please bring it back!!!

  62. Lilly

    I love this show it has been my life and I was left not knowing what would happen next

  63. Mayme Ryan

    Well, I just watch season one not knowing there was not a season two. I can not believe the ratings were so low. I enjoyed the show so much. I especially identified with the mom. I am just disappointed.

  64. Ryah Halford

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE………. I want season 2 absolutely love the show. I need to know what happens……..

  65. Lilith

    PLEASE let there be a season 2 I need to know what happen after brian and the girl died did the boy kill the boyfriend?

  66. Elena

    I want a season 2. The fan need to know what happened next.

  67. Pablo

    Please please please pretty please let be a season 2 because it got really interesting. Plus the fighting was awsome and I really want to know about brain is he really dead or not ?

  68. Patricia

    I just spent the day watching all the episodes from 1-10 on Freeform Please bring it back on another season on this station. Could not bear it if It came back and I could not see it.

    • IloveAlekandBrian

      MEI 2, HA HA GET IT?

  69. SOPHIA


  70. chelfie

    I need bryan to be alive

  71. IloveAlekandBrian

    i ship chloe and brian so hard.
    but then i ship alek and chloe so hard.
    and then i’m like well who do i choose??????? and i haven’t decided yet so i neeeeeeeeed a season two to decide whos team i’m on, and i really liked the series i cried when alek found out that chloe said she loved brian for thirty minutes then cried two hours when i found out brian was dead!!!!!
    a season two is as mandatory as the family dinner with frank and vanessa for both my physical and mental health!!!
    also what happened with frank???????? why did chloes mom get in the fricking car with brians father????????? and then i have my conspiracy theories that brian isn’t dead and that hes secretly half mei so he doesnn’t die and the reason why his mother died was because the order thought she was the uniter and i can see how brians father woud think that that was the meis fault so not only does he want to kill the actual uniter but also the mei and hes not actually working with the order that hes working with someone else and the nice old lady, brians grandma, who i thought was a nice old lady is actually the reason why brians mother is dead and is the head and founder of the order!!!!!!!!!!!!! and she suggested killing brians mother and brians mother be killed and brians father was all like noooo nooo noo, good day my kind lady and he knocked her out of his life by the keester and now his mother wants to kill all mei just like the father except they don’t know that they both want the same thing because they don’t talk to each other and now brians going to come back to life, marry chloe, everyones going to fail at killing the mei, that louis dude is defintely not going to turn alek against the rest of the mei because hes definetly not going to promise alek that he can not only kill brian personally and get to be with chloe, and then when the louis dude fails then jasmine and valentina actually weren’t dead so they just come back to life and then the louis dude is going to jump off a bridge, chloe and brian are still gonna get married, paul and amy are going to get married, brians father will realize his errors and go back to the good side, and then jasmine and her mother are both going to go out and find two nice mei guys and get married , frank is going to get back together with chloes mother adn they’re going to get married, then vanessa is goign to find some other dude online that isn’t 26 and shes going to get married to him, and then the nice old lady who i thought was a nice old lady is going to have a heart attack and well d i e, and then alek is going to come into the real world and marry me. problems all solved and if i decide to like brian more than alek than just replace their names. but me needs a season two

  72. Jj

    They have got to make a season twoooooooooo plz?!

  73. Chiriah

    We need a season 2 bring the show back !!

  74. Nakiah

    Its been so long since The Nine Lives Of Chloe King came out and i’m still hooked make a season 2

  75. Bára 15

    I like this series very much and I would like to have two series and in my opinion it should not be over, I would like it to be over and we would love if Chloe was with Alec and certainly would have seen more if there were 2 series .. please

  76. Samantha

    They need to bring back the nine lives of chloe king cuz you cant just leave the show hanging like that. Alec just founds out that he has a brother and that brain is dead and i want to see how his dad will react bout it.

  77. kaylha bacon

    listen we if we the nine lives suppoters want it back we gotta get over 1 million comments and i know we can do this we NEED this show to come backkkkkkkkkkkkk THIS SHOW RELATES TO LOTS OF PPL who are outcast who are diffrent i know this was in 2011 but they most likey still look the same imma cry if we dont get this show backkkkkkk i need a spin offfff

  78. Vicky

    I would love to see more of the nine lives of Chloe King it is one of my favorite abc shows I am in all that u stopped after the first season and would love more that pllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee thanks

  79. Don C

    It seems every time I find a series I like, it gets canceled. ie: veronica mars, Birds of prey. chloe king… ABC lost a viewer household, I just hope more stop watching……………..Don

  80. Joeli Tuidaunibau

    i really need to watch the season two……

  81. Alma

    Please more episodes. It just started getting interesting

  82. Sommie

    Bring it back!!!!!! I’m so in love with it……….I need to watch season 2

  83. Ayana Figueroa

    I need a season 2 because it’s getting very interesting and want to believe that Alek and Chloe will be together, and also nobody actually dies like Alek, Chloe mother, Jamine, and her mother. So please bring ”The Nine Lives Of Chloe King.”
    I really love the show and would do anything to bring it back anythin.

  84. Macy Morgan

    I need to know what happens! I ship Alek and Chloe so hard!

  85. emiliann marines

    first I will like to say that show is the shit. second there should be at list 4 seasons of this show like I wanna know if Alek stays alive and if Chloe and Alek get together and save the world and the mien

  86. Ninelives

    Seriously the fact that people want more of this show is still being questioned?!?!?!?! How?!!! There needs to be more!!!!

  87. Keri Summers

    I want the show back because it had left a big impression on me and had left me with so many questions unanswered. So I’m asking for season 2 cause I need to know. And besides who wouldn’t want to know if Chole and Alek get together or with Brian. I want her to be with Alek so bring the show back….

  88. faon

    we need a new sesone im gana die if I don’t know me and my girls loved sesone1 and have binn needing to know what happen so many qushtoins

  89. Em

    We need another we have so many questions and we need more seasons

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