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«Kyle XY» season 4: release date

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When does «Kyle XY» season 4 start? Release date of «episode 1» known? What happened …?

A story «Kyle XY» created by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber had the highest ratings on ABC Family channel from June 2006 till summer 2008.

Its ratings fell a little bit after the first episode of «The Secret Life of the American Teenager» show airing. In Season 3 the number of its fans amounted only to 1.5 million, which is a third less than at the beginning of Season 2. Many experts believe that exactly the fall in the rating influenced the rightsholders’ decision to close the show after Season 3.

The reputable EW resource confirms Julie Plec, the producer, who has been working on famous «The Vampire Diaries» storyline, to plan the continuation of «Kyle XY» for Season 4. The release date for the «new episode 1» isn’t topical any more, despite the representatives of ABC Family statements in 2009 to renew the show.

The fans of the series were repeatedly asking the rightsholders about the possible continuation of the show. But the answer was always the same – the series was cancelled. Despite the remarks of the show crew, which were as a unit to the DVD-disks of Season 3, there was also a special booklet, where Julie Plec described the plot, planned for the future Seasons.

Would you like the show to be renewed? Did you expect the show to be cancelled?

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  1. Aluku Eromosele Hope

    It will be nice for it to be renewed

  2. george

    why not ?????????

  3. Lhani

    I love to renewed kyle xy

  4. Jonathan ponciano

    It would be great for Kyle xy to be renewed and soon

  5. bamboo

    Maybe another network could pick it up…

    • Eric Jr

      I totally agree but, I really don’t see much more we can do I mean alot of the stars from the show are older and have shows they are already working on so maybe its not just abc or the creators of the show. It could just be the characters. I really wish the show would have kept airing at least one more season so we could get a better ending but, If they ignore us about the cancellation for 4 years they can obviously do it for 4 more. I just hope they would at least hear us out to at least consider getting everyone together and making one more season.

  6. storm

    It is too bad it was cancelled, as it was an interesting show!

  7. Sammy T.


  8. alonzo

    Kyle XY was a great show to watch, it would be SO AWESOME if they continued it. Theres so much questions that need to be answered. Kyle XY is the best series ever


      Lol its not the best ever… Try “POWER” and get back to me…lolz

  9. Morgan


  10. mike hawk


  11. maria teresa

    Kyle XY ! aspettiamo in tanti una 4 stagione !!!! VI PREGOOO!!!

  12. Lottie

    I love This show please don’t cancel it And make more

  13. Damira

    I want it to be renewed kyle xy is my favorite show!!
    Bring it back!!!!

    • ron

      best show ever

  14. aaron

    bring it back i want to see season 4 i watch all of them and i hated the ending the has to be season 4

  15. Claire Gillis

    I love kyle xy, i enjoy watching it, i wish the season 4 & 5 of Kyle xy wasnt canceled. Kyle xy is my favorite show 🙂

    • agreer

      i fully agree i wished that they would still make season 4 because i wanted to see what happens between Kyle and Amanda.
      oh and could they put the season 4 and 5 on netflix if they do season 4 and 5.

    • hiba

      Hi there i just wanted to nw was season 3 the last of Kyle XY.
      i was asking because i just stared watching it and finishes season 3.
      so your telling me there is no season 4 ?

  16. Shelly Sheler

    Please put Kyle XY back on!! I own everyone of the seasons and I loved this program when it was on the air.. I have longed for it to be on again, and I know so many that were so upset when it went off air.. It was left at a cliffhanger and would love to know what is going to happen, make a movie or please finish the series..

  17. Becca

    I never even saw the show when it was on the air, i just binge watched it on netflix and i loved it. If they renewed Kyle XY, i would most definately watch it every week!

    • nunyadamnfrickenbussinus

      me too!
      i didn’t get to see the show while it was on air
      but i did watch the eposes on netflix
      i really wish they would make more episodes and season!

  18. holmes

    It is ridiculous that a show about pregnant kids can be continuously ran but a show that has a moral standpoint can’t make a reappearence…. I want at least one more season so I can know kyle jessi declan and the tragers will have a happily ever after

  19. Nijhier

    Omg I love this show like dude please renew it, seriously you all left us hanging on the last episode

  20. chey.w

    plz bring the show back plz

  21. nes

    love the show, bring it back!

  22. Jonathan lartey

    I really really love this series movie

  23. navneet mishra

    please guys…continue the show….

  24. lashell

    Please please please please renew Kyle XY. it just cant end like that it’s not fair.

  25. Anahi Deleon

    please renew kyle xy I love it (Y)

  26. Sierra

    Please renew Klye XY Amazing show!!! I love this show and miss it!

  27. Allan

    Thats to bad,guess they made a bad decision kylexy was just greet plus they left us hanging.

  28. zack smith

    Plz renew the license bc I gotta see wat will happen and it wasand still is a great show to be continued so plz

  29. Vaidevi


  30. Charlene

    Please continue, I really like the show:'( its fun and thrilling to watch…

  31. Kathy

    They need to do a season 4. It is a good show and we can’t imagine the ratings went down.

  32. That s*cks

    Kyle xy is the best show ever

  33. Brian

    this show is amazing I don’t know why anyone would like to see this canceled and it looks like everyone else here agrees with me the acting is fantastic and the characters seem to fit the way they are exactly supposed to

  34. Tanner

    I picked the series up On Netflix out of boredom sense then I’ve got all my friends hooked on it and my family I believe if you made another season the ratings would sky rocket. I’ve watched all 3 season 4 times and I’d be really excited for a new one.

  35. Peter M. Lively

    Watched first 3 seasons on Netflix and would l love to see more seasons. Great show!

  36. Andy G

    I watched all 3 seasons in 2 weeks on Netflix and It was one of the best Series I’ve had ever see…SOOOO GREAT ALL SEASONS SAD THIS NETWORK PEOPLE ARE SO IGNORANTS ON CANCELING SUCH A GREAT SHOW

  37. Anders

    I do not understand you. I live in Denmark and we have since seen season 4 why write all that they have only seen season 1 to 3?

  38. claire

    i like very much kyle xy and can’t understand why cancel such a good serie????

  39. Ahboy

    Please continue the show. I’ll pay to even watch it. Show was too interesting to be canceled because of a drop in ratings. Give it another chance, please?

  40. Boston

    Why not get all of the fan to sing a petition and if we got enough signatures they would be forced to continue the show

  41. tina

    I just watched it on netflix….when is going to be back on….what a bad way to leave it shame on the tv station

  42. Igenia

    Do a 2 hour movie to give a final episode. Hurry!

  43. Eric Jr

    If the creators want to ignore everyone and not even try to save a show better then all these corny shows we have now and days. Whats the point in trying if they aren’t willing to. Another network could have at least picked up the show to finish the ending!

  44. wingergold

    I have seen all three seasons in roughly a two week period. It was excellent but clearly would be working to a conclusion in a couple of more seasons. I would buy the seasons if they became available because it really hooked me and my family. I think a mistake was made and if they reverse this decision it needs to be done soon so they actors will still be able to pull off their roles and ages. Even a movie to try and close out the series would be welcome at this point. I am confused about the comment that folks in Denmark actually saw the season four if so make it available in the states for purchase at least!!!!

  45. Janet


  46. Jeremy luchs

    I thought this series was awsome. It would have been nice if Kyle started doing more mind astonishing things
    I didn’t like how the series ended on the third left you wanting allot more.I really think making another
    Season would be very profitable and worth it

  47. kari

    I’d love to see what happens….I mean they ended it bad….u don’t just tell someone who urine mom is and urine their brother and poor it’s over.

  48. bereket haileslasie

    why canceled,why not renewed please resolve it ,because it is good show.

  49. Gihan Fernando

    I m a Sri Lankan. I downloaded the serious n watched. But anyway i do like this show.. Actually guys plz continue at least season 4 plz..

  50. jesse

    Bring it back! I cant believe that they canceled with everything unresolved. Im never watching abc or any of its affiliates again.

  51. Trinity

    I love Kyle xy it is a really good show it should come back on and you should put it back on Netflix to.

  52. Shelley Bunn

    This is one show that you should have renewed for it is a great show for the whole family to watch. To top it off, You should renew the show due to where it went off at on season 3. Kyle has Cassidy up in the air about to either kill him or gona put a hurting on him.
    This is one show that I along with quit a lot of other folks feel like it needed to be renewed and carried on for the next few seasons.

    So please reconcider your action of discontinnuing the show and bring it back so it can carry on.The next generation should be able to see this show also. It really had an impact on my Grand Children. Please bring this show bac k.

  53. janet pendergrass

    I want to know what happens with kyle and jess

  54. richard

    Please bring the show back. I got to know what kyle and jessy is going to do with kasey. Please bring it back.

  55. Mason

    I’m a 16 year old boy and I literally fell in love with this show everything is perfect about it. I watched all 3 seasons in 2 days not sleeping a wink. I need the ending we all deserve! Please bring it back

  56. Caleb

    Kyle XY was an amazing show. I know that it lost some viewers when season 3 came out, but the thing is that the show has gotten so big and popular off of things like Netflix that it’s ratings would improve by a lot. The ratings would have all the people that watched it before and would also now have a bigger then ever fan rating because of how big it is. It would be awesome if it could be renewed or at least be tested for like 2 or 3 episodes to make sure that it is doing good. Renew it please.

  57. James

    Maybe make one more episode about their future. I just want to see the characters and their families to be happy. Make a proper happy ending. It does not really matter if the story will not continue, I just want to see their families and friends together and happy. Please bring back Kyle Xy. I’ve been waiting for like 2 years now and I can’t stop thinking about the show. They should make one more special episode so that the fans can rest. Thanks You.

  58. Josie

    I need my Kyle fix

  59. Beth

    They should renew the show I know that I never heard of the show till now but they should renew maybe they can get some of there fans back

  60. Jordan

    The creaters need to renew the show i have to know if Kyle ends up with Jesse.

  61. jasmine

    Please bring back the show because my whole family is waiting to see what happens and theres nine of us and I’m only eleven years old and I have six brothers and sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Katelyn

    Netflix should buy the series and finish out the show In a more satisfying manner the final episode of Kyle xy was a total disappointment. Maybe Netflix could do some low budget advertising than a viewers poll and if enough viewers want it back they should definitely bring it back.

  63. sameera

    please continue this………

  64. dalvon

    They should bring it back I love Kyle xy

  65. brandy

    ahhh i was watching it on netflix and it just ended !!!! i have soooo many questions ! they can’t do this . its torture ! I’m freaking out right now .!

  66. Ismael Rodriguez

    I was watching it on netflix and it just ended with a cliffhanger please give more eposides of Kryle it made me so sad to hear it ended please bring more eposiodes

  67. Fizz b


  68. lin

    plz bring back kyle xy………… I rely want to kn wat happen in season 4 an who kyle ended up with…..was it Amanda or jassi?

  69. Aaron

    Kyle Xy in a word, superb. Please bring back, who cares about ratings listen to your true fans. This is a incredible show doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Please bring back even just season 4 sothe show can have a finale it deserves

  70. Sammie

    Bring it back on! Iv literally watched every episode in 3 days and really need too see what happens! Or atleast make a film! -.- -.-

  71. Christian

    Its the best show so please contiune it i missed and i will be so greatfull if it was contiuned

    • Andy

      I new I love this show.
      Please come join me in my Fan-fiction writing

  72. David

    ABC family listen to what ur true fans are saying. if i should rate Kyle xy it will 100% because the show is loveable and interesting. u guys shouldn’t do this to us pls. bring back the show!Bring back kyle xy…hw can sm1 rate kyle xy low. that’s stupidity. ABC bring back kyle xy

  73. Arnold Chimica

    All I want is for Kyle XY to continue

  74. Anonymous

    Please renew kyle xy. I personally won’t care about their ages and I’m sure everyone else won’t. So please renew it and I assure you of getting great rating from fans.

  75. Jasmin

    i have been waiting for it to come back and just found it cancelled. 🙁 would love for it to be continued if it happens. I want to know what happens.

  76. aaron

    please bring it back

  77. kyle

    pls pls pls again just bring back the show
    that is the best series that I have watched
    that I named my kids according to the characters

  78. dzaps

    i dnt lyk series bt dis bring it bck coz thre iz a lot of inspiration in it

  79. oshan

    Please bring back the show!
    It was one of the best..

  80. Crystal

    kYle 4….pleaseeeeee got all my friends and family begging

  81. Hellen Chota

    I have watched Kyle Xy, and its an interesting story. Hope the show can be aired again, for would really love to watch the remaining season . From Zambia

  82. kspeter

    please continue the show. we are bored and impatient. about it.

  83. Thar

    Yes Pls continue to show its a good show and I want to see more of what happen!

  84. Austin Mate

    the show is just too nice to continue, i was really following and bored without it.


    I will be so excited for the show to be renewed


    The way the show left off in season 3 is to much to handle. It should not be left off there, it was portrayed that there would be a new season or hopefully many more.
    But will there be?

  87. yandisa

    I will be so excited for the show to be renewed,i was really following and bored without it.

  88. Mahsa

    For me, it was really a fun show and I liked how it was going. So I’m definitely for the renewal, as long as it airs again with the same flow of the story; I kind of liked Kyle and Jessi better than with Amanda.

  89. Esther

    Kyle show is the best series i have ever seen place am requesting for the continuation of season 4 the show is really great

  90. Constance

    I want kyle xy back pls

  91. steven c

    Pls continue to show its a good show and I really want to see more of what happen in 2020

    • Rajesh

      Ya bro meeting tooo…. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  92. Collins

    Kyle xy is a nice show,please bring it back
    If it is kinda hard then give us a prologue of what is next after episode 10 of season 3

  93. Rajesh

    Hi. Mom what I tell u gay’s please replace Kyle TV show I love soo… Much

  94. Vishvendra Singh

    I love the show please restart the show ……….

  95. Jared

    Please renew it I love the movie series

  96. prakash adhikari

    i think in this erae kyle xy series is really really fabulous .. and scientific it should be continued further which will be so exciting and mind dragging on scientific result and makes to think is it possible ???? i think it should be continued further… i just love it….. from nepal….

  97. prakash adhikari

    i love it too much

  98. emilio paloma

    please continue the series of kyle xy, i love it. so much. im from Philippines.

  99. chapterz

    i really love this movie and i do hope they continue soon.

  100. Victor

    Please continue the series
    My best series ever

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